Questions Asked on
November 5, 2018

  1. History - repost for Tiago Connexus Student

    During medieval times Europe's major cities would most likely be located near which of the following? A. mountain ranges B. deserts C. forests D. rivers 1 0 posted by tiago conexus student today at 9:22pm

    asked by Ms. Sue
  2. world history

    which of the following measures best demonstrates the romans fear of officials gaining too much powers

    asked by dog
  3. English

    Which word is most opposite in meaning to tenacious? A. strong B. plentiful C. weak D. scarce

    asked by Anonymous
  4. Social Studies

    1.What sequence of steps did the Spanish follow to establish colonies in the Americas? A.(1) settled towns, (2) formed alliances with Native Americans, (3) bought land B.(1) took over territory, (2) settled towns, (3) set up governments C.(1) formed

    asked by Connexus Queen
  5. history

    Which of the following was one way Islam influenced the Songhai Empire? A. Religious practices were used to create labor specializations. B. Muslim judges enforced laws based on the Quran. C. Islamic practices guided the expansion of territories. D. Muslim

    asked by jerif
  6. Social studies

    How did geography affect the development of independent city-states? Select all that apply.

    asked by Flashlover
  7. Algebra 1

    Your school wants to take out an ad in the paper congratulating the basketball team on a successful season, as shown to the right. The area of the photo will be half the area of the entire ad. What is the value of x? Round answer to nearest hundredth. Use

    asked by Anon
  8. Social Studies

    What conditions most directly resulted from the Imperial Crisis? Select all that apply. A. adoption of Christianity as official religion B. devaluation of money and high inflation C. increase in taxes and greater disparity D. ongoing civil wars E.

    asked by Rosie Lisette
  9. social studies

    place the following events in the correct chronological order songhai overtook mali sundiata took over Ghana Mansa Musa brought Muslim scholars, artists, and teachers to Mali Mali became the center of trans-Saharan trade

    asked by helpppppp
  10. social studies

    can someone please check my Absolute Monarchy in Spain and France Quick Check 1. What characterized Spain's golden age? A. government investment in the arts (my answer) B. the development of new technologies in science and medicine C. a reduction in

    asked by ....
  11. science

    1. Which of the inner planets has an internal structure similar to Earth's and has the hottest surface of any planet in our solar system? 2. Which of the following statements about similarities among the inner planets is true? 3. How did planetesimals form

    asked by student
  12. Social Studies

    Which of the following best explains why some Ancestral Pueblo groups moved south? A. The Ancestral Pueblo were being attacked by neighboring tribes. B. Heavy rains washed out settlements and forced groups to move south. C. Long periods of drought made

    asked by Forrest
  13. Social studies

    Fill in the blank. The Kievan rus developed close ties with the Byzantines leading early Russia to adopt ___ The First Russian empire revered the roman and byzantine empires, and adopted the title of ___ for its emperors in honor of former rulers in Rome.

    asked by Egg
  14. History

    Which best describes the impact that the Haitian Slave Revolt had on European countries? A)The resulting Haitian Revolution inspired French Revolutionaries to revolt against Robespierre. B)The resulting Haitian Revolution signaled the beginning of the end

    asked by Caitlyn
  15. English

    Knowing that the Latin root equi- means equal, choose the best meaning for the word equilateral as it is used in the sentence below. The box appears to be square, but I would have to measure its sides to prove that it is equilateral. A. equally distributed

    asked by Anonymous
  16. History

    What were the outcomes of Francisco Madera challenging Porfirio Diaz for the Mexican presidency? A)Madero was assassinated by Diaz, and Mexico broke out in a civil war, until the United States of America intervened. B)Diaz hired the Institutional

    asked by Caitlyn
  17. Math

    How many miles can a car travel on 15 gallons of gas if it travels 28 miles on 1 gallon of gas? 43 miles 270 miles 495 miles 420 miles can someone help me understand how to do this problem i dont know how, after can you check my work?

    asked by whatever
  18. History

    cans someone help me with this question? What characterized Spain's golden age? A. government investment in the arts B. the development of new technologies in science and medicine C. a reduction in Spanish debt abroad D. increased public spending on

    asked by ....
  19. Chemistry

    How many grams of Manganese (II) oxide solution will react with 54.5 grams of Aluminum?

    asked by Anonymous
  20. civic education

    Give 5 reasons why bad leaders fail to protect the intrest of the followers

    asked by Afolabi racheal
  21. Maths

    I = 3+4sin(wt +pi/3) what is the rms value ?

    asked by Priyanshi
  22. English

    Which of the following is a clause fragment? a. Because the yard is so small! **** b. I told you so. c. What's up? d. Please, don't say that.

    asked by Anonymous
  23. History

    Which accurately describes causes and effects of the French Revolution? A)The French army led by Marquis de Lafayette helped the American colonists defeat the British. B)French citizens revolted against their monarchy, causing one of the most violent

    asked by Caitlyn
  24. Social Studies

    King Charles V of Spain gained control of which other empire in 1519? A. Ottoman empire B. Habsburg empire C. British empire D. Portuguese empire HELPPPPPP PLEASEEEEEE

    asked by ....
  25. S.S.

    How is the economy of Mexico different from the economies of most Central American countries?

    asked by Ballin
  26. Ss

    Why is there a digital divide in mini central America countries ? A. Residents lack access to the internet B. There is a lack of good infrastructure C. Air pollution is widespread D. There are a high number of natural disasters

    asked by Ballin
  27. math

    Scenario 1: You and your friend enjoy riding your bicycles. Today is a beautiful sunny day, so the two of you are taking a long ride out in the country side. Leaving your home in Sunshine, you ride 6 km due west to the town of Happyville, where you turn

    asked by Bob
  28. Social studies

    How did Greek scientists change the way people viewed and understood the natural world around them? (This is on ancient Greece, by the way)

    asked by Flashlover
  29. Social Studies

    In order to rule effectively, Chandragupta listened to which advice from the Arthashastra? Select all that apply. A.Trust the people who are your subjects. B.Do whatever is necessary to keep power. C.Give harsh punishments for crimes. D.Rest easy knowing

    asked by GB
  30. history

    why did the roman republic use separation of powers in government

    asked by dog
  31. Social Studies

    Which of the following was an effect of the Cuban Revolution? A.Cuba became a democracy with an elected president. B. The United States increased trade with Cuba through a new trade agreement. C. The United States placed an embargo on trade with Cuba . D.

    asked by Hdismn
  32. History

    1. Most of the delegates to the convention of 1836 favored which of the following in regards to independence? A) Fighting for independence B) Joining forces with the American Indians C) Negotiating for peace ** D) Surrendering 2. The Texas Constitution of

    asked by I changed my name sorry
  33. Chemistry

    stupid question making sure im right but whats Aluminum rounded to 3 sig figs

    asked by Anonymous
  34. Organic Chem

    A student prepares ethyl benzoate by the reaction of benzoic acid with ethanol using a sulfuric acid catalyst. The following compounds are found in the crude reaction mixture: ethyl benzoate (major component), benzoic acid, ethanol, and sulfuric acid.

    asked by Lily
  35. science

    Colliding air masses can form a weather front. Which of the following is not a type of front: * 2 points A Stationary Front B Storm Front C Cold Front D Occluded Front When a warm air mass is caught between two cooler air masses, what is this type of front

    asked by reb
  36. Math

    Express 5/8 as a decimal

    asked by ♡school lover♡
  37. Math

    6 ft 2 in = __ ft 1 yd 1 ft = __ yd

    asked by Anonymous 😊
  38. math

    Consider the equation x^2y+3y^3=24 Find dy/dx I got -2xy/x^2+9y^2 The next question is Determine the points, if any where the tangent line to the graph of the equation is horizontal How do I do this part??

    asked by Anonymous
  39. Chemistry

    If 6.14 grams of nitrogen monoxide gas were reacted with 2.53 grams of oxygen, how many grams of nitrogen dioxide gas would be produced?

    asked by Anonymous
  40. English

    Which writing mistake is demonstrated in the sentence below? I have trouble concentrating sometimes. Especially when I can hear people talking. a. run-on sentence b. adverbial clause fragment c. adjectival clause fragment d. misplaced modifier ****

    asked by Anonymous
  41. Physics

    If an earthquake wave having a wavelength of 13 km caused the ground to vibrate 10 times each minute, what is the speed of the wave? 1.2 km/s 2.2 km/s 220 m/s 22 m/s If the amplitude in a sound wave is doubled, by what factor does the intensity of the wave

    asked by Mookie Turtle
  42. math

    If e^y=tanx, 0

    asked by Anonymous
  43. English

    Lesson 1: Introducing the Big Question Unit 3: Facts and Visions ________________________________ Thematic Vocabulary argument: n. a disagreement, often involving anger; other forms: argue, arguing, argumentative compromise: n. a solution in which people

    asked by Ash
  44. Career guidance

    what i become with these subjects; math lit, life science, geography, and business studies

    asked by claudine
  45. Calculus HELP

    A rocket is fired into the air with an initial velocity of 98 m/s. The distance (s) the rocket is above the ground, in metres, after t seconds is given by the expression s(t) = 98t - 4.9t2. What is the rocket's instantaneous rate of change at the moment it

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Statistics and Probability

    We have k coins. The probability of Heads is the same for each coin and is the realized value q of a random variable Q that is uniformly distributed on [0,1]. We assume that conditioned on Q=q, all coin tosses are independent. Let Ti be the number of

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Calculus

    Two sides of a triangle are 12m and 15m in length and the angle between them is increasing at a rate of 2 deg/min. Find the rate at which the area of the triangle is increasing when the angle between their sides of fixed length is 60 deg?

    asked by Opin
  48. English

    In the short story "Rhinoceros", the image of the rhinoceros is used to connect all of the following literary elements except a. characters b. theme c. situations d. setting *****

    asked by Anonymous
  49. math

    Write the equation that represents the relationship between n the number of triangles and p the perimeter of the figures formed. the triangle perimeters are 10 and the base is 7. a.P=10n+14 b. P=10n+7 c.P=7n+10 d. P=7n+20. the Perimeter of the triangles

    asked by shayeet
  50. English

    WhWhat sentence structure is exemplified by the sentence below? The stranger knocked on the door, and I swallowed hard as I opened it. a. simple b. compound c. complex d. compound-complex *****

    asked by Anonymous
  51. math

    i need to simplify (h + 12) + (p +24)

    asked by hannah
  52. Math

    can you please help me explain all the steps used in the problem n/-3+5>4 im afraid i might get this one wrong

    asked by CLementie
  53. American History

    What policies did Teddy Roosevelt pursue? Which policies were successful? Which policies were not successful?

    asked by Alyssa
  54. math

    3. Use benchmark to estimate the sum, difference, or product 14/16 + 1/5 A. 2 B. 0 C. 1/2 D. 1** 4. 5 2/11- 3 2/18 A. 3 B. 1 C. 4 D. 2** 5. 7 1/13 • 4 15/17 A. 28 B.35** C. 48 D. 40

    asked by oof
  55. Math

    Why do you multiply to change from larger unit to a smaller unit?

    asked by Anonymous 😊
  56. science

    Which option most likely describes scientist(s) working in pure science? A quality assurance inspector examining the contents of large tanks used to make fermented products. Two inspectors at a water filtration plant examining the transparency and clarity

    asked by dianni
  57. Math

    I have to find percent error. Can anyone help show me how to do it? Here is the problem: estimated time: 40 workdays, actual time: 80 workdays.

    asked by GGDarkNebula
  58. Physics

    What time is required for sound to travel 5km if the tempreture is 15 degree centigrate?

    asked by Mohamed Turki
  59. algebra

    joey and helen are standing in opposite corners of a rectangular field. if the field has dimensions 120ft by 209 ft, how far apart are they? Please help me solve this and lead me through the problem , thank you. :)

    asked by katy
  60. math

    -0.8b + 4.1c -(-3.2b) - 0.1c i am supposed to simplify this but i dont get it! help!

    asked by hannah
  61. Calculus

    Which of the ff function cannot be expressed in explicit form of dy/dx 4x+4y=2 xy-y^2=1 ycosx=5 My answer is ycosx=5

    asked by Karen
  62. history

    Read the sentence. The early Akkadians began to master the science of extracting various metals from rocky ore in a process known as __________. Which most accurately completes the sentence? a) liturgy b) archaeology c)paleontology d) metallurgy I think

    asked by grace
  63. English

    How does this quote unsettle readers? By the time I came to the strip malls and factories a few miles south of Barrie it was dark and I was in the middle of a full blizzard, peering through a white fog of snow at the tail lights of the cars in front of me.

    asked by T
  64. Chemistry

    2. Complete the conversions below. Please show your work and include units in your final answer i. 8.5m = ? mm ii. 1.236km = ?cm iii. 400mL = ?L iv. 25.25cm = ? Tm v. 1zm = ? Zm vi. 45.6mol = ? mmol vii. 8,000,000km = ? nm viii. 1000cm3 = ? L ix. 25m3 = ?

    asked by Lauren
  65. Calculus

    Find the point on the plane z = 8x + 10y + 1 closest to the point P=(1, 0, 0).

    asked by EKM
  66. Math

    State an equation of a rational function that satisfies the given conditions: vertical asymptote at x=5, horizontal asymptote at y=-3, and x-intercept is 5/2. Need help solving.

    asked by John
  67. Geometry

    the vertices of a triangle are p(-7, -4) Q(-7 -8 and r3, -3. name the vertices of the image reflected across the line y=x?

    asked by PLEASSS HELPP
  68. Social studies

    The histories of kishi and Egypt are intertwined with each other because they were reliant on each other. How did their interdependence work, and why did each take control of the other in turn? Please help I cant find the answer in my book and I have

    asked by Pumpkin spice
  69. Math

    How many feet does a wheel with a diameter of 18 inches travel in 9 revolutions? ***can someone please help explain this to me because when my teacher tried to explain this to me earlier I still never understood it please help me***

    asked by Kylee
  70. Math/Business

    What is the effective interest rate corresponding to 3.75% compounded continuously? How do I find this? I'm thinking about using the formula A = P(1+r/t)^t ??

    asked by Alex
  71. Math

    Peter measured the width of one cardboard strip ad 2 3/4 ft. A second cardboard strip measured 3 2/3 ft in wodth. Estimate the combined wodth of the cardboard.

    asked by Anonymous 1
  72. Chemistry

    How many grams of potassium oxide solution will react with 21.5 grams of Aluminum?

    asked by Anonymous
  73. Physics

    An object has three forces acting on it 1200N at 51.3 degrees and 1400N at 42.0 degrees,what is the magnitude and direction of the third force?

    asked by Md
  74. Math/Business

    How are compound interest and continuous compounding related??? I know they both increase but is that the only similarity?

    asked by Alex
  75. English

    What sentence structure is exemplified by the sentence below? After I put away the dishes, I did some laundry. a. simple b. compound c. complex ***** d. compound-complex

    asked by Anonymous
  76. Science

    Chlorine + sodium iodide does react if it does what is the product of the reaction

    asked by Anonymous
  77. Statistics and Probability

    Let N be a random variable with mean E[N]=m, and Var(N)=v; let A1, A2,… be a sequence of i.i.d random variables, all independent of N, with mean 1 and variance 1; let B1,B2,… be another sequence of i.i.d. random variables, all independent of N and of

    asked by Anonymous
  78. Math

    Find dy/dx at the point (3,8) for 5xy^2/3-x^2y=-12 A.2 B.17 C.-7 D.-28/3

    asked by Anonymous
  79. biology

    flow of blood through the heart w/ labeling right and left Starting @ vena cava Does it go through the Right and Left Pulmonary Veins or only the right side? does it go through the capillaries of both lungs?

    asked by Anonymous
  80. algebra

    an Arithmetic progression is given by k,2k/3,k/3,o.find the sixth term,the nth term and if the 20th term is 15 find k

    asked by mpolokeng
  81. maths

    A submarine travels 13 km due East from its base and then turns and travels due North for 6.7 km. How far away is the submarine from its base?

    asked by Anonymous
  82. Math

    What is the reciprocal of a number ? Give 2 examples.

    asked by Anonymous 1
  83. Math/Business

    "An ambulance driver invests 40,000$ in a retirement account for 1025 days. The interest rate is 5%, compounded every 2 months. What will his final balance be?" I got to $2,813,025.57 After plugging it into the formula: A=P(1+r/m)^mt It seems kind of large

    asked by Alex
  84. American History

    . Why do you think President Wilson worked towards business and government reforms and not many of the social reforms?

    asked by Alyssa
  85. Math

    Estimate the product 7 2/3 x 3 7/9 Find the sum 1 3/7 + 10 6/7 Estimate the sum 9 12/15 + 1 2/6

    asked by Anonymous 1
  86. math

    Is the inverse of -1/3 -3?

    asked by Anonymous
  87. Math/Business

    n n "Suppose ∑ i = 21. and. ∑ i^3 = 441" i=1 i=1 i) Evaluate n Sn = ∑ [4i + (1/3) i^3)] i=1 ii) Determine the value of n." I got n = 6 / n = -7 using the "(n^2(n-1)^2)" formula but I'm not sure if it's right/how to do the first part. I'm very unsure

    asked by Jaime
  88. Calculus

    What is the simplified average rate of change between x = 2 and x = 2 + h for the function: (Enter your expression as you would enter an equation in Winplot) a. ƒ(x) = x2? ƒ(x) = f(x)=1x ?

    asked by Anonymous
  89. History

    Which religious movement prompted people to challenge medieval practices of the Catholic Church and inspired the Scientific Revolution? A) Utopian Movement B) Counter-Reformation C) Second Great Awakening D) Protestant Reformation Is it D? Can someone

    asked by Caitlyn
  90. English

    Did Edger Allan Poe write about his death?

    asked by K-PopDreamer
  91. science

    This analogy compares researchers in pure and applied science. applied science : tinkerers :: pure science : _[blank]_ Choose the answer that best completes the analogy. a mechanics b truth-seekers c artists d technicians b?

    asked by dianni
  92. English

    WhWhat sentence structure is exemplified by the sentence below? After I put away the dishes, I did some laundry. a. simple b. compound c. complex ***** d. compound-complex

    asked by Anonymous
  93. Math


    asked by Anonymous
  94. Science

    Why can't ozmosis always be used by the body

    asked by Cindy
  95. Math

    A cylinder has a lateral surface area of 45 square inches. The surface area of each base is 15 square inches. What is the total surface area of the cylinder? Thank you.

    asked by Jasmine
  96. Math/Business

    S = 631 - 4417/6 + 30919/36 - 216433/216 ... A different geometric sequence has r = -6/7 and the first term is denoted x. Is this series convergent or divergent? If it is convergent, what value of x yields an infinite sum of 1085/13?

    asked by Alex
  97. engilsh

    What is the theme in the song ,Song Of The Chattahoochee

    asked by Cheerleader57
  98. Math

    how do you covert 4 ft 6 in to ft?

    asked by Anonymous 😊
  99. Science:chemistry

    Chlorine + sodium iodide does it react if it does what is the product of the reaction

    asked by Cindy
  100. Social Studies

    1. what was one cause f revolution in russia A.the russian economy was very strong B. people were poor and had hard lives C. russians were content with their goverment D. prince Alexis died (there are 9 more questions) PLEASE HELP

    asked by madison dreyer
  101. English

    What sentence structure is exemplified by the sentence below? After I put away the dishes, I did the laundry. a. simple b. compound c. complex *** d. compound-complex

    asked by Anonymous
  102. Calculus

    when trying to find the intervals of where the derivative is positive is it the intervals of where the original graph is above the x axis?

    asked by Anonymous
  103. Math

    Define a variable and write a equation to find each number. Then solve. A number equals six less than four times a number. What is the number?

    asked by Anonymous
  104. Math

    -4/7 * 4/5

    asked by precious
  105. science

    is sandstone harder than jade?

    asked by tk
  106. Physics

    Three forces are acting on an object which is in equilibrium.Determine the third force.

    asked by Md
  107. Trig

    A wheel turns with an angular velocity of 8 rad/s. a. Express the angular velocity to the nearest tenth of a revolution per minute. b. If the radius of a wheel is 20 cm, how far will it roll in 10 s, to the nearest centimeter?

    asked by sareen
  108. science

    2. Midlatitude cyclones in the Northern Hemisphere ___________. a. have cold fronts but not warm fronts b. travel from east to west c. are large high-pressure systems d. rotate counterclockwise e. are associated with clear skies answer: d 16. Sheet

    asked by are these correct?
  109. Math

    Astraled Middle SchoolMathematics 5 points The cost of a school banquet is $75 + 30n, where n is the number of people attending. What is the cost for 53 people? a - 1,590 b - 4,005 c - 1,665** d - 158

    asked by Ace
  110. Chemistry

    Sulfur can form a bond with any of the following elements: oxygen, chlorine, bromine, or phosphorus. Which of those elements when bonded with sulfur produces the greatest degree of ionic character? Explain your answer.

    asked by Jonah
  111. Civic education

    How can a leader protect the interest of his followers.

    asked by Orong peter
  112. Math

    How would I estimate 18 7/10 divided by 4 10/11?

    asked by Anonymous 1
  113. English

    1. Talking and singing to the vegetables is good for the vegetables. 2. Talking and singing to the vegetables is good for the vegetables and produce. 3. Talking and singing to the vegetables is good for the produce. 4. Talking and singing to the vegetables

    asked by rfvv
  114. Math

    What is -5g-6 for g=-2

    asked by Anonymus
  115. Calculus

    f '(1)=0, Explain the geometric significance for this value.

    asked by Anonymous
  116. Latin

    Do you guys no how to translate Latin into English?

    asked by Hehehehe
  117. Science

    why can't ozmosis always be used by the body

    asked by Cindy
  118. Math

    Estimate the difference 5 2/11 - 3 2/18

    asked by Anonymous 1
  119. physical science

    what state of matter is most common in the universe?

    asked by annonymous
  120. Home economics

    Diagram of print patch

    asked by Ttfhgj