Questions Asked on
November 1, 2018

  1. Social studies

    The eventual election of Andrew Jackson indicated which shift in U.S politics? A. Increased reliance on aristocratic families B. Acceptance of the common man**** C. Increased rights of Native Americans D. Acceptance of British influence

    asked by XD
  2. Social Studdies

    Which features of the Roman government limited individual power? Select all that apply. A. The Senate was the most powerful branch of government. B. The assemblies were a form of direct democracy. C. The two consuls could veto each other's actions. D.

    asked by BannanaGRL
  3. History/Social Studies

    What was the result of the development of the Silk Road? Select all that apply. A. It brought new ideas such as Buddhism into China. B. It enabled the Shang to expand Chinese territory. C. It made travel easier between northern and southern China. D. It

    asked by Hi Sisters
  4. Social Studies

    Why did Peter the Great visit Western Europe? A. to get ideas for modernizing Russia B. to make plans for an invasion of Europe C. to form alliances with Western powers D. to establish trading ties with other nations Which reform did both Maria Theresa of

    asked by name:unknown
  5. algebra

    in the diagram below, what is the relationship between the number of rectangles and the perimeter of the figure they form?

    asked by Tyler
  6. Science

    Humans developed antibiotics to fight bacterial infections. However, some antibiotics are no longer effective in killing the bacteria they once killed. How does the theory of evolution explain this? A. The antibiotic mutated the bacteria, which allowed

    asked by Anonymous
  7. History/Social Studies

    In the Mandate of Heaven concept, who was the ruler? A. the Son of Heaven B. the Gods C. the Way D. the Ancestors Is it a

    asked by Hi Sisters
  8. Ancient Rome

    Which was a result of Rome having a less rugged landscape than Greece? A. Roman city-states grew in isolation from one another. B. Rome was able to easily unify the whole Italian peninsula. C. Roman soldiers could not move around easily. D. Rome had to

    asked by Seria
  9. Music

    A trait of modern music is the use of A: Harpsichord B: Improvisation*** C: Opera D: Chants

    asked by Jasker
  10. Social studies

    What development helped speed up manufacturing of products such as automobiles? A. the growth of labor unions B. the telegraph C. the assembly line D. the Bessemer process Between 1860 and 1914, what was the destination of 90 percent of European emigrants?

    asked by CLementie
  11. Manufacturing

    What development helped speed up manufacturing of products such as automobiles?

    asked by Anonymous
  12. science

    in which way does the circulatory system rely on the skeletal system

    asked by Xavion Midnight
  13. Maths

    solve in simultaneous method a+2b=13 2a-3b=5

    asked by Mercy
  14. Texas State History/Social Studies

    Explain the difference in opinions that De León and Massanet had about the military presence at the missions. "Alonso De León and Damian Massanet disagreed about the military presence at the missions. Damian disagreed with León about the size of

    asked by ILTHSM_
  15. Algebra

    Jaquie is digging a square area in her backyard for a vegetable garden. If the area is 224 square feet, what is the approximate length in feet of one side of her garden? Round to the nearest integer

    asked by Hi
  16. history

    Which accurately describes Galileo’s dealings with the Catholic Church? Galileo was forced to disavow the heliocentric theory and was placed on house arrest. Galileo argued against the existence of Jesus Christ and burned the Bible. Galileo was forced to

    asked by dianni
  17. History

    What was Alonso de León's opinion on the military presence at missions?

    asked by ILTHSM_
  18. English

    1) What evidence is there that the human species has been successful so far? Explain. 2) What environmental pressures in the past do you think were most important in shaping the human species as it exists today? 3) What environmental pressures exist now

    asked by Anonymous
  19. Chemistry

    During the combustion of 5.00 g of octane, C8H18, 239.5 kcal (1002 kJ) is released. How many kilocalories are released by the combustion of 19.7 g of C8H18 ?

    asked by Haley
  20. Physics

    An escalator carries 60 people of average mass 70 kg to a height of 5m in one minute.Find the power needed to do this.

    asked by Sarah

    Which of the following battles prompted the british retreat from South Carolina A- Camden B- Kings Mountain C- Port Royal D- Huck's Defeat Anonymous or Mrs. Sue Please Help!! Or Connections Academy people!!!!!

    asked by HELPPPPP PLEASEEEEE!!!!
  22. algebra

    Using the numbers 5, 8, and 24, create a problem using no more than four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square, square root, cube, cube root) where the solution will be an irrational number.

    asked by BLA BLA
  23. Algebra

    Find the common difference of this arithmetic sequence: a_(n) = -8n +14

    asked by Benny
  24. Social Studies

    1: Which impact did Enlightenment ideas have on the Spanish colonies? A. Many colonists called for independence from Spain. B. Some mestizos argued that the Spanish crown should have more power. C. Father Miguel Hidalgo called for harsher slave codes. D.

    asked by RollyPolley
  25. math

    Find the area of a square with side A when a is equal to the following values. Are the area of a square and the length of its side directly proportional quantities? Why or why not? A=8 cm. The area of the square is _______ square cm. The area of the square

    asked by henry
  26. geography

    from studying the map what can you conclude was a critical factor in the location and growth of early civilizations

    asked by jontrel
  27. science

    In order to present information to a technical audience, what should a scientist do? avoid technical jargon use a highly structured format be as wordy as possible in conveying ideas use interesting metaphors B?

    asked by Bri
  28. math

    .8888888889 as fraction

    asked by family girl 168 XD
  29. Math

    identify the value of x that makes each pair of ratios equivalent 1. x:4" and "45:20" A.8 B.9 C.10 2.21 to x and 7 to 10 A.24 B.30 C.40 3.x to 50 and 16 to 25 A.32 B.34 C.41 4.6 to 8 and 18 to x A.20 B.22 C.24 5. 9/36 and x/4 A.1 B.4 C.9 6. 42/22 and 21/x

    asked by LL
  30. Ancient Rome

    How did the increasing power of military leaders help bring about the end of the republic? A. The military leaders freed the slaves that worked in the mines. B. The military leaders refused to help the poor in the cities. C. The military leaders began to

    asked by Seria
  31. math

    Exits on an interstate are numbered consecutively. The distance between Exit 12 and Exit 13 is 2.7 miles. The distance between Exit 13 and Exit 14 is 0.9 mile farther than the distance between Exit 12 and Exit 13. The distance between Exit 13 and Exit 15

    asked by Zack
  32. Chemistry

    During the combustion of 5.00 g of octane, C8H18, 239.5 kcal (1002 kJ) is released. How much energy (in kJ) is released by the combustion of 1.49 mol of C8H18 ?

    asked by Haley
  33. Science

    What environmental pressures do you think may affect humans as Earth becomes more populated with humans in the future? Explain how these pressures may affect human traits.

    asked by Anonymous
  34. Social studies

    1. A revolution in 1959 led to Cuba becoming A. An independent nation. B. A communist dictatorship --- C. A territory of the united states D.A constitutional democracy 2. Drag the accomplishments to the civilization. Accomplishments may be used more than

    asked by Idk
  35. Human Development

    During the sensorimotor stage of development, infants take information from new experiences and integrate it with the already existing information. This process is called A. intelligence. B. accommodation. C. attachment. D. object permanence. my answer is

    asked by Diana
  36. trigonometry

    cosA = 1/8 with A in QIV, find cscA/2

    asked by john
  37. Physics (Springs)

    A spring-loaded toy uses a compressed spring to fire a marble out of a tube. A force of 220 N compresses the spring by 0.14 m. Calculate the elastic potential energy of the toy.

    asked by Raj
  38. history

    Which accurately describes Galileo’s impact on science during the Scientific Revolution? Galileo proposed the Three Laws of Motion, which also supported Kepler’s Three Laws of Planetary Motion. Galileo invented the compound microscope, which improved

    asked by dianni
  39. Chemistry

    During the combustion of 5.00 g of octane, C8H18, 239.5 kcal (1002 kJ) is released. How many moles of octane must be burned to release 451.4 kcal ?

    asked by Haley
  40. Algebra/Math

    A function is defined as {(0,1)(2,3)(5,8)(7,2)}. Issac is tasked to create one more ordered pair for the function. Which ordered pair can he add the set to keep it a function. A. (7,0) B. (1,3) C. (0,2) D. (5,3) Please help! I'm really confused. :(

    asked by Quinn
  41. physics

    A golfer hits a ball from the origin with an initial speed of 30.0 m/s at an angle of 50 degrees above the horizontal. The ball lands on a green that is 5.00 m above the level where the ball was struck. (a) How long was the ball in the air? (b) How far has

    asked by goober
  42. Algebra

    Suppose y varies directly with x, and y=14 when x=-4. What is the value of y when x=-6? A. -21 B. 10 C. 18 D. 21

    asked by XD
  43. Maths

    A Rope Can Be Cut Into An Equal Lenght With No Rope Left Over.The Lenght Can Be 15Cm, 18Cm Or 25Cm.What Is The Shortest Possible Lenght Of The Rope?

    asked by Arthur
  44. history

    Which religious movement prompted people to challenge medieval practices of the Catholic Church and inspired the Scientific Revolution? Second Great Awakening Utopian Movement Counter-Reformation Protestant Reformation Is it the third one

    asked by dianni
  45. Science

    How does the DNA structure form the genetic code??

    asked by The Apple worm
  46. Calculus

    Find the function that would produce a derivative of y = x. Prove your results.

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Maths

    If Logx - Log(2x - 1)=1 Find X

    asked by Favour
  48. Chemistry

    If an object has an density of 1g/cm3 will it sink or float in water

    asked by Sage
  49. English

    what princible part of the verb to teach is taught. past past particible. i do not know the difference. please help

    asked by BLA BLA
  50. Math

    Determine which ordered pair is a solution of y = 2x - 3 (–2, 7) (0, 3) (–4, –11) (5, –7)

    asked by fishy
  51. Science

    The decomposition reaction for PCl5 for which the equilibrium constant is 0.030. If you begin an experiment with 0.040M PCl5. What are the expected equilibrium concentrations of all species.

    asked by Kathy
  52. Math

    An ant walks 30 feet in 6minutes. How long will it take the ant to walk 35yards?

    asked by Alyssa
  53. math

    Find the slope of the line through (6, 2) and (4, –2). 0 1/2 undefined 2 can someone please tell me answer

    asked by ya boi
  54. math

    -0.53571428571 as a fraction please help this is my last thng

    asked by family girl 168 XD
  55. Science

    What would happen to the moon if gravity no longer effected it A. The moon would continue to run around on its orbital path B. The moon was stopped moving all together C. The moon can move in a spiral towards Earth D. The moon can move in a straight line

    asked by Anonymous
  56. Biology

    How the DNA structure forms the genetic code, and how that genetic code comes to be expressed as a phenotype.

    asked by Please help
  57. math

    the equation y=-16t2+120 can be used to represent the fruits height above the ground, where t represent time ,in seconds, after she threw the apple

    asked by kayla
  58. Math

    Factor 9. 6a^4-11a^2-10 10. 2x^2(x-1)+3x(x-1)-2(x-1)

    asked by Keonn'a
  59. Math

    Solve the equation (3x+1)^2=16 by the Square Root Method.

    asked by KyLee
  60. Psychology

    Abnormal behavior is defined as a. pattern of thoughts that are not common b. pattern of behavior passed on through families c. pattern of thoughts that can lead to a problem d. pattern of behavior that causes people significant distress

    asked by Anonymous
  61. math

    -23.3333333333 as a fraction

    asked by family girl 168 XD
  62. science

    True or false? The occluded front is the most mature status a frontal system can achieve. Answer: true

    asked by is this correct??
  63. feedback

    Your app is worst. It shows everything except solution of a question

    asked by Ronit
  64. math

    1) -5g-6 for g = -2 2) Write an algebraic expression for the sum of 3 Coins and c Coins 3) What Value of x is a solution to the equation? x-2 = 16 4) use mental math to solve the equation. z/-12 = -5 5) estimate the solution of the equation x-8.1 = 5.3 to

    asked by gurl please help mee!!!
  65. Math

    question: (19 x 10^5) - (5 x 10^4)

    asked by connexus
  66. math

    81.75 as a fraction

    asked by family girl 168 XD
  67. Math

    The temperature was less than 32 degrees Fahrenheit

    asked by Sonia
  68. Math

    To the nearest hundredth, how many revolutions does a wheel with a diameter of 20 inches make if it travels 500 feet?

    asked by Kylee
  69. Math

    Use the quadratic formula to find the real solutions of the equation 2x^2-3x=1

    asked by Brenda
  70. Financial Literacy

    Certificates of deposit (CDs) are savings accounts that pay lower fixed rate of interest than a mainstream savings account over a given period of time. True or False? True??

    asked by Miso
  71. Financial Literacy

    Today's stock market has changed the most from _________ A. mergers B. buying and selling C. online trading D. floor trading B or C. My heart is set on C

    asked by Miso
  72. Math

    Simplify. (16/81)^-3/2 I don’t quite understand what to do with this problem can someone please explain it to me so I understand it

    asked by Kylee
  73. Physics

    A student drops a stone from the edge of a sea cliff. The sound of the stone striking the ocean is heard 3.8s after the stone is released. The speed of sound in air is 340m/s. Find the height of the cliff. Ignore air resistance.

    asked by Kristen
  74. Math

    The school band is comprised of middle school students and high school students but it always has the same maximum capacity. Last year the ratio of middle school students to high school students was 1:8 This year the ratio is 2:7. If there are 18 middle

    asked by Lisa
  75. physics

    A football is kicked at ground level with a speed of 18.0 m/s at an angle of 38.0 degrees to the horizontal. How much does it hit the ground?

    asked by goober
  76. Geography

    Which hemisphere is responsible for most of the world's research and development? Northern Hemisphere or Southern Hemisphere. I've been reading over a site our teacher gave us, but I can't seem to find this.

    asked by Jordan
  77. English

    What is the propositional phrase preposition and object in the following 1. I hung the valuable painting in the library. 2. The eggs inside the nest are not to be distributed.

    asked by Natasha
  78. science

    a copper Rod of length l=50 cm is clamped at its midpoint .find the number of natural longitudinal oscillations of the Rod In the frequency range from 20 to 50kHz, what are those frequencies equal to

    asked by Anonymous
  79. History

    so they asked how did the renisance use old and new ideas italian merchants controled europe and asia italian city states had thier own goverment one not controled by nobels or church renisance period scholors and artist were inspired by ideas and art

    asked by anonymusunknownantbannana
  80. History

    need info about roman empire

    asked by Student
  81. Math

    Quick question, I'm learning about inequalities and graphs, so I just have one thing that I forgot. With an underscored < symbol, would the graph have the open dot or closed dot? I forgot to take notes on this. My bad! I think that a < symbol that is not

    asked by Halp Me
  82. chemistry

    List the numbers of protons, neutrons, and electrons in Chlorine-18.

    asked by idk
  83. algebra

    i do not want the answer i wan't to do it my self but i forgot the steps in how to do this so please do not do this for me but help me. n x 4+90+23 x 2+n 1=

    asked by BannanaGRL
  84. Math

    The total amount of water in 2 containers is 35quarts. If 7 quarts gets poured from the container with less water into the continer with more water, the container with more water will have 4times as much water as the other container. How many quarts are in

    asked by Abigail
  85. English

    Context: Climate change Quote: "Nature as a credit card with no spending limit." Would you identify this as ethos (i'm quite certain it's ethos)? Also, would this be an example of a literary device, and if so, which one? Thanks in advanced.

    asked by Anonymous
  86. SS

    What could the national government do for the new United States under the Articles of Confederation? List three jobs the new Congress was responsible for:

    asked by Oof
  87. Math

    -4/10x -9 < 9/10 = x < 24 3/4 Did I do this right? was solving for the inequality and the -4/10x is together.

    asked by A
  88. Maths

    If dx/dt=(t-3)^2 and x=7 when t=0, find x when t=4. Answer = 49/3 Thanks for anyone's help

    asked by Fred
  89. History

    How would a Southerners ( or someone from the western plains ) perspective on the 1876 world's fair differ from a Northerners perspective?

    asked by Susan
  90. math

    0.375 as a fraction explain

    asked by family girl 168 XD
  91. Math

    Did I simplify these together correctly (2-3i)-(3+5i)? 1) I distributed the negative through 3+5i and got -3-5i 2) then I eventually after that let the 2-3i the same so I have it as: 2-3i-3-5i 3) (2-3) -(-3i-5i) 4) 2-3=-1 and -3-5=-8 5) so eventually in

    asked by Allen
  92. Human Development

    Critical sensitive periods occur throughout human development, during which a child is biologically A. not ready to learn new behaviors. B. most ready to learn certain new behaviors. C. in transition, with spurts of growth and development. D. able to come

    asked by Diana
  93. Algebra

    Lenny is planning to climb Meatloaf Mountain which is the shape of a triangle below. If its maximum elevation is 1,282 feet and its steepness is 13,262.1 feet, what is the width of the entire mountain? Round the answer to nearest whole number. How I wanted

    asked by HIPPIE
  94. Math

    #of hours | Elevation ————————— 0 | 1123 1 | 1218 2 | 1313 3 | 1408 Y=________ Linear functions

    asked by Izabelle
  95. English

    1. It is strange for her to receive fan letters. 1-2. Fan letters are strange for her to receive. [Are both grammatical and the same?] 2. It is strange of her to receive fan letters. 2-2. She is strange to receive fan letters. [Are both grammatical and the

    asked by rfvv
  96. Math

    Solve the equation Y/4 +2= 3y+7/5

    asked by Please help
  97. math

    show the limit of |X| if X tend to 0

    asked by Emmanuel
  98. Math


    asked by A
  99. physics

    A 3kg mass experiences two vertical forces: 76.5 newtons pulling upward and 29.4 newtons pulling downward. What acceleration does the 3kg mass undergo?

    asked by goober
  100. math

    408.75 as a fraction please help and explain

    asked by family girl 168 XD
  101. science

    copper Rod of length l=50 cm is clamped at its midpoint .find the number of natural longitudinal oscillations of the Rod In the frequency range from 20 to 50kHz, what are those frequencies equal to

    asked by Anonymous
  102. Maths

    a+2b=13 2a-3b=5

    asked by Mercy
  103. Math


    asked by Abdul