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October 2, 2018

  1. social studies

    How did the church try to reshape the code of chivalry? A. by supporting military conquest B. by rewarding bravery C. by emphasizing generosity D. by eliminating knighthood Which of the following did the first schools established during the Middle Ages

    asked by i know
  2. SS

    1.Which of the following was an effect of the Renaissance? A. More people learned Latin. B. More works were published in the vernacular.***** C. The church supported written scientific works. D. People developed a renewed interest in religious subjects. 2.

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  3. social studies

    Why did the British want to expand their control into the Ohio Valley in the mid-1700s?

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  4. Social Studies

    1. Which region was home to the Sioux? (1 point) the Eastern woodlands of North America Southern Mexico and Central America the Pacific Northwest of North America the Central plains of North America******

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  5. Physics

    A horse is harnessed to a sled having a mass of 231 kg, including supplies. The horse must exert a force exceeding 1250 N at an angle of 36.3° (above the horizontal) in order to get the sled moving. Treat the sled as a point particle. HINT - Use the

    asked by Doug
  6. history

    How did Greek scientists change the way people viewed and understood the natural world around them?

    asked by ms.kendra
  7. College Physics

    In a crash test, a 2000-kg van collides with a concrete support. The stopping time interval for the collision is 0.10 s, and the impulse exerted by the support on the van is 7.0×103N⋅s. A.) Determine the magnitude of the change in momentum. B.)Determine

    asked by Natalie
  8. SS

    Which of the following statements best describes the spread of Islam during the Arab conquests? A. Islam spread only within the lands conquered by Arabs. B. Everyone in conquered lands was forced to convert to Islam. === C. Few non-Arabs ever converted to

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  9. Social Studies

    Which is evidence that Sparta had elements of democracy? A. The kings had absolute power. B. The oligarchs had absolute power. C. Some leaders were tyrannical. D. Ephors could take kings out of power.

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  10. science

    Read the scenario and answer the following questions: a. How could the scenario have been prevented? b. How should the student respond in the scenario to minimize the harm? During an experiment, Carin carefully pours solution A from a test tube into a

    asked by HEEEELP
  11. Physics

    A block of mass 57.1 kg rests on a slope having an angle of elevation of 28.3°. If pushing downhill on the block with a force just exceeding 162 N and parallel to the slope is sufficient to cause the block to start moving, find the coefficient of static

    asked by Doug
  12. Math (Urgent!)

    Consider 10 independent tosses of a biased coin with the probability of Heads at each toss equal to p , where 0

    asked by Sean
  13. math

    Given line segment AB on Line L, and a collinear point M, which must be true? a. M is on line L **** b. M is between A and B c. M is on line segment AB d. M is the midpoint of A and B

    asked by Anonymous
  14. World History

    Why was Alexandria considered a site of encounter?

    asked by thegoat
  15. social studies

    can anyone answer these I have some answers it's either Peter the great or Cathrine the great Peter is p Catrine is c fought Poland and the Ottoman Empire to gain land in Eastern Europe p** c fought Sweden to gain access to the Baltic p** c built St.

    asked by cloe
  16. World History

    1. how did the treaty of Paris affect life in Spanish Texas A. Missions were moved and a large effort was made to increase the population of Spanish Texas. My answer B. The United States to over a large part of eastern Texas C. Most settlers decided to

    asked by horse girl
  17. linear algebra

    Let T be the plane 2x−3y = −2. Find the shortest distance d from the point P0=(−1, −2, 1) to T, and the point Q in T that is closest to P0. Use the square root symbol '√' where needed to give an exact value for your answer. I need help with this

    asked by Sara
  18. math

    A car skids to a stop, leaving four skid marks with an average length (D) of 60 feet. The road is asphalt. Skid tests reveal a drag factor(f) of 0.75. Since all four wheels were braking, the braking efficiency (n) is 100% or 1.00. To the nearest mile per

    asked by Matthew
  19. maths

    out of 40 students,14 are taking english and 29 are taking chemistry.if 5 students are in both classes,how many are in neither class?how many students are in either classes?

    asked by OBIRI
  20. Social Studies

    1. Which region was home to the Sioux? (1 point) the Eastern woodlands of North America Southern Mexico and Central America the Pacific Northwest of North America the Central plains of North America.... 2. Which represents an Aztec adaptation to their

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  21. history

    What was the British Raj? the British government that controlled India until the end of World War II the British Parliament established by direct elections in India after World War I the military force established by Great Britain in India to ward off

    asked by Bri
  22. history

    How did the policies of the Napoleonic Empire change Europe? Napoleon’s expansion policies led to a desire for self-rule throughout Europe. The policies of Napoleon led to international treaties, economic cooperation, and world peace. Policies of the

    asked by Bri
  23. U.S History

    What was the purpose of the Dutch East Indian Company? It was a ship-building company in India that was financed and run by the Dutch government. It was a multinational corporation used to establish colonies and trade in foreign territories. It was a team

    asked by Britt
  24. math

    When an airplane experiences drag, are the forces added or subtracted? Hint: Drag is the term used to describe the air in front of the plane pushing the airplane backwards.

    asked by Sophia
  25. Economics

    This chapter discusses companies that are oligopolists in the market for the goods they sell. Many of the same ideas apply to companies that are oligopolists in the market for the inputs they buy. If sellers who are oligopolists try to increase the price

    asked by MOHAMEED
  26. Physics

    Consider the figure below. (a) Find the tension in each cable supporting the 688-N cat burglar. (Assume the angle θ of the inclined cable is 38.0°.) inclined cable - ??? horizontal cable - ??? vertical cable - ???

    asked by Doug
  27. Texas History

    Please check my answers cuz this ain't my best subject. 7th grade History in Connexus. Government in Mexican Texas Quiz U3 L10 1.What was the focus of the Constitution of 1824? A.effective economic principles B.state led governments C.strong,central

    asked by Kandy Girl
  28. English

    What is Miss Havisham's role in the deception which she so willingly embraces? She allows Pip to believe something that is not true; however, she never actually lies to him. Why, or why not, is this equal to lying? What damage does this do? Book: Great

    asked by Dami
  29. math

    5/10 - 3/10 1/2 + 3/4 1/6 + 3/8 7/8 - 5/12 the sum of two numbers is 7/8. one addend is 3/4. what is the other?

    asked by 5/10 - 3/10
  30. math

    (7z^m)(nz^3)=-14z^7 solve for m and n

    asked by shiv
  31. probability

    The joint PMF, p X , Y ( x , y ) , of the random variables X and Y is given by the following table: y = 1 4 c 0 2 c 8 c y = 0 3 c 2 c 0 2 c y = − 1 2 c 0 c 4 c x = − 2 x = − 1 x = 0 x = 1

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Texas History

    Government in Mexican Texas Quiz U3 L10 2.Which important legislation did Erasmo Seguin help write? A.Treaty or Cordoba B.Constitution of 1824 C.The Bill of Rights D.Plan of Iguala My answer is B am I correct.

    asked by Kandy Girl

    A solid object has a weight of 13.62 N. When it is suspended from a scale and submerged in water, the scale reads 1.54 N. Find the density of the object (use pwater = 1000 kg/m3).

    asked by Anonymous
  34. sport

    What is the reason for the Olympic games to be largest of all sporting events

    asked by Anonymous
  35. history

    How did the Enlightenment influence the American and French Revolutions? Enlightenment emphasis on Protestant Christianity caused people to rebel against Catholic authority. Notions of full social equality caused the slave populations to rise up and

    asked by Bri
  36. Math Check

    Estimating With Fractions and Mixed Numbers U4 L1 Connexus 7th grade Use benchmarks to estimate each sum or difference. 1.4/6 + 8/9 A.about 1 1/2 B.about 1 3/4 C.about 1 8/9 D.about 2 My answer is D 2. 17/18-3/7 A.about 1/4 B.about 1/2 C.about 0 D.about 1

    asked by Kandy Girl
  37. English

    The race began modestly, in 1970, with only 110 people in the race. This revision combines sentences (4) and (5) in paragraph 3. Choose which sentence type BEST describes this revision.

    asked by sarah
  38. History

    Q.7) John Locke believed that if government does not protect natural rights, then A. citizens know that the government is working because they have safety B. it breaks the social contract and people can create a new government *** My answer C. citizens

    asked by Anonymous
  39. math

    How do I solve for F here? Solve C = 5/9(F-32) for F

    asked by Carly
  40. Math

    A, B, C and D are four points on a line such that AB:AC = 7:10, and BD:CD = 9:2. If CD = 9 cm, what is the length, in cm, of AB? A) 49 B) 64 C) 54.25 D)73.25 E)70

    asked by William
  41. algebra

    (7z^ m )(nz ^ 3 )=−14z^7

    asked by kevin
  42. Georgia History

    1) According to the Charter of 1732, there were three primary reasons for colonizing Georgia. Based on your knowledge of Georgia's Colonial history, evaluate the success of each of the motivating factors for colonization of Georgia as listed in the Charter

    asked by Anonymous
  43. Math

    A student measures a rectangular room to be 20.0 m × 17.16 m. Which of the numbers below represents the room’s area with the correct number of significant features. 340 m2 343 m2 343.2 m2*** 343.20 m2

    asked by HEEEELP
  44. Math

    An aircraft pilot wishes to fly from an airfield to a point lying S20oE from the airfield. There is a wind blowing from N80oE at 45 km/h. The airspeed of the plane will be 550 km/h. (a) What direction should the pilot steer the plane (to whole degree)?

    asked by Jerome
  45. history

    which of these best states the main idea of "the drive-in movies"?

    asked by destan
  46. world studies

    Who was responsible for planning the settlement of Texas A. Stephan F Austin B. Moses Austin C. Erasmo Seguin D. Martin DeLeon

    asked by hola how are you
  47. Social Studies

    What did the Battle of Medina become known for during Mexico's Quest for independence A. It showed that it would be easy for Mexico to gain independence from Spain. '''''''My answer B. It was one of the bloodiest battles ever fought on Texas soil C. It was

    asked by rororoyourboat
  48. Math

    In a senior secondary school,80 students play football or hockey.The number that play football is 5 more than twice the number that play hockey.If 15 students play both games and every student in the school plays at least one game,find (i)the number of

    asked by GLORIA
  49. Texas State History

    What is absolute chronology A a chronology listing of specific dates B a detailed summary of a historic event C a listing of events that occurred during the same time period D a timeline that has been verified by professional historians.

    asked by Madi
  50. Social Studies

    Which of the following is true of the shaded area in the image? A. it was acquired by the United States before the west coast *** B. it was acquired by the United States after the west coast C. it was acquired by the United States at the same time as the

    asked by toe
  51. Texas History

    Look I really need help! But if you cannot help me please DO NOT post on this page.If you can help I appreciate it very much. Government in Mexican Texas Quiz 1. What was a focus of the Constitution of 1824? A. Effective economic principles B.state led

    asked by Kandy Girl
  52. Math

    The following simultaneous equations are given in base two 11X+10y=1100 101X-y=111

    asked by Anonymous
  53. English

    In Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, at first, Huck feels_________about writing to Jim's owner. a. good b. guilty c. uncertain ****

    asked by Anonymous
  54. Physics

    A ball is rolling along a horizontal table top at a constant speed. The table top is 75.0 cm above horizontal floor. The ball rolls over the edge of the table and hits the floor below at a horizontal distance from the table edge of 1.06 m. You may ignore

    asked by Anonymous
  55. Calculus 3

    Find a path that traces the circle in the plane y = −2 with radius r = 4 and center (−3,−2,−2) with constant speed 28.

    asked by EKM
  56. Social Studies

    Which of the following were goals of the civic rights movement? Select all that apply. A) establishing full voting rights for women B) establishing full voting rights for African Americans** C) banning sexist business practices D) banning racist business

    asked by anonymous
  57. Calculus 3

    Find an arc length parametrization of r(t) = ⟨e^(t)sint, e^(t)cost, 8e^(t)⟩

    asked by EKM
  58. Physics

    A boy exerts a horizontal force of 111 N on a box with a mass of 32.7 kg. HINT - (a) Make a free-body diagram and apply the x-component of Newton's second law. (b) Apply the relationship between static friction and the normal force. (a) If the box doesn't

    asked by Doug
  59. Calculus and Vectors

    (6) Consider the vectors Vector a=(1,2,3) and Vector b=(-3,0,2). (a) Determine the projection of Vector a onto Vector b. (b) A unit vector is a vector of length 1. Determine a simplified unit vector in the same direction as Vector a .

    asked by Anon
  60. Science

    Can someone please help me reword this?! Thanks! I don't like what I did oof Many every day activities lead to global warming because they produce pollution. When gas is burned in a car, it produces carbon dioxide, a Greenhouse gas. It floats up towards

    asked by cAt.ExE HaS sTopPeD wORkInG
  61. Grammar

    A regular verb is a word that expresses an action;an irregular verb us a non-action word. True or False?

    asked by Charlene Hunt
  62. Calculus

    Solve the integral: 5/x(x^2-4) dx I've done the partial fractions and found B and C, both equaling 5/8; and that's gonna give me 5/8 ln|x^2-4|. I just need help finding A

    asked by Mike
  63. Environmental Science

    Which of the following is/are a point source of pollution? (can be multiple) A. Sewage treatment plant B. a harbor C. storm runoff D. suburban community E. farm runoff would Sewage treatment plant be the only direct source?

    asked by Student
  64. Calculus and Vectors gr12

    Using a specific example, prove the vector property: For vectors u⃗ and v⃗ and scalar p > 1, show p(u⃗ +v⃗ )=pu⃗ +pv⃗ . It works for all p-values, but I am asking you to narrow your examples to a semi-specific example. (the box next to the

    asked by Anon
  65. History

    We, whose names are underwritten, the Loyal Subjects of our dread Sovereign Lord King James…Having undertaken for the Glory of God, and Advancement of the Christian Faith, and the Honor of our King and Country, a Voyage to plant the first Colony in the

    asked by kennedy
  66. Math

    What is the value of -3•(7+(-3) 2) divide by 3 A. 13 B. -2 C. -16 D. -48

    asked by Hope
  67. algebra

    9y + (-9y) = 0 what property is this?

    asked by Anonymous
  68. math

    If the number in the numerator of a unit rate is 1 what does this indicate about the equivalent unit rates? Give an example.

    asked by hannah
  69. Calculus II

    Calculate the following integrals using substitution a) Integral of x(5+x^2)^10 dx , where u = (5 + x^2) So, x(5+x^2)^10 dx u = (5 +x^2) du= x The answer should be; Integral of (u)^10 = [u/11]^11 + C = [(5+x^2)/11]^11 + C But it say wrong answer

    asked by Lily

    The surface area A of a sphere of radius R is given by the equation A = 4pi*R2, where pi equals 3.1416 (to 5 digits). Calculate the area of a sphere which has a radius of 2 m. If 2600 grains of sand are uniformly spread out on the surface of the sphere,

    asked by Anonymous
  71. Differential calculus

    A triangle has a base of 16 inches and an altitude of 8 inches. Find the dimentions of the largest rectangle that can be inscribed in the triangle if the base of the rectangle coincides with the base of the triangle

    asked by Anonymous
  72. Social Studies

    MS SUE PLEASE HELP i just finished writing a paper of how Bernardo de Gálvez was a Revolutionary hero but how do you think he was a hero using explenation i thought of using this info Gálvez aided the American Thirteen Colonies in their quest for

    asked by Jessica thompson
  73. maths

    in an examination 3 candidates passed chemistry 29 passed physics and 3 failed both subjects. if 50 candidates sat for the examination, how many if them passed chemistry only

    asked by akpevwe
  74. Calculus 3

    Find an arc length parametrization of the circle in the plane z = 16 with radius 5 and center (5, 5, 16).

    asked by EKM
  75. Science math and English

    The best way to respresent a large ,complex system , such as the water cycle , would be a

    asked by Ruba
  76. Calculus and Vectors

    Steve for that air plane question what does the diagram look like????

    asked by Jerome
  77. math

    (7z^ m )(nz ^ 3 )=−14z

    asked by brian
  78. Math

    Hi, Could someone help me with this question? Thank you!! 5 3/8 (Five and Three Eights) c (cups) = ____ fl oz (fluid ounces) 5 3/8 c = __ft. (Just the original version without all of the parentheses, therefore don't mind this) A. 43 fl oz B. 43/64

    asked by XxCash The Rose In xX
  79. Physics

    A certain coiled spring with an unstretched length of 20cm required a force of 2N to stretch it by 0.2cm. What work is done in stretching it by 2cm if the elastic limit is not exceeded?

    asked by Nina
  80. math

    A plane leaves an airport and flies south at 120 mph. Later, a second plane leaves the same airport and flies south at 300 mph. If the second plane overtakes the first one in 5 1 2 hours, how much of a head start did the first plane have?

    asked by Anonymous
  81. Business- Stocks

    What does it mean by stock repurchase, i know its when a company acquires it's stocks back but why and how does it all work out? Can someone please help me, i tried searching it up but i don't necessarily understand off websites.

    asked by S.S
  82. Social Studies

    Which of the following is true of the shaded area in the image? A. it was acquired by the United States before the west coast *** B. it was acquired by the United States after the west coast C. it was acquired by the United States at the same time as the

    asked by toe
  83. algebra

    Write and solve an inequality that represents the numbers that are not solutions of each inequality. a. x-7 less than or equal to -10

    asked by caden
  84. math

    Please guys help me this question to get the answers. How many 1/3 are there in 2 1/2?

    asked by kelvin
  85. physics

    A particle is acted upon a body by the following forces: 55N Towards East,45N inclined at(E 80 Degrees Towards North East),50N Towards North East, 60N inclined at (E 20 Degrees towards South of West),40N Towards South. Determine the magnitude and direction

    asked by justine
  86. Science

    In which process do producers use carbon dioxide to produce other carbon -containing molecules

    asked by Ruba
  87. Physics

    A boat heads due North for 3.00 km to reach a red buoy. It then changes direction and heads in a direction of 30.0 degrees South of East for a distance of 4.66 km to reach a blue buoy. The boat changes direction again and heads to a green buoy which is

    asked by Mae
  88. Maths

    Evaluate the expressions given below for a= -4:(I) a+8

    asked by Anonymous
  89. algebra

    Which of the equations is graphed below? Question 1 options: y = x2 + 6x + 10 y = x2 + 3x + 2 y = x2 - 6x + 10 y = -x2 + 6x - 10

    asked by barry
  90. Physics

    A dockworker loading crates on a ship finds that a 25-kg crate, initially at rest on a horizontal surface, requires a 70-N horizontal force to set it in motion. However, after the crate is in motion, a horizontal force of 54 N is required to keep it moving

    asked by Doug
  91. math

    I need to solve a literal equation -- Solve for h: A = 1/2bh If I divide both sides by 2b, then my answer would be h = A/2b Is this correct?

    asked by Carly
  92. algebra

    Erika spent hr on her computer visiting the history channel and the discovery channel websites. She spent hr at the history channel website. How many hours did she spend at the discovery channel website?

    asked by Anonymous
  93. English

    Hi, I need to draw a recent historical event to the events in Beowulf (or, a modern day event that is similar to Anglo-Saxon culture). I can't think of any specific ideas, please help? Thanks

    asked by Max
  94. math


    asked by joshua
  95. science

    A. Steam Fog B. Advection Fog C. Upslope Fog D. Radiation Fog ___b___ Fog that forms when the dew point temperature increases to the air temperature ___b___ Fog that forms in the summer over oceans and large lakes ___c___ Fog that forms when the air

    asked by ~
  96. History

    Under the concept of mercantilism, American raw materials during colonial times would be sent to _______________. Great Britain Africa The Thirteen Colonies Europe Great Britan?

    asked by kennedy
  97. earth science

    How is the strength of the hurricane related to the sea surface temperature (SST)?

    asked by alz
  98. Physics

    What is the ultimate strength and how can it be determined?

    asked by K
  99. English

    Analyse the recent trends in tourism and its impact on our culture and economy .prepare a write -up

    asked by NANDAKISHOR
  100. french

    @Ms. Sue Napoléon was born... A. in Paris. B. in Provence. C. in Italy. D. in Corsica. I think it's A

    asked by asd
  101. Algebra

    The following problem refers to an arithmetic sequence. If a_1=4 and d=1 Find a_n and a_35.

    asked by Keonn'a
  102. Math

    How do i solve this -given that p and q are sets of real numbers such that p=(x:0 is lesser than or equal to x is lesser than or equal to 3)and q=(x:3 is lesser than x is lesser than 2),find p union q

    asked by GLORIA
  103. sociology

    whether science or religion is best suited in postmodernity???? i think it's science but i cant find any explanations on the internet

    asked by helppp11111
  104. physics

    Is it possible for an object that has only one non-zero force acting on it to maintain a velocity that is constant in magnitude and direction?

    asked by Anonymous
  105. math

    How to multiply 24 x 435x 13 without a calculator

    asked by bob
  106. math

    how to find the greastest common factor

    asked by Laura
  107. Math

    Jordan ordered 568783 mini toy cars. He divided an equal number to share to his friends. Including him. How many did each friend get? Tip: He has 4 friends. Plus him =? Please help, this question is really hard. All I know is that 568783 is divided by 5. I

    asked by Lifa
  108. Spanish

    What are least two different ways you can ask what you or someone is like in Spanish?

    asked by D
  109. Physics

    How stress and strain relates to elastic deformation?

    asked by Kaye
  110. Algebra: please help me.

    The following problem refers to an arithmetic sequence. if a_8=9 and a_16=17, Find the term a_1, the common difference d, and then find a_30. a_n=a_1+(n-1)*d

    asked by Keonn'a
  111. algebra


    asked by caden
  112. Math

    hey can anyone help me with understanding what makes a number rational and irrational

    asked by robn
  113. math

    (8−3a^2 )(2a ^ 2 +6)

    asked by roger
  114. Math

    Which common denominator could be used to solve the subtraction problem? 5/6 - 2/15 A. 12 **** B. 30 C. 5 D. 18 I think it is A., am I correct?

    asked by cAt.ExE HaS sTopPeD wORkInG
  115. Math

    Calculate the integral ∫-2e^(Sin(x)) Cos(x) dx , u = Sin(x) Just having a slight hard time at finding du to solve the integral du: Cos(x) dx

    asked by B-c
  116. Math

    The odometer in Ms McCoy's car showed 5.433.44 miles write the number name and expanded form for this base ten numberal...

    asked by Von vicks
  117. algebra

    (8−3a^2 )(2a ^ 2 +6)

    asked by ryan
  118. calculus

    determine where f is continous. if possible extend f to a new function that is continous on a larger domain 1. f(x)=4x/x^2-1 2. x^2 tan x i really dont understand how to solve these please help

    asked by haifa
  119. math

    550^2 = 45^2 + x^2 - 2*45x*cos100° show step by step on how to find x

    asked by Anon
  120. science

    how do i know a substance is an acid or base without litmus paper

    asked by OBIRI