Questions Asked on
September 25, 2018

  1. algebra

    The formula F=95(K−273.15)+32 converts a temperature from kelvin K to degrees Fahrenheit F. a. Solve the formula for K. b. Convert 180ºF to kelvin K. Round your answer to the nearest hundredth. The solution is about K.

    asked by caden
  2. Science

    If you were to take a step into a small black hole, your body would most closely resemble toothpaste being extruded out of the tube. Tidal forces are so strong at a black hole's threshold (called the "event horizon") that they could stretch your body into

    asked by Mrs. Talyer
  3. math

    The graph above compares age of a car to its value. which of the following is the age of the car when its value is $12,500?

    asked by Sarah
  4. physics

    A rock is thrown at an upward angle of 40° to the horizontal with a speed of 20 m/s. (a) What is its initial horizontal velocity? (b) What is its horizontal velocity 1.0 s after launch?

    asked by jasminem
  5. chemistry

    70.9nm light strikes a metal wiyh a work functon of 5.10ev what is the maximum kinetic energy of the ejected electronev what is the stopping potential

    asked by pravallika
  6. Math

    John is 3 times as old as peter .in 6 years time john will be twice as old as peter will be . Determine their present ages

    asked by Anonymous
  7. Chemistry

    What pressure would be required to compress 7.75litres of hydrogen at atmospheric pressure to 5litres?(1 atom=760mmhg=760 torr)

    asked by Ayomide
  8. Life Orientation

    FOUR things that could be considered to promote humane farming practices.

    asked by George
  9. Maths

    During an amorous struggle, the lady's pearls broke. Half of the pearls fell onto the floor, a fourth rolled under a chair, a sixth fell into her lap, and three pearls remained on the strain. How many pearls were there originally on the strand?

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Math

    After experimentation, a certain manufacturer determined that if x units of a particular commodity are produced per week, the marginal cost is given by 0.3x -11, where the production cost is in dollars. If the selling price of the commodity is fixed at $19

    asked by Jai
  11. Math

    a business firm has made an analysis of its production facilities and its production facilities and its personnel. with the present equipment and number of workers, the firm can produce 3, 000 units per day. it was estimated that without any change in

    asked by Jai
  12. Social Studies

    For which of the following is the great pharaoh Ramses II known? Select all that apply. built monuments wrote famous literature was female pharaoh won many battles and acquired territory established trading route with Greeks

    asked by Bri
  13. Social Studies

    Which of the following were important achievements of the Kushites? Select all that apply. A. the defeat of the Assyrian army B. the invention of one of the world's first alphabets C. construction of the largest pyramids in the area D. the development of

    asked by Bri
  14. Social Studies

    Because the Egyptians constructed early forms of glass and mortar for setting bricks, scholars know they were skilled in which science? A. chemisty B. astronomy C. physics D. anatomy

    asked by Bri
  15. Ms.Sue

    This isnt a question but i thought i would bring this out here, Ms.sue is a great person taking time out of her day to help us and all of yall treat her like crap, treat her with respect she does nothing but help and all of yall telling her to go burn in

    asked by Erika<3
  16. Social Studies

    How did Hatshepsut change Egypt during her reign as pharaoh? A. She expanded Egypt by engaging in wars of conquest. B. She founded a new dynasty that ruled Egypt for generations. C. She established Alexandria as a major center of learning. D. She increased

    asked by Bri
  17. Science

    Food passes from the crop of the bird into what organ where digestion begins to cure as the muscular walls of this organ contract. Gizzard? Proventriculus?

    asked by E
  18. Social Studies

    How were the ancient Egyptians’ advancements in the fields of astronomy and mathematics helpful to farmers?

    asked by Bri
  19. algebra

    Algebra 1. Use the Distributive Property to simplify the expression. (-1)(4-c) 2. Use the Distributive Property to simplify the expression. 4(2x -4) 3. Use the Distributive Property to simplify the expression. (10 + 4 y) 1/2 4. To which subsets of real

    asked by dfhsh
  20. science

    This simple bacteria cell has the same structure as more complex cells. It controls what comes in to and leaves the cell and also maintains homeostasis. It is the A) capsule. B) cytoplasm. C) membrane. D) wall.**

    asked by jasmine

    To rule his empire successfully, Hammurabi instructed his own governors A to teach local rulers B to rule distant cities C to train his sons to rule. B to cut off communication with the outside world

    asked by Jeff
  22. physics

    a) suppose u walk 18m straight west and then 25m straight south. how far are u from your starting point, and what is the compass direction of a line connecting your starting pointto your final position? b) repeat again, but now you first walk 25m north and

    asked by wan
  23. physics

    a) suppose u walk 18m straight west and then 25m straight south. how far are u from your starting point, and what is the compass direction of a line connecting your starting pointto your final position? b) repeat again, but now you first walk 25m north and

    asked by wan
  24. Microeconomic

    1. Supply and Demand. Elasticities. Suppose you have the following information about the supply and demand in the market: QD = 15000 – 500*P QS = -6000 + 3000*P a. What is the equilibrium price and quantity? b. What would be the combination of price and

    asked by Kimi
  25. math

    What is 5/10 - 3/10... NOT as a decimal, a fraction. A.1/5 B.8/10 C.42/5 D.1/10 it wold have to be one of the ones with the denominator 10 correct

    asked by Kaiden
  26. Home Economics

    What are the five branches of home economics. Give five career examples each under the five branches

    asked by Kalea
  27. Science

    A field geologist collected data for two nuggets of copper and determined their density. Which two pieces of equipment did the geologist most likely use to determine the density of the copper nuggets?

    asked by Yote
  28. Algebra

    The difference of a number and 2.75

    asked by Anastacia
  29. Science

    1. The air temperature is 10°C and the air contains 2.87 grams of water vapor. What is the relative humidity? Saturation mixing ratio of air parcel at 10°C is 7g/kg 2.87 / 7 x 100% = 41% 2. If the temperature of the air parcel in question 11 drops 10°C,

    asked by Sam
  30. maths

    A 50g chocolate bar costs 60p. how much does each gram cost?

    asked by macy
  31. World History

    Which of the following is one of the promises made by doctors in the Hippocratic oath? A. Doctors will tell other people about your conditions. B. Doctors will experiment on patients, even if it is unethical. C. Doctors will ask their patients questions

    asked by lun
  32. maths

    10 men can build a house in 6 months, how many men would it take to build the house in 4 months?

    asked by macy
  33. Spanish

    Where did the dominoes originate before spreading throughout the Spanish-speaking world? A. Miami B. México and Cuba C. The United States D. Spain I think the answer is D

    asked by Sophie
  34. Ss

    1. Which of the following week not a reason why early European explorers came to America. A. To determine if the Earth was round B. To bring glory to their respective nation's* C. To find slilver and gold D. To explore new lands 2. Which is most likely

    asked by Memed
  35. histroy

    how did growing the secularism influence European writers during the renaissance

    asked by spiderman
  36. Check my work

    Which of the following are considered careers in government public service? Select two that apply a. accountants b. auditors c. community health workers**** d. social workers****

    asked by Sid.V
  37. Math please help me quickly

    1/4 divided by 3/8 and I'm so confused because I know it's division but the answers are A.1/3 B.2/3 C.3/4 D.3/8 and I just need help

    asked by Al
  38. maths

    Russel, Sarah and Terry share money in the ratio 2:5:8. Sarah has £120. Workout how much Russel and Terry get.

    asked by macy
  39. math

    explain the difference of [-3] and -3

    asked by jay
  40. Texas State History

    How did the Treaty of Paris affect life in Spanish Texas? A) Missions were moved and a large effort was made to increase the population of Spanish Texas. B) The United States took over a large part of eastern Texas. C) Most settlers decided to moveout the

    asked by Purple-pin
  41. Social studies

    Why did Muhammad move from Mecca to the city of medina? A. He had already established a Muslim community in Mecca B. He and his followers faced persecution by opponents in Mecca C. He did not want to interfere with existing worship at the Kaaba in Mecca D.

    asked by 257975
  42. Music

    What are two things other than lyrics that I could compare and contrast songs?

    asked by 1234
  43. math

    what did the filling say to the doughnut?

    asked by brianna
  44. science

    1. You observe a cloud at an altitude of 10,000 feet. This cloud name would have the prefix: a. Alto b. Cirro c. Strato d. Medial e. Nimbo answer: a 2. The cloud type that is best described as sheets or layers that cover much or all of the sky is termed:

    asked by ~
  45. Science

    Why Is It important to ensure a scientific claim is accurate?

    asked by lock
  46. History

    Can somebody put all of the events in American history (US) in order for me from The first English settlers in Massachusetts in 1620. Please help me. Jiskha

    asked by Jamie
  47. Agriculture

    Which component of a record keeping system is a list of the items or assets a business owns? A: inventory B: balance sheet C: owner’s equity D: non-current liabilities A?

    asked by HeLp plZ
  48. science

    when blank forces act on an object they cause the object to move a.balanced b.unbalanced c.friction. I think it is b. but I just whan't to make sure and if it is not can you help me

    asked by spiderman
  49. science

    1. This word indicates that a cloud is a rain producer: a. Lenticular b. Alto c. Nimbus d. Cumulus e. Cirro answer: c 2. Most precipitation that falls in the middle latitudes is formed by: a. The Bergeron process b. Collision-coalescence c. Spontaneous

    asked by are these correct?
  50. Math

    Use scientific notation to rewrite the number. 0.000034 3.4 x 10^5 **** 3.4 x 10^7 34 x 10^8 Am I right, or can you explain this to me? I can't do scientific notation very well:(

    asked by cAt.ExE HaS sTopPeD wORkInG
  51. home economics

    Explain 5 subjects that are related to home economics

    asked by Mariam
  52. science

    1. You observe a cloud at an altitude of 10,000 feet. This cloud name would have the prefix: a. Alto b. Cirro c. Strato d. Medial e. Nimbo answer: a 2. The cloud type that is best described as sheets or layers that cover much or all of the sky is termed:

    asked by ~
  53. SCI

    Hi, I really need some help with the anwsers to the First one, having hard time, maybe some help plz? What are the characteristics of scientific thinking and investigating? Why is science literacy important? What skills and tools do scientists use? Why is

    asked by HELP!!!
  54. Science

    A sample of bottled of water was tested with silver nitrate (AgNO3), and it gave a white precipitate. What ion was most likely present, and what chemical would be the most likely source for the ion?

    asked by Anonymous
  55. physics

    A 4.50 kg block is pressed against a vertical wall by a force (→F), as shown in the figure below. The coefficient of static friction between the block and the wall is 0.34 and the directional angle θ for the force is 48.0°. Determine the magnitude of

    asked by ryan
  56. algebra

    A student’s work to solve 2 6/7÷ 2/7 is shown below. Which of the following statements do you agree with? 2 6/7÷ 2/7 = 19/7 ÷2/7 = 7/19 • 2/7 = Cross Out 7 with 1/19 2/Cross Out 7 with 1= 2 /19 Myriah: “The only mistake is in changing the mixed

    asked by reb
  57. Language Arts

    1) What can you infer from this sentence near the start of "The Story Teller"? Most of the aunt's remarks seemed to begin with "Don't," and nearly all of the children's remarks began with "Why" A) The children have a lot of questions for their Aunt B)the

    asked by Little Bird
  58. algebra

    How you would convert the repeating, nonterminating decimal to a fraction? Explain the process as you solve the problem. 0.1515 . . .

    asked by reb
  59. Math

    what is 15 plus 1/3? what is 20 plus 1/3 what is 25 plus 1/3?

    asked by Keonn'a
  60. math

    1. Is this student's work correct? ( 9 x 10^3 ) ( 5 x 10^2 ) = ( 9 x 5 ) ( 10^3 x 10^2 ) = 45 x 10^3+2 = 45 x 10^5 A. Yes. The student rewrote the problem and then multiplied correctly. *** B. No. The student should have changed the scientific notation to

    asked by check my answers please!!
  61. Math

    Q: What is 1.37 x 10 ^-3 in expanded form? 1.) 0.00137 ****? 2.) 1.37 3.) 13, 700 4.) 0.0000137

    asked by ISuckAtMath
  62. English

    Can someone help me by listing the different word forms and the more specific word forms (example: noun and pronoun) and their definitions

    asked by Ayyyye
  63. geography

    how did rome unite its empire? please answer.

    asked by finn wolfhard 2.0
  64. math

    What is the correct first step when multiplying mixed numbers?

    asked by can i plz get a waffleEiEhHhH
  65. physics

    A 0.20-kg ball on a stick is whirled on a vertical circle at a constant speed. When the ball is at the three o'clock position, the stick tension is 16 N. Find the tensions in the stick when the ball is at the twelve o'clock and at the six o'clock

    asked by rash
  66. physics

    Pilots of high-performance fighter planes can be subjected to large centripetal accelerations during high-speed turns. Because of these accelerations, the pilots are subjected to forces that can be much greater than their body weight, leading to an

    asked by rash
  67. Government

    Did the articles of confederation fail.or did it help the United States transition from a monarchy to efficient democracy ? Claim evidence. Reasoning

    asked by Nayra
  68. History

    Which aftereffect of Americanization helps China compete in today’s expanding global marketplace? A) Over half of China’s rural population was attracted to urban areas. B) Chinese designers understand the American commercial market. C) China now has

    asked by Portia
  69. English

    can someone please check my answers. 1.)which of the following lines best demonstrates the tone of ''the nymph's reply to the shepherd'' by sir walter raleigh? a. "the flowers do fade,and wanton fields/to wayward winter reckoning yields;" b." then these

    asked by Joshua
  70. Science

    I have to do a case study of one case of an extraterrestrial hazard that has happened. Can some please give me some suggestions? Thank you.

    asked by Jason
  71. Math

    How many students scored a 78

    asked by Anonymous
  72. Math

    i keep getting stuck on the bottom of the question it's so confusing. the question is 4a + -2 (1a + 9) = 6 i need help i

    asked by meghan
  73. Chemistry

    calculate the mass of one atom of carbon, given that one mole of carbon weighs 12.0g. (L = 6.02 X 10^23

    asked by Xenon Tint
  74. Social Studies

    1. What value in American identity is most fundamental to the U.S. political system? A. individual rights *** B. social conformity C. national security D. freedom from rule -- 2. Why was Voting Rights Act of 1965 necessary? Select all that apply. A. Each

    asked by please check answers!
  75. Algebra

    The following problem refers to an arithmetic sequence. If a_5=9 and a_14=18. Find the term a_1, the common difference and then find a_24.

    asked by Keonn'a
  76. Math

    Choose all of the options which are equal to: 1/2(2/3 + 3/4) A: 1/3 + 3/8 B: 17/24 C: 4/11 D: 1/2 x 17/12 E: 1/2(3/4 + 2/3) F: (1/2 + 2/3) + 3/4 Someone please help- I don't understand anything to do with fractions...

    asked by some idiot apparently
  77. Math

    Can someone help me reword these two things? I don't like how I did them but I can't think of anything else. Thanks!! 1. PROMPT: What do you do to check whether a number is rational or irrational? In your explanation, use an example of an irrational and a

    asked by cAt.ExE HaS sTopPeD wORkInG
  78. World History

    Which was the most important lasting impact of Alexander’s conquests? A. the spread of Greek ideas around the ancient world B. the creation of a new empire C. the division of the empire among his generals D. Macedonian domination of Greece

    asked by unknown
  79. World History

    Which were characteristics of Alexander the Great's empire? Select all that apply. A. Alexandria, Egypt became a center for learning. B. Trade in Africa, Europe, and Asia declined. C. Greece became isolated from others ideas. D. The size of Greece's empire

    asked by unknown
  80. Algebra

    The following problem refers to an arithmetic sequence. If a_5=9 and a_14=18. Find the term a_1, the common difference and then find a_24.

    asked by Keonn'a
  81. biochemistry

    Which of the following amino acids will bind to anion exchange resin at pH 7.0? Question 1 options: Glu Met Tyr Trp

    asked by Kate
  82. biochemistry

    Given the molecular masses of the following elements: H: 1 Da, C: 12 Da, N: 14 Da, O: 16 Da, which element is the most abundant in Glutamate at pH 7.0 by weight? Question 4 options: 1) Oxygen Nitrogen Hydrogen Carbon

    asked by Kate
  83. biology

    Which of the following is true of the light-dependent reaction but not of the light-independent reactiopn? a. also known as the Calvin cycle b. requires photons to occur c. stores energy for long term use d. produces carbohydrate

    asked by Anonymous
  84. Math

    Radioactive​ uranium-235 has a​ half-life of about 700 million years. Suppose you find a rock and chemical analysis tells you that only one sixteenth of the​ rock's original​ uranium-235 remains. How old is the​ rock?

    asked by Jennifer
  85. Chemistry

    How many grams of H2 are needed to produce 11.61 grams of NH3?

    asked by mary
  86. science

    It is Summer for a city located in the Northern Hemisphere. Each day the amount of daylight varies slightly, but it is about 12 hours and 30 minutes. Which latitude is this city located at? 90 50 70 20

    asked by kennedy
  87. Algebra

    2x + 2 = -3x + 6

    asked by lei
  88. Chemistry

    How many grams of H2 are needed to produce 11.61 grams of NH3?

    asked by mary
  89. statistics

    the average is 550 and sd is about 100, what percentage of these scores range 400 to 700

    asked by Maya
  90. Science

    the characteristics of the inquiry process or the scientific method

    asked by HELP!!!!
  91. history

    Texas was one of the least populated areas of New Spain. What prevented the Spanish from settling Texas? A. less desirable climate conditions than the rest of the rest of the colony B. located to close to well-established cities C. poor resources and

    asked by GymnasticsLover05
  92. physics

    A 30 kg water container is lifted to a height of 2 m in 1 minute. How much work is done in lifting the water container? How much power is exerted in the process? I think it should be zero for both because the container has no horizontal displacement but

    asked by anonymous
  93. Math

    What are the two other forms of 15,409

    asked by Nayeli
  94. physics

    a mass of 0.5 kg is attached to a spring. the mass is then displace from its equilibrium position by 5cm and released. its speed as it passes the equilibrium position is 50cm/s.

    asked by mary
  95. Math

    How many tenths are there in 4/5

    asked by U
  96. Math

    Integrate by the function 2cosx/3sin²x

    asked by Amit
  97. science

    Is the lower jaw considered a flat bone?

    asked by Anonymous
  98. Math

    The squares of three positive integers are in arithmetic progression, and the third integer is 12 greater than the first. Find the second integer.

    asked by Timothy
  99. math

    Alex came home after school one day and found that his mother had left a plate of cookies. Alex ate 1/4 of the cookies. When his sister Bernice came home, she ate 1/3 of the remaining cookies, and when Carla came home, she ate 1/2 of the cookies on the

    asked by Anonymous
  100. Physics

    If a rock takes 0.750 s to hit the ground after being thrown down from a height of 4.80 m, determine the rock’s initial velocity.

    asked by Anonymous
  101. Math

    Andres is 6 years older than kylie. In 8 years the sum of their ages will be 88. How old is andres now

    asked by Andrea
  102. Math

    Tony is 56 years younger than stacy 4 years ago stacy age was 3 times tony. How old is tony now

    asked by Andrea
  103. Language arts

    1. reflect on the feedback you received from WriteToLearn about your autobiographical Narrative. (4 points) Which traits are strongest in your autobiographical narrative: ideas, organization, voice, word, choice, sentence fluency, or conversations? Provide

    asked by Emily
  104. Social Studies

    Which occur first? egypt and kush develop an interdependent trade relationship egypt conquers kush kush conquers egypt assyrians conquer kush in egypt kush and egypt continue to develop independently of each other

    asked by Monique
  105. social studies

    what is the disadvantage of the checks and balances system

    asked by Anonymous
  106. social studies

    what is a major difference between the british and the us government

    asked by Anonymous
  107. physics

    You are on a new planet and want to know the acceleration due to gravity. You take a ball and kick it at an angle of 18.0° at a speed of 22.1 m/s. If the ball is in the air for 7.40 s, what is the magnitude of the acceleration due to gravity?

    asked by gift
  108. linear algebra

    Let L1 be the line passing through the points Q1=(3, −3, 4) and Q2=(−3, 6, 7). Find a value of k so the line L2 passing through the point P1 = P1(−6, 11, k) with direction vector →d=[1, −1, −2]T intersects with L1. Not sure how to go on..

    asked by dan
  109. Socials

    S.S 10 Why would a prime minister call an early election? What are 5 functions or tasks of party volunteers Please help I am struggling with these two questions

    asked by Jessica
  110. science

    how do i find the dew point temperature if the specific humidity is 3.5g/kg?

    asked by ~