Questions Asked on
August 31, 2018

  1. social studies

    Which statement best describes the relationship between the Tudor monarchs and Parliament a)Tudor monarchs rarely consulted Parliament on important matters. b)Parliament and the monarchy cooperated to govern effectively. c) Tudor monarchs often clashed

    asked by mikalika
  2. social studies

    1. In which of the following areas is there a large concentration of American Indian and First Nations peoples? A. the interior west of the United States and Canada B. the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the United States and Canada--------- C. the Great

    asked by donny
  3. World History

    Which option critiques the factual accuracy of the summary? Read the summary. The earliest humans originated in northern Europe (1) and traveled south via land bridges to Asia and Africa (2). As people spread throughout the world, a shift from

    asked by Taryn H.
  4. life orientation

    two contemporary social issues in your community

    asked by siphesihle
  5. World History

    Which factor most contributed to the economic growth of the Asian nations located on the western shores of the Pacific Ocean? Cooperative inter-Pacific trade partnerships gave smaller countries enhanced bargaining power in setting prices for goods. Reduced

    asked by Collin
  6. science

    An aircraft flies at an altitude of 30,000 feet. Determine the air temperature (in [K]), air pressure (in [Pa]) and air density (in [kg/m3]) at this altitude, according to the standard atmosphere.

    asked by muh_ghgh
  7. Physics

    A golfer on a level fairway hits a ball at an angle of 25° to the horizontal that travels 103 yd before striking the ground. He then hits another ball from the same spot with the same speed, but at a different angle. This ball also travels 103 yd. At what

    asked by Samantha
  8. English

    Unit 2 Lesson 3 Close Reading Workshop:Short Story Quick Check Here is the Passage : Tara aren't you going to try out for the school play? asked Bill. Auditions are starting in a few minutes. No Nita is trying out for the lead. She's a much better singer

    asked by Aaliyah Marie 7th grader
  9. S.S

    Which of the following best describes Georgia’s role in the War of 1812? A.The war was mainly fought in Georgia.* B.Georgians were afraid that the British would threaten their trade. C.Georgia was the place the peace treaty was written. D.British forces

    asked by Joseph
  10. math

    An archaeologist in Turkey discovers a spear that contains 80% of its original amount of C-14. Find the age of the spear head to the nearest year.

    asked by Anonymous
  11. precal

    If p(t) is the profit I expect my business to earn t years after opening, use functional notation to express my expected profit after 4 years and 4 months. (Round your answer to two decimal places.)

    asked by Emma
  12. World History

    Read the summary. Babylon was in the heartland of Mesopotamia, the site of the First Agricultural Revolution (1). Based on cuneiform writings on clay tablets, researchers know that farm products included sesame, barley, and dates, as well as cattle and

    asked by Taryn H.
  13. algebra

    A frog jumps from a log to the ground below. It’s height, h, in centimeters as a function of time, t, in seconds, can be modeled by h(t) = -490t^2 + 75t + 12 what is the h intercept and the t intercept? and what is the domain and range of this function

    asked by anonymous
  14. History

    What was the effect of discovering oil at spindletop

    asked by help ASAP
  15. Math

    The ratio of strawberry to bannana is 2:3 We need 30 cups of batter total. How much banna batter do we need to make? How do I find this out? Please help

    asked by Patrick
  16. math

    what is a function that Contains no vertical asymptotes but has a hole at x=2 and another function that contains a horizontal asymptote of 1, vertical asymptotes of 2 and -3, and a hole at x=4.

    asked by anonymous
  17. science

    The hydrostatic equation holds not just for air, but for other fluids such as water (air, though it is a gas, is often referred to as a 'fluid') as well. In the case of water the equation becomes even easier, as water (as opposed to air) can be treated as

    asked by muh_ghgh
  18. physics

    A ball of mass 100g fall from a height of 3m onto a horizontal surface and rebounds to a height of 2m. Calculate:(a) in momentum and (b) in kinetic energy.

    asked by Princewill
  19. Algebra

    Although the playing surface of a football or soccer field appears to be flat, its surface is actually shaped like a parabola so that rain runs off to either side. The cross section of a field with synthetic turf can be modeled by f(x) = -0.000234(x -

    asked by anonymous
  20. physics

    A moving 1.6 kg block collides with a horizontal spring whose spring constant is 267 N/m (see figure). The block compresses the spring a maximum distance of 7.0 cm from its rest position. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and the

    asked by anonymus
  21. algebra

    15. Each of the following temperature ranges is in degrees Fahrenheit. Use the formula F=95 C+32 to find the corresponding temperature range in degrees Celsius (using interval notation and assume inclusion). 16.The fuel efficiency (mpg rating) for cars has

    asked by Keonn'a
  22. Math

    Last year you mowed grass and shoveled snow for 10 households. You earned $200 per household mowing for the entire season & $180 per household for shoveling the entire season. If you earned a total of $1880 last year, how many households did you mow and

    asked by Claire
  23. chemistry

    magnesium reacts with sulphuric acid according to the equation: Mg3 + H2SO4=MgSO4 + H2 a 250cubic centimetre aqueous solution containing 9.8g of sulphuric acid is added to 6g magnesium a. show that the magnesium is present in excess Does it have something

    asked by Annonymous
  24. Algebra

    The assessment for this lesson is a discussion of a mathematical statement. You will have to determine if the statement is true or false. If it is false, you will explain your reasoning. For all real numbers a and b, 2a • b = a2 + b2

    asked by Just-A-Girl
  25. english

    In Night, Elie Wiesel tells of the hope and kindness he experienced even in the midst of the unimaginable fear and evil that existed in the Nazi concentration camps. Does goodness ever conquer evil, or does evil always overpower goodness?

    asked by Bri
  26. Algebra

    What is the second simplified form of these two problems if there is any other way? 3. There are many ways to simplify exponents. Provide two different ways to simplify each of the problems below. Please write all final answers using positive exponents.

    asked by anonymous
  27. physics

    A 485-kg crate hangs from the end of a 11.7 m long rope. You pull horizontally with a varying force to move it a distance d = 5.8 m to the right. What is the magnitude of the applied force F when the crate is at rest in its final position?

    asked by anonymus
  28. math

    The average gas mileage m in miles per gallon for a compact car is modeled by m(s)= -0.015(s - 47)^2 + 33, where s is the car’s speed in miles per hour. The average gas mileage for an SUV is modeled by my(s)= -0.015(s - 47)^2 + 15. What kind of

    asked by anonymous
  29. Math

    a shark at -80 feet. it swims up and jumps out of the water to a height of 15 feet. write a subtraction expression for the vertical distance the shark travels.

    asked by Patrick
  30. Biology

    2. Which macromolecules were present in your saliva and food choices? Explain why you think you got the results you did. food choices: Bread and oil Test indicators: Iodine, copper sulfate, and Sudan III

    asked by Jason
  31. physics

    With brakes fully applied, a 1340 kg car deccelerates from a speed of 96.0 km/hr. What is the change in the kinetic energy of the car?

    asked by anonymus
  32. Geometry

    A segment has endpoints. F and H. What are two names for the​ segment? Choose the correct answer below. H and ModifyingAbove HF with left right arrow HF angle FH ∠FH and angle HF ∠HF FH overbar FH and HF overbar HF ModifyingAbove FH with right arrow

    asked by help!!
  33. Chemstry

    At 27°c, 300cm3 of gas sample exerts a pressure of 720mmHg. How many molecules are present in the gas sample? thanks

    asked by Oluwaseun
  34. physics

    With brakes fully applied, a 1340 kg car deccelerates from a speed of 96.0 km/hr. What is the work done by the braking force in bringing the car to a stop?

    asked by anonymus
  35. Business Keyboard.

    The topic is nursing, can anyone help me answer these. What is your job? How has technology changed your job? How does technology relate to your job? How does technology help you in your job? In your opinion, do you like technology? Why does it help you?

    asked by Savannh
  36. math

    what is the solution to 5-t=23 a:t=28 b:t=18 c:t=-18 d:t=-23 what is the value of b if -7+b=-8 a:b=15 b:b=1 c:b+-1 D:b=-15

    asked by Anonymous
  37. physics

    A 1500 kg block of granite is pulled up an incline that has an angle of inclination of 23 o with a constant speed of 2.03 m/s by a steam winch (see Figure). The coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and the incline is 0.29. How much power must

    asked by anonymus
  38. physics

    y=5 sin (3x_4)

    asked by Anonymous
  39. Algebra

    -2 X (-3)

    asked by Kerry-Ann
  40. Math

    Simplify -3(4a-5b) A(b-c) = ab - ac -3 x 4a - -3 x 5b -12 - -15 = 3 Is this this the distributive property? Is this correct? If not, please explain. I am not sure if I fully understand it or not :-)

    asked by Anonymous
  41. History

    I don't know where to start and how I should word this. Please Help! In the Declaration of Independence, who (specifically, name the person) do the Colonists blame for the problems the Colonies are having with Britain? How do you know? Why did they phrase

    asked by Angel
  42. Math

    What is the difference between |–3| And –3 I personally think it’s nothing but idk plz help

    asked by Becki!
  43. precal

    Calculate the average rate of change for f(x) = 8x2 + 4x from x to x + h.

    asked by Emma
  44. language arts

    Which answer corrects the error in capitalization? One of Lincoln's favorite books was John Bunyan's Pilgrim's progress. A. Progress B. pilgrim's C. john D. Books Could someone help me, I do not understand

    asked by john
  45. math

    if p(x) is of degree 3 what is the degree of P(x)/(x+1)

    asked by nana
  46. Math

    A construction company employs technicians and artisans. One a certain day 4 technicians and 2 artisans were hired and paid a total of sh 9000. On another day the firm hired 4 technicians and 1 artisans and paid a total of sh 9500. Calculate the cost of

    asked by Ano
  47. Math

    Convert 2pi^c /9 into degrees = 2pi^c/9 * pi/180

    asked by Kd
  48. math

    Sam makes a cube out of blue, red and yellow bricks in the ratio 3:4:8. He uses between 400 to 410 cubes. Calculate the exact number of cubes he has used. Explain your answer.

    asked by Jay.M
  49. math

    part of a timetable is shown below windermere 13 45 14 17 14 44 15 17 staveley 13 53 14 25 14 52 15 25 Burneside 13 57 14 29 14 56 15 29 Kendal 14 02 14 34 15 01 15 34 Q2 . sam arrived at kendal on the train that left windermere at 14 17 . how long does he

    asked by JANET