Questions Asked on
October 8, 2018

  1. math

    A mountain climber on Mt. Everest is at 29,035 ft above sea level. A stone at the bottom of the dead sea is at 1,349 ft below sea level. What is the difference in elevation

    asked by sendtheword
  2. Statistics

    Two six-sided dice are rolled at the same time and the numbers showing are observed. Find the following. a. P(sum=2) b. P(sum=3) c. P(sum is an even number) d. P (the two dice show different numbers)

    asked by Keonn'a
  3. Further maths

    Find the zeros of the polynomial f(x)=2x3-7x2-3x+18

    asked by Ande2
  4. math

    6 divided by the difference of a number and 2, minus 5 divided by a number plus 2, equals 5 times the reciprocal of the difference of the number squared and 4. What is the number? Please help ASAP!!!!!!!!! :(

    asked by Andrea
  5. English

    1. She hid her diary under the carpet. 2. She hid her diary beneath the carpet. [Which one is correct? Can we use both?]

    asked by rfvv
  6. math

    A farmer wishes to fence off a rectangular field that borders a straight river, as shown in the diagram provided. He does not need to fence the side bordering the river. The total length of the fencing is 60 ft long. a. Use your knowledge of quadratic

    asked by Matt
  7. Math

    N is a two digit number such that the number formed by reversing the digits of N is 18 less than N. If the units digit of N is 5, find its tens digit.

    asked by Nikita
  8. science

    How does a cell separate itself from its environment and still allow materials to leave and enter the cell in order to maintain homeostasis?

    asked by lil skies<3
  9. Math

    Explain 541,309 exchange in hundred thousands and tens places

    asked by Shahad
  10. Chemistry

    Stock solution A is prepared by dissolving 182 mg of ferrous ammonium sulfate in water and diluting to volume in a 500-mL volumetric flask. Calculate the concentration of iron, in ppm, in stock solution A.

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Arts

    1. which of the following did the development of linear perspective allow artists to do? a. show human anatomy more accurately* b. paint three dimensional images on a flat surface c. create more exact technical drawings d. build domes with precise

    asked by lisa
  12. Engineering

    Three CSTRs are used in series. The second reactor has a volume twice that of the first and third reactors. The influent flow has a concentration of 150 mg/l of A, and the flowrate is 380 l/min. The reaction is first order, the rate equation is -dCa/dt=

    asked by Anonymous
  13. math

    Explain the steps to solve this problem 0.000027 divided by 0.000009

    asked by therealcharmxdude
  14. Math

    SHOW THAT LINES (x-5)/-2 = (y+3)/4 = (z-1)/6 = t AND (x+2)/4 = (y-1)/-8 = (z+6)/-12 = t ARE PARALLEL.

    asked by anon
  15. maths

    Find the zeros of the polynomial f(x)=2x3-7x2-3x+18

    asked by Ande2
  16. Maths

    Find the zeros of the polynomial f(x)=2x3-7x2-3x+18

    asked by Ande2
  17. Math

    4. The animal shelter rescued 40 cats and dogs today. If 12 of them were cats, what percent of them were dogs? Should I solve by subtracting 40-12 to get the number of dogs or solve using the cats and then subtracting that from 100? 40-12 = 28 dogs 28/40 =

    asked by Jared
  18. English

    Write : - 2 x a memo(memorandum) 250 - 300 words (3 paragraphs) - a notice 200 - 300 words ( 4 paragraphs). English level : B1/ C1 Details will be attached.

    asked by Sebastian
  19. Science

    How do you determine the molar volume change during the phase transformations by using the coexistence lines?

    asked by hewhomustbenamed82
  20. Maths

    The remainder when the polynomial f(x)=2x3+px2+qx+18 is divided by (x-1) is 10, when it is divided by (x+1) the remainder is R find (1) The values of p and q (2) The zeros of f(x)

    asked by Ande2
  21. maths

    The remainder when the polynomial f(x)=2x3+px2+qx+18 is divided by (x-1) is 10, when is divided by (x+1) the remainder is 12, find (a) The values of p and q (b) The zeros of f(x)

    asked by Ande2
  22. algebra

    Solve the following system of linear equations: 2x2+4x3+2x4 = −5 5x2+10x3+5x4 = −15 x1+2x2+2x3−3x4 =3 If the system has no solution, demonstrate this by giving a row-echelon form of the augmented matrix for the system.

    asked by sal
  23. physics

    This puppy is in a rocket. While the rocket is on the ramp it accelerates the puppy with an acceleration of 10m/s2 along the ramp. The puppy starts form rest at the bottom of the ramp and travels 6m along the ramp. The instant the puppy leaves the ramp the

    asked by 541
  24. SocialStudies

    #1. Why were the French determined to prevent British colonies from expanding westward? #2. Which Native American groups sided with the British and which sided with the French as the war began? Why? #3. What arguments did the British have against the

    asked by Jordan
  25. chemistry

    i was wondering what the balance equation this would be NaOH + H3PO4 --> Na3PO4 + H-OH (H20) thank you

    asked by lauren
  26. MATH

    A square pen that is surrounded by a fence is divided into two rectangular regions by adding a new fence that connects the midpoints of two opposite sides. By what percent has the total length of fencing been increased?

    asked by Dam
  27. World History

    What was an impact of the United States entry into World War I? The Ottoman Empire immediately surrendered to the Allied powers, realizing that its fight was futile. Tensions developed between American and French troops over who would occupy the best

    asked by Mia
  28. Geography

    What physical feature blocks access to the Indian subcontinent to its north and northeast? A. the Himalaya Mountains B. the Bay of Bengal C. the Deccan Plateau D. the Thar Desert

    asked by can't ban me, can you?
  29. Social Studies

    Which Renaissance technique was used in this painting to make it look more realistic and three-dimensional? A. use of negative space B. use of colorful paint colors C. use of gesture drawing D. use of linear perspective How did printing in the vernacular

    asked by Connexusacademy
  30. physics

    1.) If the penny is at a radius of 6.00 cm spinning at a speed of 3.50 rad/sec. What is the centripetal acceleration of the penny in m/s2? Enter your answer to three significant figures.

    asked by Paige
  31. English

    Can anyone find links for "Haiku" by Kaga no Chiyo or "Haiku" by Basho

    asked by MinMin
  32. MATH

    Scott repeatedly rolls a pair of standard six-sided dice and keeps track of the sum of the two numbers rolled each time. So far he has not rolled any sum twice. What is the maximum possible number of times he has thrown the dice?

    asked by Dam
  33. MATH

    An annulus is a ring bounded by two concentric circles. In annulus A has an inner circle of radius 2 cm and an outer circle of radius 6 cm. Annulus B has an outer circle of radius 9 cm. If annulus B has an area equal to that of annulus A, what is the

    asked by Dam
  34. MATH

    Let Q = {1.7, 1.1, 1.4, 2.1, 2.3, s}. What is the absolute difference between the greatest and least possible values of the median of set Q? Express your answer as a decimal to the nearest hundredth.

    asked by Dam
  35. math

    write 13/4 as a decimal. round to three decimal places a. 3.249 b. 3.15 c. 3.25 d. 3.24*** thx :)

    asked by hawseefoo
  36. Algebra

    If a and b are integers such that a^2− b^2 = 100, what is the greatest possible value of a?

    asked by Mike
  37. History

    from Miranda v. Arizona Which kind of confession is declared admissible by this ruling? a confession not evoked by police questioning a confession not properly recorded by police a confession that also implicates someone else a confession made in private

    asked by Brianna
  38. History

    from Miranda v. Arizona What does Chief Justice Warren state is the primary fault of officers in the cases under consideration? failing to let suspects make phone calls failing to get written confessions failing to ensure confessions were made freely

    asked by Brianna
  39. algebra

    Across a horizontal distance of 25 feet, a roller coaster has a steep drop. The height of the roller coaster at the bottom of the drop is -125 feet, compared to its height at the top of the drop. What is the average amount that the roller coaster's height

    asked by brianna
  40. algebra

    Find −23 7/8+11 1/4.

    asked by brianna
  41. algebra

    Find −23 7/8+11 1/4.

    asked by brianna
  42. Math

    What's 5.01x11.6 can you show work.

    asked by Katie
  43. English

    from "Success" Which is one of Emerson's messages in this text? While criminals may succeed and prosper for a time, they will eventually be found out and punished. It is better to learn to live with one's faults and problems than to try and fail to correct

    asked by Brianna
  44. Math

    A map of scale 1:10000a rectangular plot of land measures 5cm by 3cm. What is the actual perimeter in metres

    asked by Anonymous
  45. Math

    Suppose line GH is congruent to line JK, line HE is congruent to line KL, and angle 1 is congruent to angle L. Can you prove that triangle GHI is congrunet to triangke JKL, abd if so, how? A. You can use SAS to prove the triangles are congruent. B. You can

    asked by Bettey
  46. Math

    Can someone please check this? given: line AE and line BD bisect each other. prove: triangle ACB is congruent to triangle ECD Statements 1. Line AE and line BD bisect each other 2. Line AC is congruent to line EC, line DC is congruent to line BC 3. Angle

    asked by Ryan
  47. math

    Fine the distance between Bida (9°N,6.0°E) and Addis Ababa (9°N,38.8°E) measured along the parallel of latitude

    asked by Anthony
  48. Social Studies

    can someone plzz help me Why did nationalist movements gain strength in Asia and Africa after World War II? A. Asian and African nations wanted a return to colonial-style governments. B. People in the colonies wanted to choose their own governments.**** C.

    asked by Hiiii
  49. Language arts essay

    Both forest fire and why leaves change color in the fall present factual information. write an essay of your own about one of these essays. in your essay, tell whether the author provided enough information for you to understand the topic fully. Then

    asked by Julianna
  50. Social Studies

    plzz help How was the independence process in Kenya different from that in Ghana? A. Kenyan independence was gained without violence. B. Ghanaian independence did not occur until the 1980s. C. Ghanaian independence was gained through violent strikes and

    asked by Hey
  51. Protestant reformation

    1.Why did Henry VIII come into conflict with the pope? A. Henry wanted England to become a Protestant nation. B. Henry wanted to remove the pope as head of the Church. C. The pope refused to annul Henry's marriage and allow him to remarry.** D. The pope

    asked by saskia
  52. Social Studies

    How was the independence process in Kenya different from that in Ghana? A. Kenyan independence was gained without violence. B. Ghanaian independence did not occur until the 1980s. C. Ghanaian independence was gained through violent strikes and protests. D.

    asked by gogi
  53. Social Studies

    Drag the phrase to the country it describes. Some answers may be used more than once. Kenya India Algeria Malaya home to nationalist movement led by Mohandas Gandhi ruled by the French ruled by the British Religious riots broke out here during independence

    asked by dori
  54. math

    2. -2/5 x 1 1/4 a. -1/10 b.-1/2 c.1 1/10 d.1/2( THINK IS THIS ONE)

    asked by Jimin-Mochi
  55. Math

    HELP! #1.-7/9 x 3/5 a.-27/45 b.-7/15(THINK ITS THIS ONE ) c.7/15 d.27/45

    asked by Jimin-Mochi
  56. Math

    #3.1 3/5 x 3/4 a.-20/24 b.-9/20 c.-1 1/5 (THIS ONEEEE)? d.-1 9/20

    asked by Jimin-Mochi
  57. MATH

    #4 -7/8 x 1/37 = A.-1 3/8 B.-1 21/56 C.1 3/8 D.1 1/4(thisone) If not please tell me which one it is

    asked by Jimin-Mochi
  58. physics

    A ball is rolling with an initial velocity of 5.55 m/s over a table moves over the edge and falls to the ground. How long is the ball in the air when the table is 1.11m high. a. How long is the ball in the air before it hits the ground? b. How far from the

    asked by sea lively
  59. physics

    A ball within an initial velocity of 5.55 m/s is shot at an angle of 30 degree above the horizontal using a launcher. The launcher is 1.11 high. a. How long is the ball in the air, before it hits the ground? b. How far from the launcher does the ball land

    asked by sea lively
  60. scientific revolution

    1. What did Francis Bacon believe scientists should rely on to explain the laws of nature? a. Greek learning b. Church teachings c. mathematics d. inductive reasoning** 2. What is the first step in the scientific method? a. experiment b. form a

    asked by kyla
  61. Physics

    The earth pulls on an apple with 0.5 N of force. Which statement is the most accurate about this situation? The Apple is in static equilibrium. The apple doesn’t pull on the earth as is evidenced by the fact that it is only the Apple that moves.(my

    asked by BlessedGalPal
  62. Language Arts

    I need some help with my narrative essay about how I met a friend. I don't think I quite understand what I need to do, I've already written it but I need help fixing it to make it better. I have included information about when we met (June 28, 2016), how

    asked by ILTHSM_
  63. u.s. history

    Were the colonists' reasons for acquiring American Indian lands justified? I am not sure what to write for this question. Can anyone give me some ideas?

    asked by bizzle
  64. algebra

    Solve the following equation, justify each step with the appropriate property. 5(2x - 3) + 20 = 35

    asked by abc
  65. Physics

    You pull on a wagon resting on the sidewalk. What will happen next? The wagon moves because you apply more force to the wagon than it applies to you. The wagon doesn’t move because the force you apply to the wagon is equal to the force it applies to you:

    asked by BlessedGalPal
  66. Algebra

    Solve the following equation. -3 = z + 4 A. z=1 *My answer* B. z=-1 C. z=-7 D. z=7

    asked by Lollie
  67. Math

    solve the following equation -9 = r/4 a. r= 36 b. r=13 c. 5= 9/4 (mine) d. r= -36

    asked by DemLeggi
  68. algebra

    Which line has an undefined slope? Select one: a. x=18 b. 2y-6x=0 c. y=-9 d. y=x

    asked by brianna
  69. english

    1bracken is a type of a) flower b) grass c)fern

    asked by !!!!!!!
  70. math

    solve the following equation algebraically 6=x+2/3 could i get some help on how to solve this?

    asked by Heuyad
  71. geometry

    8. Error Analysis. Find and Correct ALL 3 of the errors in the proof.( 3 points) Given: m||n Prove: m

    asked by abc
  72. Math

    A credit to a liability account was posted to an owners equity account. This would cause:

    asked by Kim
  73. Algebra

    If 12 less than 4 times a number is 8, the number is 5. Write a different sentence where the unknown number is also 5.

    asked by Random
  74. social studies

    What was unique about priests in Sumerian society? A. They were not allowed to farm. B. They were females chosen from an early age. C. They were the only ones who could communicate with the gods. D. They were responsible for the Sumerian advancements in

    asked by Sophie
  75. Math

    Start at 500,crate a pattern that subtracts 4 from each number.Stop when you have 5 numbers

    asked by Marissa
  76. Math

    Data and graphs test ! find the mean of this data set. if neccary, round to the nerest tenth. 15.8,14.9,16.7,17.6,14.4 A 15.7 B 16.2 C 16.7 D 19.6

    asked by Jazmine
  77. Algebra

    The ages of three siblings combined is 27. The oldest is twice the age of the youngest. The middle child is 3 years older than the youngest. Write and solve an equation to find the ages of each sibling.

    asked by Random
  78. Algebra

    The ages of three siblings combined is 27. The oldest is twice the age of the youngest. The middle child is 3 years older than the youngest. Write and solve an equation to find the ages of each sibling.

    asked by Random
  79. Algebra

    Write about a real-world situations that can be represented by the same two step equation.

    asked by Random
  80. Algebra

    Describe two real world situations that can be represented by same two step equations.

    asked by Random
  81. physics

    In a scene in an action movie, a stunt man jumps from the top of one building to the top of another building 3.8 m away. After a running start, he leaps at an angle of 18◦ with respect to the flat roof while traveling at a speed of 4.2 m/s. The

    asked by abby
  82. math


    asked by robin
  83. calculus

    If $3500 is invested at an interest rate of 5.25% per year, compounded continuously, find the value of the investment after the given number of years. a. 4 years b. 8 years c. 12 years

    asked by Cara Delvin
  84. English

    What characteristics of the narrator “the night the bed fell” ends up being a key element in the story?

    asked by Anonymous
  85. chemistry

    Terephthalic acid is an important chemical used in the manufacture of polyesters and plasticizers. It contains only C, H, and O. Combustion of 21.79 mg terephthalic acid produces 46.18 mg CO2 and 7.10 mg H2O. If 0.250 mol of terephthalic acid has a mass of

    asked by maath
  86. Math

    If a and b are integers such that a2 − b2 = 100, what is the greatest possible value of a?

    asked by Luba
  87. history

    What role did Africans have in the Boer Wars? The Boers used Africans in their scorched earth policy to drive out British farmers. South Africans were used as laborers but were forbidden to carry firearms. Africans of the Boer nation were nearly destroyed

    asked by Bri
  88. math

    When writing an equation in point-slope format, is it not proper to fully solve for y? For example, here is my problem: Find the point-slope equation for a line containing the point (-7, 2) and the slope m = 3. The answer was this: y – 2 = 3(x + 7) I was

    asked by Carly
  89. math

    What is the greatest integer k such that 2k is a factor of 67!?

    asked by Luba
  90. Reading

    Someone plz help me find this book. I don't know the title or the author. All I know is that it has a picture of 4 teens sitting on a wall but none of them have their heads in the picture. It only shows their legs hanging over the side of the wall. Plz

    asked by a random 8th grade cheerleader
  91. Geometry Re-post

    Re-post for the person with a marginal screenname. What is the slope of the line passing through the points (2,7) and (-1,3)? 1. 2/7 2. 3/4 3. 4/3**** 4. 1/3

    asked by Writeacher
  92. Science

    Which of the following is true about photosynthesis? 1). it is an exothermic reaction. 2). it is an endothermic reaction. 3). it produces carbon dioxide . 4). it occurs in animal.

    asked by Leo the Lion
  93. Physics

    1. A car travels 80 mi at a speed of 55mi/h. It encounters traffic and only travels at a speed of 15mi/h for a distance of 5mi. 2. A horse travels at 19m to left for 8.6s, and then turns around and travels 12m to the right for 18.4s. a) What are the

    asked by Jack
  94. Math

    There are four children in a family. The sum of the squares of the ages of the three youngest children equals the square of the oldest child. How old are the children?

    asked by Cindy
  95. Health

    What is NOT a healthy way to deal with anger? A. run around the block a few times. B. yell at the person who makes you angry.*** C.accecpt your feelings. D. remember what made you angry this time so you can avoid it in the future.

    asked by Henry Hart
  96. English

    1. She hid her diary under the carpet. 2. She hid her diary beneath the carpet. 3. She hid her diary inside the carpet. 4. She hid her diary in the carpet. 5. She hid her diary into the carpet. [Which prepositions can we use? Which ones are commonly used?]

    asked by rfvv
  97. math

    Draw a diagram that shows 0.5 and 1/2 are equivalent.

    asked by Efrem