Questions Asked on
September 12, 2018

  1. social studies

    which of these is an example of a capital resource

    asked by Anonymous
  2. History

    How did the early Indo-Aryans measure their wealth? A. in cattle B. in horses C. in the number of chariots they owned D. in corn

    asked by Parakeet
  3. Social Studies

    How were the Spartans able to focus on military training and fighting? A. The slaves grew their food for them. B. The women at home grew their food for them. C. The children grew food for them. D. The men grew the food when they were not fighting Which of

    asked by Rosie Lisette

    ....Unit 2 Which type of eclipse would you expect to see if the moon passes directly between Earth and the Sun A. A solar Eclipse B. a lunar eclipse C. a total lunar eclipse D. a penumbra Which of the following happens during a lunar eclipse? A.a lunar

    asked by Chocalae Bonny
  5. Math Help me PLZ!

    1: What is the median of the data set: 25,8,10,35,5,45,40,30,20 A:10 ~ B:22.5 C:25 D:27.5 2: What is the upper quartile of the given data set: 25,8,10,35,5,45,40,30,20 A:35 B:37.5 ~ C:37 D:40 3: What is the lower quartile of the given data set:

    asked by Candy
  6. Civic

    7 ways good leaders protect the interest of their followers.

    asked by Chidinma
  7. 4th grade math

    Sari has 3 times as many pencil erasers as Sam. Together they have 28 erasers. How many erasers does sari have? A. 7 B. 14. C. 18 D. 21 We said 21. Right?

    asked by Anonymous
  8. social studies

    which situation is more likely to occur in a market economy than a command economy

    asked by Anonymous
  9. ELA

    Which of the following is not part of the rising action in "Raymond's Run"? A. Squeaky and Raymond confront Mary Louise and her friends on Broadway. B. Mr. Pearson hints to Squeaky that she should consider letting the new girl win. C. Squeaky is

    asked by HELP ASAP!!
  10. social studies

    Labor unions are most closely tied to which type of productive resource? entrepreneurship, natural resources, capital resources, human resources

    asked by Anonymous
  11. History

    I need help on these 2 questions 1. Which represents a unique achievement of Kush's Civilization? A. Meroitic B. Hieroglyphics C. Papyrus D.Preparation for the afterlife 2.How Did the region's geography affect Kush? A. The Nile cataracts made it difficult

    asked by Anonymous
  12. history

    What evidence of the effects of colonization in the Americas can you see today?

    asked by Bri
  13. Science

    Study the scenario. An object is at rest. At five seconds, someone comes over and pushes the object with a force of 3 N to the right. Which of the following choices describes the force needed to keep the object in static equilibrium? a. A force of 3 N to

    asked by Emily
  14. Chemistry

    39.8g of a mixture of Potassium chloride, KCl, and Potassium trioxochlorate (v) KClO3, were heated to a constant mass.If the residue weighed 28.9g, what was the percentage of Potassium chloride in the mixture? (O=16,Cl=35.5,K=39)

    asked by Chuk
  15. MATH 7

    1: What is the median of the data set: 25,8,10,35,5,45,40,30,20 A:10 ~ B:22.5 C:25 D:27.5 2: What is the upper quartile of the given data set: 25,8,10,35,5,45,40,30,20 A:35 B:37.5 ~ C:37 D:40 3: What is the lower quartile of the given data set:

    asked by Candy
  16. Physics

    The x axis of a trajectory represents its ____________. Height in the vertical direction. Displacement in the horizontal direction(my guess) Longitude Latitude A person throws a rock horizontally off a cliff ata a speed of 9 m/s from a point 64.8 m above

    asked by Babygirl
  17. Lesson 6: The War’s End CE 2016 Social Studies 6 A

    Just need a little help on this topic: In Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address, he says "with malice toward none, with charity for all..." What does this quote reveal about Lincoln's attitude toward the South? A. forgiveness B. hatred C. indifference D. envy

    asked by Chocalae Bonny
  18. Social studies

    American Indians made sure that very little food went waste by.... I think it’s c can someone check?

    asked by Anynomos
  19. math

    A semicircle is constructed along each side of a right triangle with legs 6 inches and 8 inches. The semicircle placed along the hypotenuse is shaded, as shown. What is the total area of the two non-shaded crescent-shaped regions? Express your answer in

    asked by Anonymous
  20. math

    Give an example of a situation in which you might want to solve the savings plan formula to find the​ payments, PMT, required to achieve some goal.

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Math

    Can someone help me work this question out? The area of Greenland is 840,000 square miles. What is this number in scientific notation?

    asked by Anonymous
  22. SS

    American Indians made sure that very little food went to waste by? A:Eating as much as they could during meals B:Cultivating crops into separate plots of land C:Inventing ways to store and preserve food*** D:Using food in rituals and gatherings What was

    asked by Ren
  23. social studies

    how does the use of plastic to produce bicycle helmets affect other plastics using industries

    asked by Anonymous
  24. chemistry

    A student writes the equation that summarizes respiration incorrectly C_6 H_12 O_6 + 6O_2 ----> 3CO + 3CO_2 + 6H_2O Which of the following statements correctly identifies the mistake in balancing the equation? a. Not enough oxygen atoms are created in the

    asked by Henry
  25. Science

    Which of the following describes a relationship between science and society? A. Scientific dicveries can impact human life; therefore, society must remain scientifically literate. B. Scientific discoveries rarely impact human life; therefore, it is not

    asked by FNAF Girl
  26. History

    which of the following statements best summarizes the american indians of texas A.all descended from the Pueblo group and continued their lifestyle. B.they hunted buffalo and lived in teepees. C.they practiced peaceful relations to each other. D.a wide

    asked by John help
  27. math

    The scale of a map is1:300000 what is the actual distance between two towns if they are 3.5cm apart on the map

    asked by Neha singh
  28. language arts

    “Raymond’s Run” by Toni Cade Bambara Writing About the Big Question argument compromise injury insecurity interact irritate mislead negotiate oppose reaction solution stalemate victorious viewpoint violence A. Use a word from the list above to

    asked by daaaisy
  29. Math logic and reasoning

    1. Tyson was working with square numbers. He noticed a pattern for squaring consecutive numbers that end in 5 note:top column has 5^2,15^2,25^2,35^2 note: Bottom column shows answers of top column so 5^2=25,15^2=225,25^2=625, 35^2=1225 A.) Identify a

    asked by Matt
  30. english

    Rewrite the following sentence correctly using colons and/or semicolons. The semester was almost over consequently, many students were frantically studying.

    asked by key
  31. social studies

    which of the following is a characteristic of a market economy weak property rights, limited role of government, no consumer choice, lack of competition

    asked by Anonymous
  32. history

    How did European imperialism lead many colonies to seek independence? Lack of home rule led many colonists to end the influence of their imperial governments. Colonists sought independence after the Napoleonic Wars to reduce French influence. Colonial

    asked by Bri
  33. algebra

    can some one help me for the discussion unit 3 * Evaluate the reasoning provided by both student A and B, and correct the errors. Make sure to provide proper reasoning. * Come up with one challenging rational or irrational number in your post. Make sure to

    asked by pecas
  34. History

    What was the intention of the framers for checks and balances at the state level? A. State governments would check the power of the national government by passing laws regarding state matters. B. State representatives in the House would check the power of

    asked by Henry
  35. History

    What did the Apache and jumanos have in common. A.Both practiced hunting gathering,and agriculture. B.Both relied only on the practice of agriculture. C.Both resided in the same region of presdent-day Texas. D.Both were nomadic groups I think the answer is

    asked by Turtle
  36. physics

    A non-uniform bar of weight W = 20.0 N is suspended at rest in a horizontal position by two massless cords. The angle phi between cord 2 and the vertical is equal to 32.5o. The bar has a length L = 6.5 m and the distance of its center of gravity from the

    asked by anonymus
  37. social studies

    Why would both these stores attract a good number of consumers

    asked by Anonymous
  38. physics

    The rectangle shown has a mass, m. The sides are made of uniform thin wire. The short side is of length a, and the long side is of length b. If m = 10.50 g, a = 35.00 cm and b = 71.4 cm, what is the moment of rotational inertia about the axis indicated?

    asked by anonymus
  39. Social Studies

    Which of the following describes members of an extended family? A. Mother, father, sisters, and brothers B. Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents C. Neighbors and classmates D. Parents and grandparents I don't get what this means.

    asked by FNAF Girl
  40. science

    a belief judgement or way of thinking about something is called a

    asked by Anonymous
  41. History

    At the time of early european exploration in the sixteenth century what area of texas did the coahuiltecans. A.Eastern B.Northern C.Sothern D.Western I think the answer is B I need help asap please

    asked by PICKLE
  42. math

    in a primary school 70% of the boys and 55% of the girls can ride a bicycle. if a boy and a girl are chosen at random what is the probability that both of them can ride a bicycle

    asked by unice
  43. History

    Which best describes the languages spoken by American Indians in South Carolina? All tribes in South Carolina spoke the same language Most American Indians spoke Algonquian or Siouan. American Indians spoke more than fifty languages Most tribes spoke of

    asked by Loomin
  44. civics

    which of the following is an achievement of the U.S government under the articles of confederation?

    asked by clau.p
  45. chemistry

    Calculate the mass of salt needed to prepare 100 cm3 of 0.05 M solution of: (i) Fe(NH4)2(SO4)2.6H2O (ii) FeNH4(SO4)2.12H2O

    asked by sheetal
  46. chemistry

    What will be the amount of para-nitrophenol (PNP) in solution if 454.9 mL of 2.15 *10-2 M PNP solution is mixed with 92.7 mL of water? Report the amount in millimoles. Hint: do not confuse amount and concentration. I have not had chemistry in a long time

    asked by sean
  47. social studies

    what do colonialism and imperialism both require

    asked by jasmine
  48. English

    1 does not mean he reads the same newspaper every day! It means he reads each day's newspaper. 2 is fine, and it can mean the same as 1 or it can mean he reads whatever newspaper is handy each day. 3 is also fine. It means he reads more than one newspaper

    asked by rfvv
  49. Macroeconomics

    Give an example in which one person has an absolute advantage in doing something but another person has a comparative advantage.

    asked by Taylor
  50. Math

    Is (1, 5) a solution to the equation y=x-2? a. yes b. no***** Is (-2, -6) a solution to the equation y=3x a. yes***** b. no

    asked by Sid.V
  51. ELA

    Squeaky and Gretchen are talented runners who each want to win the May Day race. What part of the plot does this statement describe? A. the resolution B. the conflict C. the exposition*** D. the falling action

    asked by Can someone help me? plz?
  52. Math

    AB and CD bisect each other at E. CE = x^2 - 3, AE = 6x - 10 and CD = 66. Find AB

    asked by Anonymous
  53. Physics

    Calculate the angle θ between the radiusvector of the point and the positive x axis (measured counterclockwise from the positive x axis, within the limits of −180◦ to +180◦). Answer in units of ◦.

    asked by Fernando
  54. SS

    How were many American Indian tribes in South Carolina alike? a) They settled in the eastern part of the state. b) They built villages that were close in size. c) They used similar farming methods. d) They practiced the same religion. I believe it's either

    asked by PartyPoison
  55. physics

    describe the force board experiment to show how to obtain the resultant of two non-parallel coplanar forces acting at a point.

    asked by ruth
  56. Maths

    A cone is formed by bending a sector of a circle having an angle of 288 degrees.find the radius of the base of the cone if the diameter of the circle is 18cm

    asked by Anonymous
  57. math

    A semicircle is constructed along each side of a right triangle with legs 6 inches and 8 inches. The semicircle placed along the hypotenuse is shaded, as shown. What is the total area of the two non-shaded crescent-shaped regions? Express your answer in

    asked by Anonymous
  58. Science

    Which of the following describes the genotype and phenotype of parents whose child will definitely have a recessive trait? 1) Both parents are homozygous for the recessive allele and have the trait. 2) Both parents are homozygous for the recessive allele

    asked by pecas
  59. history

    At the time of early European exploration in the sixteenth century, what area of Texas did the Coahuiltecans occupy A. Eastern B. Northern C. Southern D. Western I think it is C. I really need help

    asked by Lesson 7 unit 2
  60. Math

    the triangle ABC., BC = 12cm, ABC = 80 degree and ACB = 30 degree Calculate the area of triangle ABC. asked by Kd today at 3:06pm angle BAC = 180-80-30 = .... now find AB using the Sine Law. Area of triangle = (1/2)(AB)(BC)sin80° = .... you do the

    asked by Kd
  61. U.S. Government

    Question: What event from the American Revolution period occurred first? A. The Declaration of Independence was written. B. The Boston Massacre occurred. C. The Intolerable Acts was passed. D. The Sugar and Stamp Acts were passed.

    asked by Melody.H
  62. Physics

    Find the magnitude of the displacement of a point on a wheel initially in contact with the ground when the wheel (of radius 36.2 cm) rolls forward half a revolution.

    asked by Isaac
  63. math

    what are the possible dimensions of a rectangular prism with a volume of 40 cubic inches

    asked by Neil
  64. Chemistry

    What will be the new concentration of PNP, if 30.5 uL of 2.15*10-4M PNP stock solution is mixed with 276.8 uL of water? Report your numeric answer in the units of microMolar (uM) would i divide the molarity by the total concentration

    asked by sean
  65. Math

    Are there two consecutive square numbers that differ by 3721? explain.please

    asked by Anonymous
  66. Social Studies

    What was the main reason American Indians went to war? to get revenge THIS ONE to protect their land to gain more territory to run whites out of their territory 2. Which of the following is true of warlike tribes? men were treated as second-class citizens

    asked by Enna
  67. Math

    Hello. I have a math question that I truly need some help on please. Why do many of the graphs of real-world proportional relationships (such as distance to time) show the first quadrant but omit the other three quadrants? I have to do a fill in the blank

    asked by Patrick
  68. Maths

    A man starts from a Point a and walks 4km on a bearing of 015 to point b. He then walks 6km on a bearing of 105 to c. What is the bearing of c from a

    asked by Anonymous
  69. GrammAr

    Decide whether each of the following quotations states a fact or an opinion, On the line at the right, write fact or opinion. Then write an explanation of each answer on the line below. 3. "...after each short stop we kept going twisting always higher

    asked by Jarrett
  70. chemistry

    You have a chemical sealed in a glass container filled with air. The glass container has a mass of 200.0 grams and the chemical has a mass of 650 grams. The total mass of the set-up is 850 grams. The chemical is ignited by means of a magnifying glass

    asked by maath
  71. Physics

    Aperson walks37.7◦ northofeast for 3.54km. Another person walks due north, then due east to arrive at the same location. How far due north would this person walk?

    asked by Travis
  72. ELA

    My sister always wakes up early. She has to be at school by 7:00. What is the best way to combine these sentences? A. She has to be at school by 7:00, instead, she wakes up early. B. My sister always wakes up early; because she has to be at school by 7:00.

    asked by FNAF Girl
  73. History

    1. Why do you think sovereignty is a key component of a state? 2. What would the difference be between a nation and a state? For example, the Native American tribe of Cherokees are a nation, but not a state. Think about why.

    asked by 2 + 2 =
  74. Science

    Suppose the absolute temperature inside a tank of compressed air doubles. What will happen to the pressure inside the tank, if the volume remains constant? Relate temperature to the kinetic energy of the air molecules

    asked by May
  75. physics

    A thin stick of mass M = 2.0 kg and length L = 2.6 m is hinged at the top. A piece of clay, mass m = 1.0 kg and velocity V = 0.9 m/!@#$%^&s the stick a distance x = 1.90 m from the hinge and sticks to itWhat is the ratio of the final mechanical energy to

    asked by anonymus
  76. US history

    Explain what a precedent is. Identify three precedents to the United States Constitution.

    asked by Tiff
  77. Human Resources

    You have just been hired as a human resource specialist and will be responsible for conducting background investigations. Which of the following is safest to assume? A. You will be posting background check results. B. You will be supervising new hires. C.

    asked by Confused
  78. English

    What feelings are associated with the symbol of the American flag? Select one: a. Pride (Incorrect) b. Disillusionment c. Both A and B d. None of the above(incorrect)

    asked by anonymous
  79. Math

    In the triangle ABC., BC = 12cm, ABC = 80 degree and ACB = 30 degree Calculate the area of triangle ABC.

    asked by Kd
  80. science

    What are 5 dinosaurs that lived in Georgia

    asked by Sal
  81. spanish

    Que piensas hacer hoy? Which is correct ? Pienso que debo estudiar hoy? would you conjugate deber or would it be Pienso que deber estudiar hoy?

    asked by Anonymous
  82. Geography

    Due or Response: 9/12/2018 Hello, My question for you today is: Why is federal system of government more complex then a unitary system? A. Power is divided into many laws. B. The people get to make laws for the country. C. Decisions are made by a group of

    asked by Warrior Cat Lover
  83. Maths

    The cost of confrence is partly constant and partly varies as the number of participants. If the cost is 850 for 11 participants. What is the cost for 20 participants

    asked by Anonymous
  84. Chemistry

    Given an ice w/ a temp. of -10°c and mass of 245g. What is the enthalpy when it becomes steam at 120°c?

    asked by Janina
  85. algebra

    What is the solution to 5-t=23?

    asked by Anonomous
  86. Math Algebra 1

    What is [12-(6^2-6)]÷2 I don't know this answer help?????!?!?!?!

    asked by Miracle
  87. Maths

    The cost for a conference is partly constant and partly varies as the number of participants. If the cost is 850 for 11 participants, what is the cost for 20 participants

    asked by Anonymous
  88. algebra 2

    domain and range of the piecewise function y = { 5 (x < 0 ) } { -(x+1)^2 (x

    asked by Anonymous
  89. Science

    How print the multiplication table of a given number

    asked by Arun
  90. Homework help

    Is there any way to post questions with pictures?

    asked by A
  91. Spanish

    What infinitive verb would you use to say that someone is tall? I don't understand this question. Nothing makes sense.

    asked by Herllo
  92. Maths

    A number of two digits is such that four times the unit digit is five times greater than the tens digit. When the digits are reversed,the number is increased by nine. Find the number

    asked by Anonymous
  93. Math

    Good evening everyone. I have another math problem I truly need help with. Complete the table Length of side 1 2 3 4 5 Perimeter of side Area of square I am not sure where I would even start by completing the rest of the table. How would I start doing this

    asked by Patrick
  94. Math

    In a zoo, 21% of the animals are reptiles and 11% are birds. there are a total of 1,500 animals in the zoo. Which proportion can be solved for r the number of reptiles in the zoo? A. 21/100 = r/1,500 (MY ANSWER) B. 11/21 = r/1,500 C. 11/100 = r/1,500 D.

    asked by Thank you
  95. ELA

    Read the sentence from the poem: Crackles beneath my feet Which sense is the author primarily appealing to with this line? A. Walking B. Sight C. Sound D. Touch I thinks it's either A or C.

    asked by FNAF Girl
  96. Physics

    A truck travels 1450 m uphill along a road that makes a constant angle of 4.5◦ with the horizontal. Find the magnitude of the truck’s horizontal component of displacement.

    asked by Thuoi
  97. US history

    Choose one of the amendments in the passage and identify its precedent.

    asked by Tiff
  98. Math

    A local kindergarten is thinking of making posters that show all the different ways of adding two or more integers from 1 to 9 to get a sum of 10. If there is enough space on each poster for up to 50 possible solutions, how many posters will the school

    asked by Anonymous
  99. Maths

    The probability of three independent events occurring are 1/2,1/3,1/4. what is the probability that only one of them will occur

    asked by Anonymous
  100. math

    Show how to find the prime factorization for a different number between 20 and 200. (I just need help figuring this out because i dont know these steps) Plz and thank u

    asked by kaleb
  101. Math

    Hello. I need some help please with the below math problem. The variables x and y are related proportionally. When x=6, y=16 Find y when x=45. When x=45 y= How would I go about solving this? Please help

    asked by Patrick
  102. math

    Leila is making shell designs. She can make six designs in one hour. She wants to make 30 shells designs, how many hours does she need to make all 30? Make 2 math sentences

    asked by Vicki
  103. Math

    f(x)= 5(x)^3+(x)^2 f'(2)=?? How do you find the derivative of this equation

    asked by Anonymous
  104. Algebra median

    So I don't know how to do this. I know how to find the median of numbers. But I have a picture it's like a number line with dots on top of the number. What is the median life expectancy below? What is the range of life expectancy below? Number line

    asked by Stacy
  105. English

    Explain at least one advantage AND one disadvantage of living in a world where everyone is equal.

    asked by 2 + 2 =
  106. Physics

    The cartesian coordinates of a point in the xy plane are x = −8.09 m, y = −4.3 m. Find the distance r from the point to the origin. Answer in units of m.

    asked by Lucas G
  107. Math

    How would I get the equation cos^-1(x) = sin^-1(y) to the form y = √(1 - x^2)?

    asked by Anonymous
  108. Math

    How many square numbers are there among the numbers 1 to 1000? How many triangular numbers are there among the numbers 1 to 1000?

    asked by Anonymous
  109. Math decimal

    What are 3 decimals equal 2

    asked by Stacy
  110. Maths

    The probability of three independent events occurring are 1/2,1/3,1/4 respectively. What's the probability that only two of them will occur?

    asked by Anonymous
  111. Math

    How much is 43nickels to 21 dimes

    asked by Roberta Camacho
  112. Science project

    I will put so much salt down on counter. And also I would put some pepper Do w on counter a ways away then I would take an egg out of frig. So now I want to know which will stand up better on the salt or pepper

    asked by Marcians
  113. math

    the ratio of non-commercial to commercial veheicles is 14:5. If there are 108 more non-commercial, how many commercial and non-commercial

    asked by Anonymous
  114. Math

    43nickels. To 21dimes

    asked by Roberta Camacho
  115. Math

    Cindy has 3 times more cups than Sam. Together they have 28 cups. How many cups dose Cindy have

    asked by Anonymous
  116. math

    Find the integral given below. integral cos^2(7x+1)dx

    asked by Carl
  117. Math

    how many numbers between 100 and 200 can be expressed as powers of 2?

    asked by Dodo at math
  118. math

    Find all solutions.In the interval (0, 2pi} of cos(2x) - 2 cos(x) = 1

    asked by Anonymous
  119. Social Studies

    how did shelters change in stone age communities ( there are unfortunately no answer choices)

    asked by Jason