Questions Asked on
September 22, 2018

  1. Math

    During her holiday, hannah rent a bike She pays a fixed cost of $8 and then a cost of $4.50 per day Hannah pays with a $50 note and receives $10.50 change. Calculate for how many days Hannah rents the bike ( simultaneous equation ) plz explain also

    asked by Janet
  2. chemistry

    a) Using the defined freezing and boiling points of water, make a plot of degrees Fahrenheit versus degree Celsius on the graph paper provider.

    asked by asdia
  3. MATHS

    In an election,there were three candidates 3/7 of the electors voted for the winner.The runner up received 5/8 of the remaining votes.What fractions of the electors voted for the third candidate.If the winner received 3021 votes more than the runner up.How

    asked by PRAISE
  4. physics

    Calculate the kinetic energy of a 3-kg dog that runs at a speed of 4 m/s

    asked by Tb
  5. Math

    A man spends 2/5 of his money and 30 rupees is left . How much money had he initially

    asked by Hargun
  6. Linear algebra

    If →u and →v are the vectors below, find the vector →w whose tail is at the point halfway from the tip of →v to the tip of →v−→u and whose head is at the point halfway from the tip of →u to the tip of →u+→v. Assume all vectors are in

    asked by sal
  7. math

    Using only​ algebra, find a cubic function with the given zeros. -2, 3, -7 the polynomial function is: f(x)=x^3+ (BLANK) x^2-13x-42 i can't figure out what BLANK is Thank you!

    asked by Jessica
  8. Science

    Different materials have properties that are desirable or undesirable for use in an artifical joint. Desirable (D)l Undesirable (UD) l Not Revelant (NR) 1.Chemically Stable (D) 2.Atoms can roll over each other (NR) 3.Consists of long molecules (UD)

    asked by Moe
  9. chemistry

    A coffee-cup calorimeter is filled with 50 mL of 1 M NaOH and 50 mL of 1 M HCl, both at room temperature. After the reaction is complete, the final temperature of the solution is 32.5 degree C. Using the specific heat of water, calculate the heat of

    asked by meryl
  10. Science

    You have a motion security light by your door. A cat run across it and the light turns on. What is the input of this system and what is the output?

    asked by MATO
  11. History

    n the beginning which of the following motivated spanish exploration of the americans. A.The search for gold which often remained undiscovered B.The desire to better understand American nature and wildlife. C.The need to find a place to escape the

    asked by Turtle
  12. Science

    calculate the work done when a 15N FORCE Push es a car 3m please give me the step in how to work the problem

    asked by Tb
  13. History

    Which best describes how European powers of the 16th century used the economic theory of mercantilism to grow their wealth? A) European nations maximized the sale of exports and established tariffs to restrict colonies from trading with foreign nations. B)

    asked by Lydia
  14. Algebra

    Jerry writes the expression 8(b-1) +10 for the number of tulips in each border,wherein b is the border number and b is more or equal to 1

    asked by Ellie
  15. Social Studies/ History

    PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!!!!!!!! Put the events in the order in which they occurred. Egypt and Kush have an interdependent trading relationship. Egypt wants Kush's gold, attacks, and conquers Kush. Snefru encourages trade between Egypt and Kush. The two

    asked by Bri
  16. calculus

    f(x)= 1/4 * (sin2x)^2 find dy/dx d/dx (1/4 * (sin2x)^2)= (sin2xcos2x)/ 2 ?

    asked by tom
  17. math

    you are given a set of data: x = [1, 4, 2, 10] a) How large is the set x? b) What is the value of the element at index number 2 in set x?

    asked by tia
  18. linear algebra

    Find the point 4/5 of the way from (7, −10, −4) to (7, 0, 10). Not sure where to go about with this. I'm assuming I find the distance from the two points first..

    asked by sal
  19. History

    European culture has a large impact on the native people of texas which era changed the native culture the most. A.Exploration Era B.French Colonization C.Prehistory D.Spanish Colonization I think the answer is B please help me ASAP

    asked by @Lun
  20. history

    How was the Roman Empire’s system of government similar to many of today’s Western European governments? Roman rulers were appointed based on their heredity and noble blood lines. Only the free, adult Roman male citizens were allowed to vote. Rome

    asked by i need help!!!
  21. English

    A person who is in charge of the place where taekwondo is practiced by taekwondo masters. What is the name of the head of a taekwondo studio? 1. a takwondo director 2. a taekwondo manager 3. a taekwondo instructor

    asked by rfvv
  22. English

    1. Back home, I went online and found the recipe. 2. When I was back home. I went online and found the recipe. 3. After I was back home. I went online and found the recipe. 4. (Being) back home. I went online and found the recipe.

    asked by rfvv
  23. Thesis topic

    Hi what are the research gaps if i am goign to make an undergraduate thesis about children in conflict with the law? pls help

    asked by chris
  24. Math

    A man spends 78% of his income and seves Rs. 88 than what is his income

    asked by Anonymous
  25. History

    Which of the following chronological listings for eras of Texas history is correct. A. Civil War Texas, Early Statehood, Era of reform. the Great Depression B. Era of Reform, Early Statehood, Civil War Texas, the Great Depression C. the Great Depression,

    asked by Justin....
  26. Social Studies

    Who was in charge of the patriots and the loyalist in the battle of kettle creek? A: James Boyd and Andrew Pickens? Who won the battle? A: The Partiots?

    asked by Jadah
  27. Math(Algebra)

    My question is, “ A line with slope 3/2 that passes through the point (-2,0)” I have to find an equation. Can someone give me a rough explanation of how to do this, so i can figure this out? Thanks!

    asked by Eric
  28. Social Studies

    What political offices did Button Gwinnett hold?

    asked by Jadah
  29. history

    which of the following groups of american Indians was the least nomadic. A. Apaches B. Jumanos C. Atakapans D. Coahuiltecans i think the answer is B please help me it is due yesterday

    asked by Jake.....
  30. Social Studies

    How did the Patriots initially feel about Dabney fighting? What happened that changed the minds of the Patriots?

    asked by Jadah
  31. Math

    Math pre cal 11 (11√3 - 3√12)^2 without using calculator

    asked by 1
  32. social studies

    1. la salle had conflics with which of the following groups of american indiands? hasinai caddo apache karankawa my answer is d 2. what happened when the spanish found the french colony they engaged the french settlers in warfare and killed many of them

    asked by alexandra
  33. physics

    According to the work-energy theorem, in the absence of friction, if you do 100J of work on a cart while pushing it across a horizontal surface, how much will you increase its kinetic energy?

    asked by Tb
  34. history

    which sixteenth century explorer wrote detailed accounts of the native american tribes of Texas during seven years of exploration. A. Alonso Alvarez de Pindea B. Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca C. Francisco Vasquez de Coronado D. Hernan Cortes i think the

    asked by Jake.....
  35. Calculus

    Solve the integral (x+3)/(x-1)^3 So far, I'm stuck. This is what I have thus far: x+3 = A(x-1)^3/(x-1) + B(x-1)^3/(x-1)^2 + C(x-1)^3/(x-1)^3 x+3 = A(x^2-2x+1) + B(x-1) + C x+3 = Ax^2 - 2Ax +Bx + A - B + C x+3 =Ax^2 + 1(B-2A)x + (A - B + C)

    asked by Mike
  36. Algebra

    when you have to add or subtract from each side of a linear equations and linear inequalities, how do I know what to add or subtract?

    asked by LillyPrince
  37. linear algebra

    If →u and →v are the vectors below, find the vector →w whose tail is at the point halfway from the tip of →v to the tip of →v−→u and whose head is at the point halfway from the tip of →u to the tip of →u+→v. Assume all vectors are in

    asked by sal
  38. Stats

    My hypothesis test is a lower tail test. and this is the data i developed for my p values and z statistics and I have a feeling its wrong because shouldnt all the z statistics be negative? I am very confused. remeber each answer is only to two decimals:

    asked by Maya