Questions Asked on
October 21, 2018

  1. Social Studies

    What was one positive outcome of the Cuban Missile Crisis? A. It created an opening for talks between the United States and the Soviet Union.** B. It brought an end to communist control of Cuba. C. It halted the arms race between the United States and the

    asked by dori
  2. chem

    What is the mass of 0.455 L of butane gas, C4H10, at STP?

    asked by shohreh
  3. Math

    Which graph represents this system of inequalities? y _ -2

    asked by Brooke
  4. Math

    During a clothing store’s Bargain Days, the regular price for T-shirts is discounted by $5. There is a state sales tax of 5%, and the $5 discount is applied before the sales tax is calculated. Write a rule for the function p(r) that expresses the final

    asked by Panda Baby
  5. Math

    Given the following matrix A, find an invertible matrix U so that UA is equal to the reduced row-echelon form of A: You can resize a matrix (when appropriate) by clicking and dragging the bottom-right corner of the matrix. A = 3 3 9 −6 3 3 9 −6 −2

    asked by valarie
  6. math

    One leg of a right triangle has a length of 15 m. The other sides have lengths that are consecutive integers. Find the number of meters in the perimeter.

    asked by Moony
  7. physics

    What is the angular speed ω about the polar axis of a point on Earth's (a) What is the angular speed ω about the polar axis of a point on Earth's surface at a latitude of 57° N? (Earth rotates about that axis.) (b) What is the linear speed v of the

    asked by califeux
  8. Physics

    You are stopped at the end of the merge lane at the entrance to a motorway because traffic is dense with cars at a distance of 200m from each other with no larger gaps in sight. They are all travelling at a steady 87 km/h. You have no choice but to join

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Math

    The sum of 16 terms of an AP is -504,while the sum of its 9 terms is -126.find the sum of its 30 terms

    asked by Khadijah
  10. Linear Algebra

    Find conditions on k that will make the matrix A invertible. To enter your answer, first select 'always', 'never', or whether k should be equal or not equal to specific values, then enter a value or a list of values separated by commas. A = −2 3 0 2 k 0

    asked by sal
  11. business

    East Coast DVD employs 54 workers with a gross biweekly payroll of $94,126. Fringe benefits are $10.18 per employee for life insurance and 12.3% of payroll for a stock purchase plan. What is the total cost of fringe benefits? a. $2357.34 b. $12,127.22 c.

    asked by alana
  12. Math

    An aquarium tank holds 475 liters of water. How much is this in gallons? Use the following conversion: 1 gallon is 3.8 liters.

    asked by Sean
  13. Social Studies

    The Great Depression caused economic problems which helped____ take control of Italy and_____ become the ruler of Germany. These totalitarian dictators promised that a_____ political system could fix their nations’ economies and enable them to build

    asked by dori
  14. Vectors

    Solve the following system of equations and give a geometrical interpretation of the result. x + y + z = 6 2x + y − 3z = -5 4x − 5y + z = −3

    asked by Anonymous
  15. math

    Two girls, Bella and Destiny, and two boys, Ryan and José, each have a different favourite colour: red, green, blue, and black. Use the following clues to determine each person’s favourite colour. • One person’s name and favourite colour start with

    asked by Matt
  16. Social Studies

    What did the Buddha believe following the Eightfold Path could lead to? A. oneness with God B. knowledge of the Four Noble Truths C. the Middle Way D. an end to desires and suffering

    asked by Aria Lee Chang
  17. math

    a baseball is hit straight up from a height of 6 feet with an initial velocity of90 feet per second. given the equations=-16t^2 +v0t + s0, that models the height of the ball,s, as a function of time ,t where the initial height of the ball is s0 and the

    asked by sara
  18. English

    1. I got some bananas from them. The bananas were a good gift. 1-1. I got some bananas from them. The bananas were good gifts. [Is #1 grammatical? What about #1-1? Can we use 'gifts' here?] 2. I got some books from my uncle. The books were a nice present.

    asked by rfvv
  19. Social Studies

    Which term best describes the independence movements of both Africa and Asia in the post-World War II era? A. democratic B. fascist C. nationalist D. nonviolent**

    asked by dori
  20. Math

    Jaime graphed linear data in the form (cost, number). The y-intercept was 0. Jayla graphed the same data in the form (number, cost). What was the y-intercept of her graph? Complete the explanation. Jaime's graph contained (0,1) (0,0) or (1,0). Since

    asked by Patrick
  21. biology

    if immigration and emigration numbers remain equal, which of these could cause a slowed growth rate? a. increased birthrate b. constant death rate c. decreased birthrate**** d. constant birthrate

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Maths

    Marcus and Rachel want to save up $25 000 for a deposit on an apartment in 6 years' time. They aim to pay around half the deposit each. Marcus invests an inheritance of $9000 in a bank account where it earns 8% p.a. Rachel invests $100 at the beginning of

    asked by Fred
  23. math

    Express 37 1/2% as a fraction in its lowest terms.

    asked by christina
  24. Math

    Find the four complex roots of (z^2 + 2)^2 + 2 = z I expanded it and got z^4+4z^2-z+6=0, not sure where to go from here

    asked by Lonely
  25. math

    In a group of 12 chefs, all enjoy baking cakes and/or tarts. In fact, 7 enjoy baking cakes and 8 enjoy baking tarts. Find out how many chefs enjoy baking both cakes and tarts. Ans = 3, i'm having trouble figuring out how to get this answer. Any help is

    asked by Anonymous
  26. Physics

    Calculate how much pressure (due to the liquid) would be on a 83 kg person if they were 53 m deep in... a.)...freshwater. The density of freshwater is 1000 kg/m3. Express your answer in both pascals and atmospheres. 1 atm = 1.013×105 Pa. Pa atm

    asked by Cameron
  27. Social Studies

    Out of the nearly seven billion people living on Earth, about how many have access to the internet? A. fewer than one billion B. slightly less than half** C. slightly more than half D. more than 90 percent

    asked by dori
  28. Social Studies

    Who was Siddhartha Gautama before he became the Buddha? A. a guru B. an ascetic C. a Brahmin D. a Hindu prince Connexus Question but anyone can answer

    asked by Aria Lee Chang
  29. Math

    A g.p has 6 terms, if the 3rd and 4th terms are 28 and_56 respectively find :the first and the sum of the g.p

    asked by Favour
  30. History

    what was the effect of the U.S. government’s deception about its policies and military conduct in Vietnam?

    asked by anonymous
  31. English

    1. Mid Winter Day is a big holiday in Antarctica. 2. In Antarctica, Mid Winter Day is a big holiday. [Does 'in Antarctica' modify 'a big holiday'? Can 'in Antarctica' modify the verb 'is'? If 'in Antarctica' modify 'is', then the meaning is similar to that

    asked by rfvv
  32. Social Studies

    Why did the Cold War spread to Vietnam and Korea? A. The Chinese were interfering with the governments there.*** B. The Soviet Union had installed pro-Soviet governments there. C. Communist governments had taken over the northern parts of the countries. D.

    asked by dori
  33. math

    Find the break-even point for a firm manufacturing bicycles whose cost function is given as C (x) = 150x + 20,000 and whose revenue function is given as R(x) = 270x.

    asked by cosette
  34. English

    Is Longman Dictionary from the UK or from the USA?

    asked by rfvv
  35. Geometry

    2. The dashed triangle is a dilation image of the solid triangle. What is the scale factor? (1 point) The coordinates of the solid triangle are A (2,2) B (-2,2) and C (4,-2). A' is (-4,4) B' is (4,4) and C' is (8,-4). Options are A. 1/4 B. 1/2 C. 2/3 D. 2

    asked by Jennie Brown
  36. History

    how was President John Adams was able to extend his influence, and Federalist power well beyond the end of his term.

    asked by anonymous
  37. math

    find the vertex,focus and equation of the direction of y=-1/16(x-6)^2+3 Y=1/2p(x-h)^2+k p=8 h=6 k=3 (6,3) so vertex is (6,3), focus is (6,-1) and directrix = y=7 Is this correct?

    asked by sara
  38. math

    On one side of a scale there is a 1-kg weight and half of a brick. On the other side there is one full brick. The scale is balanced. How many kg does the brick weigh? Try to present at least 2 methods to solving this problem. How does this problem help to

    asked by liz
  39. physics

    A walker's speed, v, is proportional to the ratio of his leg length, L, and the period of the repeating motion of his legs, T, that is, v ∝ L/T. If the period is measured to be proportional to Lp, where p = 3/4, what power of L must the speed be

    asked by lee
  40. History

    Why were the results of the Election of 1800 was important?

    asked by anonymous
  41. math

    find the vertex,focus and equation of the direction of y=-1/16(x-6)^2+3 Y=1/2p(x-h)^2+k p=8 h=6 k=3 so I now got (6,3) when doing it over again. I now got so vertex is (6,3), focus is (6,7) and directrix = y=-1 Is these corrections now right? Thank you for

    asked by sara
  42. Science

    The entire volume of a balloon is filled with air. However, over time, the balloon becomes soft as the air pressure inside it decreases. According to the gas laws, which answer choice best describes the cause for the decrease in the balloon's air pressure?

    asked by Sage
  43. English

    In the "Heart of Darkness" What does Kurtz’s final words mean historically or culturally? or what is he saying about the world or society?

    asked by anonymous
  44. Social Work

    Need help with this homework question Briefly describe how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) transformed the mental health system for children and youth. Discuss three themes that may improve the accessibility and quality of services for children

    asked by Allie
  45. Social Work

    Need homework help Discuss the impact of income inequality on educational outcomes and policy

    asked by Allie
  46. Social Work

    Need homework help Discuss the impact of the Tax Cut and Jobs Act (TCJA) on furthering income inequality and the potential impact on anti-poverty programs

    asked by Allie
  47. Social Work

    Need homework help Include a brief description of the four (4) key components of this framework (i.e., problem domain, life course development, policy responses, interventions)

    asked by Allie
  48. Social Work

    Need homework help Discuss the way problem definition is connected to policy formulation

    asked by Allie
  49. Social Work

    Need homework help Identify and briefly describe two (2) theoretical frameworks used for child welfare policies and programs.

    asked by Allie
  50. Math

    a metal block of length 4cm,breadth3cm and height2.5cm weighs 500g.what is the mass of a block of length5cm,breadth4cm,and height3cm made of same metal

    asked by Babul
  51. English

    What is Joseph Conrad's point of view on Good and Evil in Heart of Darkness?

    asked by anonymous
  52. Physics

    The radius of the planet Venus is nearly the same as that of the earth, but its mass is only 80% that of the earth, if an object weighs we on the earth, what does it weighs on Venus?

    asked by Joseph
  53. Vectors

    Determine two other (non-trivial) points on the line that passes through P(5, 6, -2) and is parallel to the line with equation Vector r = (2,-3,4) + t(1,1, -3), t∈R.

    asked by Jim
  54. English

    What are some themes about loneliness and appearances vs. reality in the Landlandy by Roald Dahl?

    asked by Jadah
  55. Vectors

    Find the value(s) of k so that the lines x - 3/3k + 1 = y + 6/2 = z + 3 /2k and x + 7/3 = y + 8 /-2k = z + 9/-3 are both perpendicular to the vector u=(10,33,-34)

    asked by Anonymous
  56. math

    This question has a few parts to it. I tried but not sure if they are correct. A boy standing on top of a building in Albany throws a water balloon up vertically. The height (h) in feet, of the water is given by the equation h(t)=-16t^2+64t +192. where the

    asked by sara
  57. math

    6x−10y=730 7x-9=y Solve the system by substitution.

    asked by angel
  58. Calculus and Vectors

    A student solved the scalar equations for different planes as stated below. Explain why each equation is not the best representation for the equation for a plane. (4) (a) 2x+4y−6z+24=0 (b) −2x+y−2z+5=0 for a is it because you can factor a 2 out of

    asked by Anonymous
  59. Maths

    How do I eliminate

    asked by Somto
  60. Unclear

    What does mean include a photo of materials and or activity?

    asked by P
  61. Career guidance

    Which career fall under the subjects?

    asked by Kabelo
  62. Math

    Today a bicycle riderRode her bike 5 1/2 miles yesterday she rode 6 1/4 mile the difference and length betweenThe two riders is what fraction of the longer ride

    asked by Anonymous
  63. Vectors

    Determine the intersection, if any, for the planes with equations x + y – z + 12 =0 and 2x + 2y - 2z + 8 = 0.

    asked by Anonymous
  64. math

    Plz help, I need help on these couple questions for home work 1. 5 3/8c = ___ fl oz a: 43 fl oz B: 43/64 fl oz C: 86 fl oz D: 29 fl oz >>> 2. 43 in.= ___ fl A: 4 1/4 ft. >>> B 3 ft. C: 516 ft D: 3 7/12 ft 3. mi-li has 7 1/2 yd. of material. Her new skirt

    asked by robot ( not really)
  65. math

    The initial cost for attendance to carnival A is $12and each ride costs $2. The initial cost for attendance to carnival B is $16 and each ride cost $1.50. a) in function notation write A(x) to represent the total cost of attending carnival A and going on x

    asked by sara
  66. math

    a) Find P (A ∩ B′ ) when P (A ∪ B) = 0.8, P (A) = 0.5 and P (B) = 0.4.

    asked by Anonymous
  67. Physics

    Which of the following are formulas for power? Choose all that apply. p = mv P = I^2R PV = nRT P = F/A P = Dgh P = (DeltaE)/(Deltat) P = IV

    asked by Cameron
  68. temperature

    A cup of coffee has cooled from 95degreesC to 60degreesC after 13 minutes in a room at 24degreesC. How long will it take to cool to 30degrees​C? Thank you so much!!

    asked by Jessica
  69. math

    Diego contributes to a money market account that earns 4.8​% annual interest. What should his monthly payment be if he wants to accumulate ​$210,000 in 30 ​years? Thank you so much!!

    asked by Jessica
  70. Spanish

    Are there teachers/people on Jiskha that can help me with my Spanish?? Also, are there any homeschoolers on here?

    asked by SetonHomeschool10
  71. physics

    Provide an example for an object that experiences each of the following: A. An object with non-zero velocity and zero acceleration B. An object with zero velocity and non-zero acceleration C. An object with non-zero velocity and non-zero acceleration

    asked by sea lively
  72. math

    P varies partly as the cube of M and partly as the inverse of M.if M=2 when P=1and M=6,when P=4, write out an expression for P. Hence find P when M=7

    asked by Obianujunwa
  73. Maths

    Whole number

    asked by Anonymous
  74. Math

    A cup of coffee has cooled from 98degreesC to 50degreesC after 15 minutes in a room at 25degreesC. How long will it take to cool to 40degrees​C? Someone else helped me on a problem similar to this, however I keep getting it wrong by decimals. i.e the

    asked by Jessica
  75. math

    Which of the following could identify the transformation of a parabola with a vertex of (-4,-6) to a parabola with a vertex of (1,-6) 1) f(x)+5 2) 5f(x) 3) f(x+5) 4) f(x-5) I added the two x values. so you will need to add 5 to transform it. my choice is

    asked by sara
  76. biology

    draw and label the human hormones

    asked by Anonymous
  77. Math

    Evaluate sqrt of (2003)(2005)(2007)(2009)+16 by using algebraic method.

    asked by AJ
  78. English

    I was assigned philosophers and we were research their views on human nature. I got voltaire, and I am struggling to find his views on human nature. If there is any websites or knowledge known about him please provide it.

    asked by Hails
  79. Art

    With the painting "The Peaceable Kingdom", how should it be categorized? Either it shows innocence or experience.

    asked by anonymous
  80. math

    estimate a range for the sum of 4.987, 28.27, 0.098

    asked by libby