Questions Asked on
October 17, 2018

  1. Social Studies

    In North Africa, overgrazing has contributed to which environmental challenge? A. Deforestation B. Desertification C. Lack of clean water D. Climate change Use the drop down menu to complete the sentence. Tense relations between the Hausa people and the

    asked by HELP ASAP PLEASEE
  2. History

    What was the significance of the Boston Massacre? A. It marked the start of the American Revolution. B. It increased tensions between American colonists and England. C. It brought a temporary end to colonial protests. D. It led England to close the port of

    asked by Jimin-Mochi
  3. S.S

    How did the role of the church in education change over time? Universities changed from being independent to being part of the church. Priests became the only teachers at universities. Schools began to provide education beyond religious instruction. The

    asked by idkkk
  4. math

    what is the ratio of the measures of side bc to side Rs in simplest form similar figures

    asked by Star
  5. World History

    What stopped the advance of the North Korean army on August 4, 1950? General MacArthur landed in the Bay of Inchon to push back North Korean troops. American forces pushed North Korean troops north of the Yalu River. United Nation forces defeated the North

    asked by Mia
  6. Science

    1. Polar Easterlies in the Northern Hemisphere blow from east to west*** west to east north to south south to north 2. Westerlies in the Northern Hemisphere blow from east to west west to east*** north to south south to north 3. Trade Winds in the Northern

    asked by TM
  7. English

    (1) Sale looked at the map one more time. (2) She knew that the whole troop was depending on her. (3) Sal couldn't decide if the trial was to the east or to the west. (4) The map was confusing. (5) Sal was tired. (6) She needed to make a decision. 1. Which

    asked by Someone
  8. Social Studies

    How did the environment influence the cultures of the Northwest and Southwest? please give detailed sentence answer. I do not use your answers I just look at them and then write my own based on the info in your answer. I DO NOT COPY AND PASTE YOUR ANSWER.

    asked by HorseCrazy12
  9. English

    Which of the following sentences contains a misplaced modifier? We saw a graceful willow tree strolling around the lake. a. We saw b.saw a graceful c. willow tree d. strolling around the lake***** Which of the following sentences contains a misplaced

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Math

    Factor the expression 20k+50 I have no clue how to do this

    asked by Correct
  11. History

    What policies led to the Boxer Rebellion? (Select all that apply.) Japanese and European spheres of influence gave foreigners special privileges. Chinese rulers resisted European attempts to introduce an industrial economy. Europeans refused to purchase

    asked by Bri
  12. physics

    a body i under the action of two forces 7N and 10N find the resultant of the two forces if the forces are parallel and act in thesame direction

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Math

    1. On the middle school football team, 20 out of 32 players are eighth graders. What are two equivalent fractions for the fraction of the football team that are eighth graders? 1. 10/16, 4/8 2. 16/10, 8/5 3. 10/16, 5/8 *** 4. 10/16, 4/5 2. Janet’s recipe

    asked by Correct
  14. Math

    Are 12/20 and 22/30 equivalent fractions? I forgot the whole topic of fractions.

    asked by Correct
  15. Chemistry

    What volume, in milliliters, of a stock solution of 2.55 M NaOH would you have to use to prepare 1.00 L of a 0.500 M NaOH?

    asked by Billy
  16. U.S history

    1. How are equality of social and economic conditions and economic opportunities connected in Tocqueville's text? 2. According to Tocqueville, why did an elite aristocracy never take root in the United States? help would be highly appreciated as i do not

    asked by Ahmed
  17. PHYSIC

    A body accelerate uniformly from rest at 2ms-2 .calculate it,s velocity after travelling 9m

    asked by DAVID
  18. music

    A minor scale is usually said to create what type of mood?

    asked by Christian
  19. Math

    It takes 45 minutes or of an hour to cook a chicken. How many fourths of an hour is that? A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4 I think its B

    asked by Correct
  20. Math

    Jim's lawn is a rectangle that is 15 5/6 yards long and 10 2/5 yards wide. Jim buys sod in pieces that are 1 1/3 yards long and 1 1/3 yards wide. How many pieces of sod will Jim need to buy to cover his lawn with sod?

    asked by Evelyn
  21. History

    Which statement about the slave trade is true? 1. European traders often went to Africa’s interior on slave raids 2. Some African leaders, such as Afonso, tried to end the slave trade, while others encouraged it*** 3. The slave trade had minimal effect

    asked by Tony
  22. Social Studies

    Which demonstrates how the Anasazi adapted to their hot, dry environment? A. The Anasazi moved south where more water was available. B. The Anasazi hunted bison for food and clothing. C. The Anasazi built permanent dwellings in the side of cliffs. D. The

    asked by Jasker
  23. Language Arts

    Which sentence from the excerpt show the conflict in "The Wounded Wolf" has been resolved? A: The grizzly hears the eager fox and rises on his flat hind feet *** B: The ravens move in closer C: "Roko here," he barks out strongly D: Only yards from the

    asked by Jasker
  24. ss

    Which of the following texts contains commentaries on the teachings of Moses?

    asked by w4tW$T
  25. English

    And yet, Linenger recovered quickly. in fact, almost two dozen astronauts have lived in space for more than six months, and four have stayed in orbit for more than a year. These men and women faced the discomfort of weightlessness and overcame them and

    asked by Any one . plz check these!! Thanks
  26. physics

    find by drawing and by calculation the resultant of two vector 3 unit and 4 unit inclined to each other at [a]30 [b]90 [c]120

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Math

    what is 0.000750 in scientific notation? a.75 x 10^-4 b. 7.5 x 10^-3 c.7.5 x 10^-4 d. 7.5 x 10^-5 what is 27/6 written as a decimal? a 4.2 b 4.3 c 4.4 d 4.5 what is 8.57 x 10^-4 in standard form? a.85000 b. 0.00857 c. 8570000 d. 0.000857 which of the

    asked by Sandra
  28. Geometry

    In a triangle, segments AB and AC are trisected, and D is the midpoint of BC. If the area of Triangle ABC is 630 cm^2, then the area of the section marked x, in cm^2, is?

    asked by Math
  29. Math

    For each situation first write and equation in the form of y=mx + b. Then solve each problem. A farm has 75 acres of wheat. The farmer can harvest the wheat from 12 acres per day. In how many days will all of the fields be harvested? y=12x + 75 74/12=6.25

    asked by Patrick
  30. Science

    3. Which of the following is not true about the structure of the alveoli A. It has thick walls to trap gasses that enter during breathing. B. It has many capillaries running through it's structure. C. It has high surface area to allow lots of gas exchange.

    asked by Mariana
  31. Science

    Tom is marketing the locations of the world map. Explain how the locations of the volcanoes are related to the Earth's plates. Please help me the best way you can as possible. Thank you!

    asked by Blinking Armys
  32. History

    What event led Great Britain to concentrate its full efforts on fighting the War of 1812? the Chesapeake affair the defeat of General Cornwallis passage of the Non-Intercourse Act the capture of Napoleon im p sure it is a or d

    asked by Michael
  33. Language

    A cat cornered a mouse in a barn and was about to eat it. “Save me!” the mouse cried. “And someday I may save you!” The cat was haughty. “How can a tiny mouse ever save a cat?” she asked. “I may be tiny,” the mouse answered, “but I have

    asked by Star
  34. physics

    a force 150N is inclined at 50 to the horizontal direction find it component in the horizontal and vertical directions

    asked by Anonymous
  35. physic

    a swimmer is capable of swimming at 1.4ms in still water how far downstream will he land if he sweams directy across a 180M wide river

    asked by Anonymous
  36. world history

    How did the Fertile Crescent's location help with the development of the Hebrew civilization? i on even know it

    asked by yeet
  37. Math, fractions

    Tea Bags of Earl Grey tea weigh 2 grams each, and bags of green tea weigh 3 grams each. A restaurant makes ice tea using 2/5 of the weight from the tea of Earl Grey tea, and 3/5 of green tea. If 180 bags of Earl Grey tea are used, how many bags of green

    asked by MathGeek(noImAGradeSevenStuden)
  38. Music

    Please help me understand this. What is the quality of the triad if the interval between the root and third is m3 and the interval between the third and fifth is M3? A. major B. minor C. augmented D. diminished*** Which term is the name for the lowest note

    asked by Tech_Nic
  39. Texas history

    Which of the following best described the Spanish legacy in texas?

    asked by Bay kennish
  40. social studies

    how can I pull up my social studies grade rapidly/// connections academy student

    asked by Katie
  41. Math

    A bag contains twice as many pennies as nickels and four more dimes than quarters. Find all possibilities for the number of each coin if their total value is $2.01. I have pennies = 4n nickels = n dimes = 4 + q quarters = q but I don't know where to go

    asked by Kelley
  42. physics

    a rope attarched to a sledge make an angle of 40 degree with the ground calculate the tension in the rope required to produce a horizontal component of 100N what will be the vertical component of this forces?

    asked by Anonymous
  43. Math

    The area of a rectangle is 3/5 sqauare meter. The width is 2/5 meter. How many times greater is the length than the width? Write your answer in simplest form

    asked by Anonymous
  44. math

    U2 is an Irish band that has been popular for over three decades. The lengths of 80 of their songs were selected at random and are listed in the table below. Lengths of Randomly Selected U2 Songs. ? (seconds) 382 222 214 338 310 559 334 225 177 189 278 300

    asked by Matt
  45. Physics

    Many people buy a coffee or other hot beverage on their way to work. For safety, the cup usually has a lid and is placed in a cup holder. Using Newtons first law, explain why both these precautions are necessary.

    asked by Mohammad
  46. English

    what extent can goals and behaviors change as a result of learning?

    asked by MAX
  47. Business

    What are some large-scale economic shifts that have created our present service economy? What are some more recent developments that have given rise to our business environment? How would you characterize the most important elements of customer service in

    asked by Shannon
  48. Math

    Simplify the expression and SHOW YOUR WORK, please. 10h+6-5h+3 I have no clue how to do this

    asked by Correct
  49. math

    10.find all the zeroes of the polynomial function f(x)=x3-5x2+6x-30.if you use synthetic division show all three lines of numbers

    asked by lexi
  50. physics

    Use a free body diagram to evaluate the situation. What is the tension in each of the ropes attached to the ceiling if the hanging mass is 0.55 kg? Two ropes are attached to the ceiling carrying the same box. One is tilted at a 30 degree angle and the

    asked by sea lively
  51. geography

    why did romans include concepts like separation of powers and checks and balances into their government

    asked by dog
  52. history

    What led to the Scramble for Africa? Multiple European powers wanted African territory to create new ports along Asian trade routes. European imperial governments sought revenge for the Umayyad invasion of Spain. Colonial powers in Europe scoured Africa in

    asked by Bri
  53. math

    4.56*3.6/0.12 express in standard form show working

    asked by Patience Inyang
  54. Math

    A squirrel jumps into the air with a velocity of 7 m/s at an angle of 20°. What is the maximum height reached by the squirrel? I have my answer as 29.2 Am I right?

    asked by Kat
  55. geography

    how was life different for poor romans and wealthy romans

    asked by dog
  56. Maths

    A factory sells shoes at $60 a pair. For 10 pairs of shoes there is a discount, whereby each pair costs $58. For 20 pairs the cost is $56 a pair and so on. Find the price of each pair of shoes on an order of 100 pairs of shoes and the total price on an

    asked by Fred
  57. English

    The five senses enable us "to interact" with our world. a. prepositional*** b. participial c. gerund d. infinitive

    asked by Anonymous
  58. physics

    The headlamp of a car takes a current of 0.4A from a 12V supply. The energy produced in 5Minute is ?

    asked by Oywumi yemi
  59. Science

    The African plate is moving toward the Eurasian plate at a rate of a few centimeters per year. How will this sea change in 100 million years in your answer, consider how continents will change and how the mediterranean sea will change. I need help. Can you

    asked by Blinking Armys
  60. Biology

    Conservationists establish that the minimal viable population of a population of tigers in an extensive geographical area is 16. The current population of tigers is 10. What is likely to happen to the population of tigers? A. Tigers from adjoining

    asked by Xavier
  61. english

    what are the themes for the king of the mazy may give 3 of them please read the short story not the long one

  62. calculus the function f(X)=4-7x^5 a polynomial function? if so state its degree and leading coefficient. 6.use the remainder theorem to determine if x-2 is a factor of the polynomial f(x)=3x^5-7x^3-11x^2+2

    asked by samantha
  63. Chemistry

    Seawater contains approximately 3.5%NaCl by mass and has a density of 1.02 g/mL. What volume of seawater contains 9.0 g of sodium?

    asked by Amy
  64. French 2

    Make a list of four animals that live on a farm. Make a list of four animals that do not like on a farm. Make a logical comparison in French using these words \l'ours /l' elephant / grand Write one comparative sentence based on this information. Le

    asked by Scarlet
  65. Physics

    A box which has a mass of 90.8kg is at rest on a rough horizontal floor, A man pushes on the box with a horizontal force of 376N. As soon as the box begins to move a friction force of 214N acts on the box from the floor. If the man stops pushing the box at

    asked by btsARMY
  66. Math

    Write a fraction that is equal to 5. Would the correct answer be 5/1?

    asked by Patrick
  67. Math

    The volume of a cube is 8000 cubic feet, what is the area of its faces A 40 square feet B 80 square feet C 200 square feet D 400 square feet

    asked by Helper
  68. geography

    what is the main reason that rome was built on hills

    asked by dog
  69. history

    What was the significance of the Battle of Queenston? It allowed for the United States to occupy territory in Canada. It was the final battle of the War of 1812, and it led to the Treaty of Ghent. It allowed the British to conquer Fort Niagara, a strategic

    asked by Michael
  70. Math

    Square root of 15y to the power of 3

    asked by Anonymous
  71. math

    Ray BD bisects ∠ABC so that m∠DBC = (x + 6)° and m∠ABD = (2x – 12)°. What is x?

    asked by Anonymous
  72. PHYSIC

    A train has an initial velocity of 44m/s-2 and acceleration of 4m/s-2 velocity after 10s is

    asked by DAVID
  73. math

    Visitor Numbers Total visitors: 2004. 2005. 2006 3,135,727. 3,164,906. 3,281,435 Total visitor days: 2004. 2005. 2006 7,453,465. 7,518,997. 7,784,044 Total visitors have increased by 4.6% and total visitor days by 4.4% in this period. Group tour visitors

    asked by Matt
  74. Speech

    The most important element of telling a story to flesh your point to the audience is the use of a. dialogue b. humor c. statistics d. interesting slides i think its either a or b

    asked by helelep
  75. English

    Standing near the window, Joshua viewed the moving vans pull up next door. He couldn’t wait to meet his neighbors. Joshua saw a boy his own age hop out of the truck. Walking outside, Joshua waved to his new neighbors. Joshua boldly walked up to the young

    asked by UnknownChild
  76. Algebra 1

    The first term of an arithmetic sequence is 5. The eleventh term is 125. What is the common difference of the arithmetic sequence?

    asked by Amari
  77. English

    Hi can you plz help me with a couple of questions? which of these is a example of direct characterization A) The brave young woman raised her hand B)the fire fighter leaped over the flame C) Michael shielded his sister D) Garret Watched the fight Q2 which

    asked by billybob jones
  78. Speech

    When telling a story or joke it is imparitive that you a. have slides b. make sure that the spotlight is on you c. have a message point that is being brought to life i think it's c

    asked by wowow
  79. math

    a student baby sitting for $5 per hour writes the expression 5n to represent the money he makes for n hours. Another student writes 3n +15 to represent the amount in dollars. what is the second students hourly rate? what does the number 15 represents?

    asked by Anonymous
  80. Psychology

    Surveys on job satisfaction reveal that well over this percentage of American workers are

    asked by Anonymous
  81. Physics

    The maximum velocity and acceleration of a particle executing SHM about its equilibrium position are 4.0m/s and 64.0m/ss respectively. If the acceleration of the particle is -64.0m/ss at t=0. Write an expression for the velocity of the particle as a

    asked by Leah
  82. Physics

    Calculate the magnitude of each force acting on the sleigh. The friction force has a magnitude of 4000N. The sleigh has a mass of 200kg. The people and their luggage have a mass of 300kg. The harness makes a 20-degree angle with the horizontal. Assume the

    asked by Cheese
  83. Psychological Statistics

    TRUE OR FALSE. The Pearson correlation between X1 and Y is r = 0.50. When a second variable, X2, is added to the regression equation, we obtain R2 = 0.60. Adding the second variable increases the variability that is predicted by the regression equation for

    asked by Cindy
  84. math

    6.use the remainder theorem to determine if x-2 is a factor of the polynomial f(x)=3x^5-7x^3-11x^2+2 please help...

    asked by samantha
  85. biology

    1. The following shows a food web that was present on the Channel Islands 200 years ago. From the information presented in the article, sketch the following animals into this food web to show how the food web might look today: feral pigs, golden eagles.

    asked by help
  86. Physics

    Four equal masses of 4.0 kg are placed at the vertices of a square of side 8.0 m. Find the force on the mass at the top left vertex.

    asked by Dana
  87. Math

    ABC is a right triangle with each leg divided into 5 equal segments as shown. If the largest trapezoid has the area 36 cm^2, then the area of the second smallest trapezoid is what?

    asked by Timothy
  88. Math

    A sum of money burrowed at a particular rate of interest amounts to Rs 8320 in 2 years and Rs 9685 in 3 and a half years. Find the sum burrowed.

    asked by Mongnapar
  89. physics

    A train at station P accelerate uniformly from rest until it attain a speed of 100 k/h. It then continues at the speed for some time and decelerate uniformly until it comes to a stop at a station, Q 60 km from P. The total time taken for the journey is an

    asked by collins
  90. Spanish

    Yo____ mucha agua. (beber) Turn the verb in parenthesis into it's correct present tense. User correct accents (If needed) How do I do this?

    asked by Homeschool
  91. Math

    The distance between exit 13 and exit 15 is 6.8 miles farther than the distance between exit 12 and exit 14 The distance between exit 14 and exit 15 is ? Miles

    asked by Anonymous
  92. Physics

    A car which has a mass of 1.36 tonnes is travelling at 26.8m/s on a level road when the driver brings the car to an emergency stop using only the brakes. A time interval of 4.18s is required to bring the car to a stop. Calculate the braking force acting on

    asked by exo-L
  93. Math

    What is the area of a rectangle that has side lengths of 2/5 foot and 3/8 foot? Would I just multiply 2/5 x 3/8=6/40? Is 6/40 the correct answer?

    asked by Patrick
  94. math

    Byron wants to use the distributive property to rewrite the addition problem shown so that the numbers left in the parentheses have no common factor except 1. (48 + 36) Which is an equivalent expression that has numbers in the parentheses whose only common

    asked by Emmanuel
  95. Math

    A contractor's crew can frame 3 houses in a week. How long will it take them to frame 54 houses if they frame the same number each week? I have to write the equation in the form of y=mx+b Would it be: y=3x+54 y=18

    asked by Patrick
  96. Spanish

    Directions: Complete the sentence with the correct form of the definite article**. Not all sentences require an article.If no article is required then write "None needed" 1. Tengo __ libro y __ pluma. 2. __ leche es buena para__salud. 3. ¿Por qué están

    asked by SetonHomeschool10
  97. English

    Just checking some of my answers, read the story like a million times and still felt a little unsure about these lol. 6. In the Call of the Wild, Mercedes wanted to pack the amenities of a Pullman. What does this mean? A. She wanted to bring all the

    asked by Jordan
  98. math

    an isosceles triangle has perimeter of 15m. Find all integral possibilities for the lengths of the side in meters. Hint: the sum of the lengths of any two sides of a triangle must exceed the third side.

    asked by emily
  99. physics

    Now 3 girls are pushing the box each with the same force. Draw a free body diagram for the box and a-t, v-t, x-t diagrams.

    asked by sea lively
  100. Physics

    A ball is dropped from the top of a building which is 39.2m above the level of the sidewalk. How long does it take for the ball to reach the sidewalk?

    asked by help
  101. Algebra

    Number of representatives is 80 less than five times the number of senators. There are a total of 520 members

    asked by Ryan
  102. math

    Which of the following is a solution to the equation y = 3x – 1?

    asked by yeet
  103. Math

    How do I find the reciprocal of two numbers? If I have two fractions to choose from, how do I choose one as the reciprocal? Ex; 1/3 divided by 5/6. How do I choose one as the reciprocal?

    asked by ILTHSM_
  104. history

    Alarmed by the building of a French fort in the Ohio River Valley, Fort Duquesne, the British sent a young Virginian, ____________, to treat with the French. Paul Revere Thomas Gage George Washington Thomas Jefferson C or D?

    asked by lilkakes
  105. Math

    An isosceles triangle has a perimeter of 15 m. Find all the integral possibilities for the lengths of the sides in meters. Hint the sum of the lengths of any two sides of a triangle must exceed the third side.

    asked by emily
  106. Math

    What is the unknown digit that will make this problem true 3.59>3.5

    asked by Rachel
  107. science

    ms. janick's class wants to measure how quickly water evaporates. they measure the level of some water in a glass for 4 days and record the levels. which graph shows that the water evaporated over time?

    asked by Anonymous
  108. Career guidance

    Am I Gonna Be Able To Study For Being Psychologist Or A Social Worker With The Subjects I Chose At School ??? I'm from Holy Family Secondary

    asked by Petunia
  109. Physics

    A runner follows a straight line path. He reaches the 100m mark with a velocity of 2.29m/s, then slows down steadily (-0.0700m/s^2) until he reaches a velocity of (0.50m/s). What is the displacement of the runner?

    asked by physics
  110. Journalism

    What type of lead addresses the audiance as you? (I cant find anything anywhere on it)

    asked by Julia
  111. calculus

    Find limx→∞ e^−x = 1/e So would the answer be 0?

    asked by sal
  112. math

    Collin is 35 years younger than Molly. 8 years ago, Molly's age was 2 times Collin's age. How old is Collin now?

    asked by Desaraye
  113. Calculus

    I need help with solving two system of equations using the echelon method.

    asked by Alix
  114. English

    Identify the compound subject for questions 5–6. Remember that and and or are not considered part of the subject. Both the wind and the waves were impressive.

    asked by yeet
  115. science

    How much volume does it take to fill up a box with ice

    asked by Anaiyah
  116. math

    explain how to add rational expressions

    asked by lexi
  117. math

    A box contains 8 red marbles, 8 green marbles, and 10 black marbles. A sample of 12 marbles is to be picked from the box. How many samples contain exactly 7 red marbles or exactly 6 green marbles? The answer key sets it up as (8 nCr 7)*(18 nCr 5)+(8 nCr

    asked by Dan
  118. calculus

    Let g(x)=(3x+x^2)(2+e^(x−1)). Find g′(1) So I found the derivative (2x+3)(e^(x−1)+2)+(x^2+3x)e^(x−1) I tried plugging in 1 but I'm getting a different answer..

    asked by sal
  119. Math

    Find the unit rate. Show all work for full credit. $36 for 4 quarts of honey. Can this have a unit rate, what is it, and how do I find it?

    asked by Lily Malinowski
  120. math

    How to rearrange an equation by using A=2pirh?

    asked by Emily
  121. Math

    Please help me~ 1. -5g -6 for g= -2

    asked by Ćøøł
  122. Math

    How many litres of 30percent alcohol solution must be mixed with 30litre of a90percent solution to get a 80percent solution?

    asked by Jaspreet
  123. physic

    two force acting at right angle to each other and have a resultant of 98n calculate the magnitude of the force if one of tham make and angle 60 with the resultant

    asked by awos
  124. geometry

    Find the value of x

    asked by abc
  125. English

    Is this sentence correct? I feel like "convincing of others" sounds wrong. How can I say this sentence in a better way. In the essay "Organ Sales Will Save Lives" Joanna Mackay was easily convincing of others to agree with her position, which I thought was

    asked by Sara123
  126. physics

    A girl is pushing a box with constant velocity through her room. Draw a free body diagram for the box and a-t, v-t, x-t diagrams. No numbers necessary, but the trend.

    asked by sea lively
  127. calculus

    Define a function f(x)= {(x^2-9)/(x-3), if x≠3, {c, if x=3 What value of c makes f continuous at x=3? Is the answer 1?

    asked by sal
  128. science

    is Pluto a planet, if not explain why

    asked by Star
  129. Math

    Can someone please tell me what "Factor the expression" means please. I don't know what it is and can someone give me an example also?

    asked by whatever
  130. physics

    resolution of a vector

    asked by Anonymous
  131. Maths

    2/3 of a tank contains 112litres of water. What will the it contain when it is 3/4 full?

    asked by Njodzeven
  132. math (precalc)

    find the derivative of y= (2x^5 -4x^4 + 8x) / (x^2) Here is what I have so far: y^(1) = 6x^2 -8x + 8/x y^(2) = 12 x - 8 + ? How do you find the derivative of 8/x and it must have no negative exponents? thanx

    asked by Anonymous
  133. Math

    Hi, can someone pls give me an idea how to do this? Thanks! Use substitution to solve the following system. L+r+s=20 R=l+3 L+5r+10s=129 I have to solve for all the variables, and am really confused. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    asked by Thanks
  134. algebra

    y = x2 + 2

    asked by keosha
  135. math

    what is 34 less than k

    asked by jonathon