Questions Asked on
September 24, 2018

  1. Math

    The total (after-tax) cost of a laptop computer is $1278.24. The local sales tax rate is 7.6%. What is the retail (pre-tax) price ?

    asked by Michaela Browder
  2. Physics

    A boy is pulling a load of 150N with a string inclined at an angle of 30 degrees to the horizontal.If the tension in the string is 105N, calculate the force tending to lift the load off the ground.

    asked by Ande2
  3. history

    What impact did the Battle of Waterloo have on the world? France’s territorial control regressed, renewing interest in a single European government. Great Britain became the world’s sole superpower after the defeat of Napoleon. The defeat of Napoleon

    asked by Bri
  4. Physics

    Three vectors are shown in the figure. Their magnitudes are given in arbitrary units. Determine the sum of the three vectors. Give the resultant in terms of (a) magnitude and (b) the angle within the positive x axis.

    asked by Rachel
  5. Math -_-

    For all x in the domain of the function x+1 over x^3x this function is equivalent to \[a)\frac{1}{x^2}-\frac{1}{x^3}\\ b)\frac{1}{x^3}-\frac{1}{x}\\ c)\frac{1}{x^2-1}\\ d)\frac{1}{x^2-x}\\ e) \frac{1}{x^3}\] This is one of the questions to my math test can

    asked by carry on
  6. math

    Evander Holyfield (known as the man who had part of his ear bit off by Mike Tyson) made $280 million during his boxing career but declared bankruptcy due to poor financial choices. His July interest at 16% was $186. What was Evander’s principal at the

    asked by Anonymous
  7. Physics

    1. Which is NOT true about the variables in the relationship F = ma? Acceleration is directly proportional to mass. Force is directly proportional to mass. Force is directly proportional to acceleration. Acceleration will double if force is doubled. An

    asked by Babygirl
  8. English

    Help me please Unit 1: Growing up TEST from actively Learn please help me out

    asked by Help
  9. social studies

    Study the image. An image of American Indians, Spanish priests, and Spanish settlers is shown. The Spanish priests are in the middle of the picture with a church in the background. American Indians are kneeling in prayer to the left of the priests. Spanish

    asked by benny
  10. World History

    Which best illustrates the Socratic method? 1.A teacher gives a lecture while students take notes. 2.Students read a book independently and write a summary. 3.Students work in groups to complete an art project. 4.The teacher asks a series of questions and

    asked by triggatre
  11. math

    Arrange the pairs of points in increasing order of the slopes of the lines joining them. (15, 30) and (20, 40) (12, 32) and (18, 48) (27, 12) and (72, 32) (45, 15) and (60, 20) (27, 2) and (243, 18) (18, 63) and (24, 84) (63, 9) and (84, 12) ↓

    asked by jykeyda
  12. Social Studies

    1. Which best illustrates Socratic method? A. A teacher gives a lecture while students take notes. B. Students read a book independently and write a summary. C. Students work in groups to complete an art project. D. The teacher asks a series of questions

    asked by Rosie Lisette
  13. social studies

    9.which of the following can be a consequence of cultural diffusion? a. improved trade relationships* b. increased diversity c. loss of cultural identity d. loss of language skills 10. why is it important for historians to look at the art of a society to

    asked by goat
  14. algebra

    z=6x+px+2, solve for x

    asked by caden
  15. math algebra

    you deposit $800 in an account that earns simple interest at an annual rate of 5%. how long must you leave the money in the account to earn $100 in interest?

    asked by caden
  16. physics

    Two tugboats pull a disabled supertanker. Each tug exerts a constant force of 1.80 * 10^6 N, one 16 degrees west of north and the other 14 degrees east of north, as they pull the tanker 0.63 km toward the north. What is the total work they do on the

    asked by anonymous
  17. english

    Which quotation from the passage best helps to develop the theme “Strong emotions should be expressed and processed rather than being suppressed indefinitely”? A. “My husband's not dead.” B. “A person'd feel sorry for her if she weren't so

    asked by Umar
  18. Health

    A _________ is a substance the body needs in order to grow and function properly. A. metabolism B. diet C. nutrient D. calorie I think it is calorie

    asked by Sophie
  19. history

    Which identifies the effects of the Congress of Vienna? The unification of Germany led to the Seven Years’ War. The harsh treatment of France led to a rise in nationalism throughout Europe. An interconnected Europe led to the creation of the European

    asked by Bri
  20. english

    Which sentence from the story includes indirect characterization? A. “She was very handsome, with a certain fine, rich coloring that belongs to the healthy brune type.” B. “During one of the pauses between their talk of the last tea and the next

    asked by Henry
  21. Texas History

    1.How did the arrival of the Spanish explorers affect Native Americans? A.Spanish exploration brought settlers who pushed Native Americans north. B.Native Americans and the Spanish established a practice of trading goods. C.Warfare and disease killed many

    asked by Peanut butter lover
  22. english

    Which statement best describes the character of Nathalie? A. She is a flat character because her goal is to marry Brantain for his money. B. She is both flat and dynamic because she loves one man and marries another. C. She is a dynamic character because

    asked by Henry
  23. Math

    1) A dilation maps triangle HIJ onto triangle H'I'J. If HI= 7 cm, IJ= 7 cm, I’J’= 5.25 cm, and H’J= 9 cm, the find HJ. a. 4.08 cm^^^ b. 6.75 cm c. 9 cm d. 12 cm 2) if A' is the image of a(3, 4) after a dilation with scale factor 7 centered at the

    asked by Valhalla
  24. Math

    A local road rises 2 feet for every 50 feet of highway, what is the slope of the highway?

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Reading

    When it comes to children’s phonemic awareness skill? a. typically begins developing in five-year-olds b.teachers prefer to teach it by direct instruction c. the majority of children develop it without direct instruction d. it develops before phonetic

    asked by Patrick
  26. geography

    the process of democratization over the last 200 years resulted in wider support for the idea that a.citizens have a responsibility to serve their governments b.governments should protect the rights of all citizens. call people are members of a global

    asked by tucker
  27. english

    An essential feature of the short story that is exemplified by Chopin’s “The Kiss” is a. the emphasis on romance b. the focus on a single effect c. precise plot structure d. action taking place in a single day e. the internal conflict I beleive it is

    asked by Henry
  28. Math

    John walks 11/16 miles to school each morning. He had walked 2/3 of the distance. How many miles has he walked? Put your answer in lowest terms. A: 7/15 B: 13/24 C: 7/18 D: 11/24

    asked by uhhh
  29. Science

    This picture shows the skeleton of an animal. What best describes what the living animal had? src="/content/media/913045-342013-75338-PM-1886079994.jpg" a backbone radial symmetry bilateral symmetry asymmetry

    asked by boi of meme
  30. Social Studies

    1. Which areas of South Asia are sparsely populated? A. coastal areas B. areas with an arid climate C. areas with heavy rainfall D. areas in the humid temperate climate region 2. Which religion has the most followers in South Asia? A. Sikhism B. Islam C.

    asked by Lexi
  31. English

    The most significant example of indirect characterization of Mr. Darcy in this passage is A. Mr. Bingley’s description of Mr. Darcy. B. Mr. Darcy’s behavior toward Elizabeth. C. Mrs. Bennett’s opinion of Mr. Darcy. D. the information about Mr.

    asked by Henry
  32. Physics

    Two satellites are in circular orbits around the earth. The orbit for satellite A is at a height of 511 km above the earth's surface, while that for satellite B is at a height of 895 km. Find the orbital speed for satellite A and satellite B. I've already

    asked by Rash
  33. Science

    Why Is It important to ensure a scientific claim is accurate?

    asked by MATO
  34. Physics

    I'm sorry for the repost I just cant seem to find the answer for this. I did this in A1 and got it all wrong and was given the answer sheet and my teacher told me to look at that which is below, but I didnt understand and shes busy. I understand

    asked by A level Student
  35. Law

    The tort law in America started with the concept of a. Assault b. Battery c. Trespass^^^ d. Murder Is C correct?

    asked by Eric
  36. Math

    Compare simplifying before multiplying fractions with simplifying after multiplying fractions

    asked by Multiplying fractions
  37. algebra


    asked by caden
  38. algebra

    Your test scores in one class are 84 and 88 What possible scores can you earn on your next test to have a test average between 86 and 90 ​inclusive?

    asked by samuel
  39. Economic

    Which of the​ following, if​ true, will indicate that the country may not be able to maintain this average growth over the next few​ years? A. The government reduced FDI restrictions in many domestic industries. B. Imports account for 12 percent of

    asked by Tb
  40. math

    imagine you & your friend entered a raffle. you bought 10 tickets and your friend bought 20 tickets. there were a total of 300 tickets sold for the raffle what is the probability of you or your friend winning?

    asked by Joan
  41. english

    Given the context which meaning best fits the use of the word meanest a. dullest b. stingiest c. unkindest d. most ashamed e. least important passage: Yet, love, mere love, is beautiful indeed And worthy of acceptation. Fire is bright, Let temple burn, or

    asked by Henry
  42. History

    In early civilizations, farming was relied upon to produce surpluses. Farmers were expected to get enough food to sustain the city and the city population. Which of the following would the people in the city do for the farmer in turn? A.Trade food for

    asked by Anonymous
  43. Math

    A carpenter is cutting a 2 by 4 for the framing of a roof. The length needs to be 5 feet. He allows 0.1-foot possible variation for the length of the cut. What values of l represent the acceptable lengths for the board, in feet?

    asked by Suriya
  44. Social Studies

    As a result of their large oil supplies many Middle Eastern economies rely on what in oder to grow? A) automobile manufacturing B) government regulations C) exports D) tariffs

    asked by Al
  45. science

    Laws differ form theories because laws do not provide

    asked by tyler
  46. History

    What is significant about the establishment of mission san francisco de los tejas. A. It was the first major step in settling what would be Spanish Texas. B. It was the first Texas mission to be highly successful in converting American Indians to

    asked by He
  47. Probability: Counting

    Hi everyone. I am struggling a bit with this one example question I am doing. Problem: There is a group of 12 people, 6 men and 6 women. A committee is to be formed consisting of 5 members from this group. Find the probability that Anne (one of the

    asked by Zozina
  48. algebra

    10-1/3y=4+6x, solve for y

    asked by caden
  49. algebra

    3+1/5y=2x+4, solve for y

    asked by caden
  50. art

    1)Which of the following must be present in a composition so we can see a sense of rhythm in that composition? a. movement b. harmony c. unity d. all of the above e. none of the above Answer d 2)Before deciding upon what type of balance is used in a work

    asked by Anonymous
  51. History

    Which discuss the steps in the process that led to the social and political changes in South Africa? (Select all that apply.) Archbishop Desmond Tutu promoted the acknowledgment of the rights of black Africans and helped expose human rights abuses. Leader

    asked by Caitlyn
  52. science

    As the air cools below the dew point temperature, the excess water left the air parcel via (condensation, evaporation). Is it evaporation?

    asked by ~
  53. english lit

    Which convention of drama is explicitly presented in this excerpt? A. at rise B. dramatis personae C. direction regarding sound effects D. references to changes in stage lighting E. direction regarding actors’ movements ****

    asked by Umar
  54. History

    I was reading ahead and I can’t fugure out what the importance of Charles V’s Failure of trying to get the German princes back into the Catholic Church was?? any help would be useful on helping me understand :)

    asked by school lover 123
  55. Math

    With a 20% discount on a selling price the shopkeeper makes a profit of 25%.If an item cost is Tsh8000. Find the selling price.

    asked by Ireneus
  56. English

    Can Someone Please Check My Answers. 1.)Which Of The Following Do Petrarchan And Shakespeare Sonnets Have In Common? A. Rhyme Scheme B. Length C.Question And Answer Format D. Both Are Organized As An Octet And Sestet I Chose C Am I Correct? 2.)What Is The

    asked by Joshua
  57. Maths

    The ratio between the first term and the second term in an arithmetic sequence is 3/4. The ratio between the second term and the third term is 4/5. a. Calculate the ratio of the third term to the fourth term. (Answer is 5/6) b. Find the ratio of the nth

    asked by Fred
  58. Math

    Marie buys 16 bag of potting soil that comes in 5/8 pound bags How many pounds of potting does Marie buy?

    asked by Multiplying fractions
  59. Math

    Markel found a recipe a fruit salad that you want to try to make for his birthday party he decided to triple the recipe what is the new mount for the oranges apples and blueberries and peaches

    asked by Multiplying fractions
  60. English

    can someone please check my answers. 1.)which of the following lines best demonstrates the tone of ''the nymph's reply to the shepherd'' by sir walter raleigh? a. "the flowers do fade,and wanton fields/to wayward winter reckoning yields;" b." then these

    asked by Joshua
  61. Physics

    I want to ask for the easiest to learn best OCR A physics a1 and a2 syllabus videos as my teacher only recommended books and doesnt know any!?

    asked by A level Student
  62. Math

    2/5 of the instruments are in the marching band are base 1/8 of the brass instruments are tubas

    asked by Multiplying fractions
  63. English

    The narrators of "Oranges" and "The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant" both experience the rite of passage of a: regret b: graduation c: young love/dating d: stranger's kindness

    asked by Help me
  64. social studies

    1. Drag and drop the sentences into the correct boxes. A person moves from Canada to the United States to attend college.-- immigration A person moves from Southern Canada to Northern Canada for a job.---Interior Migration A person moves from England to

    asked by damario
  65. math

    Which of the following is greater than 4.3x10^9 A. 2.1x10^9 B. 3.2x10^9 C. 5.3x10^9*** D. 7.4x10^8 Which of the following is less than 6.5x10^-5 A. 1.4x10^-3*** B. 2.5x10^-4 C. 7.8x10^-5 D. 4.6x10^-6 According to the 2010 census the population of Nebraska

    asked by HELP
  66. English Edit

    I remember reading a novel called “Tuck Everlasting,” which was about everlasting life. Is this worded correctly? Or should the word about be replaced

    asked by Anonymous
  67. math

    suppose that the Aztec cell phone company charges $50 per month plus 15 cents per minute while the southern cell phone company charges no monthly fee but 25 cents per minute after how many minutes of phone usage would a monthly phone bill be the same from

    asked by jordi
  68. 4th grade math/ratios

    1. 12 markers for $4. how many markers for $1? 12/4 = 3 markers 2. 7 bananas for $15. how much does 1 banana cost? 15/7 = $2.14

    asked by Jared
  69. Math

    A segemnt has endponits X(-6, 2) and Y(-1, -3). If D3/2 (XY) = (X’Y’), what are the coordinates of X’ and Y’? a. X’ (-7.5, 3.5) and Y’ (-2.5, -5.5) b. X’ (-4.5, 3.5) and Y’ (0.5, -1.5) c. X’ (-3, 1) and Y’ (-0.5, -1.5) d. X’ (-9, 3)

    asked by Rob
  70. Science

    Why are dry land areas-not just waterways and wetlands-included in a watershed? Can a possible answer be - with precipitation and elevation not all water flows out of the watershed and will often continue to flow where there is no direct runoff from recent

    asked by Lauren
  71. Math

    Solve each system of linear equations. 1/ y=2x_3 y_2x=_3 Answer: 0=0 2/ 3x+y=4 _3x=y_7 Answer: 0=3 or 0=11 3/ y=_4x+1 4x=_y_6 answer: 0=5 or 0=7 4/ Y_x+3=0 X=y+3 answer: 0=0 Please,if the answers were wrong, helpe me for solve them

    asked by Jen
  72. English

    Which sentence contains a dangling modifier? Driving slowly, Mario kept pace with the vehicles around him. As the officer approached her vehicle, Angela felt her heart rate go up. With minutes to go in the school day, Jose began anticipating the rest of

    asked by Quinn
  73. Algebra

    Classify each system. Give the number of solutions. y=3(x-1) -y+3x=3 My answer : 0=0 Infinitely many(consistent and dependent system) y-2x=5 X=y-3 My answer: 0=2 No solution(inconsistent system) Please My answers are true or false, if my answers are false

    asked by Han
  74. Science

    Which of the following terms refers to areas of gas on the sun’s surface that are cooler than the gases around them. a.) Prominences b.) sunspots c.) coolspots d.) solar winds **

    asked by Alex
  75. Home Economics

    What are the five branches of home economics. Give five career examples each under the five branches

    asked by Kalea
  76. History

    Which of the following chronological listings for of Texas history is correct? a.) Civil war Texas, Early Statehood, Era of reform, the Great Depression ***b.) Era of Reform, Early Statehood, Civil War Texas, The Great Depression c.) The Great Depression,

    asked by Check
  77. Econ

    Label whether it is a labor force employed unemployed or not part of labor force A factory worker gets hurt receives disability and now stays at home living off of that payment Labor force employed A stay at home mom helps run the computer system at her

    asked by Anonymous
  78. English

    can someone please check my answers. 1.)which of the following lines best demonstrates the tone of ''the nymph's reply to the shepherd'' by sir walter raleigh? a. "the flowers do fade,and wanton fields/to wayward winter reckoning yields;" b." then these

    asked by Joshua
  79. Science

    As the air cools below the dew point temperature, the excess water left the air parcel via (condensation, evaporation). Is the answer condensation?

    asked by Sam
  80. Music

    How many beats are in one measure of 6/4 ? I think 6 because top number top number equals beat Thank you

    asked by James Sperling
  81. English

    True or False? W.D. Wetherell’s story “The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant” and Gary Soto’s poem “Oranges” both use first-person point of view.

    asked by hush my child
  82. Science

    Give me an example for International System of Units (SI)

    asked by MATO
  83. Math

    2/5x + 1/8x + x

    asked by Yese
  84. Math 7

    In speech class,you lose 3 points for every 30 seconds you go over the time limit. Your speech is 90 seconds over the time limit. What integer represents the change in your points? I don't get it

    asked by Bobby
  85. english

    The poem’s primary assertion about love concerns its a. intensity and immediacy b. ability to transform the beloved c. tendency to burn whatever it touches d. acceptance of the flaws of the beloved e. brightness that makes everything else dull. This is

    asked by Henry
  86. History

    My teacher said that my black family back then were slaves I don't get it.

    asked by 7:11 owner
  87. Science

    You have a motion security light by your door. A cat run across it and the light turns on. What is the input of this system and what is the output?

    asked by Joe T.
  88. English

    In the following literature selections,individuals experience rites of passage in various ways: The Bass, the River and Shelia Mant by W.D. Wetherell Oranges by Gary Soto I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou First Lesson by Philip Booth "On

    asked by Anonymous
  89. science

    Which of the following best describes a theory? A a theory is a guess or hunch about something that has occurred in nature B a theory is based on verifiable laws that can be proven true C a theory is a set of ideas that explains a phenomenon that has been

    asked by moshimonsterssssss
  90. English

    The gerund phrase in the below sentence is used as a Everyone enjoys watching a dolphin show. a. subject b. direct object **** c. predicate nominative d. predicate adjective

    asked by Anonymous
  91. Algebra

    Write in exponetial form: root x 1/x

    asked by Jake
  92. English

    Which sentence pattern describes the sentencebelow? Global warming is a real threat to the planet. a. S-V-O **** b. S-V-I-O c. S-V-N d. S-V-A

    asked by Anonymous
  93. English

    Which sentence pattern describes the sentence below? Hybrids produce less pollution thanconvention cars. a. S-V-O b. S-V-IO **** c. S-V-N d. S-V-A

    asked by Anonymous
  94. Physics

    I really cannot understand how to get to the answer. Thank you! Two cars are traveling, Car A is behind the other, on a straight road. Each has a speed of 21 m/s and the distance between them is 25 m. The driver of the rear car decides to overtake the Car

    asked by Darius
  95. physics

    A car travels 2.92 km in the x-direction, then turns left 75.8◦ to the original direction and travels an additional distance of 1.71 km. Calculate the x component of the car’s net displacement. Let: d1 =2.92km, θ = 75.8◦ , and d2 = 1.71 km . answer

    asked by hannah
  96. Social Studies

    As a dwelling, which advantage did the tepee offer to the hunters of the Great Plains?

    asked by Need Help ASAP
  97. physics

    3. An RV travels 45 km east and stays the night at a KOA. The next day it travels for 3 hours to the north, traveling 110 km. What is the displacement over the two days for the RV?

    asked by maram
  98. Calculus 3

    Let r(t) = < sin(6t), cos(6t), sin(6t)cos(12t) >. Find the point where r(t) intersects the xy-plane on the interval π/6 < t < 3/12π.

    asked by EKM
  99. english

    Nathalie’s response to Harvy’s question, “ . . . It depends upon—a good deal whether I ever forgive you,” represents which feature of plot structure? a. climax b. exposition c. rising action d. falling action e. inciting incident I believe it is

    asked by Henry
  100. social studies

    11. Which statement accurately describes the Mississippian people and the Ancestral Puebloans? A. The Mississippian people lived in a region with a wet climate, whereas the Ancestral Puebloans lived in a dry climate. ------ B. The Mississippian people

    asked by cammie
  101. English

    can someone please check my answers. 1.)which of the following lines best demonstrates the tone of ''the nymph's reply to the shepherd'' by sir walter raleigh? a. "the flowers do fade,and wanton fields/to wayward winter reckoning yields;" b." then these

    asked by Joshua
  102. Spanish

    which statement is not true about the people of Colombia? a. Much of the population is concentrated in the Caribbean and Andes region. b. Around 99% of the country speaks Spanish. c. More than half of the population is mestizo. d. There are no longer any

    asked by Jamie
  103. math

    write an algebraic expression for the following word phrase: 3 more than twice a number A. 3x + 2 B. 3 + 2 + x ****** C. 2x times 3 D. 2x + 3 is it right?

    asked by chuchuye
  104. Spanish

    which the following would you put in el buzón? a. la pelota b. la carta

    asked by Castiel
  105. Chemistry

    A person wanted to purchase products at a store ($43.99) and wanted to use a coupon for 20% off. What would be the final total when the coupon is used on the item and the sales tax (11%) is added? Remember significant figures in your calculations.

    asked by Emily
  106. Texas History

    Why did La Salle's exploration party create a settlement in texas? A.The French king wanted La Salle to establish friendly relations with the Spanish in Texas B. La Salle was looking for the mouth of the Mississippi River and got lost. (C). La Salle wanted

    asked by trombone elephant
  107. Math

    which numbers are greater than -24 -42 -27** -16 -32

    asked by Hypocrites
  108. Math

    Marla buys a bag of peanuts that weighs 3/4 of a pound later that week the bag is 2/3 how much does the bag of peanuts weigh now Show your work

    asked by Multiplying fractions