Questions Asked on
September 4, 2018

  1. Career

    Which of the following are the top two job expectations of people who career plan Hours** Benefits Type of work** coworkers security Which of the following is an example of a job that would supply a good that would meet a need? limo driver** actor farmer

    asked by Jack
  2. Physics

    If the mine winch drum diameter is 6m, calculate how far the cafe will drop for each single rotation of the drum

    asked by lesedi
  3. Literature

    What is a drama? Is a soap opera a television drama? Is a talk show a television drama? Is a documentary a television drama? Is a comedy show a television drama? Is a news program a television drama?

    asked by rfvv
  4. Math

    In a zoo, 21% of the animals are reptiles and 11% are birds. There are a total of 1,500 animals in the zoo. Which proportion can be solved for r, the number of reptiles? A. 21/100 = r/1,500 B. 11/21 = r/1,500 C. 11/100 = r/1,500 D. 100/21 = r/1,500 I'm not

    asked by FNAF Girl
  5. SocialStudies

    #2 What was a common theme shared by Mayan and Aztec civilizations? A. They traded fur with the Dutch and French. B. They were both interested in astronomy. C. They shared similar marriage customs. D. They were nomadic and traveled in clans.*** #3 What was

    asked by Jordan
  6. MATH

    Add the following vectors using trigonometry (i.e. cosine and sine laws). 9 N on a heading of [S2°W] and 11 N on a heading of [N31°W].

    asked by Anonymous
  7. math

    what does it mean for a fraction to be in simplest form? A.the numerator and denominator share a common factor greater than 1. B.the numerator and denominator share a common factor lesser than 1. C.the numerator and denominator have no other factors than

    asked by GaLaXy.ExE hAs CoRrUpTeD aNd HaS cRaShEd
  8. Computer

    Uses of IT/Ict in timing and control

    asked by Roland
  9. Social Studies

    What were some reasons for the French and Indian war?

    asked by Alison
  10. physics

    You throw a ball downward from a window at a speed of 2.0 m/s. How fast (in m/s) will it be moving when it hits the sidewalk 2.5 m below?

    asked by me
  11. Mathhhh

    Connexus 8 yo What is the solution to 204- (-36)? A. 204 B. -240 C. 168 D. -168 Quick please!

    asked by Oh dang
  12. Biology

    Consider the observations you made working with the Paramecium Homeostasis Gizmo. Identify a question about the relationship between the water solute concentration and the number of contractions of the paramecium’s vacuole in a specified number of

    asked by Cindy kimberely
  13. LA

    the line “mama, he smiled. he’s all there! he's all there!” in “the scarlet ibis” most supports which of the following themes In the story? Select all that apply. A. Acceptance B. Betrayal C. Pride D. Selfishness I think A & C

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Biology

    An animal cell that is surrounded by fresh water will burst because osmotic pressure causes... A. water to move into the cell B. water to move out of the cell C. solutes to move into the cell D. solutes to move out of the cell

    asked by Please Help
  15. math

    16. Assume that there are 20,000 runners in the New York City Marathon. Each runner runs a distance of 26 miles. If you add together the total number of miles for all the runners, how many times around the globe would the marathon runners have gone?

    asked by Carly
  16. Math

    A female grizzly bear weighs 500 pounds. After hibernating for 6 months, she weighs only 200 pounds. What is the mean change in weight per month?

    asked by Sophia
  17. calculus

    Evaluate the expression : tan(sin^-1(9/13)).

    asked by Anonymous
  18. SS

    I need help with Unit 2 Lesson 12 introducing the geographic Grade 7. Can anyone help me out????

    asked by IDK
  19. Mathematics

    A knife Has a mass of grammes .it's 20g heavier than spoon the mass of a knife and four spoon is 330 .find the mass of the knife

    asked by Gift uwaje
  20. Physics

    What do you think counterweight does for mine winding system

    asked by lesedi
  21. Geometry

    Find the values of m and n. (1 point) A. m = 60, n = 12 B. m = 50, n = 20 C. m = 50, n = 16 D. m = 60, n = 24 Thx!

    asked by Jimmy
  22. English

    Come, brothers all! Shall we not wend The blind-way of our prison-world By sympathy entwined? Shall we not make (5) The bleak way for each other’s sake Less rugged and unkind? O let each throbbing heart repeat The faint note of another’s beat To lift a

    asked by Kai
  23. Physical education

    Obesity begins at home?

    asked by Brittany
  24. Fundementals in Geometry

    Which best describes bias, if any, from the sample surveyed? survey: voter preference in an upcoming election sample: randomly selected people at a large rally for one of the candidates A. Since the sample is randomly selected, there is unlikely to be any

    asked by jeus love all
  25. Math

    Ratio is 3:2. For every 3 cups of white paint she uses she uses in the mixture, she needs to use 2 cups of red paint.

    asked by Johan
  26. psychology

    Which of the following is NOT a method that Sigmund Freud used while trying to understand his patients' unconscious processes? free association case studies dream analysis introspection D?

    asked by Bri
  27. Science

    Fill in Blanks 1. sediments form in the process of ______ weathering 2. ice wedging occurs because water ______ when it freezes 3. wind blown sand can cause erosion by _______ 4. _______ weathering changes the chemical composition of rocks 5. water can

    asked by Rhia
  28. science

    Describe how a prairie dog might interact with each of the 4 spheres of the earth.

    asked by Panda Girl
  29. math

    Identify the function that fits the description given below. The six functions that are bounded below. A. y=(x-1)^2 B.y=int(x+1) C. y= -sqrt(x) D. y=x^3+1 E. y=2- (4/(1+e^-x)) F. y=-x G. y = -sin x H. y= |x|-2 I. y= cos x+1 J. y=(x+2)^3 K. y= -1/x L. y=

    asked by Jessica
  30. Math

    A solid S is made up of a cylindrical part and conical part. The height of the Soild is 4.5m. The common radius of the cylindrical part and the conical part is 0.9m. The height of the conical part is 1.4m. a. Calculate the volume,correct to 1 decimal

    asked by Kd
  31. English

    1. He is very clever and strong. 2. He is very clever and he is strong. 3. He is very clever and he is very strong. [Does #1 mean #2 or #3?]

    asked by rfvv
  32. english

    what is the personal pronoun in nomanitive case in the sentence " we know the two tour guides and they gave us a tour themselves."

    asked by rhett
  33. Advanced Math

    I start out with 7,500 rate is 0.01% Can I get help with #1 and can someone check #2? Thanks! 1. Calculate the amount of your compound interest investment after 10 years. Remember that you are starting with $7,500. 2. Calculate the amount of your simple

    asked by LillyPrince
  34. Math

    y=-x-1 x=/-2/-1/0/1/2 y=/ ?/ ?/?/?/? Fill in the'?'

    asked by Peter madison
  35. math

    illustrate the three methods of showing scale

    asked by letsile
  36. Career Planning

    1. Based on what you know about people in the Artistic personality type, what career do you think would fit them best from the list below? A doctor B lawyer C chef D accountant E librarian F farmer 2. Based on what you know about people in the Realistic

    asked by Luciel Choi
  37. Math

    The sod cost $ 2.25/yd. he pays $ 31.50. How much sod does he buy?

    asked by Anonymous
  38. English

    1. I stopped going outside when I caught a bad cold. 2. I stopped having gone outside when I caught a bad cold. 3. I stopped having gone outside. Can we use #2 or #3? When can we use the sturcture of "stop having p.p."?

    asked by rfvv
  39. math

    Find​ f(g(x)) and​ g(f(x)). State the domain and formula for each. f(x)=7x+8; g(x)=x-3 Thank you!!

    asked by Jessica
  40. algebra

    solution set using interval notation −9y + 6 > −6y − 15

    asked by Shelinda Knight
  41. Science

    How does the color of light affect how fast algae grows?

    asked by Mariana
  42. Math

    When you divide a whole number by a decimal divisor less than 1, how does the size of the quotient relate to the divisor?

    asked by Anonymous
  43. Maths

    Am Area of 250centemetersquared was measured on a plan using a planometer.the plan scale is 1:500,calculate the ground area in metersquared

    asked by Thabo
  44. History

    how would it feel to arrive in Plymouth Colony for the first time as a Pilgrim in 1620?

    asked by anonymous
  45. Geography

    Which of the following does not concern dividing up the earth into smaller section

    asked by Casandra
  46. Math

    Do you think there is a commutative property of division? Explain why and why not. Give examples.

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Math

    If a owner gets a shipment of1532 cd,s and they came in 37boxes and the same number of cd’s were in the boxes how many would be in the remaining box

    asked by Kimberly
  48. math

    on a graph of 2x^2 -7+5 use equations to find the vertex point ,roots and asis of symmetry What the heck do i do?????

    asked by carry on
  49. Math

    If one honeybee makes 112 tease spoon of honey during its lifetime how many honeybee honeybees are needed to make 1/2 teaspoons of honey

    asked by Bigmama
  50. science

    What are some practical applications of da Vinci's Vitruvian theory? Specifically when he is talking about how foot size and forearm length are proportional. I can't seem to think of any, please help

    asked by merp