Questions Asked on
October 10, 2018

  1. Science

    Which layer of the suns atmosphere are you looking at when you look at an image of the sun?

    asked by HereToTalk
  2. Social Studies

    Emperor Taizong stabilized China’s government by a) reviving China’s official bureaucracy. b) closing government departments c) founding the Tang Dynasty d) building the Grand Canal

    asked by Anonymous
  3. social studies

    What significant effect did the Treaty of Paris, signed after the French and Indian war, have on France? I cannot find it in any books, can I have a link or something?

    asked by Anonymous1
  4. history

    Which explains the effects of the Congress of Vienna? The Congress of Vienna’s creation of an economically connected Europe allowed for the creation of the European Union. The Congress of Vienna’s decision to unify Germany created conflict in Eastern

    asked by Bri
  5. Social Studies

    How did the Ancient Puebloans adapt to their physical environment? A. They built networks of ditches to irrigate the desert. B. They cleared forests to make room for farmland. C. ----- They relied on fishing and hunting for food. D. They built mounds to

    asked by KODA-
  6. History

    Which accurately describes an impact of scientific innovation during the Renaissance? A.The Bessemer method increased the production of steel and led to growth of cities. B.The mariner’s compass aided navigation and eventual discovery of the Americas. C.

    asked by JN
  7. Edtech

    Which type of graph best shows a comparison of a part to a whole 1) Bar Graph 2)Line Graph 3)Pie, or Circle, Graph 4)Column Graph

    asked by hello people
  8. SS

    Why is the development of farming considered a revolution of human history? A. Farming made it possible for people to travel greater distances because grain doesn't spoil as quickly as meat does. B. Farming allowed humans to grow taller because a

    asked by Suzy Sheep
  9. Social Studies

    1. what was the purpose of washingtons neutrality proclamation?

    asked by johnny johnny
  10. geography

    Can you please check my answers thank you 1. Why did Olmec farmers move their farms from time to time? A. As their families grew, people needed larger farms. B. Maya invaders took over their farmlands. C. Heavy rains flooded their fields and forced them to

    asked by cottencandygirl
  11. algebra

    (1) Is the equation true false or open? 9p + 8 = 10p + 7 A. open;there is a variable ***** B. true;the expressions are all the same for all values of the variiables C. false;the expressions are never the same (12) Which equation is an identity? A. 11 - (2v

    asked by kelseypooh
  12. math

    (1) Is the equation true false or open? 9p + 8 = 10p + 7 A. open;there is a variable ***** B. true;the expressions are all the same for all values of the variiables C. false;the expressions are never the same (12) Which equation is an identity? A. 11 - (2v

    asked by kelseypooh
  13. math

    In the game of​ roulette, a wheel consists of 38 slots numbered​ 0, 00,​ 1, 2,..., 36. To play the​ game, a metal ball is spun around the wheel and is allowed to fall into one of the numbered slots. If the number of the slot the ball falls into

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Math

    a ferris wheel with a 40-ft diameter rotates once every 30 seconds. the bottom of the wheel is located 1.5 feet above the ground. you get on at the very bottom of the ferris wheel at time t = 0 and then the ferris wheel begins to turn counter-clockwise.

    asked by June
  15. Math

    What is the difference in minutes between the shortest collection times before and after the well was installed? Box Plot 1 25 to 35 Box Plot 2 45 to 64 What numbers do I need to subtract? 64-45 and 35-25 and then find the difference between those? I am

    asked by Patrick
  16. geography

    What date on the timeline marks the beginning of the Jewish Diaspora? A. c. 1200 BCE B. c. 900 BCE C. c. 722 BCE D. c. 587 BCE

    asked by help
  17. History

    Put the events in the order in which they occurred. Egypt and Kush have an interdependent trading relationship. Egypt wants Kush's gold, attacks, and conquers Kush. Snefru encourages trade between Egypt and Kush. The two countries are independent until

    asked by Vixen - Connexus
  18. social studies

    What were some reasons for the French and Indian War? Select all that apply. (3 points) French and British both wanted control of the Ohio River Valley French and British fought over control of Indian fur trade ** The French wanted to take control of the

    asked by reb
  19. Geography

    Which adaptions did early humans make during the last ice age in order to survive varied environments? Select all that apply. A. created religions to offer sacrifices to gods B. made shelters out of available materials C. worked in larger networks of

    asked by annie
  20. Business

    Which of the following is true about careers in medicine and allied health? (one point) The salary for healthcare workers is increasing. The demand for healthcare workers is on the rise. The field typically does not require formal education. The demand for

    asked by Izack
  21. Art

    1. The texture that are present in this image are A. rough B. smooth C. silky D. soft 2. In this sculpture, the artist had to create many textures. How could the artist have created the soft texture of skin? A. by using a tool to create small holes for her

    asked by Connexus Student
  22. math

    There are two containers of milk. There is twice as much milk in the first container as in the second. After using 2 gal. of milk from the second container and 3 gal. of milk from the first container, the second container had 4.5 times less milk than the

    asked by kai
  23. History

    Primary Source "[T]he god's wife Hatshepsut executed the affairs of the Two Lands according to her counsels. Egypt worked for her, head bowed . . ." –a government official during Hatshepsut's reign, from "The 18th Dynasty Before the Amarna Period," by

    asked by Vixen - Connexus
  24. Math

    i need help on stem and leaf plots. Math 6 A Connections Academy

    asked by OofsterX
  25. physics

    You are playing catch with your sibling in your backyard. If you toss a ball at 15.0 m/s at an angle of 24.0° and your sibling catches it at the same height, what is the maximum height above where it was thrown?

    asked by john
  26. computer

    / ____________ is an application program included with Windows that allows the contents of the computer, the hierarchy of folders on the computer, and the files and folders in each folder to be viewed.

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Math

    Sue scored a total of 35 points in two games. She scored 6 times as many points in the second game as the first game. How many more points did she score in the second game

    asked by Maysa
  28. Math

    Doors for the small cabinets are 11.5 inches long doors for the large cabinets are 2.3 times as long as the doors for the small cabinets how many large doors can be cut from a board that is 10 feet long

    asked by Anonymous
  29. Math

    A store buys 77 1/2 pounds of mulch in a large shipment. They divided the mulch up into bags that can each hold 2 1/4 pounds of mulch. The store sells one bag of mulch for $2.25. How many full bags of mulch will the store make? Considering only the full

    asked by Abigail
  30. Math

    Which equation represents a line that is parallel to the line whose equation is 3x - 2y = 7 A) Y= -3/2x + 5 B)Y= -2/3x + 4 C)Y= 3/2x - 5 D)Y= 2/3x - 4 I chose c

    asked by Joseph
  31. English

    Read the word. ramification If you needed to hyphenate this word at the end of a line, which answer shows the correct way to divide the word? A.Ra-mification B.Ramifi-cation C.Ramicifc-ation D.Ramif-ication

    asked by JN
  32. Math

    A transversal intersects two lines. Which conditions would always make the two lines parallel? A) Vertical Angles are Congruent B) Alternate interior angles are congruent C) Corresponding angles are supplementary D) Same-side interior angles are

    asked by Joseph
  33. Math

    Given line AB, explain how to construct a square with sides of length AB.

    asked by D
  34. Social studies

    what generalization can be made by comparing the lifestyle of the insult of the arctic to the life style of the natchez in the southeast

    asked by lil cat
  35. math

    The local reader’s club has a set of 36 hardback books and a set of 30 paperbacks. Each set can be divided equally among the club members. What is the greatest possible number of club members? A. 5 B. 6 C. 30 D. 180

    asked by please help
  36. SS

    Why did people domesticate plants? A. They were more flavorful. B. They were a reliable food supply. C. They made it easier to migrate. D. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^6 They wanted to live in a variety of environments.?

    asked by Mary
  37. Math

    A population of 35 foxes in a wildlife preserve quadruples in size every 14 years. The function y equals 35 times 4 Superscript x​, where x is the number of 14​-year ​periods, models the population growth. How many foxes will there be after 28

    asked by Daniel Garcia
  38. Algebra

    show a graph that best represents a first-degree polynomial p(X).

    asked by Candy
  39. Physics

    How many arrows of force would be needed in a free body diagram of a rocket taking off from the moon? Ignore any solar system objects other than the moon itself. One Two Four Three A person is trying to lift a crate that has a mass of 15.3 kg. The normal

    asked by BlessedGalPal
  40. physics

    A dart is being thrown at a board that is 3.40 m away. When it hits the board it is 0.784 m below the point where it was aimed and it was thrown at 8.50 m/s. How long was the dart in the air?

    asked by john
  41. Science

    I really need help with this.... Analyze, evaluate, and critique scientific explanations by using logical reasoning, and examining all sides of scientific evidence. Follow the directions on the slide to access the artcle. When you are have finished reading

    asked by MARIA
  42. Spanish

    Complete the verbs below by adding the correct ending. Use the conjugation chart in the lesson for your reference. See the example. (Yo cant-o_ ) > example Ella bail-a_ Tú cant-_ Nosotros cant-_ Ellos bail -_ Usted cant-_ Él cant-_ Yo bail-_

    asked by Deez KIIDS NEED HElllP
  43. Science

    A cylinder containing 15L of helium gas at a pressure of 165 atm is to be used to fill party balloons. Each balloon must be filled to a volume of 2L at a pressure of 1.1 atm. What is the max number of balloons that can be inflated? Assume that the gas in

    asked by Kloe
  44. Calculus

    Solve the integral: ∫ x^3/(x^+2)^2 I'm stuck. This is my work so far. ∫ A/(x^+2) + ∫ B/(x^2-2)^2 F(x)=A ln(x^2+2)-B/(x^2+2)+C X^3=A(x^2+2)+B

    asked by Mike
  45. Social Studies

    Identify which characteristics were associated with Egyptian gods. (Select all that apply) A: Deities were only male. B: Deities controlled all aspects of life. C: Deities could be either kind or hostile toward humans. D: Pharaoh was a god himself. E:

    asked by Julianna LeBlanc
  46. Math

    Reduced ratio 30min:20min 6sec

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Math

    Ivan has 6 times as many blue beads as red beads. He has 49 red and blue beads in all. How many blue beads does Ivan have

    asked by Anonymous
  48. maths

    if a partner in a bussiness having 60%share gets Rs 9000 as profit every year find the total prifit in a year

    asked by Neelam
  49. social studies

    In a representative government, what group had the power to make laws?

    asked by jonathon
  50. Math

    At the Bay of Fundy, the difference between high and low tide is 8m and the time between high tides is 12 hours. At midnight, the water is at high tide. Write a sine function that models the water level over time t.

    asked by Sam
  51. calculus

    use the rational theorem to select the values that are possible zeroes of the function f(x)=6x^3-2x^2+x+3 select all that apply -3 -2/3 3/2 6

    asked by anonymous
  52. math

    The number,n (in hundreds), of mosquitoes in a camping area after t weeks can be modelled by the equation n(t)=2t^4-5t^3-16t^2+45t According to this model, when will the population of mosquitoes be greater than 1800?

    asked by Anon
  53. Math

    You drive your car 4.5 hours at an average speed of 70 miles per hour .how far did u go ?

    asked by Tajah
  54. economics

    You estimate that the price elasticity of demand for clinic visits is −0.25. You anticipate that a major insurer will increase the copayment from $20 to $25. This insurer covers 40,000 of your patients, and those patients average 2.5 visits per year.

    asked by cindy
  55. algebra

    A sporting goods store with sales for the year of $400,000 and other income of $32,000 has operating expenses of $123,000. Its cost of goods sold is $207,000. What are its gross margin, operating profit, and net profit in dollars? Show all work.

    asked by janet lyons
  56. calculus

    use the intermediate value theorem to choose an interval over which function f(x)=-2x^3-3x+5 is guaranteed to have a zero. [-3,-2] [-2,0] [0,2] [2,4]

    asked by anomymous
  57. chemistry

    The molar heat capacity of silver is 25.35 J/mol⋅ ∘ C . How much energy would it take to raise the temperature of 12.0 g of silver by 18.6 ∘ C

    asked by brown
  58. MATH


    asked by TIMMY
  59. math statistics

    The probability of the event that 0≤Y≤X≤1 is of the form ∫(from a to b)*(∫(from c to d) of [f X,Y(x,y)]dx)dy. Find the values of a, b, c, d. Each one of your answers should be one of the following: 0, x, y, or 1.

    asked by cha
  60. Math

    The cost of 5 similar digital cameras and 3 simial video cameras is $3,213 Each video camera costs 4 times as much as. each digital camera.john buys a digital camera and a video camera.How much dose he pay ?

    asked by Norene
  61. Physics

    A box slides down a smooth plane (f=0) which is inclined at 20.0° above the horizontal. What is the acceleration of the box?

    asked by Anonymous
  62. chemistry

    when a 2 litre reaction vessel in which 15 grammes of pcl5 had been placed and mantained at 250 degrees celsius until equilibrium was established and found that 364grammes of cl2 remained in the vessel .find the Kc at this temperature and reaction

    asked by claren nyahondo
  63. math

    A school has three grade 10 classes. In how many ways can 3 out of 8 mathematics teachers be allocated to the classes?

    asked by kahilu
  64. science

    Find out the volume of water required to make 91% sulphuric acid , sp gravity 1.81 from cons sulphuric acid of MW 98.08 and sp gravity 1.84?For one liter volume

    asked by u k shaw
  65. Physical Science

    Please just help with these few! Also, these are my answers. Which statement accurately describes how electrons are arranged in Bohr's atomic model? electrons travel randomly in the large space outside the nucleus electrons travel around the nucleus in

    asked by Connexus. PLEASE HELP
  66. Early Education

    Joan's father is a single parent who works full-time during the day. What should her early interventionist do to maximize communication with the father? A. Let the father know that he will need to arrange to miss work to attend important events. B. Hold

    asked by Diana
  67. Math

    If it takes 1 litre of paint to cover a 2.5 metre fence, how many 10 litre cans of paint would you need for a 17.5 metre fence?

    asked by Durbek
  68. math

    Tell whether x and y are in a proportional relationship. If so, find the unit rate. Let y be the temperature x hours after midnight. The temperature is 60∘F at midnight and decreases 2∘F every 12 hour.

    asked by DEvin
  69. maths

    in GP the product of the Second term and fifth term is double the firth term. find the first term if the sum is first terms is 80 show that r^3+r^2+r+1=40 b. hence find the value of r that the value of the sum of the nth term is 3^n-1

    asked by simanga
  70. Chemistry

    If the heat of combustion for a specific compound is -1060.0 kJ/mol and its molar mass is 58.31 g/mol, how many grams of this compound must you burn to release 589.10 kJ of heat? I don't understand even how to begin this question, so can you walk it step

    asked by Peter
  71. Physics

    In the experiment, you will study a torsion pendulum and compare the periods of a suspended sphere and of a suspended cube. The rotational inertia of a sphere is Is = 1/10(MsD^2), where Ms is the mass of the sphere and D is its diameter. The rotational

    asked by John
  72. Algebra II

    Rewrite the function in standard form. y=(x+4)(x+3)

    asked by Austin
  73. Social Work

    I need to write an essay on the questions below. I’m having trouble thinking of modern policies that I could write about. Can anybody help give me some ideas and point me in the right direction? The English Poor Laws instituted the principle of "less

    asked by Allie
  74. Advanced functions

    Given the formula: f(x)=x^2+ax+b and the vertex point (3,9) prove that this is the vertex of a minimum parabola using instantaneous rate of change.

    asked by Ana
  75. Science

    Please mention appliances that can convert nuclear energy to electrical energy

    asked by GLory
  76. math

    Rhonda's score decreased by 9 is 51. Use the variable r to represent Rhonda's score

    asked by Corey B
  77. Science

    Which of the following is a compound? A:O2 B: NH3 C:H2O + NaCl

    asked by Anna
  78. Physics

    A 525-g book is placed on a wooden plank which is at an angle of 35.0° to the horizontal. After the book is released, it is measured to slide down the plank with an acceleration of 2.56 m/s2. (a) Calculate the coefficient of kinetic friction between the

    asked by Eskimo
  79. Math

    Least three different numbers that up to get one

    asked by Someone
  80. Math- algebra 2

    If Y=(X) has a range of [3,18], what is the range of Y =1/3f(x-2)-4? I took the first 3-4=-1 Then the 18-4=14 R[-1,14] But I got it wrong so can you please explain the steps

    asked by Sara
  81. algebra

    The value of the expression (a + b) ^3 / (a - b)^2 evaluated at a = 3 and b = -1 is:

    asked by Anonymous
  82. Algebra

    32in TV has a 16 in height

    asked by Carroll
  83. Math

    (-13 x^2 y^2) - (-6 x^2 y^2) Would I subtract the polynomials vertically and just add an addition sign in between all the spaces (like in between -13 and x^2 to get 7 x^2) or just do it in one big chunk (subtracting the whole thing to get the answer: 7 x^2

    asked by Anonymous
  84. Early Education

    You know that African American students don't necessarily like to hold eye contact with you while you have one-on-one discussions with them. What strategy might you use to help them feel more comfortable speaking with and listening to you? A. Practice

    asked by Diana
  85. Science

    Why we can hear sounds from a longer distance during monsoon

    asked by Linsha
  86. Math

    the scalar equation of the line through (-1,5) if (4,-1) is a normal vector to the line.

    asked by anon
  87. Early Education

    Tonya has been invited to help a new family whose child has a recently diagnosed disability and need to develop an individualized education plan (IEP). Upon meeting the parents, Tonya automatically assumes that they're going to be able to handle all the

    asked by Diana
  88. Math

    There are 50098 eggs. 980 of eggs crack and 3067 of them got stolen so how many of the eggs are left. No calculator challenge.

    asked by animelover
  89. Math

    How do you find the median of 4 numbers total such as 25, 28, 32 and 35?

    asked by Patrick
  90. math

    guys i need help with my hw, whats 1+1??? like i really don't get it!!!

    asked by bob ligma
  91. Math


    asked by Sierra