Questions Asked on
September 20, 2018

  1. Social Studies

    Which of the following were characteristics of ancient Greek literature? Select all that apply. A. Epic poems reflected the belief that the Gods controlled humans' lives. B. Lyric poetry was sung about topics like war, politics, and emotions. C. The chorus

    asked by Rosie Lisette
  2. Social Studies

    Which event spread Islam to India?

    asked by Lexi
  3. Social Studies

    Which event spread Islam to India? A. conquest by Turkic forces B. the rise of the Mughal empire C. the fall of the Gupta empire D. the conversion of Akbar to Islam

    asked by Lexi
  4. Social Studies

    Which of the following statements can be used as evidence that ancient Greek beliefs and art has been influential? Select all that apply. A. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in Modern in New York City contains many abstract paintings. B. We read fables as

    asked by Rosie Lisette
  5. Social Studies

    What freedom did Chandragupta’s subjects lack? A. freedom to earn a living B. freedom to travel to different provinces C. freedom of speech D. freedom to worship as they pleased

    asked by TotallyTubelar
  6. social studies

    What was the main way Charles V and Philip II maintained Spanish power in Europe? A. by making treaties with neighboring countries B. by avoiding involvement in other countries' affairs C. by waging war against their enemies D. by creating an alliance with

    asked by cloe
  7. Social Studies

    How did Chandragupta conquer Magadha? A. by sending in his spies to open the city gates to his soldiers B. by attacking their borders and slowly weakening the outer reaches of the city first C. by uniting with the Greeks, combining their forces, and

    asked by TotallyTubelar
  8. math

    can someone help me with Lesson 9: Integers and Algebraic Expressions Unit Test for connection academy help plz

    asked by math
  9. social studies

    Which of the following texts contains commentaries on the teachings of Moses? A. the Writings B. the Torah C. the Hebrew Bible D. the Talmud please help i dont want a bad grade again

    asked by bob
  10. Math

    I need help on a quiz it is called mid unit review for 7th grade

    asked by Jonathan
  11. American government

    If a majority of committee members support a bill, what is likely to happen to it? A. The committee will pigeonhole the bill B. the committee will report the bill favourably to the floor C. The committee will rewrite the bill D. The committee will report

    asked by confused
  12. algebra 1

    6. which of the following inequalities is true? ( 1 point ) square root of 36 < -6 1/4 < square root of 81 -3 > -0.7 ** lesson 5: Mid-Unit Review MS Algebra 1 A, Part 1 Unit 2 pracitce can you guys plz help me

    asked by Anonymous
  13. History

    What is the most accurate statement about the social impact of living in a Levittown-inspired community? Residents of suburban communities were pressured to conform in ways dictated by the collective opinion of their neighbors. Elderly relatives were

    asked by Portia
  14. Physics

    A man pushes with a force of 310 N on a box at an angle of 55 degrees to the floor. How much of the force is directed into the floor, making his job more difficult? 178 N(my choice) 254 N 300 N 150 N

    asked by Babygirl
  15. Quick Math

    Solve the following equation 5(z-4)-z=4z-20 4 -4 Infinitely many solutions No solution I had found that the answer was 0=0, but what does that mean? I’m confused. Thank you in advance.

    asked by Anonymous
  16. Civics

    Why did Alexander Hamilton oppose adding a Bill of Rights in the Constitution? A. He was afraid it would actually limit individuals' rights by not listing them all. B. He feared it would cause the defeat and eventual elimination of the U.S. Constitution.

    asked by Cowgirlkaysie
  17. science

    What is a factor that limits a technological design? A. a prototype B. a trade-off C. a constraint D. a patent

    asked by im not lieing
  18. Science

    A certain object has a volume of 25.0 mL and a mass of 100 g. What is the density of the object?

    asked by Kevin
  19. math

    which value is a solution of the equation 2-8x=-6 Plz answer and give whole test answers

    asked by brandon
  20. social studies

    what is the definition of terrorist?

    asked by emily
  21. math

    Please help i really need an A and i'm horrible at math ): 1. solve the following equation algebraically, show your work 6 = x+2 over 3 2.solve the following equation algebraically, show your work 13 + w over 7 = - 18 3. solve the following equation

    asked by hush my child
  22. Chemistry

    The entire volume of a balloon is filled with air. However, over time, the balloon becomes soft as the air pressure inside it decreases. According to the gas laws, which answer choice best describes the cause for the decrease in the balloon's air pressure?

    asked by Savannah
  23. Government

    Which of the following are non-legislative powers of Congress? Choose one. A. make laws B. amend the constitution C. create a national public school D. censure public media E. tax exports Please help. My guess would be either E or C

    asked by Failing
  24. math

    solve the following question algebraically, show your work 13 + w/17 = -18 Please help, this is my last question and i'm so confused ):

    asked by hush my child
  25. Physics

    Which is not expecting acceleration? A point on the outside of a spinning top whose rotational speed is constant. A skydiver whose air resistance is equal to that of her weight. A car on the freeway experiencing a net force of -120 N. A submerged beach

    asked by Babygirl
  26. math

    A submarine starts at sea level and descends at a rate of 20 meters per minute for 2 hours.Which statement describes the submarine's descent?

    asked by Need help.
  27. Math

    A cell phone plan cost $30 per month for unlimited calling plus $.15 per message. A. Write a linear model that represents the monthly cost of the cell phone plan if the user sends t text messages. B. if you send 200 text messages, how much would you pay

    asked by Grace
  28. Pre algebra

    Hi can you please help me with this question. -9-17=10

    asked by Kelsey
  29. history

    Using at least one example from each of the three foundational documents that you have worked with on this assignment, tell me how the Magna Carta, the English Bill of Rights, and the Mayflower Compact led to at least three rights of governmental concepts

    asked by mark
  30. Spanish

    Help. I need in Spanish! Write a short paragraph explaining some details about school practices and/or activities in schools in the Spanish-speaking world.

    asked by cutie
  31. Physics

    Which is not expecting acceleration? A point on the outside of a spinning top whose rotational speed is constant. A skydiver whose air resistance is equal to that of her weight. A car on the freeway experiencing a net force of -120 N. A submerged beach

    asked by Babygirl
  32. physics

    Roger tosses a ball straight upward at v. Ignore air drag?

    asked by Denise
  33. Texas State History

    Before 1720, what was the difference in the relationships between the Spanish and the Apache compared to the Spanish and Hasinai? A. The Spanish made peace with both the Apache and the Hasinai. B. The Spanish had a working relationship with the Hasinai

    asked by Pumkin-head
  34. Pre calc

    solve the system by the method of your choice.identify systems with no solution and systems with infinitely many solutions using set notation to express their solution sets. 4x-3y=6 -12x+9y=-24

    asked by Anonymous
  35. calculus

    Find the area bounded by y - axis and x = 4 - y^(2/3)?

    asked by Marc
  36. math

    Why does an account with linear growth and a steady increase of $700 each month have a changing relative difference while an account with exponential growth and a steady 3% increase each month have a steady relative difference of 5% each month?

    asked by Carly
  37. Science

    A serial dilution is set up with an initial antigen concentration of 250 ug/mL. A serial dilution is carried out where 20 uL is moved from each tube into an adjacent which has been prefilled with 80 uL of buffer. What is the tube concentration of tube 8,

    asked by Sarah
  38. Physics

    John runs at 5.8 m/s for 7.99 s along the x axis. How far does John run? Answer in units of m.

    asked by Hannah
  39. science

    1. The atmosphere is absolutely unstable when the temperature of the air ________ with height. a. Is uniform b. Decreases rapidly c. Increases slightly d. Increases rapidly e. Decreases slightly answer: b 1. Rain shadow deserts are typically associated

    asked by are these correct?
  40. English

    1. Get out the rubber ball, we’re in solitary confinement. [Is this sentence grammatical?] 2. Put/place your handouts facedown on the desk. 3. Make the paper facedown on the desk. 4. Have the paper facedown on the desk. [Which one is grammacal? Do you

    asked by rfvv
  41. Science

    a) Mammals have hair or fur. The blue whale is a mammal but what is its body covering? b) Blue whales give birth to live young, right? Please help. Thanks.

    asked by Chimingbell
  42. Math

    There are 5 red marbles, 8 blue marbles, and 12 green marbles in a bag. What is the theoretical probability of randomly drawing a red marble and then a green marble? 10%

    asked by Tyler
  43. English

    1. We got us a future center here! 2. We got ourselves a future center here! [Can we use #1? Which one is grammatical?]

    asked by rfvv
  44. Social Studies

    What type of climate occurs on the U.S. and Canadian border? maritime Arctic continental warm summer tundra This is a rocky area that is dotted with lakes and extends from the Hudson Bay to the Canadian Rockies. Canadian Cordillera Canadian Shield St.

    asked by Emily Torres
  45. Macroeconomics

    If the GDP deflator increased by 3 percent while nominal GDP grew by 5 percent: a) real GDP would grow by 2 percent. b) real GDP would grow by 8 percent. c) real GDP would be unchanged. d) real GDP would fall by 3 percent. My attempt to get the solution:

    asked by Kid
  46. Macroeconomics

    Calculating the unemployment rate given the labor force and the number of people unemployed: Unemployment rate = number of people unemployed/labor force However, why is the calculation different (according to how I had to do for an assignment) if the total

    asked by Kid
  47. Communications

    Can anyone help me brainstorm examples of vertical markets ? I need to write a whitepaper on one and I dont know what vertical market would be easy because I need to bring up a issue with the market and a solution. Any suggestions ?

    asked by sarah M
  48. Physics

    If a mass of 1 kg is accelerated 1 m/s 2 by a force of 1 N, what would be the acceleration of a 42 kg mass acted on by a force of 42 N?

    asked by Jaylen
  49. Math

    Find each sum or difference. 1. -1/2+1/3 A.-1/6 B.-1/3** C.2/3 D.1/6 2. -3 1/5+(-6 1/2) A.-3 2/7** B.-3 7/10 C.-9 2/7 D.-9 7/10 3.5/8-(-2/8) A.-3/8 B.-7/8 C.3/8 D.7/8** 4.-9/10-2/5 A.-1 3/10 B.-1 1/10 C.-7/10** D.-5/10 5.6 3/5-(-2 1/5) A.-8 2/5 B.-4 2/5

    asked by Otaku@Heart
  50. Science

    The mean monthly temperature data set for Site 1 is as follows: Jan = 22.0, Feb = 25.0, Mar = 29.0, Apr = 33.0, May = 48.0, June = 44.0, July = 45.0, Aug = 44.0, Sept = 40.0, Oct = 34.0, Nov = 27.0, Dec = 22.0 Annual average temperature: added all the

    asked by !
  51. U.S History

    Do you favor keeping the Articles of Confederation as the constitution for the new nation? Why or why not? Please provide at least two reasons with details.

    asked by Seth
  52. Math

    Whats the difference between |-3| and -3?

    asked by Lazy Zebraasas
  53. Math

    Simplify the expression below 9* (7-4)^2+9 Show your steps! :)

    asked by Lazy Craz Baze
  54. Pre-Algebra

    Which Expression can be written as 5•(2+7)? A) 5•2+7 B) 5-(2+7) C) (5•2)+(5•7) D) (5+2)+(5+7) someone please help

    asked by Ash
  55. math

    For each number, circle the subset(s) of the real numbers that the number belong to. 26) √49 rational, integers, whole numbers, natural numbers, irrational 27) −√81 rational, integers, whole numbers, natural numbers, irrational 28) √43 rational,

    asked by .....................................
  56. SS

    What were some of the advantages the Continental Army had over the British? Select all that apply. -fighting on familiar territory - a large navy -more troops - better supplies

    asked by HEEEELP
  57. physics

    A rocket is projected horizontally with velocity 700meter per seconds from the top of a tower 100meter high. how long will it take to reach the ground?

    asked by Adebayo
  58. Physics

    A car travels for .50 of a trip at 20 km/h. How fast must it travel in the second half to average 55 kmh?

    asked by William
  59. Art

    My teacher is wanting us to draw a realistic drawing for extra credit, and I only like to draw anime! Can someone give me some drawing tips for drawing realistically!? Thanks.

    asked by Alex Cam
  60. Math

    14) Consider the parabola with equation y = x^2 - 6x + 5. a. Use any suitable method to determine the coordinates of the turning point of this parabola. b. Hence, state for which values of c the line y = c will intersect the parabola: i. twice ii. once

    asked by Anonymous
  61. Algebra

    What is the sum of 5-6 + 2-3?

    asked by QINOUAAAA
  62. AP Biology

    How would I calculate water potential? I have the formula but I can't figure out what to plug in. I only have a data table including initial and final mass of a concentration and the molarity of the concentration.

    asked by anonymous
  63. Communications

    I came up with a topic for my whitepaper however I just had one question, who works on the security issues of online banking? If i were writing a white paper about the issue of security to online banking, who would my audience be? who am i writing to that

    asked by sarah M
  64. Chemistry

    Ok so I am learning about combining and exchanging atoms in a chemical formula and I do not understand how the negative and positive exponential symbols will someone explain

    asked by Marshall
  65. science

    1. Rain shadow deserts are typically associated with a. The leeward sides of mountains b. Orographic lifting c. Adiabatic warming d. All of the above answer: a

    asked by is these correct?
  66. Math

    Simplify -15.6 / -4. A. -3.9 *** B. 3.9 C. -4.9 D. 4.9 Is my answer correct i just want to double check.Thanks!

    asked by Swimmmer
  67. math

    Which words in the following question create bias? Do you want to talk to that nice salesperson or that sly salesperson? A talk; salesperson B nice; sly C you; want D this; that

    asked by a boi
  68. physics

    The following question refers to the following expression for a particle's position: X = 3t^2 - 4t + 3 What is the particle's acceleration after 3 seconds? I keep getting 1 m/s2 but that's not an answer choice. I found instantaneous velocity at t=0 (3 m/s)

    asked by anonymous
  69. Math

    Whats the solution of 2(h−8)−h=h−16? This has me stumped, can you also explain how to do this problem, so i can use that if i get stumped on another question?

    asked by Clorox
  70. Math

    You are given equations in Standard Form. Rewrite them in Slope-intercept form. -6x + 4y = 24 is y= 6/4x + 6 or y = 2/3x + 4?

    asked by Jadah
  71. Algebra

    Help, lost with the second part of this: Evaluate the expression: If y=100 and z=200, what is the value 2y + 2z -100 Ok, maybe I have done too many math lessons in one day, but wwhhaatt????? Thanks

    asked by Jelleybean22
  72. Math

    I need help with this math question What is the solution to - 55 + q = 7? A - q = - 62 B - q = - 42 C - q =42 D - q = 62 My answer is A

    asked by weqwe
  73. math

    given the function f(x) = 2x^2-3x-1 simplify f((x+h)-f(x))/h

    asked by Anonymous
  74. Math

    what is the difference between [-3] and - 3? Very confused on this don't really know how to answer just need some help

    asked by dfgwer
  75. Math

    An elevator goes up 7 floors and then down 4 floors. What integer represents the change in the floor level?

    asked by Nyla