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October 31, 2018

  1. history

    1.Based on this early illustration of the town, what is one reason why Francis Lowell's partners might have chosen this area to build the factory town of Lowell? (image= ) ***A.A river ran through the location and could be used to power

    asked by Question?
  2. Social Studies

    Which of the following statements best explains why direct democracy worked in ancient Athens? A. The council controlled the work of the assembly. B. People were paid to take part in government. C. The city-state's population of citizens was small. D. Free

    asked by BannanaGRL
  3. History

    Compare and contrast the treatment of different religions by rulers of the arab empire

    asked by Unknown
  4. Social Studies

    Why did the Puritans move to New England? A. They were trying to escape poverty and famine. B. They hoped to find gold and other riches. C. They wanted to practice their own religion. D. ************ They were forced into exile by the British government.

    asked by connxus kid
  5. social studies

    Which of these were holy Hindu scriptures written by gurus to help connect people to heavenly forces?

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  6. English

    MacNeil asks, “When before in human history has so much humanity collectively surrendered so much of its leisure to one toy, one mass diversion?” What is this persuasive technique called? A. repetition B. a generalization C. a rhetorical question D. a

    asked by Anonymous
  7. Social Studies

    Which of the following is an effect of the Agricultural Revolution in Middle America?

    asked by jenny
  8. History

    Why was concrete better than stone for building in the Roman empire? I think its C. A It was more flexible than stone when dry. B.It was heavier than stone when dry. C.It was lighter and easier to use than stone. D.It was stronger and more durable than

    asked by kool
  9. history

    which of the following were basic principles of the know-nothing-party

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Statistics

    A survey of statistics students asked the students for their favorite fast-food restaurant. The results of the survey are provided in the table. Identify the modal class from the distribution. FAVORITE FAST-FOOD RESTAURANT Restaurant----------Frequency

    asked by girlygirl
  11. Social Studies

    Why did Dutch colonies in the Americas fail to attract as many settlers as English colonies did? A. Fewer people were dissatisfied with life in the Netherlands than in England. B. The economy of the Netherlands was much weaker than that of England. C. The

    asked by family girl 168 XD
  12. science/astronomy

    4. Which of the following is a common feature among the four inner planets? (1 point) atmosphere composition distance from the sun rocky surfaces**** temperature range 5. Which of the following is the smallest terrestrial planet? (1 point) Mars Mercury**

    asked by reb
  13. Statistics

    A recent survey determine the IQ score of a random selection of residents of Alaska. The accompanying relative frequency distribution table summarizes the results. Identify the class width for the given relative frequency distribution. IQ Score----Relative

    asked by girlygirl
  14. Math

    On this map of Indiana, 1 cm : 50 km. Use this scale to answer questions 1–3. A map shows the state of Indiana. It shows Cary, South Bend, Fort Wayne, Lafayette, Kokomo, Muncie, Anderson, Richmond, Indianapolis, Terre Haute, Bloomington, New Albany, and

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Statistics

    A recent survey asked 874 people to identify what education they have achieved. The accompanying table summarizes the results. Does this table describe a relative frequency distribution? Why or why not? Education------------------Percent No

    asked by girlygirl
  16. Graphic design

    I need help on lesson 3 assessment Unit 8 middle school digital art and design how to look at an evaluate art number one example of a impressionist shows number to when creating a city scene in a graphic artist would most likely begin with which of the

    asked by Colton mills
  17. Statistics

    Does the frequency distribution appear to have a normal distribution using a strict interpretation of the relevant criteria? Weight (g)-----------Frequency 5.5000-5.5499-----1 5.5500-5.5999-----4 5.6000-5.6499-----7 5.6500-5.6999-----13

    asked by girlygirl
  18. Math

    A pack with 6 cans of juice costs $3.48. What is the unit rate? A. $0.49 per can B. $0.50 per can C. $0.58 per can D. $0.60 per can

    asked by Anonymous
  19. math

    How many integers $m$ are there such that $0

    asked by Joy F
  20. Social studies

    The eventual election of Andrew Jackson indicated which shift in U.S politics? Increased reliance on aristocratic families Acceptance of the common man** Increased rights for native Americans Acceptance in British influence 2.Increased suffrage and the

    asked by Fre sha va ca do
  21. social studies

    when the Republican party formed what was its primary goal?

    asked by i dont have a name
  22. Science

    1. The giant cloud that could have formed the solar system contained which of these materials? A: liquid water and ice B: oxygen and carbon dioxide C: oxygen and hydrogen D: hydrogen and helium

    asked by adore
  23. Math

    Complete the expressions so that the expressions have the same value. 1.62÷ 16.2÷ ÷ 0.008 ÷ 0.08 Question 2 Item 13 Question 1 Complete the expressions so that the expressions have the same value. 1.62÷ 16.2÷ ÷ 0.008 ÷ 0.08 There are actually two

    asked by Paarth
  24. history

    Which accurately describes differences between feudal Europe and Japan? (Select all that apply.) European knights acquired lands from their lords, whereas samurai did not acquire lands from their daimyo. Samurai followed moral codes regarding respect for

    asked by makenzey
  25. Texas history

    Most of the delegates to the convention of 1836 favored which if the following in regards to independence Fighting for independence**** Joining forces with the American Indians Negotiating for peace Surrendering

    asked by Pug lover
  26. SS

    Which of the following statements best describes the spread of Islam during the Arab conquests? A. Islam spread only within the lands conquered by Arabs. B. Everyone in conquered lands was forced to convert to Islam. C. Few non-Arabs ever converted to

    asked by Zoe
  27. Math

    Question 3 of 20 Sarah’s mother has a miniature village modeled after her home town. The model is 10 feet long and 7 feet wide. The actual village is 7 miles long. What is the village’s actual width? If necessary, round to the nearest tenth of a mile.

    asked by Anonymous
  28. History

    Ms.sue how did the U.S. Constitution resolve the weaknesses of the articles of confederations

    asked by YT XXSWAGGERXD
  29. Math

    A bag contains 10 white golf balls and 6 striped golf balls. A golfer wants to add 112 golf balls to the bag. He wants the ratio of white to striped golf balls to remain the same. How many of each should he add?

    asked by Anonymous
  30. history

    Which examples characterize the power of the Roman Catholic Church during the medieval period? (Select all that apply.) Pope Benedict XIV promoted scientific learning and funded the Vatican Museum. The Catholic Church restricted what kind of artwork

    asked by makenzey
  31. Texas History

    I have read all of the information on two websites twice (those websites were linked to me) but they did not provide enough information to me. (I would link them if I was allowed to post URLs) I have some questions about the constitution of 1824. Does the

    asked by random!
  32. Statistics

    A survey of statistics students asked the students for their favorite music genre. The results of the survey are provided in the table. Identify the modal class from the distribution. FAVORITE MUSIC GENRE Genre--------Frequency Rock----------19

    asked by girlygirl
  33. Math

    Earth orbits the sun in an elliptical pattern. the equation of earths path is (x+2.5)^2/22350.25 + y^2/22344=1 where the measurements represent millions of kilometers. The sun is located at the focus (0,0). In january, earth id located at one vertices

    asked by Milo
  34. Social Studies

    How would Samuel A. Worcester most likely view the end result of the legal battle between Georgia and the Cherokee people? ~He would be happy because he wanted the Cherokee to be moved to the west. ~He would be surprised because he expected the Supreme

    asked by Lexi
  35. Social studies

    How was the agricultural revolution related to the Industrial Revolution? A. Both revolutions occurred because of steam-powered machinery. B. The Industrial Revolution led to an increased demand for food. C. Both revolutions led to the need for more

    asked by please review
  36. Chemistry

    The following chemical reaction takes place in aqueous solution: MnBr2(aq) + 2KOH (aq) → Mn(OH)2 (s) + 2KBr (aq) Write the net ionic equation for this reaction.

    asked by Mia
  37. History

    What are the names of all 3 parts of the declaration of independence?

    asked by YT XXSWAGGERXD
  38. science

    Which option accurately describes scientific theories? (Select all that apply.) are testable questions that can be investigated through experimentation have developed from the arguments that have verified certain hypotheses are descriptions of phenomena

    asked by Bri
  39. Social Studies

    How was the art of ancient Mesopotamia different from that of earlier cultures? A. It included monuments that glorified the gods and showed religion in society. B. It included pretend animals and showed human imagination. C.

    asked by Kya
  40. math, trigonometry

    a plane starts from a point P and flies 240km on a bearing of 120degrees to Q. At Q the plane makes a 90degree turn and flies back 100km on a bearing of 210degrees to R. At R the plane again changes direction and flies back to P. The direct distance, in

    asked by YaYeet
  41. Social studies

    How was the agricultural revolution related to the Industrial Revolution? A. Both revolutions occurred because of steam-powered machinery. B. The Industrial Revolution led to an increased demand for food. C. Both revolutions led to the need for more

    asked by Help
  42. Statistics

    Statistics Does the frequency distribution appear to have a normal distribution using a strict interpretation of the relevant criteria? IQ Score------Frequency 50-69----------24 79-89----------228 90-109--------490 110-129--------232 130-149-------26 a.

    asked by girlygirl
  43. History

    The Texas constitution of 1836 had shared ideals with the US constitution. Which of the following ideals did the Texas constitution most likely support? Executive power, Who is the concentration of authority in one leader Theocracy, for the combination of

    asked by Pug lover
  44. 6th grade math

    Write the expression 6a in words Write the expression 3x+7 in words

    asked by Cathy
  45. history

    What is a person who holds a belief that is not accepted by other members of his or her faith? heretic patriarch apostle martyr is it B?

    asked by makenzey
  46. Statistics

    Students heights in inches were obtained as part of a study and a frequency distribution was constructed with the first class having a lower limit of 50 inches. The class widths are 6 inches. What is the frequency of the second class in the distribution?

    asked by girlygirl
  47. Gen Chemistry

    Determine the concentrations of MgCl2 Mg2+ and Cl- in a solution prepared by dissolving 2.73*10^-4g MgCl2 in 1.00L of water. Express all the concentrations in molarity. Additionally, express the concentrations of the ionic species in ppm. MgCl2= ____ M

    asked by Juan
  48. Precalculus 11

    The sum of the first number & the square of a second number is 18. The difference between the square of the second number and twice the first number is 12. Write a system of equations to represent this situation. y=-x^2+18 y=.5x^-6 Solve the system to

    asked by Kayla
  49. math

    Martha's $18,750 is invested in two accounts, one earning 12% interest and the other earning 10%. After 1 year, her combined interest income is $2,117. How much has she invested at each rate?

    asked by isabela
  50. Social Studies

    Why did Dutch and English landowners force peasants off the land? A. to motivate people to emigrate overseas B. to use the land in more profitable ways C. ****** to build cities on what used to be farmland D. to build up local cottage industries

    asked by connxus kid
  51. MATH

    How did you decide what the whole number part of your estimate should be for the square? What do you think you could do to get a side length of the square that would produce a more accurate area? Is it possible to find a side length that would be perfect

    asked by Anonymous
  52. history

    What did Simón Bolívar promise Alexandre Pétion in exchange for weapons and Haitian troops? to support Pétion’s bid for reelection in Haiti to end slavery in Venezuela to invade the Dominican Republic to promote international trade with Haiti a?

    asked by dianni
  53. Career guidance

    What other careers suit these subjects

    asked by Kgothatso
  54. Economics

    According to the circular flow diagram, which of the following is true? I. The government is a buyer in the product market II. The government is a seller in the product market III. The government is a borrower and financial markets I only II only III only

    asked by TM
  55. Algebra

    A laser is raised 9 in. up of a reflective table and pointed so that the beam hits the table 10 in. from the edge. The laser beam follows a path defined by the absolute value function: v(j)=45j-10 where v is the vertical height and j is the horizontal

    asked by Ineedhelpbadlyplz
  56. Texas History

    What are the similarities of the constitution of 1824 and the U.S. constitution? specifically about individual rights, religion, power of the president, and the right to possess firearms.

    asked by Pumkin-head
  57. Biology

    I have to write an essay with knowledge about the following: the biochemical structure of DNA, how DNA replicates, how the DNA structure forms the genetic code, and how that genetic code comes to be expressed as a phenotype. If I could get some help or a

    asked by Emma
  58. History

    It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreigner world so far I mean as we are now at liberty to do it for let me not be understood as capable of patronizing [ supporting] Infidelity [ disloyalty;

    asked by Shrek
  59. History

    Who was born in July 20, 356 B.C A Alexander the Great

    asked by Kya
  60. Chemistry

    If the decomposition of potassium chlorate is incomplete assuming all measurements are accurate, what would be the effect on the calculated value for the molar volume of oxygen at STP?

    asked by Anonymous
  61. math

    Steve has $24,000 invested in two accounts. One earns 6% annual interest and the other earns 7%. After 1 year, his combined interest is $1635. How much was invested in each account?

    asked by isabela
  62. Science

    3. Colliding air masses can form a weather front. Which of the following is not a type of front: A Stationary Front *** B Storm Front C Cold Front D Occluded Front

    asked by lol random
  63. Math

    The pair of polygons is similar. Find the value of x. Two adjacent 5-sided polygons are shown. On the left, the larger polygon's left parallel side is labeled 15 inches and the right parallel side is labeled 60 inches. On the right, the smaller polygon's

    asked by Anonymous
  64. Science, physics

    A river is flowing with a speed of 8 km/h.a swimmer wants to reach point R from P.he swims with a speed of 8km per an angle of theta greater than 90degree w.r.t river flow.if PQ=QR=800mthen value of thea is????????!option are,90°,.60°,45°,30°

    asked by Hk
  65. English

    Hi, I am trying to write an expository and I was wondering, Can you help me out with some examples? To be more specif Alexander the great expository essay. Can you help me out with examples? That would be great!

    asked by Kya
  66. Science

    4. The picture below shows a warm air mass caught between two cooler air masses. What is this type of front called?? A Stationary Front*** B Storm Front C Cold Front D Occluded Front

    asked by Anonymous
  67. math

    A number m is formed by writing all the prime numbers between 0 and 10 in an ascending order. Another number n is formed by writing all the square numbers between 0 and 10 in a descending order. (a) Find m - n; (b) Express (m - n) as a product of its prime

    asked by kd
  68. Chemistry

    What mass of solid potassium sulfate, K2SO4, is used to make up exactly 100.0cm^3 of 0.100 mol/dm^3 SO4^2-? This should be a very easy, 1-mark question but for some reason I can't wrap my head around it. moles = mass/Mr, so all you gotta do is moles x

    asked by Autumn
  69. Health

    In the male reproductive system, the ______ secrete(s) a fluid that neutralizes acidic conditions in the !@#$%^&. In the female reproductive system, the ______ secrete(s) mucus that lubricates the !@#$%^&.

    asked by Skyler
  70. math

    1. Find the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle with legs of 9 cm and 12 cm. (1 point) 8 cm 21 cm 15 cm 225 cm 2. The length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle is 13 cm. The length of one leg is 5 cm. Find the length of the other leg. (1 point)

    asked by Beya
  71. Math

    There were 1090 people on a beach. If 10% of the people left. How many remained? thank you.

    asked by anon
  72. Physics

    A coin is placed 26 CM from the center of a horizontal turnable intially at rest. The turnable begin to ratate. When the speed of coin is 120 CMS rotating at constant rate the coin just begin to slip the acceleration of gravity is 980 CM/S2. What is the

    asked by Ravi
  73. math

    A rectangular box open at the top has a square base. The internal side of the base is x cm long and the total internal surface area of the box is 432cm2. Express in terms of x. (i) the internal height h, of the box; (ii) the internal volume V, of the box.

    asked by kd
  74. Math

    How many servings can be made from 108 cups of punch?

    asked by Minnie
  75. math

    A wholesaler sold a radio to a retailer making a profit of 20%. The retailer later sold the radio for Ksh 1560 making a profit of 30%. Calculate the amount of money the wholesaler had paid for the radio.

    asked by kd
  76. Physics

    A ball is projected vertically upward from the ground. The ball is at same height at t=3s and t=9s the height of ball at t=5s is......plz reply fast.....

    asked by Hk
  77. geography

    what city has the latitude of 51 26n and longitude of 5 30e

    asked by Stephanie
  78. Journalism

    3.Which is not a form of journalism? A(a weekly raido show) B(an internet podcast) C(a radio show) D(an evening news program) 4. Who makes sure the information in articles and part of newscasts are correct? A(the reporters) B(the editors) C(the fact

    asked by Need help plz
  79. math

    The total length of 4 blue banners and 5 yellow banners is 49 meters. The total length of 2 blue banners and 1 yellow banner is 17 meters. All banners of the same color have the same length. Find the length of each blue banner

    asked by Matt
  80. Algebra

    Part A: Solve –mk – 90 > 85 for m. Show your work. (4 points) Part B: Solve 3c – 5f = 55 for f. Show your work. (6 points)

    asked by mike
  81. us history

    How would you explain the sectional divide over the War of 1812? Why did the war find the most support in the southern and western states and territories and the least support in New England?

    asked by rachelle
  82. Texas history

    The Texas constitution of 1836 had shared ideals with the US constitution. Which of the following ideals did the Texas constitution most likely support? Executive power, Who is the concentration of authority in one leader Theocracy, for the combination of

    asked by Pug lover
  83. Science

    Describe at least TWO hazardous conditions that exist in space AND the technological features a spacecraft must have in order to protect the astronauts from these hazards.

    asked by adore
  84. Statistics

    Listed below are blood groups of O, A, B, and AB of randomly selected blood donors (based on data from the Greater New York Blood Program). O A B O O O O O AB O O O B O B O A A A O A A B AB A B A A A A O A O O A A O O A O O O O A A A A A AB Identify the

    asked by girlygirl
  85. Government

    Does the president of Mexico have the same amount of power as the president of the United States? I'm asking this because I thing I remember reading that they do not have as much power somewhere while I was looking something up.

    asked by ILTHSM_
  86. math

    what is 54f-9g-27h in factor form?

    asked by Anonymous
  87. Science

    What is probably the most common isotope of lithium (if the average atomic mass is 6.94 amu)?

    asked by Anynon
  88. Math

    Matt's Oak Superstore has exactly three times as many large oak desks as small oak desks in its inventory. If the store only sells these two types of desks, which could be the total number of desks in stock? a. 10 b. 13 c. 16 d. 18 e. 25

    asked by Cons
  89. math

    cylindrical solid whose radius and height are equal has a surface area of 154cm2. Calculate its diameter, correct to 2 decimal places. (Take = 3.142)

    asked by kd
  90. physics

    (I attempted on my own already) A 1220 N uniform beam is attached to a vertical wall at one end and is supported by a cable at the other end. A W = 1860 N crate hangs from the far end of the beam. a) Calculate the magnitude of the horizontal component of

    asked by ryan
  91. Bible

    how can I apply the Book of Ruth to my life?

    asked by Ash
  92. Math

    in figure pqrs is a parallelogram and key is midpoint of the sides PQ prove that area of triangle PQ is equals to half of area of triangle skr

    asked by Anonymous
  93. math

    how to delivery route postman

    asked by vasudev
  94. Physics

    A father skating pushes a baby in a cart over a distance of 100m. The father starts from rest and wants to reach a speed of 5.0m/s, How hard does the father need to push in the direction of the motion? The cart has a mass of 10.0kg and the baby is 8.0kg.

    asked by Anonymous
  95. Physics

    A body of mass 10kg is to be raise from the bottom to the top of an inclined plane 5m long and 3.0m off the ground at the top assuming a frictionless surface,how much work must be done by the force parallel to the plane pushing the block up to a constant

    asked by collins
  96. Costing and estimating

    what is the concept of choosing the most suitable and economical press to print a specific job.

    asked by Ludacris
  97. Physics

    A ball is thrown from a cliff of 10m with an initial velocity of 2.00m/s. What is the velocity of the ball just before it hits the ground?

    asked by Anonymous
  98. Math

    Evaluate 6 * 10^2.

    asked by Finnison
  99. Math

    Three people- Paul, Sara, and John-want to put their money together to buy a $90 radio. If Sara agrees to pay twice as much as John, and Paul agrees to pay three times as much as Sara, how much must Sara pay?

    asked by Cons
  100. chemistry

    using each of the following baldfaced chemical equations calculate the number of moles of the first listed reactant need ed to produce 5.00 moles of CO2 . C7H16+11O2-->7CO2 +8H2O

    asked by kay
  101. Math

    A bank offers two interest rates for a fixed deposite Offer 1: 12% compounded quarterly Offer 2: 13.55% simple interest If Ali want to invest for one year, which offer would he choose?. Show your working

    asked by Nadini
  102. Financial Literacy

    Limited liability is a situation in which a business owner's liability for debts and losses of the business is limited. A. True B.False

    asked by Miso
  103. math

    solve for -5g-6 for g=-2

    asked by unknown
  104. Math

    1 in.:2 1/2 ft

    asked by Anonymous