Questions Asked on
September 11, 2018

  1. English

    1. My father reads the newspaper every day. [Does this sentence mean that he reads the same newspaper every day{gain and again}? Or was 'the newspaper' in generic use?] 2. My father reads a newspaper every day. [What about this one?] 3. My father reads

    asked by rfvv
  2. Science

    White light moves through a prism and separates into colors in the following order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. Which of the following choices correctly describes why the violet ray is at the bottom while the red ray is at the top? Red

    asked by Mia
  3. english

    Which of the following best describes the characterization of Mrs. Baroda? a. stereotype b. flat, dynamic character c. flat, static character d. round, static character e. round, dynamic character Reference: flat character: a character with a single

    asked by Maya
  4. Calculus

    Michael Perez deposited a total of $4000 with two savings institutions. Bank A pays interest at the rate of 5%/year, whereas Bank B pays interest at the rate of 8%/year. If Michael earned a total of $308 in interest during a single year, how much did he

    asked by Anon
  5. Math please help

    Write the product using exponents 7•7•7 A: 7^3 my answer B: 3^7 C: 21 D: 7^4 Write the product using exponents (-4)(-4) A: 8 B: 2(-4) C: 2^(-4) D: (-4)^2 my answer

    asked by Avery
  6. Biology

    Which of the following lists structures from smallest to largest? A. Chromosome, supercoil, coil, nucleosome, double helix B. Chromosome, coil, double helix, nucleosome, supercoil C. Double helix, nucleosome, coil, super coil, chromosome D. Nucleosome,

    asked by Please help
  7. Math

    A rectangle is x+3cm long and ycm wide.If the perimeter of the rectangle is 24cm,show that y =a-x

    asked by Okian
  8. English Literature

    Which of the following describes the underlined phrase in the below sentence? Determining the reason for the Great wall's construction is not easy. (Determining the reason is underlined) a. participial phrase b. adverbial phrase c. gerund *** d.

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Math

    In the figure AB = 11cm, BC = 8cm, AD = 3cm, AC = 5cm and DAC is a right angle. (a) length DC; (b) the size of ADC; (c) the size of ACB; (d) the area of the quadrilateral ABCD.

    asked by Kd
  10. Maths

    A two digits number is such that four times the unit digit is five times greater than the tens digit. When the digits are reversed, the number is increased by nine. Find the number?

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Calc 3

    The plane containing the lines r1(t)=⟨1,−4,−1⟩+t⟨1,2,−2⟩ and r2(t)=⟨1,−4,−1⟩+t⟨1,0,3⟩ has scalar equation

    asked by ally
  12. Biology

    Which of the following is NOT considered a biohazardous material? A. Blood and body fluids B. Micro-organisms C. 1 M NaCl solution D. Cell lines C?

    asked by Ethan
  13. calculus2

    integral from 0 to pi ((e^cos(t)) sin(2t))dt

    asked by mi
  14. Health

    Rapid heartbeat is a physical response to stress true false Most people have some circumstances in their lives True False The fight or flight response is only experienced by humans true false ———- is hormone produced by the adrenal glad that

    asked by Nichole
  15. Math

    Write a word problem that could be modeled by the multiplication sentence 6x8=48

    asked by Jana Arnold
  16. history

    Which sentence BEST describes the role of mercantilism in the growth of transatlantic trade during the 1600s? England wanted to expand its wealth through exports to the colonies. Colonies along the coast grew wealthy through shipbuilding industries.

    asked by Bri
  17. Maths

    A man starts from a Point a and walks 4km on a bearing of 015. he then walks 6km on a bearing of 105 to c. What is the bearing of c from a.

    asked by Anonymous
  18. Math proportional reasoning

    Chef Potato needs to be converted from a two-dimensional shape to a three-dimensional object and then enlarged to 300% of his original size for an advertising campaign. The three￾dimensional Chef Potato is similar in shape to a capsule made of a

    asked by Joe
  19. Maths

    The probability of three independent events are 1/2,1/3,1/4 respectively. What's the probability that two of them will occur?

    asked by Anonymous
  20. math

    The length of rectangular garden 5m longer than its breadth . If the perimeter is 150 than find its area of garden

    asked by bhola
  21. History

    Question 4 of 20 Look at the photograph. What Sumerian art form does the photograph show?

    asked by Dessy .
  22. history

    How do the powers given to each branch of the national government under the Constitution serve as a system of checks and balances?

    asked by hailey
  23. math

    1. The opposite of -4 is... a. 4 b. -4 c. -(-(-4)) d. -|4| 2. The opposite of -10 is... a. 10 b. -10 c. -(-(-10)) d. -|10| 3. Which symbol is used to make -5 ? -8 true? a. > b. < c. = 4. Which symbol is used to make -6 ? -|8| true? a. > b. < c. =

    asked by what
  24. History

    Question 8 of 11 Which of the following was a result of Asoka’s transformation after the Battle of Kalinga? Select all that apply.

    asked by TotallyTubelar
  25. Algebra

    a cyclist rides her bike at a speed of 27 kilometers per hour. What is this speed in meters per second? How many meters will the cyclist travel in 5 seconds?

    asked by Victoria
  26. science

    Are the basal layer and the basement membrane the same?

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Math, Calculus

    Hi! Have absolutely no clue how to go about this question, would appreciate some help. Find the limit of: x - xCos(x) / sin^2 3x as x approaches to 0

    asked by Chance
  28. algebra

    The speed of light is approximately 3.0 x 10^8 meters per second. The speed of sound is approximately 3.4 x 10^2 meters per second. 1) What is the difference between the speed of light and the speed of sound? 3.0 x 10^8 - 3.4 x 10^2 2) How many times

    asked by Tim
  29. Language Arts

    In "All Together Now" why does Barbara Jordan mention the conflict in bosnia A. It shows that people of different ethnic backgrounds can live in peace. B. It shows that people of different ethnic backgrounds are still not getting along. C. It shows that

    asked by hey
  30. Communications

    Our assignment is to write a whitepaper based on an issue in an industry. The topic I was thinking about was phone security. The mobile industry is big and a main issue that concerns it would be hacking which is a result from an issue in the security

    asked by sarah M
  31. ancient egypt and kush practice

    which of the following was the trade good Meroë became famous for? gold iron wood grain***

    asked by jett
  32. social studies ms.sue

    Which of the following is a belief shared by Sunnis and Shias?

    asked by i know
  33. Social Studies - Religion

    What are the three parts of the Hebrew Bible? a.) Torah, Prophets, Writings b.) Poems, Torah, Laws c.) Talmud, Torah, Poems d.) Prophets, Talmud, Psalms My answer - B Can someone tell me if I am right?

    asked by Lou
  34. History

    1. Explain the argument in favor of ratifying the Constitution that Alexander Hamilton makes in this excerpt.

    asked by lizzy
  35. Math~Fractions ans decimals

    1. Write the fraction or mixed number as a decimal. 7/8 0.78 0.875* 0.8777 1.875 2. Write the fraction or mixed number as a decimal 1 1/2 0.50 1.5* 1.05 1.1 3. Write the fraction or mixed number as a decimal. 4 3/8 0.375 4.35 4.375* 4.5 4. Write the

    asked by Mr Skill's101.4
  36. science

    Lucy decides to make a cake for her mother’s birthday. She turns on the oven and sets the temperature to 350 degrees. The oven starts the preheating process and slowly will increase in temperature until it reaches the 350 degrees and then it will stop

    asked by yodaaaaaa .
  37. Pre-Algebra

    1)(6.0 × 10 to the 5th power) × (3.0 × 10 to the 4th power) A) 18 × 10 to the 20th power. B) 18 × 10 to the 9th power. C) 1.8 × 10 to the 20th power. D) 1.8 × 10 to the 9th power. 2)(5 × 10 to the -2 power) ÷ (2 × 10 to the 3rd power) A) 2.5 ×

    asked by Audrey
  38. Literacy

    Can someone check this sentence with the word replacability? Did I use it correctly? This quote proves to the reader and demonstrates the cruelty and replaceability in their society.

    asked by Literacy
  39. history

    What was the historic name of the Southeast Asian region that lies east of India and south or southwest of China?

    asked by Bri
  40. Chemistry

    Hello, I just finished an experiment in class dealing with the separation of a sand and salt mixture through the means of filtration (with filter paper and water) and evaporation (using a hotplate). As I was calculating the percent recovery, I yielded

    asked by Anna
  41. Literacy

    Does anyone know books with themes of ignorance? I have only found Fahrenheit 451.

    asked by Eric
  42. English

    Compare and contrast the writers view of freedom I. Gettysburg adress and letter to Birmingham jail

    asked by KESHA kash
  43. Algebra

    I need help with algebra unit 3: rational numbers. 1which exponent makes the statement true? 1/5^9=5 A.9 * B.-9 C.1/9 D.-1/9 2. Y^5 • Y^14= A. 2y^19 B.y^60 * C.y^19 D.2y60 3. W^12/w18 A.w30* B.w^-30 C.w^6 D.w^-6 4. Using the numbers 3,2, and 4, which of

    asked by Boi
  44. math

    Describe and correct the error made in solving the literal equation at the right for n. 2m = -6n + 3. 2m + 3 = -6n. 2m + 3/-6 = n

    asked by jacob
  45. recent history

    This relates to the presidential election from the year 2000. There had been some suggestion that then candidate George W. Bush was an anti-Catholic bigot. Does anyone know of a quotation or event from the campaigning process that would have caused others

    asked by Pascal
  46. biology

    If the surface area of a cell that is shaped like a cube increases 100 times, it volume increases about a. 5 times b. 10 timesc. 100 times d. 1000 times***

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Parentheses English

    Proofreading... The patient was being seen for an injured left ankle he suffered during a motorcycle accident (On a dirt race track, I believe.) This patient has a longstanding history of depression and has expressed thoughts of suicidal ideation [which

    asked by Mary
  48. Chemistry

    Rate = k’[CV], where k’ = k[NaOH]y Look at the graphs for Run 1 and Run 2 that pertain to the order of the reaction with respect to [CV]. The slope of the graphs is equal to k’, which is itself equal to k[NaOH]^y. In the first run, [NaOH] = 0.010 M

    asked by ryancon
  49. civic education

    List and explain four ways a good leader can help protect the interests of his/her followers.

    asked by justice
  50. math

    the mass of a certain grain of rice is about 3 x 10^-2 grams. The mass of a certain grain of salt is about 6 x 10^-5 grams. 1) which has a greater mass? 2) how many times greater is the mass of the larger grain than the smaller grain?

    asked by jenny
  51. ELA

    How does Squeaky feel about taking care of Raymond? A.Raymond has climbed a fence. B.The May Pole gets in the way. C.The finish is very close. D.Mr. Pearson speaks too softly.

    asked by Language Arts
  52. Math algebra

    I'm not sure if I am right or what to do next. I have to write and solve equation that tells me the number of minutes for which the cost of both phone companies is equal. Phone company. Charges Comp.A. 36cents plus 3 cnts per min. Comp.B 6cents per minute

    asked by Stacy
  53. math

    John and Terence had $380 altogether. John spent 5/6 of his money and Terencespent 3/4 of his money. In the end, both of them had $80 left altogether. How much money did John have at first?

    asked by Cons
  54. Health

    What can you do to stay safe in any environment that you are in?

    asked by 2 + 2 =
  55. Maths

    A basket contains 3redballs, 5blueballs and 7greenballs. 2 balls are picked one after the other without replacement. Find the probability that both balls are of different colors.

    asked by Anonymous
  56. social studies

    Which of the following is a likely reason that someone today might decide to move from a city in the Midwest to the South? 1. A. the decline of manufacturing in the Midwest B. the many high tech jobs available in the South----- C. urban overcrowding in the

    asked by ben
  57. Math

    The first term of GP is - 3 and square of second term is equal to the 4th term.Find 7th term

    asked by Richa Singh
  58. Math: Natural Logarithm

    Solve x in terms of y. Question: y = (e^x + e^-x)/(e^x - e^-x) Answer: x= 1/2 ln ((y+1)/(y-1)) I have the answer with me, but I don’t know how to solve the question step by step.

    asked by Rose
  59. Math

    Given that the exterior angle of a regular hexagon is x, find the size of each interior angle of hexagon.

    asked by Kd
  60. Math

    simplify 2 + ( 5 x 4+ 3 ) A 31 B 25 C 37 D 43 **

    asked by Led Zeppelin
  61. math

    If the sale price was $9,750, what was the retail price?

    asked by Anonymous
  62. Math/scale factor/areas

    Chef Potato's body has a cylinder in the middle and two half spheres that make up his bottom and head. He has the two dimensional shape measurements as follows: 20 cm in total length, 5 cm between the end of the cylinder and the top of the top sphere. 1.)

    asked by James Prouton
  63. Math

    what is the value of 14 - a^2 given a + -3? In connexus please help me!!!!

    asked by Jair
  64. Riddle

    I'm in the middle of sea I occur twice in week yet I'm at the end of life what am I?

    asked by constance
  65. Social studies

    I'm doing a Revolutionary War heroes portfolio and I wanna make sure I'm correct on the people I wrote down **Ethan Allen **Alexander Hamilton **Paul Revere These are the 3 i chose for my portfolio I wanna be 100% sure they were revolutionary war heroes

    asked by weqwe
  66. SC History

    What crop, which became an important money making crop, did the Indians teach the Europeans to grow? 1)corn 2)cotton 3)indigo 4)tobacco I think #1

    asked by Jamie Sperling
  67. Social Studies

    If Abbey wants to tell her friend to meet her somewhere, which theme of geography would she need to know? A. Interaction B.movement C.location D.region My answer is location(C), I wanted to make sure It's right!

    asked by Hi
  68. Math

    In the cafeteria 100 milk cartons were put out for breakfast at the end of breakfast 27 remained what is the ratio of the number of milk cartons remaining to the number of milk cartons taken

    asked by Anonymous
  69. mathe

    Use the following values to evalaute each expression: W = 13, x = 9, Y = 1.9, Z = 0.5. Question: x2 ( is an exponet)+ 4 A. 22 B. 85 C. 1.73 D. 7.61 Pls helpppp

    asked by mf ham
  70. science

    you are riding in a train that is traveling at a speed of 120 km/h. how long will it take to travel 680 km?

    asked by savanna
  71. Chemistry

    Dalton partial pressure

    asked by Sonu
  72. math

    A graph G is obtained from a graph of y by the following sequence of transformations. Write an equation whose graph is G. y=|x|: a shift left 9 ​units, then a vertical stretch by a factor of 7​, and finally a shift down 6 units Thank you so much!!!

    asked by Jessica
  73. Business statistic

    Maria and Juana recieved scores of 82 and 65, respectively. If these score are equivalent to z-scores of 1.6 and -0.2, respectively,what are the mean and the standard deviation of the scores of all the students who took the examination?

    asked by Daniel Pancho
  74. Math Help me!

    Which number is divisible by 3, 4, 5, and 6? Help Plz.

    asked by .------------------------.
  75. French

    Which is the correct way to say "It's necessary to understand it better"? "Il faut le mieux comprendre." "Il faut mieux le comprendre."

    asked by Anonymous
  76. english

    . Which sentence below uses a participial phrase appropriately? The newspapers at the recycling plant were tied in small bundles by Tony. To leave small bundles at the recycling center, Tony tied newspapers together. Tied in a small bundle, Tony left the

    asked by slothgirl
  77. science .

    A student hypothesizes that a goldfish will be more active in a bowl that has red gravel than in a bowl with grey gravel. To test this hypothesis, the student places on goldfish in a bowl with red gravel and another in a bowl with grey gravel. The color of

    asked by yodaaaaaa .
  78. history

    Complete your title page for Health and the People/ Medicine. It needs to show the difference between natural and super natural cures.

    asked by anonymous
  79. Integrated Science B

    A girl walks with a velocity of 1 m/s, and then increases her speed uniformly to 3 m/s in 4 s. What is the girl’s acceleration? A. 1.5 m/s2 B. 0.75 m/s C. 2 m/s2 D. 0.5 m/s2

    asked by Emily
  80. Social Studies - Religion

    Identify which of the following are key teachings of Judaism. Select all that apply. a.) Righteousness b.) Observe the Sabbath c.) Love your neighbor d.) Slavery is forbidden e.) Do not make war My answers - C, A, E If someone could tell me if my answers

    asked by Lou
  81. social studies

    how would you compare and contrast the Virginia and New Jersey Plans.

    asked by Andrea
  82. Apush History

    Under the Articles of Confederation, why was the government unable to maintain order and regulate activities in the states? In what ways did the new U.S. Constitution seek to fulfill these functions of government

    asked by shelby
  83. History

    What groups of people supported ratification of the new Constitution, and why did they support ratification?

    asked by hailey
  84. math

    How much 10​% solution and how much 65​% solution should be mixed together to make 100 gal of 35​% ​solution? Thank you!!

    asked by Jessica
  85. Biology

    Hey just wondering if you think my answers right, 1)Biological safety cabinets are not required when working with containment level (blank) materials a) 1, b)2, c)3, d)4 - answer a? 2)Materials in Risk Group (blank) pose the least risk to the individual

    asked by Ethan
  86. U.S. History

    What was Jackson's basic view of Native Americans living in the American southeast

    asked by Anonymous
  87. Math

    Lesson 8: Mean, Median, Mode, and Range Math 7 A Unit 2: Decimals and Integers 1: FIND THE MEAN OF THE DATA SET 9,4,7,3,10,9 A: 6 B: 7 C: 8 D: 9 2: FIND THE MEDIAN OF THE DATA SET: 9,6,7,3,10,9 A: 6 B: 7 C: 8 D: 9 3: FIND THE MODE OF THE DATA SET:

    asked by Candy
  88. U.S. History

    How did actions taken during Jackson's time in office affect Van Buren

    asked by Anonymous
  89. Math

    Find the range. From - 3 to 7

    asked by Anonymous
  90. Math

    Explain how it is possible for two sets of data to consist of different numbers but have the same mean, the same median, and the same mode. Give an example.

    asked by Anonymous
  91. science .

    Jenny scored a low grade on her science test and wants to improve. She develops a hypothesis stating “If I study 2 more hours a day for a week then I will get a better grade next time because I will have more time to go over the information.” She gets

    asked by yodaaaaaa .
  92. science

    why do scientists use standard units of measurement

    asked by Anonymous
  93. English 10A

    While it was yet dark a great strange cry rang out in the churchyard. A. Simple B. Compound-Complex C. Compound D. Complex I know 100% that it isn't simple. I think it is C though. Am I right?

    asked by Emily
  94. Math

    How to draw 3×5=150 nearest 100

    asked by Anonymous
  95. Math

    your dog's water bowl is 3/4 full. after taking a drink, the water bowl is 1/3 full. what fraction of the bowl did your dog drink?

    asked by Pete
  96. technology

    To indent the first line of a paragraph, which key should you use? (1 point) Shift key Tab key** Enter key Space key The _________________ key is used to create spaces between lines within a document. (1 point) Enter** Tab Shift Ctrl

    asked by reb
  97. Math

    mrya withdrawals the same amount of money from her checking account each week. In 4 weeks she withdraws a total of $200. which equation represents the amount of money her account changes by each week

    asked by Jj