Questions Asked on
October 1, 2018

  1. Social Studies

    Which of the following is evidence that ancient Greek literature in theater is still important today? Select all that apply A.playwrights and filmmakers draw inspiration from them B. Children are still read Aesop’s fables to learn morals C. Dramas and

    asked by Hannah
  2. Spanish

    1. what is the plural form of libro? a. libros** b. libroes c. libroces d. libriones 2. what is the plural form of la television? a. la televisions b. los televisiones c. las televisiones** d. el televisions 3. why is carteles a correct plural spelling? a.

    asked by Rainbow P. Flores
  3. History

    Which feature of the Roman empire most contributed to the spread of Christianity? A. the widespread use of the Latin language B. widespread poverty and inequality C. the empire's military power D. the ease of travel around the empire Thanks!

    asked by Anonymous
  4. Science

    I need some help with this question from a science quiz. Using an example, explain how being able to understand scientific principles and think scientifically can help you solve problems and answer questions in your everyday life. An experiment that uses

    asked by M
  5. Home economics

    List and explain all the subjects related to home economics

    asked by Bright
  6. Geography

    What date on the timeline marks the beginning of the Jewish Diaspora?

    asked by Marlo
  7. Algebra

    2. Does the table below represent a function? Time, x (minutes)|0|1|2|3| ___________________________ Water, y (gallons)|440|428|416|404|

    asked by anonymous
  8. Language Arts

    1. Read the following sentences from "Lifeguard Rules!" “Wow, your sister thinks she’s a prison guard instead of a lifeguard,” Michael said. “You’d think she’d go easy on her own brother and his best friend,” he added. Which of the following

    asked by 1234
  9. History

    To rule his empire successfully, hammurabi instructed his own governors__________. A.To teach local rulers. B.To rule distant cities. C.To train his sons to rule. D.To cut off communication with the outside world. I think its B but I can find anything in

    asked by Anonymous
  10. World History

    Which option identifies the royal family that ruled the Austrian empire through much of the 19th century? Answer: Habsburg

    asked by Mia
  11. NM social studies

    How were the Maya and Aztecs civilizations similar? A. They both lacked a strong government. B. They both developed complex mathematical and calendar systems.** C. They both used weapons superior to those of early eastern civilizations. D. These

    asked by Selena
  12. algebra

    what is the distance between (6, 5)=?

    asked by A'livya
  13. Calculus and Vectors

    An aircraft pilot wishes to fly from an airfield to a point lying S20oE from the airfield. There is a wind blowing from N80oE at 45 km/h. The airspeed of the plane will be 550 km/h. (a) What direction should the pilot steer the plane (to whole degree)?

    asked by Bobby
  14. social studies

    Why were the Nile cataracts a problem for Kush? Please help

    asked by no
  15. Music

    In a Baroque da capo movement, it is customary to improvise ornaments during which section? A) The first A section. B) The B section C.) The second A section D) none of the above

    asked by irqna
  16. Algebra

    Can someone please help on this portfolio? I've been stuck on it for several days and i've only got task 1 I chose Cape Coral for the population that increased, and Fort Lauderdale as the one that decreased. Task 2 a. Do some research and find a city that

    asked by Billy
  17. Geography

    5. what causes earthquakes? a. Blocks of crust slide against one another, often at plate boundaries b. Pressure builds up in the molten rock beneath earths crust and causes it to shake c. Tectonic plates break apart into smaller plates, and the crumbling

    asked by alyecce
  18. Social studies

    Can You Review my answers and tell me which are wrong 1.Why did Henry VIII come into conflict with the pope? A. Henry wanted England to become a Protestant nation. B. Henry wanted to remove the pope as head of the Church.** C. The pope refused to annul

    asked by Help ME PLEASE THX
  19. algebra

    A horizontal pedestrian bridge is supported from a parabolic arch. The bridge goes above a roadway that is 49 feet wide. At ground level, the Main Street span of the arch touches the ground, the arch is 16 ft. High. How tall is the arch at it’s tallest

    asked by Sarah
  20. science

    please discuss how the watershed relates to drought and heat

    asked by dbzfav
  21. Physics

    If you were to push a pile of books across a table, in which location would this be the easiest? The moon(my choice) Earth Same amount no matter the location Jupiter Suppose a large pizza is placed on earth, the moon, and Jupiter. In each location, the

    asked by Pookie
  22. Math

    the vertices of a triangle are p(-7, -4), q(-7, -8) and r(3, -3) name the vertices of the image reflected across the line y = x A: P'(4, 7), Q'(8, 7), R'(3, -3)**My Answer** B: P'(4, -7), Q'(8, -7), R'(3, 3) C: P'(-4, -7), Q'(-8, -7), R'(-3, 3) D: P'(-4,

    asked by Rainbow P. Flores
  23. Earth science

    If it is 75 degrees Fahrenheit at ground level, what is the temperature at 4000ft (under normal circumstances)? A. 32 degrees Fahrenheit B. 42 degrees Fahrenheit C. 45 degrees Fahrenheit D. 53 degrees Fahrenheit E. 58 degrees Fahrenheit

    asked by Alz
  24. NM history

    How did the Spanish-American war affect the citizens of New Mexico? Provide at least two ways.

    asked by ._.
  25. Spanish

    1. In which style was the Havana Catherdral built? a. classical b. baroqe c. modern d. bauhas

    asked by my crafting
  26. Physics

    You walk 25 m south and 40 m east. Find the magnitude and direction of the resultant displacement both graphically and algebraically. Magnitude is 47.16 What is the degree?

    asked by HS Senior
  27. Physics

    Two 200kg masses (400lb)are separated by a distance of 0.75m Using Newtons law of gravitation,find the magnitude of gravitational force exerted by one mass on the other.

    asked by KerryAnn
  28. Math - non terminating decimal

    an example of an nonterminating decimal

    asked by Anonymous
  29. Chemistry

    When 0.100 L of 0.200 M K2C2O4 react with 0.150 L of 0.250 M BaBr2, BaC2O4 forms an insoluble precipitate. Calculate the final concentrations of the ions that remain in solution after the reaction. I know how to get the net ionic equation (Ba2+ + C2O4- ->

    asked by Anonymoose
  30. linear algebra

    Let T be the plane −x+2y = 4. Find the shortest distance d from the point P0=(2, 2, 1) to T, and the point Q in T that is closest to P0. Use the square root symbol '√' where needed to give an exact value for your answer. I know I have posted this many

    asked by Sara
  31. Algebre

    the graph of g(x) is f(x) translated to the left 8 units and up 2 units. What is the function rule for g(x) given f(x)=x^2

    asked by Kay
  32. math

    In a concert hall, 60% of the seats were taken. 520 seats were empty. What is the total number of seats in the concert hall? Show your work

    asked by mav
  33. Math

    When you are translating a number from scientific notation to standers form what does the exponent tell you a.the numbers of zeros to add to the number b.the number of places to move the decimal left c.same as b but right d.the number of times to multiply

    asked by Spiderman
  34. algebra

    Rewrite 13/25 and 11/20 so they have a common denominator.

    asked by Tina
  35. marketing

    marketing strategies should be targeted to which of the following adapter classes? a. innovators b. innovators and early adopters *** c. innovators, early adopters, and early majority d. innovators, early adopters, early majority, and late majority

    asked by plz help me
  36. civics

    Which of the following happens if a conflict occurs between a statute and the constitution?

    asked by rosa melano papu
  37. Social studies

    Jews began worshipping in-------------------------------is one way Judaism survived Diaspora. Could someone help me with this please the blank need to be fill in . I have being look and can not find the answer. So can someone help me.

    asked by Johnnie
  38. maths

    8 cleaners can clean an office block in 3 hours. If two cleaners are off ill,how long will it take the rest to clean the block.

    asked by macy
  39. English

    He has a lot of nerve asking for a raise when he is the company's laziest worker. (underlined word is nerve) a. contrite b. hub c. pluck****

    asked by Anonymous
  40. science

    A. Snow B. Rain C. Hail D. Sleet E. Freezing Rain __b, a__ The two types of precipitation collectively referred to as “wintry mix” __a____ The shape and size are dependent on temperature __d____ Frozen rain formed when raindrops pass through a

    asked by ~
  41. Science

    Why is fresh water s limited resource

    asked by Anonymous
  42. geometry

    A rectangular water tank is supported above the ground by four pillars 5.0 m long whose diameters are 20 cm. If the tank were made 10 times longer, wider, and deeper, what diameter pillars would be needed? How much more water would the tank hold?

    asked by Jen
  43. AP Biology

    Although terminally differentiated cells do not divide, the nuclei in these cells are still that site of what important function? Carbohydrate synthesis DNA synthesis mRNA synthesis protein synthesis

    asked by Betty
  44. physics

    a car traveling at 14 m/s accelerate at 2.73m/s^2 for 12 the nearest meter how far does it travel in those 12 seconds?

    asked by Sakhile
  45. English Literature

    In the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Huck;s description of the "drunk" horseman at the circus is an example of what kind of irony? a. dramatic b. situational c. verbal****

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Maths

    Solve the equation 4x2+x+10=0

    asked by Ande2
  47. civics

    which is the only crime defined in the constitution?

    asked by vine foreva
  48. earth science

    The Central African Republic is located close to the geometric center of Africa. It's gross domestic product (GDP) is ranked 166th out of 188 nations. Which of the statements below is most likely to be FALSE. A. Significant portions of the country could be

    asked by mam
  49. Reading

    What did the white knight reali after he have slain the knight in the gleaming witness?

    asked by ugyen
  50. Math

    9yd 0ft - 7yd 1ft

    asked by Anonymous
  51. Social studies

    Put the following events in the correct order: Solomon organizes the construction of the First Temple, Judges rule the nation of Israel, King Saul becomes the first king of Israel, King David captured Jerusalem and extended Israel's borders. 1.Judges rule

    asked by Johnnie
  52. Math

    Ok so the question asks Below, draw Figure 0 and Figure 4 for the pattern below. Then describe Figure 100 in detail. So figure 1 a box with 2×2 with a tail of 2 boxes Then figure 2 Box 3×3 with a tail 4boxes Figure 3 Box 4×4 and tail 6 boxes . Please

    asked by Stacy
  53. Algebra

    If a phone card is used to make a long distance phone call, you are charged $0.50 per call plus an additional $0.31 per minute. Part A: Write an equation that can be used to find the total cost of a phone call that lasts for m minutes. Part B: Shalon was

    asked by Andrew
  54. math

    Suppose U={1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8}, A=(1,3,5,7), and B={4,5,6}. Tell whether each statement is true or false. 4. A

    asked by person
  55. MATH

    Solve the simultenous equation. XY=160 LogX - 3LogY=1

    asked by Edward
  56. Early education

    When a storyline is learned, the teller can concentrate on dialogue, gestures, and facial expression This is false. Suggestions useful for storytelling include maintaining eye contact, speaking in a monotone voice, using a prop and being at the child's

    asked by Patrick
  57. Math

    What is greater 3/5 or 3/4

    asked by Adam
  58. Reading

    If a teacher points out or makes comments about the printed words in a book while sharing it, the child will probably ask more questions and make more comments about print too I think T for the answer An important aspect of sharing books with children is

    asked by Patrick
  59. Math

    Tickets to the school play cost $4 for adults and $2 for students. If 255 adults and 382 students attended the play, write an expression that shows the total amount of money made on ticket sales. Then evaluate the expression.

    asked by Jin
  60. earth science

    Which item in the list below is most responsible for storm surge during a hurricane? A. Water mounding caused by a hurricane's low pressure center B. The strong horizontal surface winds in the hurricane push water ashore C. Heavy precipitation in the

    asked by Alz
  61. Algebra

    Find the unknown digit to make the sentence true 2.48>2.4__ 1>2.463 5.723

    asked by Joshua
  62. Physics

    Vector A is a change of position of 15 m and is directed at an angle of q = 71°. A) What is the change of position in the x direction? B) What is the change of position in the y direction?

    asked by HS Senior
  63. science

    is a penguin sexual or asexual

    asked by vboi
  64. Biology

    Mucin is a glycoprotein found in mucus that increases its viscosity. Carbohydrates are added to mucin in which of these structures? cytoplasm Golgi apparatus nucleus rough er So I think it's the Golgi apparatus or the rough er, since they both help with

    asked by Betty
  65. Probability

    A game involves making a 3 by 3 grid with nine cards from a standard deck. You win if three cards in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) are the same denomination or are consecutive (in any order). What is the probability that there is exactly

    asked by Haley
  66. maths

    Russel, Sarah, and Terry share money in the ratio 2:5:8. Russel gets 120 pounds less than Terry. Workout how much each get.

    asked by macy
  67. Language Arts

    Quick question. Is Two Kinds by Amy Tan, fiction or nonfiction? This is not a question on a quiz or a quick check. I cannot find any sources online that tell me whether or not it is fiction or nonfiction.

    asked by ILTHSM_
  68. science

    A. Steam Fog B. Advection Fog C. Upslope Fog D. Radiation Fog ___a___ Fog that forms when the dew point temperature increases to the air temperature ___b___ Fog that forms in the summer over oceans and large lakes ___c___ Fog that forms when the air

    asked by are these correct?
  69. science

    if an object`s mass is 9 kg and it`s height is 7 m what is the potential energy of the object

    asked by vincent
  70. calculus2

    How does lim as t-->-∞ (t/e^-t) becomes lim as t-->-∞ (1/(-1)e^-t). Where does does -1 comes from?

    asked by mi
  71. Math

    Turn 14/2 into a mixed fraction. Is it 7/1

    asked by Mia
  72. Math

    Starting at 1.00 pm, the temperature changes -4 degrees per hour. How long will it take to reach -1 degree?

    asked by Saul
  73. Math

    this data represents 12 scored on a math test: 1,5,9,10,16,16,22,23,25,30,33,34 the cut-off for.the upper quartile lies between which two scores?

    asked by Sandy
  74. science

    Describe the difference between PM2.5 and PM10. Include an explanation as why PM2.5 is more dangerous. (3-4 sentences). ii. Explain why O3, also called ground level ozone, is a problem. (2-3 sentences). 3 i. Air quality index values are typically divided

    asked by Esthela Angelique
  75. English

    In not less than 350 word's write about Nigeria my county

    asked by Stephanie
  76. English

    1. He met the boy here. ------------------------------------ Q1: Does 'the boy' modify 'met' or 'the boy'? Q2: Is 'here' an adverb or an adjective? Q3: Did he meet the boy here for the first time? Or did he meet the boy here whom he knew before?

    asked by rfvv
  77. geometry

    The total surface area of a rectangular solid is the sum of the areas of the six faces. If each dimension of a given rectangular solid is doubled, what effect does this have on the total surface area?

    asked by Jen
  78. Computer

    Information resources that point the user towards data that they are looking for, and are organized according to a predefined scheme are called

    asked by Anonymous
  79. English

    1. there: used in speech after a noun to emphasize which person, thing, etc., you are referring to 2. there: used in speech after a noun to emphasize which person, thing, etc. you are referring to ================================ Q1: Do we have to use

    asked by rfvv
  80. Math

    Wingspan of an aircraft

    asked by Khaliyl R Testman
  81. Science

    Where are most of Africa’s major lakes located in or near? A.the Namib B.the Kalahari C.the Nile River D.The Great Rift Valley

    asked by moo
  82. chemistry

    Why does the calculated values of enthalpy change different from the reference values? Suggest two reasons.

    asked by tina
  83. History

    What did the steady food supply do for the population growth of Sumerian Cities?

    asked by Johnnie
  84. English

    The topic I decided on - "Brexit: An unfavorable option for the United Kingdom" "brexit" refers to britain's potential departure from the european union. I'm not sure how to rearrange my topic. On one hand, I want to discuss the disadvantages of britain

    asked by EUNICE
  85. Math

    Ron is tilting a countertop he needs to place 54 square tiles in each of 8 to cover the counter he must have Beverly Place in groups of 4 blue tiles each and have the rest of the tiles be what how many tiles will Ron need.

    asked by McBryann P. Romeus
  86. Math/Physics

    Take the acceleration due to gravity as g= 9.81ms-2 A red ball is thrown straight up from the edge of the roof of a building. A green ball is dropped from the same point (t = 1.80s) seconds later. (a) If the height of the building is (h = 74) m, what is

    asked by James
  87. Science

    science 10 little experiment why does water added to an unknown white power(teacher won't tell) makes it slimy? whats the reaction?

    asked by Anonymous
  88. Biology

    I literally cant find anything on this. What kind of epithelial tissue does bone marrow have?

    asked by Ethan
  89. Chemistry

    10kg of CACO³ produce 3kg of CO² when burn whats percent yield

    asked by Haseeb
  90. Science

    africa's vegetation is as ____ as its climate A.uneventful B.peaceful C.similar D.diverse

    asked by moo
  91. Chemistry

    In selecting amino acids to be used in the diet,is the optical activity of the acid important?explain your answer

    asked by Nozipho
  92. English

    1. He will hit the boy with a pen. --------------------------------------- Does 'with a pen' modify 'will hit' or 'hit'? Does 'with a pen' modify 'the boy' or 'boy'?

    asked by rfvv
  93. math

    what is 0.26 as a fraction

    asked by Anonymous
  94. Math

    12 1/9 + 10 2/3

    asked by Alicia
  95. Geography

    What is the climate in the sub Saharan africa

    asked by Anonymous
  96. math

    how much will i earn in interest if I put $190,000 in a 1 year CD getting 3%

    asked by darryl
  97. Chemistry

    10kg of CACO³ produce 3kg of CO² when burn whats percent yield?

    asked by Arslan
  98. college algebra

    find two points on the graph other than the vertex and x intercept of f(x)=-(x+5)^2

    asked by bob