Questions Asked on
October 27, 2018

  1. Economics

    When looking at a recession, this is a reduction of aggregate demand for two consecutive quarters. Which component of AD is the most susceptible to a recession?

    asked by Jayde
  2. Economics

    Give an example of a government policy that acts as an automatic stabilizer. Explain why the policy has this effect.

    asked by Emilie
  3. civic

    how can leaders protect the right of their followers

    asked by John
  4. Physics

    Explain the terms uniform acceleration and average speed.

    asked by Ande2
  5. Physics

    (a) A body at rest is given an initial uniform acceleration of 8.0 metre per second square for 30 seconds after which the acceleration is reduced to 5.0 metre per second square for the next 20 seconds. The body maintains the speed attained for 60 seconds

    asked by Ande2
  6. Math

    Solve 1/8^2-3x=2y+2 find x using e question formula

    asked by Ruth
  7. Math

    Solve 1/8^2-3x=2y+2 find x using equation formula

    asked by Ruth
  8. Maths


    asked by Jesse
  9. Maths

    (3.6x10^-5)/(1.8x10^2) What's the answer in standard form?

    asked by Jesse
  10. civic education

    ways good leader protect the interest of their follower

    asked by jacinta
  11. maths

    Simplify 9asquare_ msquare divided by msquare _2am_3asquare

    asked by mariam
  12. Civic education

    Enumerate reason for political apathy

    asked by Nasiru ibrahim
  13. Reading

    Which question should you ask during your first read of the multi draft reading process. A. What is the authors purpose in writing with piece B. How has this work increased my knowledge of a subject issues or event C. What evidence does the author presents

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Texas history

    What was the status of Texas borders after the US Mexican war compared to before the warm All of the border disputes were resolved Some of the border disputes were resolved but some remained**** None of the border disputes were truly resolved Only the

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Texas History

    Which of the following statements best explains how the establishment of the republic of Texas brought civil freedom to Texas A. The influence of the U.S. Constitution led Texas to establish civil rights B. Hey series of constitutional amendments secured

    asked by Anonymous
  16. Math

    1. Write 3/8 as a decimal. A. 0.38 B. 0.375 C. 2.666 D. 0.385 2. Which of the following fractions is also a repeating decimal? A. 7/14 B. 3/12 C. 10/16 D. 5/15 3. Trent has completed 3/20 of his homework. Write this amount as a decimal. A. 0.15 B. 0.23 C.

    asked by ooooooooof
  17. History

    Pretend there is a public works project to be done, such as a road to be built or wall to protect the city. How might four other features of civilization be involved in this public works project?

    asked by jay
  18. Algebra

    Write an equation for the translation of y = |x|. 2 units down. A. y = |x| + 2 B. y = |x| – 2 C. y = |x – 2| D. y = |–2x|

    asked by AdamsCountyGirlllll
  19. Math

    Given that cosz=BL find the value of cotz-cosecz/secz+tanz

    asked by Ande2
  20. Literacy

    What are some literacy materials included in Art Center?

    asked by Patrick
  21. Literacy

    How is print literacy incorporated in the everyday routine of the classroom? How is print literacy addressed in large group activities?

    asked by Patrick
  22. Math

    If the points (4,2) and )-1, k) are on a line that is perpendicular to the line y=2x+1, what is the value of k?

    asked by Sally
  23. Social studies

    What does Roman empire and China have in common?

    asked by Mokapu Elementary Student
  24. Math

    If the average of five consecutive whole numbers is 18, what is the smallest number?

    asked by Sally
  25. Geometry

    Given: KL ║ NM, LM = 45, m∠M = 50° KN⊥NM, NL ⊥ LM Find: KN and KL So I drew it found that m∠K=90°, m∠LNM=40°, m∠KNL=50° using the rules of trigonometry, I got: (NL/45) =tan(50°) and that NL=53.63 I checked it and it was correct so using

    asked by Anonymous
  26. Physics

    Two charges -1 microcoulumb and 2 microcoulumb are placed at the corner A and B of an equilateral triangle ABC of side 2m. Calculate the electric field at C

    asked by Rajan
  27. maths

    Find all complex numbers z satisfying the equation e 6 iz = 3i. Give your answer in Cartesian form, and indicate them on the complex plane.

    asked by Anonymous
  28. Physics

    An incompressible box is completely submerged in MERCURY at a depth of 13 yd. The MERCURY density is the same at all depths. As the box gets deeper, which of the following will REMAIN CONSTANT? Choose all that apply. volume of mercury displaced weight of

    asked by Cameron
  29. Physics

    A brick is completely submerged in SALTWATER (D = 1.03 kg/L). The brick experiences a buoyant force of 193 oz. What is the weight of the SALTWATER displaced by the brick?

    asked by Cameron
  30. Physics

    A 40 kg sample of ALUMINUM is undergoing SUBLIMATION. How much does the temperature change during this process?

    asked by Cameron
  31. Physics

    A 63 kg rock with a volume of 42 L is completely submerged in water. The density of water is 1 kg/L. a.) What volume of water is displaced by the rock? L b.) What is the buoyant force on the rock? N

    asked by Cameron
  32. Math

    The media center at Josh's school has a computer area. The first 4 rows have 6 computers each. The fifth row has 4 computers. How many computers are there?

    asked by Sophia


    asked by Abdul aziz
  34. Social Studies

    How did the Phoenicians use the Tigris and Euphrates River? How did the Ancient Egyptians use the Nile River?

    asked by Bri
  35. physics

    A child starts from rest and slides down a snow-covered hill with a slope angle of 47° from a height of 1.8m above the bottom of the hill. The speed of the child at the bottom of the hill is 3.1m/s. Find the coefficient of kinetic friction between the

    asked by sal
  36. Physics

    A metre rule is found to balance at the 35cm mark. when a body of mass 50kg is suspended at the 10cm mark, the balance point is found to be at 20cm mark find a)the Mass of the ruler.

    asked by Anonymous
  37. English

    Please I need help gimme a good thesis statement for " the benefits of private education" by the way I chose 3 benefits

    asked by Reem
  38. Social Studies

    What did the Ancient Egyptians use the Nile River for?

    asked by Bri
  39. physics

    A 13.0kg block slides 5.00m down a frictionless surface inclined 31.0° above the horizontal, before being stopped by an originally unstretched spring of spring constant k=346N/m secured to the inclined surface. Find the maximum compression of the spring.

    asked by sal
  40. Math

    Desiree clark is licensed cpa during the first month of operation of her bussiness the following event &transcations accured May1:clark invested $20,000cash in her bussiness

    asked by Fathi abdiwahab yusuf
  41. Astronomy

    suppose a rock's chemical composition is analyzed and is found to contain 5x more potassium atoms than argon atoms. When did the rock form? (10 million, 100 million, 500 million, 2 billion, or 4.5 billion years ago.)

    asked by eva
  42. Algebra

    how much of a alloy with 30 percent copper is needed to make 6 kilograms of 21 per cent copper

    asked by Chris mason
  43. Spanish Help ASAP

    1. List three question words/phrases with proper punctuation that are commonly used in the Spanish language. 2. Place the following words in the correct sentence order: campo a domingos los gusta de ir la después al ir Me iglesia

    asked by Panda Baby
  44. Pre-school education

    Create a list of at least 10 literacy enhancements you would make a preschool classroom environment. 1. Story Tapes 2. Charting and graphing 3. Word Walls 4. Quotes on Children's Artwork 5. Flannel boards with Stories 6. Poems on the Wall I am suck on

    asked by Patrick
  45. Math

    Ranchers in the American west often wear what is called a 10 gallon hat. However, a 10 gallon hat actually holds only 3/4 gallon. How many 10 gallon hats would be needed to hold 10 gallons?

    asked by anonymous!!!
  46. Math

    A minute you can swim 5 miles in 1 1/4 hour. If the manatees swims at the same average speed, how far can swim in one hour?

    asked by anonymous!!!
  47. Math

    A manatee you can swim 5 miles in 1 1/4 hour. If the manatees swims at the same average speed, how far can swim in one hour? (sorry i keep misspelling because im not actually typing im using the microphone on my phone)

    asked by anonymous!!!
  48. Math

    A manatee can swim 5 miles in 1 1/4 hour. If the manatee swims at the same average speed, how far can it swim in one hour?

    asked by anonymous!!!
  49. math!!

    1. 2(y+1)= for y =2 a. 6 b. 5 c. 7 d. 8 2. d+g ------ for d = 35, g = 19, and h=6 h a. 9 b. 2.7 c. 7.3 d. 8 3.The cost in dollars of a class party is 59 + 13n is the number of people attending. What is the cost of 44 people? a.$116 b.$587 c.$767 d.$631

    asked by Help me!!please
  50. Early Childhood Education

    Without any help from adults and because they are curious, many preschoolers explore alphabet letters on their own.​ I think True for this awsner Scribbling on paper involves child decision making.​ I am think false on this one. When painting, children

    asked by Patrick
  51. Calculus and Vectors

    Identify two barriers that might interfere with the achievement of your goal of getting into University?

    asked by HI
  52. math or algebra...i think

    1.jenny owns about there times as many books as Carly. Jamie owns 42 books. write an equation and use it to estimate the number n of books Carly owns. a 3 n= 42; about 14 books b n + 2 = 42; about 40 books c n divided 3 = 42; about 126 books *****my answer

  53. civics

    Identify two barriers that might interfere with the achievement of your goal of getting into University?

    asked by HI
  54. eye

    the earth is on ave.,150 million km from sun calculate its average speed in orbit.

    asked by Anonymous
  55. MATHS

    The sum of 18terms of an A.P is 549.given that the common difference is 3. find the 56th term

    asked by Anonymous
  56. ap calculus bc

    the jewelry box will have rectangular sides and an open top. the longer sides will be made of gold at a cost of $300/in^2 and the shorter sides will be made from platinum at a price of $550/in^2. the bottom of the box will be made from plywood at a cost of

    asked by tom
  57. Human Development

    After a baby takes its first breath, which of the following organs is/are then immediately operative? A. Brain B. Heart C. Lungs D. Stomach my answer is c.

    asked by Diana
  58. English

    In which of the following sentences does the boldfaced word contain the Latin root -lum-? A. The bear tucked into his cave for a long winter's slumber. B. Hannah's face was luminous with the soft morning light. C. The plumber peered into the dark

    asked by Anonymous
  59. health; check my answers?

    check my answers please! (5 questions) I left out problems that i'm almost 100% positive of. Health, Fitness, and Nutrition A (connexus) 7. A condition in which the pancreas does not produce and/or utilize enough insulin to meet the body's needs: a. Type 1

    asked by jay
  60. Math

    Multiply the following using the FoIL method. (5x-2/5) (5x+1/5) I got 25x^2-3x+2/25

    asked by Keonn'a
  61. Human Development

    _______ is a reflection of which brain hemisphere is most dominant in an individual. A. Grasp style B. Balance C. Language acquisition D. Handedness my answer is d.

    asked by Diana
  62. linear algebra

    If A, B, and C are 3×3 matrices; and det(A) = −3, det(B) = −2, and det(C) = −1 then compute: det(2A^−1C^−1A^TC^2B^2) = 0

    asked by sal
  63. Algebra II

    Y= -(x-5)(x-1) Finding AOS, Vertex, Y- Intecept, X Intercept, and two additional points

    asked by Austin
  64. Texas State History

    Please do not delete, I need help. 1. Is it reasonable to say that José Gutiérrez de Lara was an important part of Mexican independence? A. It is reasonable because he required supporters and sought out to help fron the U.S. B. It is reasonable because

    asked by ILTHSM_
  65. English

    What was the purpose, subject, and tone of “Why I Wrote the Crucible” by Arthur Miller? Please help and write in a paragraph or more. Thanks!

    asked by GlowBaby
  66. Physics

    anyone here at the moment i need some help the homework is due today by 11 pm i have 2 h left

    asked by euren petronsky
  67. Math

    What is the ratio of the measures of side BC to side RS in simplest form? Triangle RST is shown with side RS labeled 12 meters, side ST labeled 13 meters, and side TR labeled 5 meters. Triangle BCD is shown with side BC labeled 6 meters, side CD labeled

    asked by Anonymous
  68. Math

    Use the the Binomial Theorem to expand the binomial. (3a+4x)^3

    asked by Keonn'a
  69. Science

    How does the principle of conservation of mass relate to chemical reactions? What information does a chemical equation give you?

    asked by Khaliyl
  70. math

    Evacuate the following using four figure table 1.487^3-1÷ 1.487^3+1

    asked by Deborah