Questions Asked on
October 26, 2018

  1. Math

    If the average of five consecutive whole numbers is 18, what is the smallest number?

    asked by Sally
  2. Maths

    x is partly constant and partly varies with y.When y=5,x=19 and when y=10,x=34. (i) Find the relationship between x and y. (ii) Find x when y=7.

    asked by Jessica
  3. geometry

    Find the measure of the acute angle x, if : sin(x)=0.0175; sin(x)=0.5015; cos(x)=0.06814; cos(x)=0.0670. I know that Sin(x)=opp./hyp. and that cos(x)=adj./hyp. but i have no clue about how to find the xs in these equations

    asked by Anonymous
  4. SSAT

    A small cube has a length of 2 inches. How many small cubes are needed to make a larger cube whose base has a perimeter of 32 inches?

    asked by Sally

    What economic philosophy developed in response to the problems of industrial workers? A. socialism B. capitalism C. laissez faire D. mercantilism*******

    asked by Pickle rick
  6. math

    Which option correctly identifies a reason why researchers try to use scientific thinking? It allows them to turn theories into scientific laws more easily. It prevents them from jumping to conclusions prematurely. It prevents them from falsifying their

    asked by Bri
  7. math

    Look at this series: 4, 7, 25, 10, __ , 20, 16, 19. Which number should fill the blank? 13 15 20 28

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Physics

    A 3.5 g bullet is fired horizontally at 2 blocks resting on a smooth tabletop. The bullet passes trough the 1st block, with mass 1.2 kg and embed itself in the second with mass 1.8 kg. Speeds of 0.63 m/s and 1.4 m/s, respectively are there by imparted on

    asked by Jo Wan
  9. math

    A rectangular box is built by cutting out square corners from a 9" by 11" piece of cardboard, then folding the resulting flaps up to form the height. Let x represent the sides of the square corners being cut out. Express the volume of the box as a function

    asked by Keonn'a
  10. maths

    The sum of the first two term of a g.p is x and the sum is of the last two terms is y. If there are n terms in all. Find the common ratio

    asked by Kiara
  11. Algebra

    What is the value of the expression All of 4.8 multiplied by 10 to the power 9 over all of 1.6 multiplied by 10 to the power 3? A: 3.0 x 10^6 B: 3.0 x 10^12 C: 3.2 x 10^8 D: 3.2 x 10^12 I think the answer is D though I'm not really that confident in my

    asked by Amari
  12. physics

    An Olympic skier moving at 20.0 m/s down a 30.0 degrees slope encounters a region of wet snow, of coefficient of friction uk = 0.740. How far down the slope does she go before stopping?

    asked by Anonymous

    A batter hits a fly ball which leaves the bat 0.90 m above the ground at an angle of 61 degrees with an initial speed of 28 m/s heading towards center field. Ignore air resistance. (a) How far from the home plate would the ball land if not caught? (b) The

    asked by goober
  14. Texas history

    To what was the 1836 constitution of Texas similar? A.Mexican Constitution of 1824 B. Turtle bayou Resolutions C. Texas declaration of independence D. United States Constitution

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Math

    Find the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle with legs of 5 ft and 12 ft A: 11 ft B: 13 ft C:17 ft D: 60 ft Please help me...

    asked by Help
  16. geometry

    Find the equation of the line that passes through (−3, 2) and the intersection of the lines x+2y=0 and 3x+y+5=0. For the intersection, I got (-2,1) and for the equation i got y=x+3. but apparently those aren't the answer. Could you provide a way to

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Algebra

    Write an equation for the translation of y = |x|. 2 units down. A. y = |x| + 2 B. y = |x| – 2 C. y = |x – 2| D. y = |–2x|

    asked by AdamsCountyGirlllll
  18. physics

    A golfer hits a ball from the origin with an initial speed of 30.0 m/s at an angle of 50 degrees above the horizontal. The ball lands on a green that is 5.00 m above the level where the ball was struck. (a) How long was the ball in the air? (b) How far has

    asked by Joseph
  19. Science

    In 2011, Typhoon Nesat struck the Philippines and cause widespread flooding. After hitting the Philippines typhoon Nesat what is predicted to hit the largest city of Hanoi, Vietnam. If typhoon Nesat had continued along the same path, which development

    asked by Idkkkkkkk
  20. Psychology

    1. ________ is the optimal amount of stress that people need to promote health and well being . a. Acute stress b. Eutress*** c. Distress d. Catastrophic stress

    asked by Anonymous
  21. history

    PLEASE I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just need a general outline and I can write the actual essay Respond to one of the following prompts A. regionalism is a form of realism that emphasizes realistic settings using local dialect customs and other specific

    asked by han
  22. Scocial Studies

    Why did China prosper under the Han dynasty? Select all that apply. A. Life was more peaceful than during the Warring States period. B. New crops developed drew additional trade. C. The Silk Road trading route increased trade. D. The Han valued the

    asked by LB_12
  23. Social studies

    What does Roman empire and China have in common?

    asked by Mokapu Elementary Student
  24. Math

    If the points (4,2) and )-1, k) are on a line that is perpendicular to the line y=2x+1, what is the value of k?

    asked by Sally
  25. Maths

    342x=70 find x

    asked by Evans
  26. Maths

    324x=70 find x as a base mumber

    asked by Evans
  27. Social Studies

    1.The unification of Italy was finally accomplished by a.A vote by the Italian people b.A decree by the pope c.The resolutions of 1848*** d.The overthrow of King Victor Emmanuel II Which of the following was a major goal of the Congress of Vienna? A. to

    asked by SHOOKEDAN
  28. Language Arts

    Think about the role that the story the little mermaid plays in ribbons. In an essay explain what happens when Stacy reads the little mermaid to grandmother. What effect does the story have on their relationship? PLEASE WRITE MORE THEN 1 SENTENCE ANSWER. I

    asked by HorseCrazy12
  29. Chemistry

    The equation of a simulated photosynthesis reaction is represented by 6CO2(g) + 6H2O (g) -> C6H12O6(s) + 6O2(g) At 31 degree celcius, tje following equilibrium concentration were found [H2O] = 7.91X10^-2M [CO2]= 9.30X10^-1M [O2]= 2.40X10^-3M Determine the

    asked by Lee
  30. Science

    Why does the Northern Hemisphere experience seasons? A. Earth is closer to the Sun during one half of the year than it is during the other half of the year. B. Sunlight hits the Northern Hemisphere in varying amounts as Earth rotates on its axis. C.

    asked by SFA
  31. Language Arts

    # 2 Part 1 (worth 8 points) Mr. Peters learns to be satisfied with his life and decides not to use his third and final wish. Did Mr. Peters make the right decision to help him resolve his internal conflict? Compose an argument that is at least one

  32. English

    What does the most dangerous game refer to in the story? 1 point hunting tigers hunting humans hunting lions hunting polar bears Q2 * Which of these is NOT a theme in "The Most Dangerous Game"? 1 point Hunting is immoral and dangerous Fear is a strong

    asked by Bobby Joe
  33. English

    Think of a stereotype that includes you. Choose one that you think is unfair to you. Write an exemplification essay illustrating how you are different from that stereotype. Your essay must include two quotations and one paraphrase from “Just Walk on

    asked by HELP
  34. civic education

    how leader can protect the interest of the follower

    asked by ayomide
  35. Social

    Write physical features of any saarc county

    asked by Dhakal
  36. Math

    Five people are in a team. Two of them are selected at random to attend a competition. i) How many different groups two can be selected? ii) If Mary is one of the five people in the team, what is the probability that she is selected to attend the

    asked by Anonymous
  37. physics

    A uniform rod of mass 50g is supported horizontally on tow knife edges placed 10cm from its ends,what will be the reactions t these support, when a mass 100g is supported 10cm from the end point of the rod.

    asked by Anonymous
  38. maths

    obi and ada shared 600 at a ratio of 2:4 how much did ada receive ?

    asked by Anonymous
  39. physics

    a stone is projected at an angle of 60decree an and initial velocity of 20msper seconds. determine the time of the flight

    asked by John
  40. math

    Ewan is building a maze for his pet rats out of 2x4s. He needs two pieces that are 2 ¾ feet long, one that is 3.5 feet long and two that are 1 5/8 feet long. Ewan can buy wood that is 84 inches long at $2.35 per board, 96 inches long that costs $3.60 for

    asked by lun
  41. social studies

    can someone please help me with the Global Convergence study guide? WORD BANK: Conquistadors India Sugar agriculture and manufacturing exposure to diseases Indian Ocean social pyramid South Seized appointment horses Astrolabes fewer furs Illegal smuggling

    asked by gm:)
  42. social studies

    pt.2 of the study guide LARGE AND COMPLEX EMPIRES big cities filled with riches populations of many millions of people traditional religions impressive architecture and arts BLENDING OF CULTURES Destroyed cities; the construction of Mexico City Millions of

    asked by gm:)
  43. history

    What was the background of many women who became leaders in social reform movements?

    asked by grace
  44. Math

    -6w < 84 W > 14 W < -14 W > -14 W < 14 5m > 45 m < 9 m < 9 m > -9 m < -9 n/-3 grater than or equal to 4 n ≤ 12 n ≥ -12 n ≤ -12 n ≤ 12 answers anyone?

    asked by Dont have a name
  45. physics

    A football is kicked at ground level with a speed of 18.0 m/s at an angle of 38.0 degrees to the horizontal. How much does it hit the ground?

    asked by billy
  46. Chemistry

    The equation of simulated photosynthesis is represented by 6CO2(g) + 6H2O(g)-> C6H12O6(s) + 6O2(g) At 31 degree Celcius, the following equilibrium concentration were found. [H2O] = 7.91X10^-2M [CO2] = 9.30X10^-1M [O2] = 2.40X10^-3M My question is how to

    asked by Lee
  47. Ratios

    Converting map scale to unit rate. How many inches are in a mile? 3/10 in = 7/8 mi My answer: multiply the numerator by 8; I would get 24/10; 24/10 is equal to 70 in; 24/35 is equal to 24/10; So my answer would be 24/10 and/or 12/35?

    asked by Lei
  48. physics

    A projectile is launched from the ground level to the top of a cliff which is 195m away and 135m high. If the projectile lands on the top of the cliff 6.6s after it is fired, find the initial velocity of the projectile( magnitude and direction). Neglect

    asked by Julie
  49. Physics

    On a hot summer day, a young girl swings on a rope above the local swimming hole. When she lets go of the rope her initial velocity is 2.25 m/s at an angle of 35 degrees above the horizontal. If she is in flight for 0.616 s, how high above the water was

    asked by sjhfb
  50. social studies

    Which of the following was a result of colonial rivalries in North America? A. the British alliance with the Iroquois Confederacy B. the failure of New Netherland C. the founding of Pennsylvania D. the development of the tobacco trade in Virginia

    asked by family girl 168 XD
  51. math

    the count of bacteria in a certain experiment was increasing at the rate of 2% per hour find the bacteria at the end of 2 hours if the count was initially 500000

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Math

    Ammar borrows RM5,000 at 8% simple interest per annum on 20 September 2015. if she charged RM124.44 simple interest, find the date she settles the loan. (Use the Banker's Rule).

    asked by Nureen
  53. math

    identify the part, whole, and percent in the following statement. find 15% of 750.

    asked by Star
  54. Social Studies

    How did the Han government differ from the Qin government? A. The Han revived Confucian learning suppressed by the Qin. B. The Han imposed harsher laws than the Qin. C. The Han created a more centralized government than the Qin. D. The Han encouraged trade

    asked by Hi Sisters
  55. Science

    How does Meiosis increase genetic variation?

    asked by Lei
  56. algebra

    Hi thanks for helping me my question is simple but could you check my answer and help me explain it? 3.3 = x - 4.6 three point three equals x minus four point six. Thanks :)

  57. History

    Pretend there is a public works project to be done, such as a road to be built or wall to protect the city. How might four other features of civilization be involved in this public works project?

    asked by jay
  58. English Grammar

    what the fragment in this sentence Last summer, Leroy told us his plans for the future.

    asked by Benford
  59. Math

    1. Write 3/8 as a decimal. A. 0.38 B. 0.375 C. 2.666 D. 0.385 2. Which of the following fractions is also a repeating decimal? A. 7/14 B. 3/12 C. 10/16 D. 5/15 3. Trent has completed 3/20 of his homework. Write this amount as a decimal. A. 0.15 B. 0.23 C.

    asked by ooooooooof
  60. math

    identify the part, whole, and percent in the following statement. find 15% of 750.

    asked by Ms.Thomas
  61. Texas history

    To what was the 1836 constitution of Texas similar? A.Mexican Constitution of 1824 B. Turtle bayou Resolutions C. Texas declaration of independence D. United States Constitution

    asked by Anonymous
  62. Math

    52+g=45+11;g=3 Is this correct? A. yes B no, f=8 C no, f= 10

    asked by Anonymous
  63. Math

    52+g=45+11;g=3 A yes B no, g=5 C no, g=4 A= My answer

    asked by Anonymous
  64. Texas History

    Which of the following statements best explains how the establishment of the republic of Texas brought civil freedom to Texas A. The influence of the U.S. Constitution led Texas to establish civil rights B. Hey series of constitutional amendments secured

    asked by Anonymous
  65. Math

    Use inverse operations to solve the equation, and show your work: 19 = h / 3 - 8 Please help ! This is the last question on my quiz, and I've been stuck on it for a while..

    asked by Vixen - Connexus
  66. differential algebra

    About 10% of lung cancer patients are cured of the disease, i.e., they survive 5 years after diagnosis with no evidence that the cancer has returned. Only 14% of lung cancer patients survive 5 years after diagnosis. Assume that the fraction of incurable

    asked by Porsche
  67. Texas history

    What was the status of Texas borders after the US Mexican war compared to before the warm All of the border disputes were resolved Some of the border disputes were resolved but some remained**** None of the border disputes were truly resolved Only the

    asked by Anonymous
  68. Texas History

    What troubled Manuel de Mier y Teran when he visited Texas, which he reported to the Mexican government? I picked "A. the amount of slavery in the state" because he was angry that Americans who arrived didn't respect the rule of "no slavery". Then I'm

    asked by Confused
  69. Science

    Gel-like liquid made of 80% water; gives support to cell. A. nucleus B. DNA C. Cytoplasm D. Chloroplast I think it's C.

    asked by ILTHSM_
  70. science

    How does cycling of matter occur in earths mantel

    asked by bev
  71. Mathematics

    Find the number such that when 3/4 of it is added 3 1/2 the sum is the same way as when 2/3 of it is subtracted from 6 1/2.

    asked by Precious
  72. algebra

    Describe a situation that models a linear pattern and then describe a situation that models a nonlinear pattern. Do not state which situation is linear and which is nonlinear. Your classmates will need to determine which is which and then write a function

    asked by Mary
  73. English

    How would “Always to Remember” be different if it were written as an autobiography? A. Lin would share her thoughts and motivation for the design. B. Background controversy about the war would not have been included. C. Ashabranner would quote Lin’s

    asked by Anonymous
  74. English

    Why does the author of "Always to Remember" discuss Maya Ying Lin's background? A. to show that she experienced hardships B. to show its influence on her design C. to appeal to Chinese-American readers D. to show her disinterest in architecture

    asked by Anonymous
  75. Reading

    Which question should you ask during your first read of the multi draft reading process. A. What is the authors purpose in writing with piece B. How has this work increased my knowledge of a subject issues or event C. What evidence does the author presents

    asked by Anonymous
  76. Math

    The length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle is 26 cm. Find the length of the sail in feet? A: 2 cm B: 10 cm C: 35 cm D: 50 cm Anyone please help me

    asked by Hewwo
  77. History

    What was most likely an effect of the Battle of the Alamo on settlers after Santa Anna defeated the Texian army? Settlers wanted to surrender to the Mexican army. Settlers were determined to fight for those who were lost. Settlers were fearful of

    asked by Michael
  78. Science

    Can someone help me with these? 5. Make proteins. Some ribosomes are "free" while others are attaches to the ectoplasmic reticulum. A. Nucleus B. Mitochondria C. Ribosomes D. Golgi complex 8. Contain digestive enzymes that break down waste and foreign

    asked by ILTHSM_
  79. English

    “Making Tracks on Mars” is a series of Andrew Mishkin’s journal entries. Choose a sentence from the selection that best demonstrates the word choice and tone of a journal entry. Explain why you chose this sentence.

    asked by Anonymous
  80. Math

    Point A(6,-2) is reflected over the x-axis. Write the coordinates of A'. The anwser is (6,2) but I don't understand it can someone explain?

    asked by Memed
  81. History

    Why is the Mesopotamians so important? Because they were the best successful framers. Right?

    asked by Izzy
  82. Social Studies

    1. Which group in Spanish colonial society filled high government positions? A. Creoles B. Mulattoes C. Mestizos D. Peninsulares*** 2. Why did France and great Britain clash in the 1700s in North America? A. Great Britain wanted French gold mines*** B.

    asked by No name

    Starting from rest at the top, a child slides down the water slide at a swimming pool and enters the water at a final speed of 5.59 m/s. At what final speed would the child enter the water if the water slide were twice as high? Ignore friction and

    asked by anonymous
  84. Chemistry

    S +02 S02 What is the total number of grams of oxygen

    asked by Anonymous
  85. History

    Was the Civil War all about slavery?

    asked by Mary💖💖
  86. Maths

    Base number

    asked by Evans
  87. algebra

    Solve the logarithmic equation. Round to the nearest ten-thousandth if necessary. log 8x^3=4 can someone walk me through this step by step?

    asked by helana
  88. Geometry

    Graph the parabolas and identify the axis, directrix, and focus: (y^2)+8x=0 I know that the axis refers to the axis of symetry and the directrix is the same distance away from the vertex as the foucus is. I just don't know how to graph and identify all the

    asked by Anonymous
  89. math

    Solve the logarithmic equation. Round to the nearest ten-thousandth if necessary. log 8x^3=4 can someone list how to do this step by step?i'm having difficulties solving this problem

    asked by ashley
  90. Literacy

    What are some literacy materials included in Art Center?

    asked by Patrick
  91. Literacy

    How is print literacy incorporated in the everyday routine of the classroom? How is print literacy addressed in large group activities?

    asked by Patrick
  92. astronomy

    "super earths" are known to have similar densities and compositions to earth but they have a mass 2-10x greater than earth. If one of these super earth's had a mass 5x the mass of earth what would be the super earth's radius ? a) 1.7x earth's radius b)

    asked by sally