Questions Asked on
October 16, 2018

  1. maths

    What is the 50th term of the linear sequence below? 27 , 25 , 23 , 21 , 19 ,

    asked by ro
  2. Math

    Find the mean of the data set. If necessary, round to the nearest tenth. 15.8, 14.9, 17.6, 13.4. A) 15.7 ***** B) 16.2 C) 16.7 D) 19.6 Erin wrote the following set of numbers. 37, 22, 37, 19, 34, 22, 37, 22, 32, 26, 30, 22 What is the mode of this set of

    asked by Jeremiah
  3. math

    A recipe uses 3 cups of flour to make 48 cookies, how much flour is needed to make 72 cookies. create a proportion and solve=?

    asked by Star
  4. Social Studies

    Although the Zhou rose with strength, over time, ties between the rulers and nobles weakened. The Zhou survived a rebellion in 771 BCE with the help of some nobles. What happened afterward? A.They were dependent upon those nobles and weakened. B. They soon

    asked by Forrest
  5. maths

    the height above ground level i n meters of a missile launched vertically ,is given by h(t)=-16t3+100t .at what time is the missile 72mabove ground level ? (t is time in seconds)

    asked by urge
  6. Math

    Each page of a top-secret report on aliens requires 2 KB of space in digital format. What is the maximum number of pages the report can have so that it can be completely stored on a USB drive that holds 4*10^6 Write your answer in scientific notation, and

    asked by Brad
  7. social studies

    1.Why did European nations start looking for a water route to Asia? A. to gain a faster way to travel to the Holy Land** B. to build permanent colonies in India and China C. to take part in the profitable trade that Italy controlled D. to gain information

    asked by Helpsomeone
  8. Social Studies

    Which of the following best explains how the Mayans adapted their environment? A. The Mayans developed a nomadic lifestyle to hunt for food. B. The Mayans fertilized their fields so they could be used every year. C. They traded with others due to their

    asked by Jasker
  9. Math HELP

    #1 find the value of x if RS = 4(x-3)+6 and RT = 5(2x-6). x= 12 x= 6 x= 4*** x= 3 #2 which of the following statements are always true? Choose all that apply. If the circumcenter of a triangle lies on the triangle, then the triangle is a right triangle.

    asked by Tony
  10. chemistry

    A cylinder is filled with 10.0L of gas and a piston is put into it. The initial pressure of the gas is measured to be 200.kPa. The piston is now pushed down, compressing the gas, until the gas has a final volume of 3.10L. Calculate the final pressure of

    asked by Alexander
  11. History

    Which of the following was a major resource exported from Spanish America

    asked by Spiderman
  12. science

    The Hertzsprung-Russell diagram below shows how the brightness, surface temperature, and color of stars are related.Which of these observations of Barnard’s Star is most likely accurate? * Captionless Image A Barnard’s Star is less bright than the sun,

    asked by reb
  13. Statistics

    A popular claim nicknamed "freshman 15" states that many college students gain weight in their freshman year. You are give 95% confidence interval as 55.9% < p < 78.4%. correctly interpret the interval.

    asked by Jan
  14. math

    can somebody help me to check my answer Identify if the first number is divisible by the second number, and if so, the reason why. Is 216 divisible by 3? A. No B. Yes, because the sum of 2 + 1 + 6 = 9, which is divisible by 3. C. Yes, because the last

    asked by angy
  15. science

    If you had a sample containing 55 alpha particles, how many protons would be present in that sample?

    asked by Dani
  16. World History

    What was the impact of reconstructing Germany? controlling political positions led to the removal of Nazi officials from power investing in the business sectors led to a significant boost of the German economy establishing control over the German business

    asked by Mia
  17. social studies

    How did the development of hieroglyphics and the invention of papyrus lead to the growth of civilization in Egypt and contribute to the growth of other civilizations?

    asked by Infinite galaxy warrior subscribe
  18. Math

    A voltage V across a resistance R generates a current I=V/R. If a constant voltage of 17 volts is put across a resistance that is increasing at a rate of 0.3 ohms per second when the resistance is 7 ohms, at what rate is the current changing? (Give units.)

    asked by Ammar
  19. chemistry

    Calculate the energy of a photon of red light with a wavelength of 6.45 x 10-5 cm. h = 6.626 x 10^-34 Js c = 2.998 x 10^8m/s Thank you!

    asked by Jessica
  20. Science

    as a raindrop falls from a cloud to the surface of Earth< 1)its speed increases due to gravity 2)its speed increases due to air resistance 3)it moves at a constant speed 4)it moves at a constant velocity I think # 3

    asked by Jamie Sperling
  21. History

    1. Why did settlers find the land grants in Texas so appealing? Select all that apply. A) Settlers didn’t have to pay taxes for six years. B) The price of land was cheap compared to other places.** C)Land grants ensured the settlers’ success in

    asked by HelpingBudxyツ
  22. Math

    Explain how to estimate 524 divided by 9

    asked by Raneem Jrajrah
  23. algebra

    Translate this sentence into an equation. The product of Helena's age and 9 is 99 . Use the variable h to represent Helena's age.

    asked by Helena
  24. Language arts

    ...his eyes...were like the mountain sky when rain is pending..." is an example of ____ . A) hyperbole B) metaphor C) assonance D) simile

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Math

    If v=3i+4j+5k is the instantaneous velocity of a body mass 1.5kg. Calculate it's kinetic en ergy.c choose the correct one a)37.5joules b)47.5joules c)57.5joules d)none

    asked by Rehan
  26. History

    PLEASE HELP ME!!! How were oracle bones used? predict the future teach students how to write record laws and official decrees D to pass down dynastic history

  27. Math

    Someone plz help me. I don't want to fail. And im kinda bad at this. 1.Find the GCF of 8 and 15. A.1 B.2 C.3 D.5 2.Find the GCF of 39 and 52. A.1 B.3 C.6 D.13 3.In a sixth-grade math class, four students were finding the GCF of 24, 40, and 72. Omar said

    asked by whatever
  28. Social Studies

    Which of the following is an example of how enslaved Africans tried to preserve their culture? A.They converted to Christianity. B.They introduced African musical instruments to the Americas.**** C.They established a new Asante kingdom. D.They adopted

    asked by PLZ CHECK!!
  29. language arts

    2) Which sentence BEST explains how art and painting differ slightly in meaning? A) A work of art can be viewed from all angles; a painting can be viewed from only one angle. B) A work of art shows images that cannot occur in real life; a painting shows

    asked by matt
  30. Math

    Susan invests 3 times as much money at 7% as she does at 4%. If her total interest after 1 year is $1250, how much does she have invested at each rate?

    asked by Keonn'a
  31. Math

    How long will 875 double itself at the rate of 8% simple interest?

    asked by Kat
  32. science

    which of the inner planets has an internal structure similar to earth' and has the hottest surface of any planet in our solar system

    asked by salih lewis
  33. American History

    What was the impact of the Chesapeake affair? the passage of the Non-Intercourse Act American support of a war with Great Britain the signing of the Treaty of Ghent the end of impressment by the Royal Navy B?

    asked by Quinn
  34. history quick check

    American colonists !@#$%^&mained loyal to the British crown were known as _____________. Whigs Republicans Democrats Torie The ______________of 1767 placed taxes on various goods like paper, tea, and lead, and were enacted by the British Parliament without

    asked by lilkakes
  35. math

    A room has 2 sections as shown in the picture below. Which expression uses the Distributive Property to find the total area of the room? the picture is a rectangle in the first section there us the number in the left side 14 in the bottom side 8 and in the

    asked by angy
  36. Math

    A 1.65kg mass stretches a vertical spring 0.215m. If the spring is stretched an additional 0.130m released, how long does it take to reach the new equillibrium position again?

    asked by Armenio
  37. Math

    Stella saved $81. Her sister saved $9. Stella saved--------times as much as her sister. My answer is $72 is this right

    asked by Frances
  38. U.S. History - repost for cccccc

    What was one reason for the establishment of the colony of Rhode Island. A. Thomas Hooker left Massachusetts to start a new charter granted by the King of England. B. Roger Williams believed in religious tolerance which wasn’t practiced in Massachusetts.

    asked by Ms. Sue
  39. social studies

    the original purpose of colleges in colonial America was to educate a.doctors b.lawers c ministers*** d.lawers

    asked by cloe
  40. social studies

    Members of the blank were the wealthiest members of colonial society. Members of the middle class included blank. the first blank is aristocracy ?

    asked by cloe
  41. math

    is 7/5 and 15/10 equal

    asked by Harly quinn
  42. Texas history

    de leon and massanet both wanted to establish missions. what was the purpose of these missions?

    asked by Caeya
  43. Math

    A manufacturing company finds that they can sell 300 items at $3.50 per item and 500 items at $ 1.50 $1.50 per item. If the relationship between the number of items sold x x and the price per item p p is a linear one: Find a formula that gives x in terms

    asked by Keonn'a
  44. chemistry

    A cylinder is filled with 10.0L of gas and a piston is put into it. The initial pressure of the gas is measured to be 200.kPa. The piston is now pushed down, compressing the gas, until the gas has a final volume of 3.10L. Calculate the final pressure of

    asked by lady gaga
  45. Algebra

    Eleven numbers with the sum 105 are written on the circle. The sum of any two consecutive numbers is not smaller than 18. Find the least possible value of N, so that each number on the circle is not greater than N, for any set of numbers.

    asked by Alex
  46. Science

    Which statement gives an example of asexual reproduction? A. Two bears mate and produce more bears. B. A new strawberry plant grows from a runner of a strawberry plant. C. A zucchini is produced from pollinated flowers. D. Children have genetic information

    asked by Kat
  47. Home economics

    What is the meaning of print patch and calico patch

    asked by Mercy
  48. physics

    Now a new block is attached to the first block. The new block is made of a different material and has a coefficient of static friction μ = 1.01. What minimum mass is needed to keep the system from accelerating? m1=8.8kg theta=34 k =159N/m tension in rope

    asked by laura HELP SOON PLEASE
  49. Math

    A post is put every 6 feet along a rectangular fence that is 42 ft long and 36 ft wide. How many posts are needed?

    asked by Alexxus
  50. History

    what did the american indians acquire from french and spanish trade. select all that apply

    asked by Caeya
  51. biology

    Which organism would most likely be the main sourceof oxygen in a forest ecosystem? a. ants b. lichens c. oak trees**** d. mushrooms

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Math - repost for Ocean

    Which special version of the Pythagorean Theorem can you use to find the length of any squares diagonal, d, using only the length of its side, 12 inches. Please help been struggling with this for a long time

    asked by Ms. Sue
  53. math

    please help me!!!!!!!!!!! Identify if the first number is divisible by the second number, and if so, the reason why. Is 26 divisible by 2? A. No B. Yes, because 2 + 6 = 8 and 8 is divisible by 2. C. Yes, because the last digit is 6, which is divisible by

    asked by angy
  54. Physics

    (a) Find the resultant of a force of 4N Northward and a force of xN Eastward (b) A force on a body is 100N, 60 degrees West of South. Find the north and east components of the force

    asked by Enoch
  55. Art and design

    Which of the following centuries would be part of the Renaissance? 1.) The 1000s 2.) The 1200s 3.) The 1500s 4.) The 1800s

    asked by Nun ya Business
  56. Social Studies

    What was the significance of the Seneca Falls Convention? A) It was where women first publicly demanded equal rights. B) It was the first time women were allowed to vote in a local election. C) It was where women first trade union met. Please help!!!!

    asked by Panda
  57. Physics

    A helicopter has a mass of 4280kg. The helicopter is lifted off the ground with a vertically upward acceleration of 2.030m/s^2. Calculate the vertical force exerted on the rotating blades of the helicopter by the air under the blades.

    asked by Anonymous
  58. Physics

    A car which has a mass of 1.36 tonnes is travelling at 26.8m/s on a level road when the driver brings the car to an emergency stop using only the brakes. A time interval of 4.18s is required to bring the car to a stop. 1. Calculate the position of the car

    asked by Anonymous
  59. Physics

    A ball is thrown down from the top of a building with a speed of 19.6m/s. The top of the building is 39.2m above the level of the sidewalk. The ball needs 1.46s to travel from the top of the building to the sidewalk. What is the velocity of the ball just

    asked by Anonymous
  60. Math

    Martha recorded the ratio of students and teachers at all the middle schools in the Timber Creek school district. The list is shown below. 20 students : 2 teachers 1 teacher per 15 students 1 teacher per 10 students 40 students : 4 teachers 5 teachers per

    asked by Mary
  61. Physics

    A sled is at rest on a horizontal field. The sled has a mass of 21.6kg. A man exerts a horizontal force of 49.7N on the sled. As soon as the sled starts to move, a friction force of 13.8N acts on the sled. a. What is the acceleration of the sled while the

    asked by goodluck!
  62. Social studies

    What were important achievements of the k u !@#$%^& e s?? Plz help me Ms.Sue

    asked by Hola amigo
  63. history

    What were some effects of the Seven Years’ War? (Select all that apply.) Britain lost all of its North American colonies to Austria. Britain gained exclusive trading rights in Bengal, India. France surrendered Canada to Britain through the Treaty of

    asked by Bri
  64. Math

    Fifteen numbers are written on the circle. Each number is equal to the absolute value of the difference of the next two numbers (moving clockwise). Find the greatest of the numbers, if sum of all numbers is 2.

    asked by Samantha
  65. Algebra

    11.) -4 = 2/5 x -- = my answer A.x = 10 B.x = -10 C.x = -1-- D.x = 1 12.) Which equation is an identity? A. 11 - (2v + 3) = -2v - 8 B. 5w + 8 - w = 6w - 2(w - 4)-- C. 7m - 2 = 8m + 4 - m D. 8y + 9 = 8y - 3 13.) Which equation has no solution? A. 8 - (5v +

    asked by XD
  66. English

    1. He is reading a book at the library. 2. He is reading a book next to the library. 3. He is reading a book in the library. [What does #1 mean? Does #1 mean #2 or #3? Or does #1 mean both?]

    asked by rfvv
  67. Math & science

    Earth has a radius of about 6.4*10^m. What is the approximate surface are of Earth? Use the formula for the surface area of a sphere,S= 4 pi ^2 . Oceans cover about 70% of the surface of the Earth.A bout how many squares of Earth's surface are covered by

    asked by patama
  68. 4th grade math

    Brandon bought 192 balloons. Adam bought 118 more balloons than Brandon. How many balloons, b, did Adam buy? b is 118----------------192 b= what

    asked by Johnnie
  69. Physics

    A girl standing on a bridge drops a stone over the side of the bridge. The stone strikes the water below the bridge 5.00s after the stone is dropped. When the stone hits the water, what is the displacement of the stone from the point where the stone was

    asked by Anonymous
  70. Prealgebra

    Least common multiple of the monomial 5a^2 and 16a^3

    asked by Bob
  71. Physics

    A box which has a mass of 90.8kg is at rest on a rough horizontal floor, A man pushes on the box with a horizontal force of 376N. As soon as the box begins to move a friction force of 214N acts on the box from the floor. a. What is the acceleration of the

    asked by Anon
  72. Math - Kinematics

    A car is travelling at 23.4m/s to the right when the driver puts on the brakes. The car has an acceleration of -4.50m/s^2 while the brakes are acting. (a) How long does it take to bring the car to a stop? (b) Calculate the displacement of the car.

    asked by Anonymous
  73. Chemistry

    A solution contain 25g of Na2Co3in750cm3 of aasolution. Calculate concentration in (1) g/dm3 (2) mol/dm3

    asked by Titration
  74. Physics

    A body weighing 500N is sitting on a seesaw at a point 2m away from the pivot what should the pivot at a point 4m away to balance the pivot

    asked by Kewlani
  75. jrotc

    what can i include in my essay about general macArthurs speech about duty,honor,country

    asked by dorcas
  76. history

    King George III never even read the Olive Branch Petition from the Second Continental Congress. Instead, he issued a proclamation that included these lines: “…many of our subjects in … our Colonies and Plantations in North America, misled by

    asked by lilkakes
  77. Physics

    A ball is dropped from the top of a building which is 39.2m above the level of the sidewalk. How long does it take for the ball to reach the sidewalk?

    asked by Anonymous
  78. science,

    A set up is used in the preparation of ammonia gas in the laboratory.Draw the set up and label the parts.i. what is the function of calcium oxide.ii.state the method by which gas is will you test for the gas.iv.write the chemical equation

    asked by frances
  79. American History

    Why did Dolley Madison refuse to evacuate the capital immediately? She wanted to symbolize strength to Washington’s residents. She relied on her husband to know which way to run. She was ashamed to be seen running away in fear. She couldn’t carry

    asked by Quinn
  80. Physics

    Find tha schwarzschild radius of tha earth ,whose mass 5.98×10^24kg

    asked by M salman
  81. Math

    this a system of equations A merchant decides to mix peanuts worth 5.25 per pound and trail mix worth 2.75 a pound to make a 10 pound mixture worth 4.75 per pound. how many pounds of each should his mixture contain? please help me.

    asked by Keonn'a
  82. Social Studies

    The Continental Army gained a knowledge of professional tactics and drill from a Prussian military mercenary, ______________________ a Major General Charles Lee b General George Washington c Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben d Marquis de Lafayette

    asked by Audrey
  83. Math

    The sum of three numbers is 16. Two times the smallest is 2 less than the largest, while the sum of the largest and smallest is 11. Use a linear system in three variables to find the three numbers.

    asked by Keonn'a
  84. College Physics

    A box which has a mass of 32.8kg is placed on a plane which is inclined at 40.0° above the horizontal. The sliding friction force acting between the box and the plane is 36.4N. What is the acceleration of the box as it slides down the plane?

    asked by Anonymous
  85. Math

    It takes a boat 2 hours to travel 26 miles downstream and 4 hours to travel 28 miles upstream.

    asked by Keonn'a
  86. math

    a sum of money at certain rate of interest of amount to 8320 in 2years and 9685 in 3 and half years.find the sum ?

    asked by mahe
  87. Physics : Vertical Motion #2

    An elevator starts from rest at the ground floor of the building. It experiences an acceleration a=0.500m/s^2 and reaches a velocity of 5.48m/s. What is the floor reached by the moving elevator, knowing that each floor us 3.00m high?

    asked by Beyonce
  88. Math/Physics

    A race horse starts from rest with an acceleration of 4.80m/s^2 1. How long does it take for the horse to reach a velocity of 32.0m/s? 2. Calculate the displacement of the horse

    asked by katieee
  89. Early Education and Team Building

    Which of the following does not describe principles of empowerment? A. Professionals gain the sense that they're needed. B. Opportunities are created that help display family strengths. C. Families are the center of decision making, and professionals serve

    asked by Diana
  90. Social Studies

    “Do not put such unlimited power into the hands of the husbands. Remember, all men would be tyrants if they could. If particular care and attention is not paid to the ladies, we are determined to foment a rebellion, and will not hold ourselves bound by

    asked by Alice
  91. physics

    add throws a ball up to a height of 10m and catches it bac k. what is the displacement of ball

    asked by biodun
  92. Math

    For his dog Bowser, Max mixes a 14 pound bag of gravy treat dog food with a 10 pound bag of hungry chops dog food. Then Max puts the mixture into small bags that each way 1 1/2 pounds. If the proportional relationship between the quantities of the two dog

    asked by иван
  93. Physics: Kinematics

    A drag racer can travel a displacement of 120m in 5.00s starting from rest. Calculate the acceleration of the drag racer. Can you calculate the final momentum of the car?

    asked by Blnde
  94. history

    American colonists !@#$%^&mained loyal to the British crown were known as _____________. Whigs Republicans Democrats Torie I know they were called "loyalist" but who were they? C?

    asked by lilkakes
  95. Social studies

    What was Ramses ll known for?? Please help me ms.sue😁😁

    asked by Hola amigo
  96. Kinematics

    A cheetah starts from rest and accelerates at 3.50m/s^2 a) Calculate the velocity of the cheetah ad t = 4.00s b) Calculate the position of the cheetah at t = 4.00s when initial position is 0

    asked by Anonymous
  97. math

    For some surfaces, the normal lines at any point pass through the same geometric object. What is the common geometric object for a sphere? What is the common geometric object for a right circular cylinder? Explain.

    asked by anon
  98. Math

    an airplane flying with the wind can cover 660 miles in 2 hours. The return trip against the wind takes 2 1/2 hours.

    asked by Keonn'a
  99. History

    Very few people live permanently on the barrier islands of Georgia? Why are they important if so few people live there year round?

    asked by Khaliyl R Testman
  100. Math

    one number is 3 more than 3 times another. The sum of the numbers is 11. Find the two numbers.

    asked by Keonn'a
  101. Early Education and Team Building

    Of the following components of collaborative teaming, which is the most essential? A. Nature of leadership on the team B. Agreement on the process by which teams are formed C. Common set of goals upon which all members agree D. Explicit training for

    asked by Diana
  102. Physics

    how to solve this? the answer key says 10 floors (11 + the ground floor) An elevator starts from rest at the ground floor of the building. It experiences an acceleration a=0.500m/s^2 and reaches a velocity of 5.48m/s. What is the floor reached by the

    asked by Beyonce
  103. Math

    Ivan has 6 timesfas many blue beads as red beads. How many blue beads does Ivan have?

    asked by Nancy
  104. Math

    I Want To Find A Way To Impress My Math Teacher, But I Cant Think Of Any Ways To, My Teacher Doesent Allow Extra Credit, And I Really Want A Good Grade!!!! I'm In 8th Grade And I'm DOing Online School, GIVE ME FEEDBACK AND ANSWERS PLEZ! THANKS! :D

    asked by mynameismrhen2
  105. History

    Review: There are five geographic (or “physiographic”) regions of Georgia. Which is the largest region? Which is the farthest to the northwest of the state? Which is the most populated? Which is the farthest to the northeast? Which is characterized by

    asked by THE RAP GAME
  106. Algebra


    asked by Messi
  107. Social studies

    National,state,and government

    asked by Micah
  108. Algebra

    Mike leaves the house on a bike at 9am. Amy leaves 3 hours later, and goes 21km/h faster than Mike. If Amy overtakes Mike after 196km, what is average speed of both vehicles?

    asked by Anonymous
  109. Early Education and Team Building

    When a teacher makes a decision based upon the obvious rather than being based upon complicated assumptions, the teacher is A. incorrect. B. acting empirically. C. following written procedures. D. acting parsimoniously. my answer is I think C.

    asked by Diana
  110. physics

    A hypothetical force is described by the equation F(x) = -a/x^3 + bx^2, where a and b are positive constants. Find an expression for the amount of work that is done by this force over the range x = 1 to x = 3. I am thinking to calculate the change in force

    asked by anonymous
  111. Math

    Find the greatest possible length of the height of the trapezoid, if the perimeter of the trapezoid is 6

    asked by Alex
  112. Math

    Good evening. I have a hard math problem that I truly need some guidance on please. Li is making beaded necklaces. For each necklace she uses 23 spacers, plus 3 beads per inch of necklace length. Write an equation to find how many beads Li needs for each

    asked by Patrick
  113. programming

    write a program that will calculate the average of the total marks scored by 10 students, if each student has done 4 exams.

    asked by bill
  114. MATH

    Three whole number of have their l c m as 180 and their HCF equal to 3 two of the numbers 60.find the third number.

    asked by EBEN
  115. History

    There are five geographic (or “physiographic”) regions of Georgia. Which is the largest region? Which is the farthest to the northwest of the state? Which is the most populated? Which is the farthest to the northeast? Which is characterized by long

    asked by THE RAP GAME
  116. Math

    Bryce is 15 years younger than Brittany. 3 years ago, Brittany's age was 2 times Bryce's age. How old is Bryce now?

    asked by Anonymous
  117. science

    an unknown molarity of HCl acts as an analyte.50mL of it is placed into a conical flask ans a 0.1M of solution of NaOH was used as a reagent. The endpoint is pH=7, with a pKa of 6.5 chosen.The colour of the solution changed when 10mL of 0.1012M NaOH WAS

    asked by constance modongo
  118. Early Education and Team Building

    Which of the following is an example of a challenge to the family-professional interaction process when working with children in the foster care system? A. Power B. Single-parent income C. Lack of accurate child history D. Lack of transportation my answer

    asked by Diana
  119. Social Studies

    Picked by George Washington, was the first Chief Justice. John Jay Aaron Burr James Madison Thomas Jefferson ^^^^^

    asked by Mary Jones
  120. math

    I am to solve this inequality: 2/3x < -12 I multiplied both sides by 3/2 to get x < -12(3/2) x < -18 But the answer shows x < -9 What have I done wrong?

    asked by Carly
  121. Math

    Hi. I am stuck on this question. List the subsets of the set: {5, 10, 15} What am I supposed to be doing? I just do not understand whatsoever. My book also was not much help, it just said the definition and not how to solve it.

    asked by Anon
  122. math

    At present, Tara's father is 42 years older than Tara. 5 years ago, her father was 4 times as old as her. Solve for y, Tara's current age.

    asked by Anonymous
  123. world history

    where did the zionists want to create a homeland for jews?

    asked by alesha
  124. Early Education and Team Building

    . Sean, a child with autism, is placed in a regular preschool class for two weeks because his parents have requested this placement. It's then decided that this placement is inappropriate because the classroom teacher doesn't feel able to meet his needs

    asked by Diana
  125. Math

    How do you put 819,461 into a 5 by 5 grid,that has 45 squares total?

    asked by Mia
  126. Math

    If a person runs in place for 15 minutes, how many calories will be burned?

    asked by Alia
  127. Math

    A man borrowed 30,000 on July 8, 2018. How much interest will he pay on May 8, 2019 at 12% using exact interest and exact time?

    asked by Quas
  128. Physics

    What is the frequency of sound heard

    asked by Serka
  129. science

    where can I get facts from google about the planets

    asked by Star
  130. Physics

    A standard brass cylinder which has a mass of 2.00kg stands on a table. A girl ties a string to the cylinder and exerts a vertical force of 28.6N on the string to life the cylinder off the table. What is the acceleration of the cylinder?

    asked by Anonymous
  131. English

    What is a subordinating conjunction and clause?

    asked by cam
  132. math

    what is the value of (3 x - 2) (4 x+1)- (3 x -2) 4 x +1 when x = 4 ?

    asked by sai
  133. Career Guidance

    Which Career can I take with those subjects .?

    asked by Naledi
  134. math

    does 6/8 = 15/20

    asked by Ariana grande
  135. science

    f2=18 f1=20

    asked by Anonymous
  136. Physics: Vertical Motion

    An elevator is travelling at 2.00m/s upward when the brakes are put on. The acceleration is a= -1.22m/s^2 while the brakes are acting. a) How long does it take to bring the elevator to a stop? b) Calculate the displacement of the elevator while it is being

    asked by Beyonce