Questions Asked on
September 17, 2018

  1. Maths

    some mangoes were shared between Ada and Chika in the ratio of 3:5. If Ada share was 120, how many were shared between them

    asked by Anonymous
  2. English

    in which sentence is the underlined word the simple predicate? A. According to legend, THERE is buried treasure nearby. B. People with metal detectors SEARCH for it every weekend. C. So far, no treasure has BEEN found. D. Most treasure seekers leave here

    asked by Confused
  3. math

    What set of reflections and rotations would carry rectangle ABCD onto itself? Rectangle formed by ordered pairs A at negative 4, 1, B at negative 4, 2, C at negative 1, 2, D at negative 1, 1.

    asked by bob
  4. history

    Which identifies the effects of the Congress of Vienna? The unification of Germany led to the Seven Years’ War. The harsh treatment of France led to a rise in nationalism throughout Europe. An interconnected Europe led to the creation of the European

    asked by Bri
  5. maths

    In a rhombus PQRS,the diagonals intersect at O.given that angle=120 degree and OP=3 cm.what is the side of the rhombus.

    asked by Gajalakshmi
  6. Math

    Two lines L1: 2y - 3x - 6 = 0 and L2: 3y + x - 20 = 0 interest at a point A. (a) find the coordinates of A. (b) A third line L3 is perpendicular to L2 at point A. Find the equation of L3 in the form y = mx + c. (c) Another line L4 is parallel to L1 and

    asked by Kd
  7. social studies

    how did the democratic party's support of the civil rights act of 1964 lead to change in its membership/

    asked by Anonymous
  8. American History

    Which most accurately explains how John Locke’s Two Treatises of Civil Government influenced the movement towards American independence? John Locke’s Two Treatises of Civil Government inspired the principle of salutary neglect, which colonists used to

    asked by Quinn
  9. college algebra

    A support pole for an ancient structure is found to have one-fifth of the carbon-14 of a modern, living tree. How long ago did the tree used to make the support pole die? Give your answer to the nearest whole number.

    asked by Sydney
  10. Social Studies

    Which type of economic system has the highest level of government control? A. traditional economy B. market economy C. command economy D. mixed economy

    asked by FNAF Girl
  11. Geometry

    For every 10 yards on a football field, there is a boldly marked line labeled with the amount of yards. There are two parallel sidelines on each side of the field. If the 50 yard line is perpendicular to one of the sidelines, what is its relationship to

    asked by Anonymous
  12. MATH

    Choose the equation you can use to solve the following problem. Each cupcake costs $4.00. How many cupcakes, x, are purchased if the total cost is $36.00? 4+x=36 36-x=4 4x=36 x÷4+36 (1 point) 2. Choose the equations you can use to solve the following

    asked by Anonymous
  13. English

    In which sentence is the uppercase word the SIMPLE SUBJECT? A. The storm lasted all NIGHT long. B. Branched RATTLED against the roof. C. The RAIN came down in sheets. D. In the MORNING, the streets were flooded.

    asked by Dasher
  14. MATH

    Mary Palm's checking account had a starting balance of $785.63. She wrote a check for $57.00 for groceries and a check for $125.00 for a car payment. Yesterday she deposited $57.25 in her checking account. What is Mary's current balance

    asked by Anonymous
  15. American History

    What statement most accurately describes the impact the Articles of Confederation had on the correlation of power between the federal and state government? The Articles of Confederation attempted to balance the power between the state and federal

    asked by Quinn
  16. math

    Lesson 2: Patterns, Equations, and Graphs CE 2015 ALG I A1 2520 Unit 3: Solving Equations 1. Which of the following is an example of an open equation? (1 point) 5x + 7 = 12 12 + (–8) = 4 25 = 5(5) 8 + 0 = 8 1.A 2.D 3.B 4.A 5.D 6.D 7.C 8.C 9. (SA) the

    asked by helper
  17. English

    Which statement is NOT true about sentence fragments? A. They do not have a subject, but they have a predicate. B. They do not have a subject and a verb. C. They do not form a complete thought. D. Adding other words makes the fragment a complete sentence.

    asked by josh
  18. American History

    How did the British victory in the French and Indian War lead to the American Revolution? Loss of land by the colonists to the French led to resentment in the colonies. The French and Indian War led the colonies into the Seven Years’ War. British debt

    asked by Quinn
  19. Chemistry

    How could you separate a mixture of water, rock salt, sawdust, and iron filings? Would this require physical means, chemical means, or both?

    asked by Jessica
  20. Algebra

    If the surface area of a cylinder is equal to the value of the volume of the cylinder. Find the value of x. X is the height which is unknown. The radius is 6ft

    asked by Caden
  21. math

    what are the dimensions of a sugar cube

    asked by Anonymous
  22. math

    Kim made five times as many cookies as Andrea. If Andrea made Δ cookies, write an expression describing how many cookies Kim made. A) Δ+ 5 B) Δ - 5 C) 5×Δ D) Δ÷5 5) Look at the graph of the equation y = 5x. Which statement is true? A) As x increases

    asked by Anonymous
  23. ME Career Exploration

    I need help with some questions 1. Additional education is typically required to enter fields of law true or false 2. If you need help while overseas, you can visit the: embassy. City hall. City planner. Foreign services. 3. Which of the following is an

    asked by Megan
  24. math

    Find the value of x and KL if K is between J and L. JK=2x, KL=x+2, JL=5x-10

    asked by 2 + 2 =
  25. Math

    The graph of f(x)=1/x^2 is horizontally compressed by a factor of 14, then shifted to the right 9 units and up 3 units.

    asked by Amy
  26. Finite Math

    Solve using Gauss Jordan method - Write in terms of (x, y, z) = ( ) 3y + 2z = 1 2x − y − 3z = 3 2x + 2y − z = 4

    asked by Anon
  27. math

    I really need help on my home work and my question says: Stretch your thinking write a subtraction equation with the difference of 54.57 The n draw a number line to show between which two whole numbers the difference lies.

    asked by Cinthya
  28. English

    What does Penny mean when she refers to "patriarchal surveillance" on the Internet? In the story "Penny Cybersexism"

    asked by Sarah
  29. Algebra

    In a football game, a running back ran for 5 and 7 yards on his last two runs. His total yardage for the whole game is 78 yards. Which expression shows how many yards the running back had before those two runs?\ PLEASE HELP I REALLY NEED THE ANSWER

    asked by PLEASE HELP
  30. Chemistry

    569 mol * 54.938 g/mol 7.098 * 10^4/ 22 g/cm^3

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Chem

    Suppose that you want to construct a galvanic cell from nickel and cadmium. You use 0.01M sol of cadmium nitrate as one of the electrolytes. If you need a cell potential of 0.17V for this system, what concentration of NiCl2 should you use?

    asked by Keena
  32. algebra

    the length of a rectangular field is 24 meters. this is 3 meters less than twice the width. find the width.

    asked by jenny
  33. math

    joanne kearns 720 pounds a week .she spends 1/3 of her money on rent and 3/4 of the remaining on groceries .how much money does she spend on both rent and groceries

    asked by abdurahman
  34. Physics

    A plank, of length L = 3.7 m and mass M = 19.6 kg, rests on the ground and on a frictionless roller at the top of a wall of height h = 1.70 m (see Figure). The center of gravity of the plank is at its center. The plank remains in equilibrium for any value

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Algebra

    A bicycle manufacturer builds racing bikes and mountain bikes. Materials for the racing bike cost $110 while labor to build them is $120. Materials for the mountain bike cost $140 and labor is $180. The company budgeted $31,800 for labor and $26,150 for

    asked by Tina
  36. Algebra 2

    A bicycle manufacturer builds racing bikes and mountain bikes. Materials for the racing bike cost $110 while labor to build them is $120. Materials for the mountain bike cost $140 and labor is $180. The company budgeted $31,800 for labor and $26,150 for

    asked by Tina
  37. Physics

    You walk 45 m to the north, then turn 90 degrees to your right and walk another 45 m. How far are you from where you originally started? 41 m 85 m 45 m 64 m Please help!

    asked by Babygirl
  38. calc

    Differentiate : (t^3 +2t -1) / (t+1) = I don't understand how the answer is: (1)(t^3+2t-1) - (3t^2 +2)(t+1) All over (t+1)^2

    asked by Anne
  39. Math

    A bicycle manufacturer builds racing bikes and mountain bikes. Materials for the racing bike cost $110 while labor to build them is $120. Materials for the mountain bike cost $140 and labor is $180. The company budgeted $31,800 for labor and $26,150 for

    asked by Tina
  40. science

    what is the explanation of titration between sodium carbonate and HCl using phenolphthalene giving a colourless colour

    asked by nita
  41. Algebra 2

    SOLVE FOR USING SUBSTITUTION OR ELIMINATION A bicycle manufacturer builds racing bikes and mountain bikes. Materials for the racing bike cost $110 while labor to build them is $120. Materials for the mountain bike cost $140 and labor is $180. The company

    asked by Tina
  42. Math

    SOLVE FOR USING SUBSTITUTION OR ELIMINATION A bicycle manufacturer builds racing bikes and mountain bikes. Materials for the racing bike cost $110 while labor to build them is $120. Materials for the mountain bike cost $140 and labor is $180. The company

    asked by Tina
  43. Math

    Suppose the farmer buys another 1/2 square mile of land and divides his land into square Fields 1/4 Mile Long and 1/4 Mile wide how many fields will he have

    asked by Irelynn
  44. Math

    Write an algebraic phrase for this verbal expression 9 less than one half a number. I get confused by these a lot, but this is what I came up with, 9 - (x/2)

    asked by Jordan
  45. Bio

    2) A person’s wedding on a hot day would most likely be an example of what biological process A digestion B respiration C homeostasis D gametogemesis

    asked by Kaylee
  46. Bio

    On hot dry days guard cells are dying clothes Microsoft openings in plant leaves conserving water this in example of A environmental factors causing gene mutations in plants B finite resources acting as selecting agenta for evolution C A feedback mechanism

    asked by Kaylee
  47. American History

    After the French and Indian War, the British issued the Royal Proclamation of 1763, which forbade colonists from moving into lands west of the Appalachian Mountains. Which most accurately explains colonists’ reaction to this policy as outlined in the

    asked by Quinn
  48. Math

    33xy / 3x Wouldn't that just be 11xy?

    asked by Jordan
  49. science

    carla applied a force of 35 N to wheelbarrow full of bricks and moved it 2.5 m. whitch of the following can be determined from this information

    asked by dolphins
  50. American History

    Which identifies a difference in the motivation for colonization of the southern and New England colonies? The southern colonies were settled by groups seeking religious liberty, while many of the New England colonies were settled to pursue economic

    asked by Quinn
  51. Algebra

    The sum of three numbers is 21. One of the numbers is 2 more than twice a second number and 2 less than the third number. Find the numbers.

    asked by Anna
  52. American History

    __________ was a major industry in the middle colonies; __________, __________, and __________ were predominant in the southern colonies. Which most accurately completes the statement? shipbuilding; tobacco, minerals, sugar fishing; shipping, rice, sugar

    asked by Quinn
  53. English

    In “Earthquakes,” why might the author have included the section titled “Earth’s Largest Quake: A Firsthand Account”?

    asked by You dont need to know
  54. Math

    b y 3 16 4 18 5 20 6 22 Q: A: The number of yellow marbles in a bag is 10 more than 2 times the number of blue marbles. The table shows how the number of yellow marbles, y, depends on the number of blue marbles, b. Choose the equation which represents the

    asked by Anonymous
  55. math

    What is an expression that can be used to find 4 x 275 using mental math and properties of numbers?

    asked by Anonymous
  56. English

    Change the noun in () to the correct possessive form. 1. two (teachers) cars 2. Mrs. (Rubin) camera 3. (Arkansas) capital 4. the (children) mittens 5. the (Sanchezes) horse 6. three (months) delay 7. a (moment) notice 8. two (deer) tracks 9. (Darnell)

    asked by Hayden
  57. English

    In "Two Kinds," why is the daughter at first excited about her mother's ambitions for her?

    asked by kate
  58. English

    For each sentence change the word that requires an apostrophe. 1. George Washingtons picture is in many February ads. 2. Margos coat was torn when the sleeve got caught in the car door. 3. I believe most of these books belong to Lilas sister. 4. Three mens

    asked by Hayden
  59. history

    Who opposed capital punishment and proposed new approaches to justice in his essay “On Crimes and Punishment”?

    asked by Mia
  60. Thank You

    I just got full marks on a big test, thank you so much, Ms. Sue!

    asked by Quinn
  61. math

    compare simpifying before multiplying fractions with simpifying after mutipihiing the fractions?

    asked by kiceresher
  62. Math I was sure I did this right

    Add the totals for each section and find the average. Then add the average scores for each section and find the overall average. I. Ease of Use (Can a child can use it with minimal help?) ___.5__ Skills needed to operate the program are in range of the

    asked by Patrick
  63. Math

    The corner A, B, C and D of a ranch are such that B is 8 km directly East of A and C is 6km from B on a bearing of 30 degree.D is 7km From on a bearing of 300 degree. (a) the bearing of A and D; (b) the distance BD in kilometers. (C) the perimeter of the

    asked by Kd
  64. science

    how would hooke's discovery have been impossible without the invention of the microscope

    asked by fox
  65. circuit analysis

    The question is to determine the range for Vs in which both diodes are on: --------R1-------+D1- ---------------- -D2+ -------- | | | | | | Vs R2 R3 | | | ---------------------------------------------------------- Where R1 = 1Kohm, R2 = 2Kohm, R3 = 2Kohm

    asked by EE student
  66. Science

    What's the definition of science & what are some examples of science?

    asked by Khaliyl R Testman
  67. Math

    Which of these numbers are classified as a rational number? A:√17 B:√23 C:√9 D:√2 I think it is C...

    asked by Brynna
  68. Chemistry/math

    Convert 2.4 atm to kPa. Does this represent standard pressure? Show all of the work please Thank you!!

    asked by Jessica
  69. history

    By 1838 the majority of Native Americans still living west of the Mississippi had been forced onto government reservations. True or False? True?

    asked by Anonymous
  70. science

    Sandra is conducting an experiment on the speed of toy cars and how they are affected by the type of surface they are placed on. Sandra measures the distance each car travels on carpet, tile and hardwood floors. She also records the time each toy car takes

    asked by I know im write
  71. Physics

    how many seconds would it take to walk to California at 4.0 km/hr if it is 3000 km away?

    asked by Jermaine
  72. Hayden

    Proofread the following sentences for errors in the use of possessive pronoun forms. 1. Is anybodys opinion the same as your’s? 2. It’s just got to be everybody elses’ best chance. 1.anybody's 2. else's

    asked by English
  73. History

    Please help! The gods wife hatshepsut executed the affairs of the two lands according to her counsels Egypt worked for her head bowed A government officials during Hatshepsut reign from "The 18th Dynasty Before the amarna period" by Betsy M.Bryan in the

    asked by Anonymous
  74. Math Need Help Please

    Makeup two equations, one that is true and one that is false. Do not state which equation is true and which is false. Your classmates will have to determine which is which. Create an example of an open equation that uses the variable x and would require

    asked by Sid.V
  75. Math

    What is 2+5 divided by 3 + 51 x 3 divided by 9 =

    asked by Cool
  76. Chemistry

    Complete combustion of a sample of a hydrocarbon in the presence of excess oxygen produces equal molar quantities of carbon dioxide and water. Which of the following could be the molecular formula of the compound? a. C4H4 b. C2H6 c. C6H6 d. C8H8 e. C8H16 I

    asked by Anonymous
  77. math

    Three different pairs of fractions with the same product

    asked by aim
  78. Math

    Why/how might someone struggle writing two column proofs?

    asked by 1234
  79. Math

    99+3 x 45=

    asked by cool
  80. Social Studies

    Why did the pilgrims leave England? A) They sought gold, silver, and riches B)They wanted to escape religious persecution C)They wanted to settle in a warmer climate D)The king wanted them to discover new land

    asked by Ashlynn
  81. math

    what iz 2/3 x 3?

    asked by aim
  82. Math

    The avearage velocity of the electrons in a conductor carrying a current of 65.5 ampere is 0.0153 inches per second. What is the cross sectional area of the conductor?

    asked by Anonymous
  83. history

    What geographic feature most likely helped Rome become a site of encounter? A. Arabian Peninsula B. Atlantic Ocean C. Mediterannean Sea D. Sahara Desert

    asked by That Guy
  84. science

    Determine the kinetic energy required to throw a 500g ball vertically to a height of 9.20m?

    asked by Kate
  85. Maths

    A grocer sells apples for $1.35 each, pears for $1.45 each and oranges for $1.60 each. She also offers a discount of 70c for anyone who buys two pieces of fruit, and a discount of $1.60 for anyone who buys three pieces of fruit. One day she sells 50 pieces