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September 9, 2018

  1. technology

    1. Science is the body of knowledge and methods produced by engineering. True False 2. Technology changes society. True False 3. Although engineers do not always complete the steps of design process in the same order which of the following is almost always

  2. Calculus

    Given that lim (4x − 2) = 2 x→1 illustrate Definition 2 by finding values of δ that correspond to ε = 0.5, ε = 0.1, and ε = 0.05. ε = 0.5 δ ≤ ε = 0.1 δ ≤ ε = 0.05 δ ≤

  3. Chemistry

    What are the functions of potassium hydroxide and tetraoxosulphate 6 acid and heated iron filing in the preparation of nitrogen from air. Describe the commercial preparation of nitrogen. Both hydrogen sulphide and sulphur 4 oxide decolourise acidified

  4. Statistics

    Listed below are amounts​ (in millions of​ dollars) collected from parking meters by a security service company and other companies during similar time periods. Do the limited data listed here show evidence of stealing by the security service​

  5. Algebra

    A machining company manufactures washers. The dimensions of the washer are 2cm for the inner circle and 4cm for the outer circle. And the inner and outer radii is positive and negative 2. The range of acceptable values is called the tolerance. A. Write

  6. Thermodynamics

    Consider the flow of air through a wind turbine whose blades sweep an area of diameter D (in m). The average air velocity through the swept area is V (in m/s). On the bases of the units of the quantities involved, show that the mass flow rate of air (in

  7. Chemistry

    What is the mass percent of sucrose (C12H22O11, Mm=342 g/mol) in a 0.371-m sucrose solution?

  8. Algebra

    1. To convert meters per minute to kilometers per hour, which of the conversion factors would be used? Select all that apply. [ ] 1km/1,000m [ ] 1,000/1 km [ ] 1 min/60 sec [ ] 60/1 min [ ] 60/1 h I need some help

  9. Math

    the population of new york city doubles during the workday. at the end of the workday, the population decreases by half. if the population in new york city is roughly 4,000,000 people before rush hour, and morning rush hour lasts 3 hours. what would be the

  10. Math

    The smallest figurine in a gift shop is 2 inches tall. The height of each figurine is twice the height of the previous figurine. Write a power to represent the height of the tallest figurine. Then find the height.

  11. Chemistry

    Which option accurately describes how nuclear chemistry has affected society? (Select all that apply) The ability to harness the power of a nuclear fission has created a form of energy that is not dependent on fossil fuels. The use of radioactive isotopes

  12. Physics

    Barky the physics dog is able to leap at a speed of 200 m/s at an angle of 35 degrees, a) What is the maximum horizontal distance Barky can leap? b) If Barky wanted to double his horizontal distance without changing his velocity or angle, from what height

  13. chemistry

    in nature, 51% of bromine atoms are bromine-79 and the other 49% are bromine-81. what is the mass number for each of these isotopes

  14. English

    1. I prefer working to doing nothing. 2. I prefer to work rather than to do nothing. 3. I prefer to work rather than do nothing. 4. I prefer to work to to do nothing. 5. I prefer to work to do nothing. [Are the sentences from #1 to #3 correct? Which ones

  15. History

    In Colonial New England with stops in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. What would a person see as with regards to Religion and economics?

  16. Math

    Which word phrase can be used to represent the algebraic expression 4(21+n)

  17. Math

    The total cost of producting X items per day ₹(X^2÷4+35X+25)and the price per items at which they may be sold is ₹(50-X÷2).find the daily output to maximize the profit

  18. Physical Science

    One last question, Give a brief scenario explaining where a low specific heat capacity would be useful.

  19. algebra

    An electronics company has developed a new hand-held device. The company predicts that the start-up cost to manufacture the new product will be $125,000, and the cost to make one device will be $6.50. A. If the company plans on selling the devices at a

  20. physics

    A pipe carrying 20°C water has a diameter of 3.9 cm. Estimate the maximum flow speed if the flow must be streamline. (The density of water is 1.00 ✕ 10^3 kg/m3.) ans in cm/s

  21. physics

    The system in the Figure is in equilibrium. A mass M1 = 221.0 kg hangs from the end of a uniform strut which is held at an angle theta = 42.0o with respect to the horizontal. The cable supporting the strut is at angle alpha = 31.0o with respect to the

  22. physics

    The system in the Figure is in equilibrium. A mass M1 = 221.0 kg hangs from the end of a uniform strut which is held at an angle theta = 42.0o with respect to the horizontal. The cable supporting the strut is at angle alpha = 31.0o with respect to the

  23. Chemistry

    If you want to lose 5 pounds of body fat which is 15percent water, how many kilocalories do you need to expend?

  24. psychology

    What was the purpose of Stanford prison experiment?

  25. English

    How can I improve this sentence? I wrote this in my essay but I feel like it sounds wrong. This class took me to a whole new level for reading and writing.

  26. Precalculus

    Let f(x)=1/x and g(x)=x^2 + 5x. a. Find (f*g)(x) b. Find the domain and range of (f*g)(x).

  27. Precalculus

    Find the inverse of g(x)=(1/3x)-7 and then find its domain and range. I already found the inverse of the function.

  28. social studies

    Why is the mayflower compact significant 1: it was the first written document forbidding colonists from voting directly on laws 2: it was the first written document that did not recognize citizens rights 3: it was the first written expression of citizens

  29. Physics

    A rocket launched from earth with a rest mass of 150,000Kg moves at 2.8x10^8 m/s during a voyage that takes 1.3 years, according to a clock on board the rocket. a) Using relativity, calculate how long the voyage would take, from earth's reference frame. b)

  30. History

    imagine yourself as a leader within the Hebrew community in exile in Babylon. Write five separate “tweets” (of around 100– 150 words each) that explain to your followers how each of the following things should help them retain their identity and hope

  31. math

    Find the exact value of integral t^2(2)^(-t^3). Upper limit is 1 and lower limit is 0.

  32. Calc

    Evaluate the limit if it exists, otherwise, write ∞,-∞ or DNE as appropriate. (you may not use the L'Hospital Rule) lim e^cosx \squareroot(tan((3)/(4)x)+10) x-> π Please show steps I am very confused!

  33. English

    1. The letter on the table is yours. 2. A letter on the table is yours. Find it. [#1 is correct, isn't it? What about #2? If there are three letters, and one of them is yours, then can we use #2?]

  34. math

    14 _ 2 _ 7 _ 3_ 9=10

  35. Math

    0. 0.05631352 1. 018771172 2. 0.28158757 3. 0.25028229 4. 0.14599800 5. 0.05839920 6. 0.01622200 7. 0.00308990 8. 0.00038824 9. 0.000"2881 10. 0.00000095 Part1 compute the probabilility of answering 8 or more questions correctly by calculating the

  36. Math/science

    A small rock with a mass of 6g is dropped into a graduated cylinder with 20ml of water. The water rises to 23ml. What is the density of the rock?