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September 30, 2018

  1. Physics

    A woman using a compass and a map walks 132 degrees east of north for 6 km. Find the components of the woman's displacement. A. Ax = 4.46 km, Ay = 4.01 km B. Ax = 0.74 km, Ay = -0.67 C. Ax = 4.46 km, Ay = -4.01 km D. Ax = 0.74 km, Ay = 0.67 km (I'm new to

  2. Chem

    To prepare 20 mL of 15 mM NaCl, how much NaCl would you need to weigh? 2. To prepare 5 mL of 1 mM glucose, how much glucose would you need to weigh? How do you prepare 1 mL of 1 mM NaCl using the NaCl solution you prepared in (1)? 3. How do you prepare 1

  3. Chemistry

    Q49 One litre of solution contain 30g acetic acid the active mass of acetic acid is? Ans 1.0mol/L

  4. English Literature

    Realism arose as a reaction to a. naturalism b. regionalism c. ramanticism

  5. Chemistry

    A quantity of 1.435g of naphthalene (C1oHs), a pungent-smelling substance used in moth repellents, was burned in a bomb calorimeter (constant volume). Consequently, the temperature of the water rose from 20.17°C to 25.84°C. If the mass of the water

  6. Math

    Ten less than five times a number is less than six times the number decreased by eight Does this mean 5x-10=-6x-8

  7. Chemistry

    Calculate the number of moles of magnesium chloride produced by reacting 168g of magnesium trioxocarbonate (IV) with excess hydrochloric acid Mg=24,C=12,O=16,H=1,CL=35.5

  8. Math

    Sarah competes in a long jump competition. Her first jump is 4.25m. Her best jump is 12% more than this. However, her best jump is 15% lower than the winning jump. Work out the length of the winning jump.

  9. English

    In the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, where is Cairo? a. it is where Jim and Huck are in Chapter 14 b. It is where Jim and Huck used to live. c. It is where the Ohio meets the Mississippi***

  10. Chem

    To prepare 5 mL of 1 mM glucose, how much glucose would you need to weigh? How do you prepare 1 mL of 1 mM NaCl using the NaCl solution you prepared in I get you would use c=n/v and get grams. But how would you answer the second part of the question?

  11. math

    after winning $280,000 in the lottery, maurika deided to place the money in three different investments : a certificate of deposit paying 4% , a money market certificate paying 5% , and some Aa bonds paying 7%. After 1 year she earned $15,400 in interest.

  12. history

    Which best describes a cause of US imperialism during the late 19th century? Military leaders believed that spending on warfare would encourage economic growth. Businesses made more goods than domestic consumers were able to buy. Political leaders wished

  13. math

    Felicia's mom is 4 times as old as Felicia. In 16 years years her mom will be twice her age. How old is Felicia now?

  14. Social Studies

    1.Which of the following was the Catholic Church's response to the development of Protestantism? A. It launched the Reformation. B. It removed the pope as head of the church. C. Its leaders began the Counter-Reformation.***** D. It eliminated the

  15. English

    Write an argumentative essay on the topic "peer pressure destroys character".write for the motion.

  16. linear algebra

    Let L be the line passing through the point P=(−3, −1, −5) with direction vector →d=[4, 0, 4]T, and let T be the plane defined by 4x−y−3z = 16. Find the point Q where L and T intersect. please help..

  17. Chemistry - Milliosmoles

    Dextrose 5% in Normosol M Solution (D5NM) is a hypertonic solution that is non pyrogenic and is a nutrient replenisher. In each 1000mL of D5NM, it contains 234mg of sodium chloride. Calculate the osmolar concentration of sodium chloride, in terms of

  18. Calc

    A ladder 10 ft long rests against a vertical wall. If the bottom of the ladder slides away from the wall at a rate of 1.3 ft/s, how fast is the angle between the ladder and the ground changing when the bottom of the ladder is 8 ft from the wall? (That is,

  19. chemistry

    How many minutes does it take to form 10.0L of O2 Measured at 99.8kpa and 28 C from water if a current of 1.3A passes through the electrolytic cell? what mass of h2 forms?

  20. math

    what is the value of 1.555 50 is the place I need t o know the value of please help me -

  21. math

    Heidi spent $60 on clothing items. she bought 2 pairs of shorts $10 each. some t-shirts for $4 each and some sandals for $12 each. How many of each clothing item did she purchase

  22. math

    in a class of 36 pupils, 12 are girls. what fraction of the class are boys

  23. English

    How does the knight feel after he kills the other knights?

  24. Spanish 3

    completa con la palabra apropiada 1. Yo me lavo ____ cara y ____ manos. 2. Ellos se ponen ____ suéter. 3. Ella se cepilla ____ dientes. 4. ¿Te lavas ___ pelo todos los días?

  25. Chemistry

    Pentaborane-9, BsHs, is a colorless, high reactive liquid that will burst into flame or even explode when exposed to oxygen The reaction is 2 BsH9()12 02(g)5 B0 (s)+9 H20 (I) Pentaborane-9 was considered as a potential rocket fuel in the 1950s because it

  26. Physics

    A motor car accelerate for 10sec to attain a velocity of 20m/s. If continues and then decelerate so that is stop in 20sec. calculate (1) Acceleration (2) Deceleration (3) The Distance

  27. Science

    1) Is a compound a mixture or a pure substance?

  28. Science

    hw heat is require to convert 20g at 0 degree celcius to Water At Thesame Temp? (l Of Ice Is 335j/g,

  29. Physics

    Q85 three resistor are connected in parallel total resistance is 5 ohm if p.d across first resistance is 20V then the potential diff of 2nd resistance will be I1=10A,I2=200A,I3=15A?

  30. Physics

    what is the module of a magnetic field where a wire is 0.02m and circulates a current 7A? Im thinking the formula is Fb= IxLxB, but there is no force mentioned, so can't substitute that for mass either, not sure

  31. Physics

    what is the module of a magnetic field where a wire is 0.02m and circulates a current 7A? Im thinking the formula is Fb= IxLxB, but there is no force mentioned, so can't substitute that for mass either, not sure

  32. Chemistry

    How many mole of O2 are needed for complete combustion of two mole of butane C4H10? ANS 13

  33. Science

    Write a chemical equation for na tom losing a third electron

  34. Physics

    Change on each plate of a parallel plate capacitor is 6microC and capacitance is 4 microf what is p.d between plates? Ans 1.5 volt

  35. Chemistry

    Q54 The ratio of the rate of diffusion of two gases is1:3 then ratio of the molecular wieght? Ans 9:1

  36. Chemistry

    Q35 5 mol of H2O contain no of OH ions ? Ans 3.10×10^24ions

  37. Chemistry

    Q31 How many moles are present in 20 cm^3solution of 0.05M HCL? Ans 10^-3mol

  38. Chemistry

    Q60 The radius of 4rth orbital of an atom if bohrs radius is 0.529A will be? Ans 8.4A

  39. Programming? Math?

    I have to compute the symbol coordinates and modulation constellation and I don't really know how to do that when I don't have a a cosines, but instead I have a square pulse. The exercise is the following one: imgur(dot)com/Gs7KH0W(dot)png If you could

  40. Math

    3/5 of the booksin a class library are englishbooks. The rest are non-english books. If the total number of books in the library is 650, how many non-english books are there?

  41. maths

    If square of a number ends with 5,then its cube ends with 25 . Is the statement correct ?

  42. History

    @damon @Ms. Sue ..... I'm not sure if this tags you or not, but please help! Which belief defines Christianity as a religion separate from Judaism? A. belief in one god B. belief in multiple gods C. study of the Hebrew Bible D. belief in Jesus as the

  43. Chemistry

    A 100 mL sample of 0.300M NaOH is mixed with a 100mL sample of 0.305M HNOs in a coffee cup calorimeter (constant pressure). If both solutions were initially at 35 C and the temperature of the resulting solution was recorded as 37°C, determine the AHan (in

  44. Chemistry

    Find the amount of heat to be released to convert 40 grams of steam at 108°C to ice at -7°C. The latent heat of fusion and the latent heat of vaporization are 80 cal/g and 540 cal/g respectively. Cp water 4.187 KJ/kg K, Cp ice 2.108 KJ/kg.K, Cp steam

  45. Chemistry

    An ideal gas confined in a cylinder by a movable piston at 25°C and 150 KPa is heated at constant pressure to 38°C. The Cp of the gas is (7/2)R. Calculate: AH, AU, Q and W in J/mol

  46. Chemistry

    A 100 mL sample of 0.300M NaOH is mixed with a 100mL sample of 0.305M HNOs in a coffee cup calorimeter (constant pressure). If both solutions were initially at 35 C and the temperature of the resulting solution was recorded as 37°C, determine the Hrxn (in

  47. Math

    If you dissolve 20 g of a drug in 250 ml of water, what is the percentage strength (w/w)? My answer: (20 g/250 ml) = (x/100 ml) x= 8%

  48. Math

    Shelby has a new prescription for an albuterol inhaler. The directions say to use 1-2 inhalations every 4-6 hours as needed. The inhaler you dispense says that it provides 200 doses. What is the minimum number of days the albuterol inhaler would last for

  49. English-writing

    How can i start writing a reflection on motherhood. I want to write a sentence that is a hook which will grab a readers attention. What are some good ways to start?

  50. History

    Look I read what you guys said on my other post. I went back to my text and this is what is says.Again I am NOT trying to cheat I just need the best opinion on how correct I am.This is what my text says. The Indians grew their own fruits,vegetables,and

  51. math

    a radio station is giving every third caller a t shirt and every tenth caller a mug. which caller will be the first to receive both prizes

  52. Linear Algebra

    Let T be the plane −y+2z = −8. Find the shortest distance d from the point P0=(−5, 4, 2) to T, and the point Q in T that is closest to P0. Use the square root symbol '√' where needed to give an exact value for your answer. d = 0 Q = (0, 0, 0)

  53. Maths

    Simplify 4a³b×3ab–²

  54. Calc

    1.) differentiate: y=sin (3x/2) + cos (3 x/2) 6.) If 3x3 - 3y3 = 48, find y" at point x = 2.

  55. Math

    th 6th grade I have to covert 64 into fraction,decimal and percentage. So my answer is: Fraction 64/64 Decimal 1.01 Percentage 101% Plz correct if it’s wrong. Thank you!

  56. Physics

    A Moto Car Accelerate For 10sec to attain a velocity for 20m/s. it continue with uniform velocity for a further 20sec and the decelerate so that it stop in 2osec, calculate (1) acceleration (2) deceleration (3) the distance

  57. US History

    I need help on these questions. I couldn't find the exact answers in my textbook. 1. Anne Hutchinson and Roger Williams were exiled or sent away from the Massachusetts Bay colony for "the lawlessness of liberty of conscience". Why was this a crime among

  58. Physics

    A Car Starting From Rest It Accelerated Uniformly To A Velocity Of 100.8K/h . Convert This To Meter Persecond.

  59. algebra

    Explain how to add two rational expressions and how to subtract two rational expressions. How are the processes the same? How are they different?

  60. Physics

    A Train Moves With A Speed Of 54 km/h For One Quater Minutes Find The Distance Travelled By The Train.

  61. algebra

    What is the probability of each event? a. rolling a sum of a prime number on one roll of two standard number cubes. b. rolling a sum of 5 or a sum of 3 on one roll of two standard number cubes.

  62. algebra

    Solve for f. 14+12f≥5f+14>12f+7

  63. calculus2

    How does the answer is pi/2 and not 0 for the question lim as t1-->-∞ from t1 to 0 integral (1/(1+x^2))dx

  64. algebra

    Paulina's family is going on a vacation. Their destination is 862 miles from home. The following events happen in order. The family travels 348 miles and then stops at a lodge for the night. The family travels another 144 miles and then stops at a rest

  65. Math

    How many grams of a drug should be added to 180 ml of water to make a 15% (w/w) solution? My answer: 0.15 = (x/180) x= 27 gm

  66. History

    Compare and Contrast the Old and New Manifest Destinies in the context of Westward Expansion and the Spanish American War.

  67. maths

    In a course where all the marks are awarded out of 100. Alex received a 70 on his essay and a 90 on his final exam. He got an 80 for class participation. The essay counts as %30 of his total grade and class participation count as %20. What is his total

  68. math

    The distance between two piers is S miles. Two boats started moving simultaneously at speeds R1 and R2. How can you find the distance D between them if they moved for T hours in opposite directions.

  69. General Mathemtics

    Our topic is about Annuity.An investment firm offers a 10-year,simply annuity with a guaranted rate of 6.85% compounded annually.How much should you pay so as to receive payments of 25,0000 pesos annually over the 10 period? PLEASE show your solution.

  70. Math

    A vendor plans to sell mixed nuts for Php 20.00 per 50 grams with peanuts costing Php 1.50 per gram and Php 2.00 per gram for cashew. How many grams of each type should be mixed?

  71. Chemistry

    What is the new concentration of acetic acid after 120mL of 0.201M acetic acid is mixed with 160mL of 0.248M sodium acetate Im not sure how to start this one would it be (120x.201)+(160x.248)

  72. Math

    1. Turning a diagram of your square with the lengths of the sides on it. See grid paper to sketch. Sketch it on the grid paper below. Light each block represent an inch. Draw two sides of the square. Make sure they intersect and are the same length. Draw

  73. physcial

    Determine the height reached by a baseball if it is released with a velocity of 17.0m/s[20。]

  74. chemistry

    What volume of oxygen is produced when 200cm³ of hydrogen peroxide with concentration of 2.5moldm⁻³ fully decomposes? Give your answer to 3s.f. in dm³ and assume reaction takes place at STP.

  75. chemistry

    What mass of copper is produced when an excess of sodium is added to 5.0 g of copper sulfate?

  76. MATHS

    Town Y and town Z were 512km apart. Car A left Town Y for town Z at a speed of 32km/h. An hour later, car B left Town Z for Town Y at twice of car A's speed. How long would it take for the two cars to pass each other after Car A left Town Y? Please check

  77. Math

    Lucy made 1268 paper cranes. John made twice as many paper cranes as Lucy. How many paper cranes must John give to Lucy so that they would have the same number of paper cranes?