Questions Asked on
October 9, 2018

  1. History

    Which of the following statements best describes the Mississippians? A. The Mississippians developed a complex culture and lived in large communities. B. The Mississippians lived in the Northwest and hunted and gathered for survival. C. The Mississippians

    asked by Lisa
  2. Social studies

    How was life different for poor romans and Wealthy Romans? A.the wealthy lived in highly populated urban areas and the poor lived in villas in the country B.The poor lived on the docks by the sea, and the wealthy lived in highly populated urban areas C.the

    asked by -6
  3. History

    Which of the following is evidence that ancient Greek literature and theater is still important today? Select all that apply.

    asked by Skyler
  4. Social Studies

    Which ecosystem is least adaptable for growing crops? A. Sahara B. Rain Forest *** C. Savanna D. Sahel

    asked by ZiziDhtuz
  5. History

    Why did direct democracy work in Athens?

    asked by Skyler
  6. English

    PRESS RELEASE Contact: John Hemington, Human Resource director S+F Media is seeking a new member for our web design team. An innovator at the top of the field, S+F media has been delivering sleek, polished websites and user interfaces to our clients for

    asked by Ella
  7. Educational Technology

    which section of a personal narrative requires the most development? 1. introduction 2. conclusion 3. character introduction 4. plot

    asked by lk
  8. Physics

    Block A is accelerating with block B at a rate of 0.800 m/s^2 along a frictionl es surface. It suddenly encounters a surface that supplies 25.0 N a friction. What is the new acceleration? (There is a picture with block A on top on a bigger block B with an

    asked by BlessedGalPal
  9. Math

    What is the shortest time it takes to collect a container of water? This is from a Box Plot. The answer choices are: 45 minutes 56 minutes 64 minutes 53 minutes 48 minutes 48 minutes is the lower quartile 56 minutes is the upper quartile 53 is the number

    asked by Patrick
  10. social studies

    What is the order in which the caste system has changed in India? Place the first development at the top and the most recent developments at the bottom. 1. Castes are rigid and inflexible; people are born into a caste and cannot leave it. 2. Discrimination

    asked by Susan
  11. Social Studies

    What physical feature blocks access to the Indian subcontinent to its north and northeast? A. the Himalaya Mountains B. the Bay of Bengal C. the Deccan Plateau D. the Thar Desert I think it's A, but I'm not sure.

    asked by bob the builder boi
  12. English

    From "The Count of Monte Cristo" by Alexandre Dumas 1 Suddenly, about nine o’clock in the evening, Edmond heard a hollow sound in the wall against which he was lying. 2 So many loathsome animals inhabited the prison, that their noise did not, in general,

    asked by please
  13. History

    The Upanishads were written by ____ A. Brahmins < B. gurus C. Dalits D. Shiva

    asked by Hi Sisters
  14. math

    (1)Is the Equation true, false, or open? 4y + 8 = 6y + 3 A. True; the expressionas are the same for all values of variables B. False; the expressions are never the same ****** C. Open; there is a varible (12)Which equation is an Identity A. 7 - (9x + 3) =

    asked by kelseypooh
  15. HS credits

    Explain how many total number of credits you will need to graduate with a diploma from your state. how many total math credits do you need? how many credits will you need to become a classified as a tenth grade student?

    asked by Bow
  16. Educational Technology

    Why do authors use personification? A they want to create an image in the readers mind B They want to provide a literal description of an object. C They think objects are people in disguise D They want to show that people are more important than objects My

    asked by anonymous
  17. Educational Technology

    which of the following is a narrative essay most like? 1. encyclopedia entry 2. story*** 3. fact sheet 4. directions

    asked by lk
  18. Psychology

    Before the positive movement, psychology focused mainly on a. the history of mental illmess b. positive thoughtsanf feelings of people c. negative and dysfunctional aspects of emotions and behavior*****

    asked by Anonymous
  19. Math

    The resistance of the motionof a vechincle is partly constant and partly constant and partly varies to the square of its speed.At 30km/h the resistance is 496, and at 50km/h is 656N.Find the resistance at 60km/h

    asked by Adekunle Adebola
  20. Physics

    A bomb dropped from a balloon reaches the ground in 30seconds .determine the height of the balloon if it is at rest in the air and if it is ascending with a speed of 100m/sec when the balloon is dropped

    asked by Precious
  21. math

    the 4th term is 37 and the 6th term is 12 more than the 4th term find the first and seventh term

    asked by dayo
  22. comprehension

    Help wanted – Administrative Specialist
Minimum Requirements
Two years of experience in general office, clerical, and administrative support work. Education from an accredited college of an associate degree or higher.
Job Summary
This position

    asked by Ella
  23. Chemistry

    "A sample of 21.50 g of KHT is mixed with 1.000 L of pure water. After stirring the mixture for 30 minutes, there is still solid at the bottom of the container. Calculate the mass of the remaining solid. Use the value of Ksp that you obtained in your

    asked by ryancon
  24. physics

    If you pull one end of the rope 1.4 downward with a 46- force, find the height you can lift a 170- load.

    asked by al
  25. Statistics

    A breathalyser test is used by police in an area to determine whether a driver has an excess of alcohol in their blood. The device is not totally reliable: 8 % of drivers who have not consumed an excess of alcohol give a reading from the breathalyser as

    asked by Amy
  26. Chemistry

    A popular volcano demonstration involves the thermal decomposition of ammonium dichromate: (NH4)2Cr2O7 (s) --> Cr2O3 (s) + N2 (g) + 4 H2O (g) How much work is done by the system when 2.00 g of ammonium dichromate (M: 257.07 g/mol) completely decomposes?

    asked by FS
  27. Math

    Suppose A and B are events with P (A)=0.25, P(A or B)=0.5, and P (A and B )=0.07. Find each of the following. a. P(B)=0.07/0.25=.28 b. P (not B)= Please help me I need the steps to solve the question

    asked by Keonn'a
  28. physics

    A 0.160 kg glider is moving to the right with a speed of 0.9 m/s on a frictionless horizontal air track. The glider has a collision with a 0.291 kg glider that is moving to the left with a speed of 2.27 m/s. Find the final velocity of each glider if the

    asked by anonymous
  29. technology

    what does it mean to calculate frequencies within a database

    asked by Star
  30. SAT Math

    If the expression 4x^2/2x-1 is written in the equivalent form 1/2x-1+A, what is A in terms of x? A) 2x+1 B) 2x-1 C) 4x^2 D) 4x^2-1

    asked by Amy
  31. History

    What troubled Manuel de Mier y Terán when he visited Texas, which he reported to the Mexican government? (1 point) the amount of slavery in the state the number of Mexican immigrants who hadn’t adopted American culture the number of American immigrants

    asked by poopaty scoop
  32. Physics Circular Motion

    The Moon, which revolves around Earth with a period of about 27.3 d in a nearly circular orbit has a centripetal acceleration of 2.7x10^-3 m/s^2. What is the average distance from Earth to the moon. (Would appreciate a response without the use of radians).

    asked by Quaeme
  33. Math

    If there is a box plot that goes from 25 to 35 on the number line Then a second box plot that goes from 45 to 64 and the math question is as follows: What is the difference in minutes between the shortest collection times before and after the well was

    asked by Patrick
  34. Early Education

    Which of the following statements about the African American population is true? A. African Americans tend to be underrepresented in special education programs. B. African American students are more likely to be placed in a separate school or correctional

    asked by Diana
  35. Banked Curves

    A 1200 kg car rounds a curve of radius 70m with a banking of 12°. The car is traveling 90 km/h, will a frictional force be required? If so, how much?

    asked by Yinka
  36. Geography

    In terms of sheer geographic extent, the largest imperial state in ancient history was established under:

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Physics

    A car tows a trailer which has a mass of 182kg. The car starts from rest on a horizontal road with an acceleration of 2.40m/s^2. As soon as the trailer starts to move a friction force of 64.0N acts on the trailer. Calculate the force which the car exerts

    asked by Anonymous
  38. english

    Embryonic stem cell research is front page news these days. What is it? It is a proposal to use human embryos to grow stem cells or master cells that form immediately after a human egg is fertilized. The cells are called master or stem, because they can

    asked by anonymous
  39. Biology

    Which of these best defines the term pollutant? A anything humans add to the atmosphere and oceans (My answer choice) B any substance that is harmful to the environment C any substance that is a waste product of industry D a substance that does not break

    asked by Lollie
  40. SC History

    Slavery began in South Carolina when ----------? 1)captured Indians and sold them into slavery 2)brought indentured servants from Europe 3)brought slaves from Barbados 4) imported slaves from Africa ++++ My reading mentioned Africa and Barbados. I chose 4,

    asked by Jamie Sperling
  41. Science

    How many mililiters of water would be displaced by 408 grams of lead?

    asked by Josh
  42. Math

    What is the range of this data set? 27, 5, 11, 13, 10, 8, 14, 18, 7 A.22 B.7.5 C.11 D.16

    asked by Annie
  43. science

    The two sources of new materials involved in geologic processes are: magma soil erosion products deltas

    asked by timmy
  44. Calculus

    Find the linearization L(x) of the function f(x)=e^−2x at x=0. Please help

    asked by billy
  45. Chemistry

    Consider the reaction:P4 (s)+ 6 Cl2 (g) = 4PCl3(g) Delt H = -1230 kJ How much heat is released when 52.5 of Cl2 (g) reacts with an excess of P4 (s)? I tried the question and got -910.8 kJ and the answer is suppose to be -/+ 152 kJ.

    asked by FS
  46. math

    Determine vector, parametric and, if possible, symmetric equations for the line through Q(2, -1, 3) and the mid-point of the line segment from L(3, -2, 5) to M(1, 4, -7).

    asked by anon
  47. history

    Why do Jewish people study the Talmud and Hebrew Bible?

    asked by shannon
  48. Texas State History

    Which statement about the Anahuac standoff and the Battle of Velasco is true? A. Neither the Battle of Velasco nor the Anahuac Standoff had any bloodshed or fatalities. B. The Anahuac standoff had a peaceful solution, while the Battle of Velasco was the

    asked by ILTHSM_
  49. Social Studies

    Why do historians regard Jefferson as a great president? How might America be different today if Jefferson had been truer to his principles? Can anyone help me with this? An outline, a link, anything!

    asked by cAt.ExE HaS sTopPeD wORkInG
  50. Physics

    A suitcase has a mass of 14.4kg. A man lifts the suitcase off the floor by exerting a vertical force of 170N on the suitcase. What is the acceleration of the suitcase while the man is lifting it?

    asked by Anonymous
  51. math

    A bell rings every 24 minutes and another every 18. They both ring together at 6pm. What time will they next ring together at the same time ?

    asked by Ams
  52. Math

    Two six-sided dice are rolled at the same time and the numbers showing are observed. Find the following. a. (P=sum of 8) 2 dice: (3,5) (5,3), (2,6), (6,2) c. P(sum is an odd number) 2 dice (1,5) (3,3) (5,1) I am lost here please help me with the further

    asked by Keonn'a
  53. Math

    So, im doing a math lesson right now and taking notes. one of the examples makes no sense to me. The example is, 4/8+5/12. Here is where it gets confusing. The first step is to, rename the fractions using the LCD, 24. I made the denominator 24. The next

    asked by ILTHSM_
  54. Math

    you selected one card from a deck of 52.what is the probability that is a face card; 12/52 face card or a heart 15/52

    asked by Keonn'a
  55. Physics

    A dockworker loading crates on a ship finds that a 34.0-kg crate, initially at rest on a horizontal surface, requires a 72.0-N horizontal force to set it in motion. However, after the crate is in motion, a horizontal force of 51.0 N is required to keep it

    asked by Anonymous
  56. Physics

    1. A car travels 80 mi at a speed of 55mi/h. It encounters traffic and only travels at a speed of 15mi/h for a distance of 5mi. 2. A horse travels at 19m to left for 8.6s, and then turns around and travels 12m to the right for 18.4s. a) What are the

    asked by Jack
  57. Physics

    A body covers a distance 1metre along a semicircular path.calculate the magnitude of the body and the ratio of distance to displacement

    asked by Dhana priya
  58. Social studies

    Which of the following was the main reason the pharaoh so powerful? A. He could punish lawbreakers. B. He could set trading laws. *** C. He was believed to be a god on Earth. D. He could choose a wife from any social class.

    asked by Banana
  59. Consumer Math

    Tommy borrowed $600 at 9% for 12 months under a monthly installment plan. he must pay $8.7453 per $100 each month for 12 months. how much is his monthly installment payment?

    asked by Selena
  60. Math

    7 apples are to be distribute to 3 children evenly how?

    asked by Anonymous
  61. maths

    there are b/n 50&60 egg in abasket when mohammed counts by 3 si there ar 2egg left over when he count by 5s ther are 4left over haw maney are there in the basket?

    asked by ashe
  62. biology

    1. In the order they occur, list and describe the 4 main steps of mitosis. You may provide an illustration if you prefer, but you must name the steps in order. (4 points)

    asked by jared
  63. Math


    asked by Anonymous
  64. Math


    asked by kevin
  65. Statistics

    A box contains 7 pieces of candy: 1 green, 1 blue, and 5 red. You select one piece at random. Find the following probabilities: a.) P(green or red ) = 5/7-1/7=4/7 b.) P(green and red ) =6/7 c.) P (green or blue ) = 1/7-1/7=7 d.) P(not(green or blue) )

    asked by Keonn'a
  66. maths

    if 4x+3and 7x+6are consecutive terms of a geometric sequence, find the values(s)x.

    asked by samrawit
  67. physics

    A river has a steady speed of 0.562 m/s . A student swims upstream a distance of 0.839 km and returns to the starting point. If the student can swim at a speed of 1.06 m/s in still water, how long does the trip take? Answer in units of s.

    asked by anne
  68. Math

    Two six-sided dice are rolled at the same time and the numbers showing are observed. Find the following. a. P(sum=6) (1,6), (6,1) 1/36+1/36=2/36 b. P(sum=3) =1/36 c. P(sum is an odd number) 30/36 d. P(the two dice show same numbers) ? Can you check my

    asked by Keonn'a
  69. mathematics

    find the value of odd natural number x if lcm(x,40)=1400

    asked by ashe
  70. maths

    Bisi and Daniels ages add up years ago bisi was twice as old as Daniel. Find their present age.

    asked by ayomikun
  71. Math

    Body of roadrunner is 16 inches long and tail is 8 inches more. Roadrunner is 4 times longer than a lovebird how many inches is a lovebird

    asked by Lorie
  72. Math

    A box contains 7 pieces of candy: 1 green, 1 blue, and 5 red. You select one piece at random. Find the following probabilities. a.) P ( P(green or red ) = b.) P ( P(green and red ) c.) P ( P(green or blue ) = d.) P ( P(not(green or blue) ) =

    asked by Keonn'a
  73. Physics

    A 525-g book is placed on a wooden plank which is at an angle of 35.0° to the horizontal. After the book is released, it is measured to slide down the plank with an acceleration of 2.56 m/s2. (a) Calculate the coefficient of kinetic friction between the

    asked by Anonymous
  74. Biology

    Could you help me out with this question. I have read over the lesson and still feel like an idiot when it comes down this question. I understand hardy Weinberg equation but not this. Please help me understand this question. Scientists observe a newly

    asked by HELP
  75. Algebra

    Determine the number and type of solutions for the quadratic equation: 4X^2 + 3X= -8

    asked by Kim
  76. Social Studies

    Hey everyone! I was hoping if someone could assist me with this question which I need help with. q: Why did the Battle of Bloody Marsh start? Why were the Spanish and British conflicting? I tried researching it, but I couldn't find anything useful that

    asked by Bonny the Horse
  77. math

    what is the common ratio in the geometric sequence: 8, 15, 225/8

    asked by Anonymous
  78. math

    For questions 1 and 2 solve the equation for the variadable f - 354 = 1,221 help

    asked by Skyler
  79. science

    An isotropic epoxy resin (E=2GPa, ν=0.3) is reinforced by unidirectional glass fibers (Eglass=70GPa), aligned in the 2 direction, such that the fiber composite is transversely isotropic, with the 1-3 plane being the plane of isotropy. The elastic

    asked by Anonymous
  80. science

    a pendulum Bob executing simple harmonic motion has 20m and 12hz respectively. calculate the period of the motion

    asked by ope
  81. math

    A stack of 10 quarters is a cylinder. If the diameter of a single quarter is 2.2 cm and the approximate height is 0.17 cm, what is the surface area of a 10-quarter stack?

    asked by supreme
  82. Math

    I promise I'm not cheating! I just need to know if these are correct. If it is cheating I didn't know. The rest I will figure out and do myself once I understand better. 1. 2 2/5 + 1/15 = 2 12/15 + 1/15 = 2 13/15 Is that correct? 2. 9 ½ - 5 7/12 = 9 6/12

    asked by That Lonely Potato xox
  83. math

    soo, can someone help me with multiplication? how do you add multiple digits if that makes sense? thx alot. also, please explain if you can

    asked by awesome dude whatever
  84. chemistry

    Determine the hydronium and hydroxide ion concentrations in a solution that is 2.0 × 10-2 M NaOH

    asked by Chloe
  85. Chemistry

    In the reaction of titanium and bromine, which would be the limiting reagent? I think it is bromine. Ti + 2 Br2 = TiBr4

    asked by Anonymous
  86. Probability

    Part A: The difference A\B of two subsets A and B of is the set A∩( \B) of all points of which are in A but not in B. Show that if A, B ∈ F , then A \ B ∈ F . Part B: The symmetric difference A △ B of two subsets A and B of is defined to be the set

    asked by Lara
  87. Math

    How can you tell from a box plot in which region are the patient counts more similar. Box Plot A 37-18=19 Box Plot B 18-10=8 Box Plot C 27-13=14 I already know the answer is not C so it must be A or B but I am not sure which one. Please help.

    asked by Patrick
  88. math

    Is (1, 5) a solution to the equation y = x – 2?

    asked by yeet
  89. Math

    You select one card from a deck of 52 cards. What is the probability that it is b.) an eight or a spade? c.) a face card?5/26 d.) a face card or a spade? I am lost please help me I do not know where to started. never saw or play a card in my life. show me

    asked by Keonn'a
  90. Physics

    a rifle is aimed so that the target sitting on a 50.0 m high cliff, 300.0 m away, can be hit by a bullet. The rifle is aimed upward at an angle of 40.0* above the horizontal. With what speed must the bullet exit the muzzle of the rifle so that the target

    asked by Mady
  91. Physics

    An astronaut drops a feather from 1.9 m above the surface of the moon. If the acceleration of gravity on the moon is 1.65 m/s 2 , how long does it take the feather to reach the surface? Answer in units of s.

    asked by Purplegirl06
  92. math

    Two six-sided dice are rolled at the same time and the numbers showing are observed. Find the following. a. P(sum=8) (5,2) (2,5) 2/36 Please help me with the steps

    asked by Keonn'a
  93. math

    Explain how to use compensation to find the difference of 30,000 and 6,985.

    asked by Humpty Dumpty
  94. Physics

    A 251-N force is directed horizontally as shown to push a 25.1-kg box up a ramp at a constant speed. There is friction between the box and the ramp. (a) Calculate the magnitude of the normal force of the ramp on the box. (b) Calculate the coefficient of

    asked by Anonymous
  95. math

    25 7/5 divided by 2 8/9

    asked by please
  96. math

    what are all of the subsets for {-8, 4}

    asked by jenn
  97. history

    The main impact of the French and Indian War on American colonists was the______________ the victory cost. political burden of new lands military burden of material military burden of prisoners economic burden of debt C?

    asked by KAKE
  98. history

    Alarmed by the building of a French fort in the Ohio River Valley, Fort Duquesne, the British sent a young Virginian, ____________, to treat with the French. Thomas Gage Thomas Jefferson George Washington Paul Revere A or D

    asked by kennedy
  99. Civics

    explain how the incorporation doctrine serves to safeguard individual rights. give examples of the freedoms it protects, and at least one specific example of when it has been used. Please help really need it :)

    asked by Yagurrlrayyyyyyy
  100. Math

    Suppose A and B are events with P(A)=1/6, P(B)=5/6 and P(A and B)=1/12. Find each of the following a. P(AorB)= Formula: P(A)+P(B)-P(A&B) 1/6+5/6-1/12=11/12 b. P(not A) 1-1/6=5/6 c.P(not B)= 1-1/12=11/12 I am lost here can please correct any mistakes I did

    asked by Keonn'a
  101. Math

    4 and 1/2 in model form

    asked by Kaneisha Pruitt
  102. Math

    One table at a bake sale has 75 cookies.Another table has 60 cupcakes.Witch table allows for more rectangular arrangements when all the cookies and cupcakes are displayed?Explain

    asked by Makayla
  103. Math

    Line m is tangent to a circle at the point 4,1 If the circle is centered at the origin, what is the y intercept of the line m?

    asked by Questio
  104. Early education

    Which of the following is a true statement about team collaboration? A. Team collaboration should be established through any communication means possible. B. Team collaboration should be mandatory if an agency decides to implement a collaborative model. C.

    asked by Diana
  105. Early Education

    Of the following components of collaborative teaming, which is the most essential? A. Nature of leadership on the team B. Agreement on the process by which teams are formed C. Common set of goals upon which all members agree D. Explicit training for

    asked by Diana
  106. Early Education

    Immigration of Hispanics to the United States represents a major change to its demographics. Which of the following best describes this population? A. Except for those along the southern border, states will feel little effect. B. Most legal immigrants are

    asked by Diana
  107. Algebra

    Sorry if this is a silly question, but can anyone algebraically explain to me how these two equations are equivalent. 360/(180-x)=y (-360+180y)/x=y Desmos shows that they're the same line: attps:// and replace a with h

    asked by Luke
  108. Math

    A rectangular cube with sides measuring 4 cm, is made with 1 cm^3 blocks. Two straight tunnels of 4 cubes each are taken out. All exposed surfaces are painted including inside the tunnels. How many small cubes have been painted on exactly 3 faces?

    asked by Timothy
  109. Science

    Which three forces are applied on winds in the upper atmosphere? 1. Gravity 2. Pressure gradient force 3. Coriolis force 4. Centripetal force 5. Frictional force Pressure gradient force, Coriolis force, and Centripetal force. Is this correct?

    asked by !