Questions Asked on
September 2, 2018

  1. math

    A farmer has 90 meters of fencing and would like to use the fencing to create a rectangular garden where one of the sides of the garden is against the side of a barn. Let L represent the varying length of the rectangular garden (in meters) and let A

  2. Texas History

    HELP!!ASAP!!! Unit 2 Lesson 4:Regions of Texas Quiz 1.What was the effect of discovering oil at Spindletop? A. The state suffered economically because the supply was'nt as much as people expected. B.The supply at Spindletop was not enough to economically

  3. Algebra 2A

    When a polynomial P(x) is divided by x+2, the quotient is x^2 - 4x + 1 and the remainder is 8, what is the polynomial?

  4. geometry

    which of the following statements are true? a. if two angles form a linear pair, then the angles are supplementary b. if two angles are right angles, then the angles are complementary c. if two angles have the same measure, then the angles are congruent.

  5. Algebra

    Which operation should be performed first in the expression? 5+7÷7x4-17 Addition Subtraction Multiplication Division***** **Is my answer

  6. Math

    The first term of an A.P is 5 and the common difference is -3/2, find the term whose value is -20

  7. Math

    what are the steps in solving quadratics using the Quadratic Formula method?

  8. Calculus I

    Where on the interval [0,pi/4] is the function f(x)=(7x+3)/(cos(4x)) continuous? Using interval notation

  9. math

    9. The polynomial -x^3 -x^2 + 12x represents the volume of a rectangular aquatic tank in cubic feet. The length of the tank is (x + 4). a. How many linear factors should you look for? b. What are the dimensions of the tank? c. Find the value of x that will

  10. Math

    Given that exterior angle of a regular hexagon is x, find the size of each interior angle of the hexagon.

  11. Physics

    A car travelling at 30m/s overcomes a frictional resistance of 100N while moving. Calculate the power developed by the engine.[1hp=0.75]

  12. Algebra

    Write and solve an equation that represents the following situation 35 people paid a total of 245 for admission to a local soccer game. What is the price of admission. Please help im stuck.

  13. algebra

    A toy rocket is launched vertically from 5 feet above ground level with an initial velocity of 112 feet per second. The height h after t seconds is given by the equation: h(t) = -16t^2 + 112t + 5 How long will it take for the rocket to reach maximum

  14. Georgia History

    In a fully developed paragraph, explain how Georgia's location in the world affects its economy, culture, and development

  15. History

    How did Islam’s influence in west Africa change from the 700s to the 1400s

  16. physics

    in a ballistic pendulum experiment, projectile 1 result in a maximum heigh h of the pendulum equal to 2.6 cm. a second projectile causes the pendulum to swing twice as high, h2=5.2 cm. the second projectile was how many times faster than the first?

  17. maths

    Raman Spends 2/5 of his monthly income on food and 3/8 of the remaining on clothes. Find the following:- a. What fraction of his income is left with him? b. If the money left is ₹2400, find his monthly income.

  18. physics

    a-28-g rifle bullet traveling 230m/s buries itself in a 3.6-kg pendulum hanging on a 2.8-m-long string, which makes the pendulum swing upward in an arc. determine the vertical and horizontal components of the pendulum's displacement.

  19. Math

    what are the similarities and differences found in long division of polynomials and synthetic division?

  20. Science (optics & waves)

    A compound microscope has lenses of focal length 1.0cm and 5.0cm from the objective. if the final image is formed at the least distance of distinct vision from the eyepiece, calculate i. the separation of the objective and the eyepiece. ii. the angular

  21. Calculus

    SHOW WORK PLEASE!!!!! The displacement (in centimetres) of a particle moving back and forth along a straight line is given by the equation of motion s = 4 sin(πt) + 2 cos(πt), where t is measured in seconds. (Round your answers to two decimal places.)

  22. Algebra

    Each of the following temperature ranges is in degrees Fahrenheit. Use the formula F=9/5C+32 to find the corresponding temperature range in degrees Celsius (using interval notation and assume inclusion). a. below 32 degrees b. above 122 degrees c. below 5

  23. Math

    4. Solve the equation using all three methods below. Factoring, completing the square, quadratic formula. x^2 + 3x - 4 = 0 and 4x^2 = 9 it seems like x^2 + 3x - 4 = 0 equals x = 1, -4 from all three methods but Im not sure 4x^2 = 9 equals x = 3/2, -(3/2)

  24. Sci

    The halflife of Phosphorus is 14.3 days, if i start with 100g how long will it take so that only 25g will be left? One month is my answer, I just need confirmation. Thank you

  25. Physics

    What is the power of an engine that pulls a 1000kg automobile at a steady speed of 10m/s along a level road?

  26. Math

    Peter and mary have total Rs 80.After peter spends Rs 5.25 on a pencil ,he is left 4 times as much money as mary , how does mary have ?

  27. Math

    Methods: Factoring, completing the square, quadratic formula. for these equations: 1. x^2 - x = 6 2. -2x^2 + 5x - 3 = 0 3. 3x^2 + x + 1 = 0 4. 2x(x - 5) = -12 is there any reason to chose one method over the other to solve the equations if so which one for

  28. Algebra

    Is the quadratic equation x^2 - 2x - 3 = 0 a parabola or two vertical lines when graphed?

  29. Algebra 2A

    What are the similarities and differences between the terms Roots, Zeros, Solutions, and X-intercepts?

  30. maths

    a cube of sides 5 cm is painted on all its faces.if it is sliced in to a 1 cm3.cubes how many 1cm3 cubes will have exactly one of their faces painted?

  31. maths

    if the cost price of an article is 3/2 0f its selling price then the profit or loss percentage?

  32. physics

    A car with a weight of 15 000 N is being towed up a 20o slope at constant velocity. Friction is negligible. The tow rope is rated at 6 000 N maximum tension. a. Draw the free body diagram, by cleverly choosing the coordinate system. (5 marks) b. Calculate

  33. Math

    6 The first flowerbed that Marita made used 1 1/2 bags of barkdust. The flowerbed she is now making is times 2 1/5 as large as the first. How much barkdust will be used for this flowerbed?

  34. Science

    What happens if there is a mutation in the DNA binding domain, a mutation that inhibits the binding of a hormone, and a mutation where there is no effect of hormone binding but blocks the ability of hormone to interact with coactivator proteins? These are

  35. Algebra

    (8x^3 - 2x^2 - x + 5) / (2x - 1) what is this written in the form of P(x) = Q(x) * D(x) + R(x)

  36. 6th grade math

    I am working with absolute value. I understand this concept for |x| When x= Greater or equal to 0 |-x| when x= less than 0 Now I don’t understand this below. -|x| Please help. Thank you!

  37. English

    1. She left her eyeglasses at work. 2. She left her glasses at work. [Which one do you use commonly, eyeglasses or glasses?]

  38. math

    I know that theoretical probability observes how may outcomes are possible and assumes that each outcome is as likely as any other to occur and empirical probability is based on actual facts or experiments. So theoretical is what we expect to happen and

  39. English

    what was the role of brutus in the play julius Caesar

  40. English

    Can you please review my essay about Brutus being the noblest Roman of them all. Marcus Brutus is one of Shakespeare’s most loved and admired characters. Brutus was a Senator of Rome and a friend of Julius Caesar. Brutus took a leading role in the

  41. Chemistry

    Write the HA reaction for each acid below. Account for the following activity order by drawing the important resonance contributing structures (those having only one negative (-) formal charge) for A-. HA + H2O H3O+ + A- stronger HClO4>HClO3>HClO weaker

  42. Math

    The 3rd term of an ap is 9 while the 11th term is -7 find the first five term of the ap

  43. Algebra

    what are differences between the terms: Roots, Zeros, Solutions, and X-intercepts.

  44. Algebra

    Divide the polynomials using the long division method. what is the answer in the form P(x) = Q(x) - D(x) + R(x) P(x) the dividend, Q(x) the quotient, R(x) the remainder ( i dont know what D(x) stands for x+2 ) 3x^5 +5x^4 -4x^3 +2x^2 +7x +3

  45. English

    I need help starting my standard views essay or they say I say template. Americans today believe that blank I just need a couple of options to start it. Thank you

  46. Math

    A trade bought corn for sh 20 per kilogram and beans for sh 60 per kilogram. She mixed the corn and beans and sold the mixture at sh 48 per kilogram. If she made a 60% Profit, determine the ratio corn: beans per kilogram in the mixture.