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November 2, 2018

  1. math

    please help me check!! James rents a car for x days. the rate is 19.95 per day, which includes 20 miles of driving and .40 per mile for each additional mile. If James drives 30 miles per day for the duration of this period, which of the following

    asked by question
  2. Math : Statistics

    The dimensions of a rectangular photograph are even consecutive integers. The area of the photograph is 224square inches. Find the lengths of each side.

    asked by Keonn'a
  3. Math

    My Answer = **** 1. Write the inequality for the graph. (1 point) image shows closed circle 4 and up. A. x > 4 B. x underscore > 4**** C. x underscore < 4 2. Write the inequality for the graph. image shows open circle up to both sides. A. x = -4 B. x > -4

    asked by Hey! The Science Kid!
  4. art history

    This work by the Renaissance sculptor Donatello brought together antiquity and modernity by doing what? showing a biblical figure in a classical pose depicting a tale from mythology in a religious setting infusing emotion into a traditional subject

    asked by dianni
  5. Math : Statistics

    The length of a rectangle is 2 meters more than 2 times the width. If the area is 12 square meters, find the width and the length.

    asked by Keonn'a
  6. Math : Statistics

    The formula h=vt−16t^2 gives the height h, in feet, of an object projected into the air with an initial vertical velocity v, in feet per second, after t seconds. If an object is projected upward with an initial velocity of 112 feet per second, at what

    asked by Keonn'a
  7. Physics

    A pirate starts at point A, takes 54 paces due west, turns and takes 34 paces due south, then turns again and takes 12 paces due East to find a buried treasure. How many paces from the buried treasure is point A?

    asked by Simran
  8. art history

    Read the sentence. This painting by Sandro Botticelli was different from many great works by his contemporaries because it did not rely on mathematical _[blank]_. Which option most accurately completes the sentence? contrast perspective contrapposto

    asked by dianni
  9. maths

    Leila has a number of identical equilateral triangle shaped tiles. How many must she put together in a row (edge to edge) to create a shape which has a perimeter ten times that of a single tile? Answer = 28 Thanks to anyone who helps

    asked by Fred
  10. Math

    A fertilizer covers 3/4 square foot in 1/2 hour. What is the unit rate of Square feet per hour?

    asked by Meg
  11. biology 9th grade

    The processess of photosynthesis and cellular respiration are both integral part of what biogeochemical cycle? A.Carbon cycle B.Nitrogen cycle C.Phosphorous D.cycle Water cycle

    asked by please help
  12. algerbra 9th grade

    Find the range value of f(x) = 3x – 5 for the domain value of 7. A. f(7) = 5 B. f(7) = 16 C. f(7) = 26 D. f(7) = 32

    asked by help
  13. algerbra 9th grade

    The first term in an arithmetic sequence is -1. The fourth term in the sequence is -4. The tenth term in the sequence is -10. Which function can be used to find the nth term of the arithmetic sequence?

    asked by khole
  14. algerbra 9th grade

    What is the explicit rule for the sequence -5, -3, -1, 1, …? A.f(n) = -5 + (n – 1)(-2) B. f(n) = 5 + (n – 1)(-2) C. f(n) = -5 + (n – 1)(2) D .f(n) = 5 + (n – 1)(2)

    asked by pink
  15. History

    Which most accurately describes consequences of the Renaissance in Europe? A. The Renaissance led to the Ottoman Empire sailing to the New World and conquering Central and South America. B. The Renaissance led to the Catholic Church having a monopoly on

    asked by tina
  16. history

    Why is the Bhagavad-Gita important to Hinduism? A. It contains collected hymns that are important historically. B. It gives instructions on religious gatherings. C. It spells out the caste system. D. It contains ideas about the gods and nature of the soul.

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Science

    1. How do you calculate kinetic energy (what is the formula) 2. A 700-kg vehicle is traveling at a speed of 6 m/s. How much kinetic energy does it have? 3. Two rocks of different masses are rolling down a hill at the same speed. Which rock (small one or

    asked by Khaliyl R Testman
  18. math

    find each quotient 1. 1/4 / 3/8 a 1/3 b 2/3 c 3/4 d 3/8 2. 1/3 / 5/6 a 2/3 b 2/5 c 2/6 d 1/5 3. 1 3/4 / 3 a 21/4 b 3 1/4 c 1 4/7 d 7/12 4. 1 3/5 / 5/8 a 1 b 1 1/5 c 2 14/25 d 2 2/5 5. 10 / 2/5 a 4 b 12 c 15 d 25

    asked by Kain
  19. math

    The speed limit outside a school is 40 km / h. Year 11 students measured the speed of passing vehicles over a period of time. They found the set of data to be normally distributed with a mean speed of 36 km / h and a standard deviation of 2 km / h. What

    asked by Anonymous
  20. science

    1. which of the following is true about phtosynthesis? a. it is an exothermic reaction b. it is an endothermic reaction c. it produces carbon dioxide* d. it occurs in animals 2. atomic theory is a. subject to change if new information is discovered b. a

    asked by seuljin
  21. Math

    Construct a quadrilateral ABCD where AB=8.8 cm, CD=4.5 cm, AD=5 cm, angel B=80 degree

    asked by Riya
  22. Maths

    A glass jar contains 15 red,13 green,4 black,9 orange,11 yellow and 12 blue marbles A)If I choose one marble at random from the jar,what is the probability that it is: i) blue? ii) black? iii) not black?

    asked by Mamello
  23. physics

    Find the currents in the unbalanced Wheatstone bridge (Fig. 5.1). Assume that v0 = 1.5V,r1 = r2 = 100 ,r3 = 150,rx = 120,ra = 1000, and rs = 10 .

    asked by Kedir
  24. social studies

    The religions of Santería and Vodou are examples of

    asked by dakota
  25. social studies

    4. which of the following would have been studied as a result of the humanism movement a. a copy of the Gutenberg bible** b. The odyssey by the Greek poet homer c. Martin Luther’s 95 thesis d. The Canterbury tales by the English writer Geoffrey Chaucer

    asked by coco

    explain how good leaders can protect the interest of their followers?

    asked by DAVID REBECCA
  27. Math

    -5g - 6 for g = -2 A 4 B 16 C 10 D -13

    asked by Teresa
  28. 9th grade biology

    please help someone Description 1:Broadleaf trees such as maple, oak and hickory are common in this biome. They are likely to drop their leaves in the winter. Description 2: Migration and hibernation are 2 adaptations commonly used by animals in this

    asked by koko
  29. English

    what was an undesirable feature of living in the langston terrace

    asked by PlzHelp
  30. math

    Multiple Choice For each pair of shapes, decide whether they are congruent, similar, or neither. Choose the best answer. Congruent Similar Neither

    asked by coolio
  31. Environmental science

    How does the motion of lithosphere affect the environments?

    asked by Harris
  32. social studies

    4. which of the following would have been studied as a result of the humanism movement a. a copy of the Gutenberg bible** b. The odyssey by the Greek poet homer c. Martin Luther’s 95 thesis d. The Canterbury tales by the English writer Geoffrey Chaucer

    asked by coco
  33. 9th grade biology

    From December 2011 to March 2017, the state of California experienced one of the worst droughts to occur in the region on record. The period between late 2011 and 2014 was the driest in California history since record-keeping began. During this time, the

    asked by help
  34. 9th grade biology

    Every year, a rice farmer collects his crops and burns the soil when he is done. Once the soil is enriched with burnt debris, he replants his rice. Unfortunately for the farmer, he fell ill and was unable to take care of his fields for over a year. In that

    asked by help for help
  35. science

    1. In the illustration below, the darkened part of the Earth is experiencing-- *

    asked by iPhone x max
  36. Science

    A football is thrown upward at 34 degrees angle to the horizontal. The acceleration of gravity is 9n8. To throw the ball a distance 66.7m what must be the initial speed of the ball

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Science

    Locate the sun on the hr diagram. The best way to describe the sun in comparison to other stars would be

    asked by BIG MOOD
  38. chemistry

    Suppose a popular FM radio station broadcasts radio waves with a frequency of 93. MHz. Calculate the wavelength of these radio waves. Round your answer to 2 significant digits.

    asked by HELP PLEASE
  39. Question

    I'm actually curious about this- What does Jiskha mean or stand for?

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Art history

    How was Michelangelo’s experience while creating the Sistine Chapel ceiling unique at the time? (Select all that apply.) He was highly instrumental in the design. He used oil paints instead of fast-drying tempera. He had difficulty convincing the church

    asked by dianni
  41. Math

    1. m-7-13 3. p+5

    asked by CLementie
  42. Math

    Jamel spends $15 on a pair of soccer shorts. He has $10 left. How much money did he have before buying the shorts? Is it "M+15=40?

    asked by Anonymous
  43. math

    Johnnie picks 47 apples. His niece picks 5 more. How many apples did they pick altogether?

    asked by lacey
  44. science

    Make a general statement about the interaction of aqueous ionic compounds, using the term double-displacement reaction.

    asked by somayee
  45. Math

    1. Which explains why the sequence 216, 12, 2/3 is arithmetic or geometric? A. The sequence is geometric because it decreases by a factor of 6. B. The sequence is arithmetic because it decreases by a factor of 6 C. The sequence is geometric because it

    asked by Audrey Moore
  46. algerbra 9th grade

    What is the 30th term in a sequence given by the explicit function A(n) = -1 + (n – 1)2? A. -57 B. -1 C. 57 D. 63

    asked by cutie pie
  47. algerbra 9th grade

    What are the next three terms in the sequence -5, -15, -25, -35, …? A.34, 44, 54 B.-46, -56, -66 C. -45, -55, -65 D. 44, 54, 64

    asked by please help
  48. algerbra 9th grade

    What is the recursive rule for the following sequence: -5, -3, -1, 1…? A. an = an n-1 - 5 B. an = an n-1 - 2 C. an = an n-1 + 2 D. an = an n-1 + 5

    asked by ???
  49. algerbra 9th grade

    The first term in an arithmetic sequence is 5. The second term in the sequence is 8. What is the explicit rule? What is the 25th term? A. an= 5 + (n – 1)(-3); -67 B. an = 2 + (n – 1)(3); 74 = 5 + (n – 1)(3); 77 = 2 + (n – 1)(-3); -70

    asked by Anonymous
  50. algerbra 9th grade

    A kennel charges $20 a day to board dogs, where d represents the number of days. Upon arrival, each dog must have a bath that cost $15, where cost is represented by C(d). Write a function rule to represent this situation. A.C(d) = 20d + 15 B.C(d) = 15d +

    asked by destiny
  51. Math

    Choose the equation you can use to solve the following problem. How many meatballs does Raul still need to make if he already has 25 and needs a total of 32 for Sunday's dinner? Is it 25-7=b?

    asked by IDK Math So PLEASE HELP
  52. School guidance

    What course can I take

    asked by yvonne
  53. Math

    @ a garden store, a cherry tree cost 5 times as much as a pine tree. If the cherry tree costs $30 how much does a pine tree cost? Will it be 30 x 5?

    asked by IDK Math So PLEASE HELP
  54. Algebra

    A kennel charges $20 a day to board dogs, where d represents the number of days. Upon arrival, each dog must have a bath that cost $15, where cost is represented by C(d). Write a function rule to represent this situation. C(d) = 20d + 15 C(d) = 15d + 20

    asked by pop
  55. math

    The quotient of some number divided by 56 is 2. What is the number? I really don't know about this please help me

    asked by Not good at math
  56. History

    To what was the 1836 Constitution of Texas similar? A. Mexican Constitution of 1824 B. Turtle Bayou Resolutions C. Texas Declaration of Independence D. United States Constitution My answer is C

    asked by Wednesday_my_dudes
  57. math

    First State Bank has a drive-thru for customers who are making withdrawals or deposits. The drive-thru is open 5 days a week for 8 hours per day. Every hour, the bank serves 6 to 12 drive-thru customers. If two-thirds of drive-thru customers make a

    asked by 2 + 2 =
  58. social studies

    want philosophy promoted the belief that the United States extend its boundaries all the way to the pacific ocean? PLZ HELLP NEED THE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!

    asked by you know it
  59. social studies

    How did the Louisiana purchase affect the United State?

    asked by you know it
  60. calculus

    write the exponential function f(x)=-3*4^(1-x) in the form f(x)=ab^x

    asked by samantha
  61. Algebra

    Which best describes your ability to work with transformations in the coordinate plane? A. I can graph translations, reflections, and rotations in the coordinate plane. I can use math vocabulary to describe these transformations. B. I can graph

    asked by HELP ME PLEASE
  62. History

    1. Why did Texans such as Sam Houston support joining the United States? A. Texas had a hard time attracting settlers to its open lands. B. Texas had economic troubles that joining the United States could help solve. C. Texas and Mexico were at war, so

    asked by Wednesday_my_dudes
  63. calculus

    1.find the zeroes of the function f(x)=log4(x+1)+log4(4x-3) 2.which of the following is the equation c^(4d+1)=7a-b written in logarithm form

    asked by samantha
  64. math

    R=95t^-1.8. find t when R=5.24

    asked by Weston
  65. Social Studies

    The histories of Kush and Egypt are intertwined with each other because they were reliant on each other. How did their interdependence work, and why did each take control of the other in turn?

    asked by Anonymous
  66. History

    For which of the following is the great pharaoh ramses ii known? Wrote famous literature Was female pharaoh Established trading route with Greeks Built monuments ***** Fought in many battles and acquired territory ***** Which of the following were

    asked by Anonymous
  67. social studies

    1 Which civilization is known for building large stone heads? A. Olmec B. Aztec C. Maya D. Zapotec 2 Which of the following civilizations is known for having warriors that conquered surrounding lands? A. Olmec B. Aztec C. Maya D. Zapotec 3 Cuba, in

    asked by parsons
  68. Math

    Rewrite the expression using exponents 4*4*4*4*4 Will it be 4 with that little 5 on top?

    asked by Anonymous
  69. Texas History

    16. Compare the Constitution of 1824 with the U.S. Constitution in terms of individual rights, religion, power of the president, and the right to possess a firearms. (4 points) Please help fast!! 😵

    asked by 🥞Princess
  70. Math

    Rewrite this number using scientific notation 5,000,000 Can you please help me understand it?

    asked by Anonymous
  71. Social Studies

    Many of the achievements of the ancient Indus Valley civilization was due to their advanced knowledge of _____ (Fill in the blank) A. Farming B. Mathematics** C. Weather patterns D. Geography

    asked by Ace
  72. Math

    Rewrite this number using scientific notation 425,000 what will this be could you explain it? Thank you

    asked by Anonymous
  73. English

    Just curious has any one on here ever read To Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee????

    asked by JamesDoyle
  74. math

    what are the main things i need to know in algebra II

    asked by somayee
  75. Government

    Hi there, This isn't really, a question. I just want more thoughts about how the U.S. creates domestic policies and conducts foreign policy.

    asked by Jay
  76. History

    1. To what was the 1836 Constitution of Texas similar? A. Mexican Constitution of 1824 B. Turtle Bayou Resolutions C. Texas Declaration of Independence D. United States Constitution*** 2. Which of the following statements best explains how the

    asked by Wednesday_my_dudes
  77. Geography

    Use the map to answer the question. Map of agriculture in the South during the 1860's Mostly Cotton Which of the following statements best describes the information shown on the map? A. The territories and several states in the Midwest produced no crops in

    asked by YAY#@!ZOOFUN!@#YAY
  78. English

    I need help, I don't know what to write as a thesis statement for a literary analysis of the poem “Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers” by Adrienne Rich. I already know about the poem, a married woman who portrays herself through her creation of prancing tigers

    asked by Sally123
  79. Geography

    How were the economies of the Northern and Southern states different? How were they the same? What factors led them to develop differently? This is a type in the box question. Yes, I read the book and read over the slides in the lesson. But I don't know

    asked by Warrior Cat Lover
  80. History

    Maura is making a timeline of important events in Texas history during 1835. Which event should she put last on the timeline? A. Texas troops take San Antonio B. The Battle of Gonzales is fought C. Leaders decide to meet at the Consultation D. William

    asked by Wednesday_my_dudes
  81. World History

    Events that occurred before recorded history are_____? Which correctly completes the sentence? 1. prehistoric 2.Neolithic 3.mythological 4.Paleolithic I think 2 but please someone help im taking a vocab test

    asked by Miso
  82. Chemistry

    Enough concentrated sulfuric acid solution was added to provide 3.00 grams of sulfuric acid which dissolved 4.00 grams of pure fluorapatite. How much excess sulfuric acid was used? Or, in other words how much sulfuric acid was left after it reacted.

    asked by Lupe Gomez
  83. World history

    Which describes the science of extracting metals from rocky ore? metrology metallurgy metal forging metal working

    asked by Miso
  84. Chemistry

    5. Phosphorus fertilizers are derived from phosphate rocks, called fluorapatite, Ca5(PO4)3F(s) . Fluorapatite is insoluble in water, so it must first be dissolved using excess sulfuric acid to form water-soluble calcium dihydrogen phosphate Ca(H2PO4)2. If

    asked by Lupe Gomez
  85. Government

    What did the founders of the United States consider when creating the national government?

    asked by Narha
  86. math

    What is the approximate distance between the pair of points (5,4) and (14,16)? Please help ASAP!!!! :( I only know that the exact distance between the pair of points (5,4) and (14,16) is 15 units!!!

    asked by Andrea
  87. microeconomics

    Monopolist facing linear demand function p = 1000+40q and total cost function c = 500+26q.determine optimal price output and profit perfect profit

    asked by vincent
  88. physics

    A Man Of Mass 80kg Carry A Load Of Bricks Of 20kg Up A Vertical Of Length 6m Calculate The Workdone? (g=10m/s squer)

    asked by adamu
  89. Science -physics

    An airplane pilot wishes to fly due west.a wind of80.0km/hris blowing toward the south . a)if the speed of the plane (it's speed in still air)is 320.0km/hr ,in which direction should the pilot head? And what is the speed of the plane over the ground

    asked by Parkash
  90. algebra

    evaluate -5g - 6 for g = -2

    asked by need help
  91. Social Studies Help ASAP

    How did the Han government differ from the Qin government? The civil service strengthened the Han empire because officials were not allowed to serve in their home districts. Why was this?

    asked by PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!
  92. Physics

    Identify the following as inelastic, elastic, or neither: 1.A basketball thrown off the top of a building falls onto a 3-meter-thick pile of feathers. 2.A basketball thrown off the top of a building falls onto a 3-meter-thick pile of wood. 3.A distracted

    asked by Anonymous
  93. Calculus

    1. Using midpoint method, estimate the area under the graph of y= sqrt x between x = 0 to x = 1, using 4 rectangles. 3. A soccer ball is kicked straight up into the air from the ground with an initial velocity of 200 ft/s. The velocity of the ball at any

    asked by Paige
  94. Physics

    A woman pushes a lawnmower forward with a force of 125 N for a distance of 15m. The force makes an angle of 34 degrees with the horizontal. Calculate the amount of work done

    asked by Cleavon
  95. Math

    63-57-12-79-x-x? Find 2 of the x

    asked by Abhi
  96. Biology

    Can someone explain to me how a genetic code can be expressed as a phenotype? Thanks

    asked by WiseSon
  97. math

    7 1/2-1 9/10 what is the difference? PLZ Help!!!!!

    asked by AL
  98. social studies

    NEED HELP PLZ which group was forced to relocate by means of the trail tears?

    asked by You know it
  99. physics

    A typical problem in physics is that physical quantities can be calculated for a series of finite systems, but ultimately, we would like to know the results for the infinite system. Hulthen (1938) studied the one-dimensional Spin Heisenberg model with

    asked by Kedir
  100. physics

    Develop a subprogram to achieve the LU decomposition of a banded matrix with l sub diagonals and super diagonals with either the Crout or the Doolittle factorization. Simplify the subprogram for the cases of and a symmetric matrix.

    asked by Kedir
  101. math

    what is -1/2 +1/3

    asked by precious
  102. math

    What is -3 1/5 + (-6 1/2) ?

    asked by precious
  103. science

    The breaking down or disintegration of substances such as rocks and minerals by physical, chemical, or biological processes is called- A. Erosion B. Weathering C. Climate D. Deposition I think it's erosion or weathering. Can someone please help me really

    asked by i need help fast
  104. math

    Find the gradient: y =2x + 3

    asked by james
  105. Math 3 questions

    1: 5/8 - (-2/8) 2: -9/10 -2/5 3: 6 3/5 - (-2 1/5)

    asked by precious