Questions Asked on
September 7, 2018

  1. Math

    Find all $z$ such that \[(z+1)^7 = z^7.\]You do not have to put your answer in the simplest rectangular or exponential form.

    asked by Bill
  2. Math

    Sue decides to collect postcards. She starts her collection with seven cards. Every week, she buys three more cards to add to her collection. How many weeks will it take her to have more than 30 cards? 11 7 8 30 Can somone help me figure out the equation

    asked by Jess
  3. maths

    Rob is twice Joshua’s age. Nick is 5 years older than Joshua. The sum of all their ages is 45. How old is Nick?

    asked by josh
  4. Math

    A pond is 36 m long. A duck swims 4 length of the pond each day. How far does the duck swim in 4 weeks

    asked by Cortney
  5. Geometry

    Directed line segment DE has endpoints D(-4,-2) and E(1,8). Point F divides DE such that DF:FE is 2:3. What are the coordinates of F? A. (-3,0) B.(-2,2) C(-1,4) D.(2,4)

    asked by Please, Help
  6. Social Studies

    Which of the following was the main cause of the Mexican-American War? the Americans belief in Manifest Dynasty*** Mexicans living illegally on American land the Louisiana Purchase of 1803 President Polk's attempts to buy Mexican northern land How did the

    asked by Lei
  7. Literature

    In "Nothing Gold Can Stay," what does gold symbolize overall in the poem? Um... that gold can't last forever?

    asked by Jadah
  8. Noun

    Betty plans to visit california this summer

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Physics

    6. A woman takes her dog Rover for a walk on a leash. To get the little poco moving forward, she pulls on the leash with a force of 20.0 N at an angle of 37 degrees above the horizonta. How much force is tending to lift Rover off the ground? 16.0 N 12.0 N

    asked by Babygirl
  10. Science

    Identify the variables from the experiment below. Timmy has decided he wants to test which if music can read help flowers grow. He decides to expose some roses to classic music 10 minutes every day. He will have another group of roses that will receive no

    asked by heauxszn
  11. math

    the 6th term of g.p is 2000.find it first term if its common ratio is 10

    asked by opeoluwa
  12. Sign Language

    Which of the following are the three primary membership considerations of the Deaf community? A. audiological, attitudinal, disability B. audiological, attitudinal, linguistic C. attitudinal, audiometric, disability D. audiological, attitudinal,

    asked by Rose
  13. History

    The rule of law, established by Hammurabi, was the idea that a.) different laws apply to people of different social ranking b.) all members of society, even the rich and powerful, must obey the law c.) there is no difference between civil and criminal law

    asked by Lou
  14. Algebra

    I am thinking of a number, it is multiplyed by 9. The product is 27. What is my number? A. N = 36 B. N = 18 C. N = 3 D. N = 4 Please help! I am learning algebra now for the first time.

    asked by Anonymous
  15. physic

    Billy Bob “Bubba” Hickman is driving along one day messing with his cell phone instead of paying attention to what he is doing. He drives right off of a 25.0 foot high cliff at 42.4 mph. How far from horizontally from the edge of the cliff does his

    asked by evan
  16. physics

    Bubba decides to go fishing one day. He gets into his boat and starts out from the boat ramp to find the perfect fishing spot in the lake. First, he goes 121 meters in a direction of 20° west of north. Then, he goes 104 meters in a direction of

    asked by evan
  17. 7th Grade Texas State History

    Help! Asap!!!!!Texas State History Unit 2 Lesson 9 7th grade. 1.Last Salle had conflicts with which of the following groups of American Indians? A. Hasinai B.Caddo C.Apache D.Karankawa 3.Why did the Spanish look for La Salle's colony? A.To destroy it on

    asked by Peanut butter lover
  18. Physics

    A 210W heater is placed in 2KG of water.whattemperature rise is produced if the heater is switched on for 200s?

    asked by Elizabeth Chitomombo
  19. Social Studies

    Describe at least three ways the Spanish influenced New Mexico.

    asked by Lei
  20. Social Studies

    Choose at least two contributions of early cultures in the Eastern or Western Hemispheres and explain how they might have affected the development of New Mexico.

    asked by Lei
  21. History

    Which of the following contributed to making the discovery of new lands and new trade routes desirable? Choose All That Apply 1) Rise of stong nation states 2) Emergence of a merchant class 3) Desire for world trade 4) creation of immunity to disease

    asked by Khaliyl R Testman
  22. algebra

    Tom decided to join Platinum Gym because of its new equipment. At the grand opening, the manager announced that 124 people had signed up for gym membership. As part of the grand opening event, the manager waived the registration fee for 50 random people.

    asked by David
  23. Math

    Evaluate Integral 0 to 2pi (3t+2)sin(t^3+2t+1)dt if possible

    asked by Natalie
  24. Biology

    If we see a DNA sequence in our FASTA file that reads: ATGCCCTTCGGG. What is the corresponding sequence of our double-stranded DNA molecule?

    asked by trenton
  25. chemistry

    How many milliliters of 1.25 M LiOH must be added to neutralize 34.7 mL of 0.389 M HNO3? Show your working by writing balanced equation.

    asked by fathu
  26. Science

    What is the de Broglie wavelength of an oxygen molecules having tha end speed,characteristics of the Maxwell distribution at 27 degree Celsius.

    asked by Deepak
  27. Help! Asap!!!Texas state hhistory

    What happened when the Spanish found the French colony? A.they engaged the French settlers in welfare and killed many of them B.they gave the land to the French C.they joined forces with the French D.they were motivated to settle in other areas in Texas

    asked by Peanut butter lover
  28. math

    Find the integral given below. 7xe^(−4x^2)dx

    asked by Carl
  29. Curriculum

    In Reggio Emilia curriculum, teachers plan ahead what children will accomplish in a week’s period. I am think false Professionals believe observation of children is an integral part of program planning. I am think true

    asked by Patrick
  30. math

    a fruit juice is 45% orange and the other is mango. there is 340 ml of juice. how many ml of mango juice is there ?

    asked by Anonymous
  31. MATH


    asked by MUKESH
  32. Precalculus

    solve the equation in the interval [0, 2pi) cos^2 x - cos x - 1 = 0

    asked by Anonymous
  33. English

    [Webster] Definition of mouth plural mouths play \ˈmau̇t͟hz also ˈmau̇z, ˈmau̇ths; in synecdochic compounds like "blabbermouths" thsmore frequently\ ================================= How do you pronounce "mouths"? Which one is commonly pronounced?

    asked by rfvv
  34. Math science

    Calculate the momentum of a particle which has a dedicated broglie lambda of 0.1 nm.

    asked by Angad
  35. math

    (a) Find the general solution of the differential equation d y/d x =10x+5 (b) Find the solution satisfying y(1)=13

    asked by Carl
  36. pre-algebra

    find the greatest common factor of 15

    asked by fardowsa
  37. Social Studies

    (Sorry for asking this again...but I needed help on understanding what this question is trying to ask, thanks) Choose at least two contributions of early cultures in the Eastern or Western Hemispheres and explain how they might have affected the

    asked by Lei
  38. maths

    if 8,x,y,z are in a.p,find x,y,z

    asked by opeoluwa
  39. U.S. Government

    Hello! I am having a bit of trouble with answering this question, and desired a second opinion. Question: Which describes C. Wright Mills' theory about Power? A. Power is held by an economic elite, the people who control the "means of production". B. Power

    asked by Melody.H
  40. math

    If you walk 5/ 8 mile and then jog 4/ 7 ​mile, what is the total distance​ covered? How much farther did you walk than​ jog? The total distance covered is nothing miles. ​(Simplify your answer. Type an​ integer, simplified​ fraction, or

    asked by nathan
  41. Social Studies/ History

    I need help... Can you guys please help me?? How was the art of Mesopotamia different from that of earlier cultures? A. It included monuments that glorified the gods and showed religion in society. B. It included pretend animals and showed human

    asked by Bri
  42. philosophy

    How does John Rawls version of liberalism differ from more traditional versions of liberalism and the idea of natural rights?

    asked by Anonymous
  43. social studies

    during the month of ramadan muslims take part in ------------which of these following five pillars of islam

    asked by i know
  44. science

    What scientific claim did the young scientists make regarding mosquitoes?

    asked by student of connexus academy
  45. Science

    Utilizing the information you have learned in this lesson and the activities completed during it, begin your discussion by sharing your observations on what organisms need to grow. Also discuss ways in which human activity can impact an organism’s

    asked by kaleb
  46. Science chemistry

    6. 5g oxides of lead heated and it was reduced to 4. 2g of lead metals. Calculate the empirical formulae of the oxides

    asked by Anonymous
  47. math

    What will $7,246 deposited monthly accumulate to in 5 years earning 2.50% compounded monthly?

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Maths

    There are 6 balls numbered 1 to 6 1) what is the probability that I will draw out an even numbered ball? 2) what is the probability that I will draw out the 5? 3) what is the probability that I will draw out an odd numbered ball?

    asked by Sunflower
  49. Social Studies/ History

    Can you guys please help me??? 1. Why were the Phoenicians able to spread their culture over a wide area? A. Phoenician armies imposed Phoenician culture throughout the region. B. Phoenicia had many natural resources that were desirable to other countries.

    asked by Bri
  50. physics

    Bubba is driving his other truck across his farm and finds that there is a gulch blocking his path. The ground leading up to the edge of the gulch is sloped upwards by 24.2°. The gulch is 3.13 meters wide. The far side of the gulch is 1.15 meters higher

    asked by evan
  51. Social Studies

    Hi, can someone help me with this. Not exactly cheat but just HELP me? ____________ explain why is civility, honesty, and civic- mindedness important in effective participation in democracy?

    asked by anywhere with you feels like paris in the rain
  52. Social Studies

    HI! I've tried my best to figure out this question but I still can't. Can someone help me (not cheat) with these questions? 1: Why do nation states establish constitutions? 2: What are two ways nation-states can resolve their disputes? Thank you i

    asked by i still see your shadows in my room
  53. SS

    Hey can one of you guys just help with this question. Im not tryna cheat i just need HELP. 1:Explain why the U.S constitution limits the power of the federal government? 2: Explain two international organizations like NATO. 3: If someone wants to help make

    asked by "you're perfectly wrong for me"