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September 18, 2018

  1. social studies

    What Was the Renaissance? Quick Check Why did the growth of trade and industry weaken feudalism? A. Peasants left manors for towns where they could find work. B. The rise of a merchant class weakened the power of monarchs. C. Feudal manors switched from

    asked by BlackWeb
  2. Social studies

    Elections limit the power of which types of governments? I need 2 answers A. Constitutional monarchy B. Constitutional republic C. Dictatorship D. Oligarchy E. Totalitarian

    asked by Julianna
  3. Check my work

    Danielle likes to work alone and has strong math and analysis skills. She like the challenges of the outdoors and regularly records her observations. For which kind of job would she be most suited? Select two apply. a. Botanist b. Biology teacher**** c.

    asked by Sid.V
  4. Social Studies

    What contributed to the growth of Hinduism? Select all that apply. accepting of new gods elite worship services flexibility in worship sexism against women lack of religious texts? I think A and B and maybe C

    asked by TotallyTubelar
  5. Check my work

    Jennifer is very social and outgoing. She doesn’t like to sit for long periods of time and she dislikes work that requires her to stay at her desk. Variety keeps her motivated. For which kind of job would she be most suited? Select two apply. a. Business

    asked by Sid.V
  6. English

    1. Why do the authors of “Lob’s Girl” and “Jeremiah’s Song” use flashbacks? (1 point) to remind readers of what they have already learned in the story to show how one story event causes another story event**** to suggest what might happen after

  7. Career guidance

    In which of the following would a person who work as a business administrator be interested select two that apply. a. Convincing someone to purchase a project b. Planning employee work schedules**** c. Typing memos and letters d. Writing facts, procedures,

    asked by Sid.V
  8. History

    Which of the following factors helped trade to thrive during the Roman empire? Select all that apply. A. peace throughout the empire B. a shared religion throughout the empire C. a language similar to that of trading partner nations D. a network of good

    asked by ffghj
  9. Social Studies

    Which of the following did the Greeks adopt from the Phoenicians? Select all that apply. A. idea of democracy B. writing system C. weights and measures D. iron weapons E. architecture I think B and E.

    asked by Bri
  10. Social Studies

    How did the Diaspora change the way Jews worshipped? A. Jews traveled to Jerusalem to participate in festivals. B. Jews adopted Greek and Roman methods of worship. C. Rabbis became leaders of Jewish rituals. D. Synagogues became more important for worship.

    asked by Bri
  11. science

    Explain what science is. Give an example of a type of scientist and what they study. HELPPP

    asked by blahh
  12. History

    How was the art of Mesopotamia different from that of earlier cultures? A. It included monuments that glorified the gods and showed religion in society. ** my answer B. It included pretend animals and showed human imagination. C. They showed people in

    asked by Vixen - Connexus
  13. marine science

    Lesson 3: wrapping up unit 1 Marine science A unit 1: about the earth. 1. The history of Sir Isaac Newton study of gravity does which of the following. a .illustrates how a theory becomes law b.provides an example of a theory that has been discredited c.

    asked by alvin
  14. Social Studies

    The Assyrian rulers divided their empire into 70 smaller units of government called provinces. Then they assigned a governor to each province !@#$%^&ported directly to the Assyrian ruler. What was the goal of this technique? A. to keep powerful governors

    asked by Bri
  15. 9th Grade Help Please

    Janelle is highly organized and love working to find ways to arrange graphs and data more effectively. She doesn’t handle conflicts with her friends well. She is able to picture solutions to problems vividly in her mind. For which job would she be most

    asked by Sid.V
  16. educational technology and online learning

    3. Which of the following statements regarding an AUP is correct

    asked by unicorns rule
  17. Math

    Use the data given below to answer the following questions: 68,63,67,66,65,87,69,61,86,82,28 What is the outlier of the data? Explain why you consider this number the outlier. Calculate the mean of the given data set. You must show your work! Calculate the

    asked by BlackWeb
  18. Social Studies

    How does Judaism influence modern society?

    asked by Bri
  19. History

    Use the drop-down menus to complete the sentences. Egyptians believed that led to an afterlife where the soul would need a home. Because of this, wealthy Egyptians preserved their bodies Question 1 of 4 Which was one of the roles of farmers in ancient

    asked by Ny
  20. Check my work

    Peter is creative and excels with visual presentation. He enjoys working in small groups and in an active work environment. Which jobs would match his personality? Select two that apply a. Business manager**** b. Chef c. Painter d. Waiter e. Software

    asked by Sid.V
  21. science

    What is the mass of water that results from combining 2.0g of hydrogen with 16.0g of oxygen?

    asked by amen
  22. language arts

    The narrator of stolen day says this family often laughs at him how does he react when they do. a.he wishes he were an orphan** b.he dislikes everyone he knows c.he appreciates the attention d.he dislikes being teased help plz quick

    asked by laylay
  23. social studies

    What was the primary reason that Roger Williams left the Massachusetts Bay colony and founded the Rhode Island colony? He wanted to start a colony where the government had more power.** He was forced out by Native Americans. He sought better opportunities

    asked by reb
  24. Social Studies

    How do scholars know that Indo-Aryans raised cattle and depended upon their milk, but later turned to agriculture? A. Archaeologists have found evidence of the changes in tools used. B. The Bhagavad-Gita tells of the ancient people's lifestyle. C. The

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Social Studies

    What relationship is governed by the commandment "Remember the Sabbath day"? A. parent-child B. king-subject C. God-believer D. sister-brother I think C.

    asked by Bri
  26. Math

    Use benchmarks to estimate the sum. 11/15+1/8. A.)about 1/2 B.)about 3/4*** C.)about 1 D.)about 1 1/2

    asked by Lei
  27. Home economics

    List and explain five branches of home economics which are inter related

    asked by Someone
  28. English

    I'm writing a 3 page essay Now my first page is complete and I'm talking about how everyone loves the internet/technology so much and depends on it and how the internet makes everything so convenient and easy, now how can I make a transition paragraph so I

    asked by community college girl
  29. Math

    Find each sum or difference 1. 5/10 - 3/10 2.1/2 + 3/4 3. 1/6 + 3/8 4. 7/8 - 5/12 5. The sum of two numbers is 7/8. One addend is 3/4. What is the other

    asked by Bree
  30. Social Studies

    When Judaism began, how was it different from other religions in the ancient world? A. Judaism had sacred texts. B. Judaism did not instruct its followers about how to lead their daily lives. C. Judaism held that there was one God who set down laws about

    asked by Bri
  31. Pretest..

    The people of the Arctic lived in A. igloos, B. wigwams, C. cliff dwellings, D. longhouses during the winter, while subarctic peoples A. used tents, B. built lodges, C. carried tepees, D. dug holes

    asked by Fusion
  32. life orientation

    Identify and explain four types of risk behavior amongst teenagers by means of examples

    asked by Kelvin
  33. Math, Algebra

    1: Dory bought 2 computers on sale for $210.99 each. He sold them to his friend for $240.00 each. What was his profit? -$52.99 -$58.02 -$421.98 -$480.00 I'm not very good with money and numbers lol, if someone could dumb this down for me that'd be great.

    asked by dumdumbumbum
  34. Social Studies

    Which type of government is limited in power? A. Oligarchy B. Dictatorship C. Totalitarian D. Constitutional monarchy

    asked by Julianna
  35. Math

    Max Wholesaler borrowed $5000 on a 12%, 120-day note. After 45 days, Max paid $1750 on the note. Thirty days later, Max paid an additional $1500. Use ordinary interest (360 days). a. Determine the total interest using the U.S. Rule. (Round your

    asked by Shelley
  36. Math


    asked by Temi
  37. algebra

    Which expression can be written as 4 • (3 + 8)? 4 + (3 + 8) (4 • 3) + (4 • 8) (4 + 3) • (4 + 8) 4 • 3 + 8**

    asked by reb
  38. math

    Rewrite the expression without using a negative exponent. -2m^-5 Simplify the answer as much as possible.

    asked by justin
  39. Science

    Two identical point charges repel each other with a force of 4N. When the charges are moved 5mm further apart, the resultant force is reduced to 1N. How far apart were the charges originally?

    asked by Nonkumbulo
  40. Math

    Thomas says that 35/1000 can be written as 0.35 is he correct? If not justify your reasoning and give the CORRECT decimal equivalent Bonus: write 682,027,103,391.045 in word form

    asked by BensyDrowny
  41. Social Studies

    Although southern Mesopotamia is a hot, desert region, why was it able to become the cradle of civilization? Select all that apply. A. Nomads developed aggressive herding techniques. B. Flooding of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers brought good soil. C.

    asked by Bri
  42. Social Studies

    How does the Talmud show that the Jewish religion values learning?

    asked by Bri
  43. chemistry

    The half-life of polonium-218 is 3.0 minutes. If you start with 30.0 g, how long will it be before only 1.1 g remains?

    asked by Anonymous
  44. English

    Give a brief summary of Home Place by guy vanderhaeghe.

    asked by Luke
  45. english

    What format does “forest fire” by Anais Nin use? example: compare-and-contrast

    asked by jenn
  46. Finite Mathematics

    compute the number of permutation that a chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer and parliamentary can be chosen from a committee of twenty members.

    asked by Tia
  47. Science

    Which objects will sink or float if the density of pure water is1/gm or 1gm/cm3. The following of the following objects will sink or float if the mass, volume, and density of the objects are: Small sized block : mass=4.5 grams, volume=2.744 cm3, density:

    asked by CD


  49. Earth Science

    What is the density of a mineral?

    asked by Anonymos
  50. English

    1. She goes skiing in winter. 2. She goes skiing every winter. 3. She goes skiing each winter. [Does #1 mean #2 or #3? Are they the same in meaning?]

    asked by rfvv
  51. Chemistry

    What will happen if an iron spoon is used to stir an AgCl solution?

    asked by Sanjay
  52. Conceptual Physics

    If an airplane travels 250 km due north in 1/2 hour, what is its velocity? 500 km / hr 500 km / hr north 250 km / hr I think the answer is b?

    asked by Angie
  53. Algebra II

    The point (2,8) is on the graph of f(x) = x^3. What is the value of b if the point (0.5,8) is on the graph of f(bx)? A. 4 B. 0.5 C. 1 D. 2.5 In which of the functions is f(-x) = f(x)? A. Y = sin(x) B. Y = x C. Y = x^2 D. Y = x^1/3

    asked by Babygirl
  54. Social Studies

    The Incas used quipus to A. preserve their history. B. keep records of people and goods. C. decide when to plant crops. D. divide work among peasant families. Can I get an explanation of this?

    asked by Fusion
  55. Science

    Which of these correctly describes how a system can store potential energy on the microscopic level?” A. The particles must have position with regards to a reference point if the system stores potential energy B. The particles must be in motion if the

    asked by Emily
  56. Chemistry

    Will there be a reaction if a magnesium strip is placed in a solution containing Zn2+ ions?

    asked by Sanjay
  57. Algebra

    The​ formula, Modifying Upper C with underline urrent ratioequalsStartFraction current Modifying Upper A with underline ssets Over current Modifying Upper L with underline iabilities EndFraction is used to find the current financial nbspratio. The ratio

    asked by Anonymous
  58. Algebra

    A lawyer drives from her home, located 3 miles east and 9 miles north of the town courthouse, to her office, located 4 miles west and 15 miles south of the courthouse. Find the distance between the lawyer's home and her office.

    asked by Frankie
  59. Physics

    ••••••••••air is filled at 60°c in a vessel of open mouth the vessel is heated with a temperature t so that 1/4th part of air escapes.assuming the volume of vessel remaining constant,the value of T is

    asked by Farhad
  60. Science

    Economic importance of noctiluca

    asked by Anonymous
  61. Chemistry

    2so2+o2= how many moles of so3

    asked by gudboi
  62. algebra

    To produce a textbook, suppose the publisher spent $115,000 for typesetting and $8.50 per book for printing and binding. The total cost to produce and print n books can be written as C=115,000+8.5(n) C.Find the cost to produce one more textbook when you

    asked by Anonymous
  63. science

    A box of mass 26 kg is hung by a thin string from the ceiling of an elevator. The string can hold up to 276.1 N and will break under larger tension force. How much can the maximum acceleration of the elevator be going upward so that the string does not

    asked by palesa
  64. us history

    please check my answers at the bottom Parliament Member Argues Against Repeal (January 23, 1766) The only shadow of an argument, that can be brought to support the repeal of the Stamp Act, is that our trade with that country will suffer, if we enforce the

    asked by anonymous
  65. Health

    PLEASE HELP MS. SUE!! Two factors that can be used to evaluate _______ are life expectancy and quality of life. a. environment b. goal c. health d. heredity Please hurry :) Thanks for all your help.

    asked by Anonymous
  66. us history

    i need someone to look at my answers at the end are they correct,if not please help me correct them? London Merchants Urge Repeal (January 17, 1766) ... That the Petitioners have been long concerned in carrying on the Trade between this Country and the

    asked by anonymous
  67. Social Studies

    What type of Indians built longhouses?

    asked by Fusion
  68. English

    1. Emma rode her bike last night. 2. Emma rode her bike yesterday night. [Are both okay? Can we use #2?] 3. Owen took a hot shower yesterday morning. 4. Owen took a hot shower last morning. [Which one do we have to use, yesterday or last?] 5. He went

    asked by rfvv
  69. English

    I need help organizing my ideas for my 3 page essay. So my title is "Social Media; A new source of income." I want to write about social media creating more jobs and helping the economy would it be off topic if my intro sentence and bridge sentences starts

    asked by community college girl
  70. Political Parties

    What were the active political parties in 1776, and 1870?

    asked by JACK
  71. Civic Education

    Ways In Which Corruption Has Retarded the Development In Nigeria

    asked by Anonymous
  72. Math

    A grocer sells apples for $1.35 each, pears for $1.45 each and oranges for $1.60 each. She also offers a discount of 70c for anyone who buys two pieces of fruit, and a discount of $1.60 for anyone who buys three pieces of fruit. One day she sells 50 pieces

    asked by Puranam
  73. Maths

    A cylindrical container is to be produced that will have a capacity of 10 metre cubic . The top and the bottom of the container are to be made of material costing $2.00 per square meter, while the side of the container is to be made of material costing

    asked by Matelita
  74. Geography

    How was citizenship connected to the Greek polis

    asked by Anonymous
  75. Boolean Algebra

    Simplify: (x * y) + (~x * z) + (y * z) I'm using ~ to represent NOT, * to represent AND, + to represent OR I did: (x * y) + (~x * z) + (y * z) = (x * y) + z(~x * y) But I can't get any further from here A boolean algebra calculator online says the

    asked by Anonymous
  76. Algebra II

    The graph of y = f(x - 3) is a _____ of the graph of y = f(x) A. Shift 3 units to the right B. Shift 3 units up C. Scale change of the output by a factor of -3 D. Scale change of the input by a factor of 3 If the point (1,3) is on the graph of y = f(x),

    asked by Babygirl
  77. Gr.12 Chemistry

    What will happen if an iron spoon is used to stir an AgCl solution?

    asked by Sanjay
  78. Math

    The corner A, B, C and D of a ranch are such that B is 8 km directly East of A and C is 6km from B on a bearing of 30 degree.D is 7km From on a bearing of 300 degree. (a) the bearing of A and D; (b) the distance BD in kilometers. (C) the perimeter of the

    asked by Kd
  79. biology

    A cell with adefective p53 gene is likely to a. stop responding to growth regulators b. stop dividing to produce daughter cells ***** c. generate hormones that combat tumors d. produce cells without a defective p53 gene

    asked by Anonymous
  80. Calculus

    1. Suppose that the outdoor temperature (in Fahrenheit) on a particular day was approximated by the function T(t) = 50 + 14sin[(pi(t))/12] Where t is time in hours after 9 AM. a) find the max (Tmax) and min (Tmin) temperature, And the average temperature:

    asked by Anonymous
  81. algebra

    a . a. Slope: X+1 Incorrect Preview x x-intercept: ( ( 0 Correct , 0 ) ,0) y y-intercept: ( 0 , (0, 1 Incorrect ) ) b . b. Slope: -2x-2 Incorrect x x-intercept: ( ( -2 Correct , 0 ) ,0) y y-intercept: ( 0 , (0, -2 Incorrect ) ) c . c. Slope: -2x-2

    asked by Keonn'a
  82. Science

    How can i find the observed volume? lets say I'm using a 50 ml beaker and I fill it up with 35 ml? would it be 35ml or 50ml?

    asked by Boboruto
  83. Math

    what are the pros and cons of the substitution method in a system of equations?

    asked by Sally123
  84. ap physics

    A force of 75 N is applied to two boxes stacked on top of each other. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the bottom box and the floor is 0.3. If the box on top is to accelerate at the same rate as the box on the bottom, what must the minimum

    asked by tyger2020
  85. Physics

    Charlie wants us to know the height of a bridge, so he drops a rock over the side. The rock lands in the stream below 3 seconds later. How high is the bridge?

    asked by Kelley
  86. Biology

    What kind of chemical bond is involved in forming the primary structure of a protein? What type of bond is a peptide bond?

    asked by Sally
  87. calc

    d/dx (cot(x) / sin(x)) = I got dy/dx= -csc(x) - cos(x)cot(x)

    asked by tom
  88. Science

    Which way of finding mass is more accurate: using the electronicbalance or the triple beam balance? What mistakes could have been made with each method?

    asked by CD
  89. Algebra tiles

    I need help with set up. So on the left side box n positive side I have 3 rectangular boxes colored in (3x) and 3 small boxes one colored two are not (1)(-2). Then on the negative side only one colored box -(1). So would this be 3x+1+(-2)-(1) ? On the

    asked by Stacy
  90. Math simplifying

    I have the answer just which order do i put it. -5x^2+5+4x-5y So I think -5x^2+4x-5y+5 Am I correct ?

    asked by Stacy
  91. Science

    How is an experiment using a Triple Beam Balance and Electronic Balance related to Density?

    asked by CD
  92. Ss

    HELP How many countries were under Great Britain's rule!?

    asked by lolipop
  93. English

    Form the possessive case of each plural noun 1. cattle 2. sheep 3. women 1. cattle's 2. sheep's 3. women's

    asked by Hayden
  94. Health

    How can you resolve a conflict without violence? Explain.

    asked by 2 + 2 =
  95. math grade 5

    Name each number in two different ways. 90,000,000 40,000

    asked by Lori
  96. English

    Form the possessive case of each of the following. 1. year 2. cent 3. class 4. mouse 5. Paris 1. year's 2. cent's 3. class' 4. mouse's 5. Pais's

    asked by Hayden
  97. Math Please help ASAP

    what does it mean when using pemdas the parenthesis are (-13). And what is the answer to (-13) is it 13

    asked by Anonomous
  98. science

    How would I calculate the true volume? is it the mass/density(temperature of water)?

    asked by Boborto
  99. math


    asked by robin
  100. algebra

    graph 4x-3y>=-12 graph -x+5y>=1

    asked by Anonymous
  101. math goodwin

    9 times 126

    asked by cool