Questions Asked on
August 23, 2018

  1. History

    giselle0216 Which describes a major obstacle nations encounter when dealing with a rogue state such as North Korea? A rogue state’s leadership may change without warning. Differences in culture and religion complicate diplomacy. A rogue state’s

    asked by Anonymous
  2. economy

    Which best describes the political relationship between oil-producing states and their consumers? The government of an oil-producing state has a vested interest in protecting the governments of consumer states. Consumer states have better video technology

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Spanish

    2. ¿Conocen a mi amiga Maria? A. Sí, conocen a tu amiga Maria. B. Sí, conocemos tu a amgia Maria. C. Sí, saben a tu amiga Maria. D. Sí, sabemos a tu amiga Maria. D? 3. ¿_____ tú dónde estáb la biblioteca? A. Conoces B. Sabemos C. Conozco D. Sabes

    asked by Ruby
  4. life orientation

    define the concept risk behaviour and explain why it is important for teenagers to investigate and be knowledgeable about it

    asked by karabo
  5. computers and cyber-security

    Which cyberattack carries the most serious threat? A Trojan horse virus targets computers at all public libraries. A phishing attack on a chain store compromises customer data. A malware attack shuts down the power plants in a large city. Hackers launch a

    asked by Anonymous
  6. algebra 1

    Q: A rectangle has a length of 9.00 inches and a width of 4.25 inches. What is the area in square inches? Round to the correct significant digits. I put 38.25 the first time but it said it was wrong. would it be 38 instead??

    asked by x
  7. biology

    During diffusion, when the concentration of molecules on both sides of a membrane is the same, the molecules will a. move across the membrane to the outside of the cell b. stop moving across the membrane*** c. continue to move across the membrane in both

    asked by Anonymous
  8. social studies

    What characterized spain's golden age? A. Government investment in the arts B. The development of new technology in science and medicine***** C. A reduction in Spanish debt abroad D. Increased public spending on education

    asked by Avery
  9. english

    One of the most tragic themes in Night is Eliezer's discovery of the way that atrocities and cruel treatment can make decent people into brutes. Argue whether or not this happens to Elie himself. Does he remain a good person, or do his experiences corrupt

    asked by michelle
  10. math

    Water is pumped into a cylindrical tank, standing vertically, at a decreasing rate given at time minutes r(t) = 130 - 10t ft^3/min for 0≤t≤5.The tank has radius 6 ft and is empty when t=0. Find the depth of the gasoline in the tank at t=3.

    asked by Carl
  11. ss

    1. Which of the following might a limited government be more likely to do than an unlimited government? A. build and maintain public roads B. protect citizens from attack C. operate public schools D. let citizens speak freely and protest 2. Which of the

    asked by ss
  12. History

    The women's suffrage movement during the progressive area ..... A. Did little to impact the modern protest movement for women's rights B. Discouraged women from entering the labor force for WW1 until they received the right to vote C. Resulted in the

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Phyiscs

    A subway train is traveling at a rate of 22.4 m/s. Brakes are applied and it slows down at a constant rate of 3.5 m/s^2 until it stops at a station. Find the total distance traveled while braking. 72 m 142 m 274 m 163 m A cyclist is stopped at a traffic

    asked by Babygirl

    What volume of H2 would be obtained at 27 degrees Celsius and 1.0 atm if 35.0 g of Fe reacts with 0.75 mil of H2SO4? Equation: 2Fe + 3H2SO4 = 3H2 + Fe2(SO4)3

    asked by bm24
  15. Physics

    The “reaction time” of the average automobile driver is about 0.7 s. (The reaction time is the interval between the perception of a signal to stop and the application of the brakes.) If an automobile can slow down with an acceleration of 12 ft/s^2

    asked by Babygirl
  16. Geography

    Place refers to the mix of human and nonhuman features at a given location. Describe at least four ways people have used technology to define their place, or environment, from the earliest days on Earth until the present time.

    asked by Lei
  17. Anatomy & Physiology

    The pancreas is part of the digestive system because the pancreas secretes enzymes that digest foods. Because it produces hormones such as insulin and glucagon, the pancreas is also part of the endocrine system. List two other organs that are parts of

    asked by morgan
  18. Math

    First round to the nearest whole number. 9.86 x 9.13 Use compatible numbers to estimate each quotient. 32.2 divided by 7.56

    asked by Sally
  19. english

    any exsample of someone who achieves fifteen minutes of fame

    asked by JANET
  20. Math

    At Janine's party ,the orchestra has 10 guitar players and 8 flute payers .at jakes party the orchestra has 12 guitar players if the ratio of guitar players to flute players is the same at both parties ,how many flute players are there at jakes

    asked by Amy
  21. Chemistry

    One of the largest diamonds ever found, weighing 0.621 kg, was discovered in South Africa in 1905. The carbon alloptropes graphite and diamond have densities of 2267 and 3515 kg/m3 respectively. At a temperature of 1700K and a pressure of 12.0 x 109

    asked by TS
  22. Social Studies

    Which feature of civilization helps people manage the use of resources?

    asked by kaleb
  23. chemistry

    Al2O3+6HCL=2ALCL3+3H2O its equation is ?

    asked by samrat
  24. History

    Which describes the situation in Yugoslavia following the fall of the Soviet Union? Post-Communist Yugoslavia experienced an intellectual and cultural renaissance, but its stricken economy never recovered. Torn by conflicting nationalistic beliefs,

    asked by Anonymous
  25. ss

    Which of the following might a limited government be more likely to do than an unlimited government? A. build and maintain public roads B. protect citizens from attack C. operate public schools D. let citizens speak freely and protest

    asked by ss
  26. Biology

    Give me three biological procedures applied in onion root tips experiment.

    asked by Joseph
  27. economics

    show the short run profit condition of perfect competition market

    asked by solomon
  28. Social Studies

    What did the Olmec culture do that most influenced the Native American cultures that came after them? They traded with the other cultures around them*** They left letters to future cultures They built huge temples for future cultures They conducted

    asked by Lei
  29. English

    1. She wrote a diary during World War II. 2. She kept a diary during World War II. 3. She wrote in a diary during World War II. [Are they all grammatical? What is the difference in meaning?] 4. He asked us to keep a diary in English every day. 5. He asked

    asked by rfvv
  30. Math

    Can anyone please help me solve this? -v + 5 + 6v = 1 + 5v + 3

    asked by Nathaly
  31. chemistry

    Calculate the oxalic acid mass required for neutralization of 25 ML of 0.1 M NaOH solution.Dihydrate Organic Diacid (H2C2O4.2 H2O, molar mass = 126.04 g/mol)

    asked by wallace
  32. Maths

    Two cars start from opposite ends of a road,150 km apart.the first car takes the following path: (1)goes straight on the road for 25 km. (2)take a right turn and goes for a certain distance. (3)it then takes a left turn and runs for another 25 km. (4)at

    asked by Aeshva
  33. Math

    Ok what does the x mean in the answer. The number is 676 The 6 in the hundreds place is ____ the value of the 6 in the ones place. The answer is : 100x

    asked by Stacy
  34. math

    You decide you will buy a stock only if it shows an overall increase over the next 30 days. The first 10 days, it has an average daily increase of $0.30. The next10 days, it has an average daily decrease of $0.45. The last 10 days, it has an average daily

    asked by ss
  35. history

    What was the outcome of the Korean War? A. Japan controlled N. Korea while S. Korea remained independent B. Korea was unified under a communist government C. N. Korea surrounded after the threat of atomic warfare D. Korea remains divided almost exactly as

    asked by Anonymous
  36. Maths

    if a=cos2x + sin2x and b=cos2y + isin2y.then find (a + b)

    asked by Himanshu
  37. Math

    Reasoning : When you estimate to determine if you have enough money , why should you underestimate the amount you have? Help!!!!

    asked by Chelsey
  38. Math

    On vacation you wish to send eight postcards to friends at home. You find cards costing $.59 each. Eight postcard stamps cost about $2 total. About how much will it cost to buy and mail the cards? super duper stuck on this question help!

    asked by Lea
  39. science

    which of the following is a valid reason why scientist might reject a scientific theory? a. some people disagree with it***** b. it covers too broad a topic c. new evidence contradicts it is too old

    asked by Puggie
  40. Math

    Willie,Millie, and tillie and triplets 5th grade

    asked by Anonymous
  41. social studies

    Which issue did NOT create conflict in the development of the government structure in 1787? A. including slaves in the population count B. basing representation in the federal government on population size C. dividing the new government into three

    asked by Joseph
  42. Pre-Calculus

    C (3,4) tangent to the line y=1/3x-1/3

    asked by Anonymous
  43. Life orientation

    Give solutions if risky behaviours

    asked by Anonymous
  44. Physics

    The projectile’s mass is not needed.  The projectile must be launched on the horizontal plane.  The earth drops 8 inches for every mile traveled.  The acceleration due to gravity is 9.81 meters per second squared.  Ignore air resistance. You

    asked by Amber
  45. Math

    Find the volume of cube , one face of which has an area of 81ms square

    asked by Rajesh
  46. Biology

    What is the most consistent with the theory of vitalism

    asked by Anonymous
  47. social studies

    what was the most important result of the English victory of the Spanish armada showed English naval power. kept Protestantism legal in England. kept England safe and independent. ((my answer)) reduced the wealth of Spain.

    asked by GaLaXy.ExE hAs CoRrUpTeD aNd HaS cRaShEd
  48. Science

    Which of the following is not a modal? A.) An ant farm B.) A bicycle C.) An atlas D.) A plastic human skeleton I'm not really sure what the answer is

    asked by Audrey
  49. math

    part of a timetable is shown below windermere 13 45 14 17 14 44 15 17 staveley 13 53 14 25 14 52 15 25 Burneside 13 57 14 29 14 56 15 29 Kendal 14 02 14 34 15 01 15 34 Oxenholme 14 06 14 38 15 05 15 38 grace want to travel from staveley to kendal. she

    asked by JANET
  50. math

    I have a big question!!! And I reaally need the answer!!! Me + (my crush)= ?

    asked by Emily Torres
  51. life orientation

    Any seven factors in which harmful substances could contaminate food

    asked by Lerato
  52. History

    Which early civilization had a well-organized, unified empire with an organized system of roads covering more than 10,000 miles A. Iroquois B. Aztecs C. Mayan D. Incas

    asked by I hate life
  53. physics

    A mass m = 6.0 kg is attached to the lower end of a massless string of length L = 73.0 cm. The upper end of the string is held fixed. Suppose that the mass moves in a circle at constant speed, and that the string makes an angle theta = 27o with the

    asked by anonymus
  54. English

    1. Today was Mid-Winter Day. It is a big holiday in Antarctica. [What is the part of speech of 'in Antarctica'? Does it modify 'is' or 'holiday'?]

    asked by rfvv
  55. English

    1. Today was Mid-Winter Day. It is a big holiday in Antarctica. 2. Today was Wnter Solstice Day. It is a big holiday in Antarctica. 3. Today was Winter Solstice. It is a big holiday in Antarctica. 4. Today was the winter solstice day. It is a big holiday

    asked by rfvv
  56. intermediate algebra

    Write the following as an inequality. −5 is less than w, and 9 is greater than or equal to w

    asked by amber
  57. physics

    ) A man holds a pail of water by the handle and whirls it around a vertical circle of radius 0.86 m at constant speed. What is the minimum speed that the pail must have at the top of its circular motion if the water is not to spill out of the upside-down

    asked by anonymus
  58. English

    1. We got many e-cards *from other stations*. [Thank you for your help. What about this sentence? What does 'from other stations' modify? 'E-cards' or 'got'?]

    asked by rfvv
  59. chemistry

    Consider the titration of 20.00 ML of KOH 0.01 mol/L with HNO3 0.01 mol/L. Calculate the PH of the titration solution after the addition of the following titration volumes: A. 0.00 ml C. 20.00 ml B. 19.99 ml D. 25.00 ml

    asked by wallace
  60. math

    where to place parenthesis in this math equation 3+8 times 5+4=59

    asked by devontae
  61. Math

    Ben has a collection of 15 coins in quarters and dimes. There are 7 in the collection. Write the ratio of quarters to dimes.

    asked by Shavockiria
  62. Math

    Emily collected $950 selling cookies on Saturday.Emily troop collected 10 times as much as they did.How much money did Emily troop raise? Saturday Emily made 10 times as much as Monday.How much money did Emily collect Monday?

    asked by Jada Hunt
  63. English

    1. He started out a total nobody from Santa Cecilia, like me. [Is this sentence grammatical?] 2. great grandmother 3. great-grandmother [Can we use both expressions?]

    asked by rfvv
  64. Algebra 2

    Let g(x) be the number of gallons of gas used by a car during a drive, where x is the number of miles. Interpret the following: g(20)=0.8 g(130)=5.6

    asked by Anonymous
  65. Social Studies

    What is one important way the Hebrew and Phoenician cultures differed from other early civilizations? A.They relied on a single major river to furnish water for irrigating their crops. B.Their religion centered around a single god. C.They were both skilled

    asked by Lei
  66. English

    1. What will Sonya's family do this weekend? 2. Her family will plant potatoes. 3. She will plant potatoes with her family. 4. They will plant potatoes. 5. It will plant potoes. [#1 is the question, and the others are possible answers to the question.

    asked by rfvv
  67. Maths

    Y is partly constant and partly varies as x...if y=2 x=4 and when y=5 x=8....find y when x=9

    asked by Edward
  68. History

    Which most accurately traces the changing attitudes of the protesters during the year-long Arab Spring demonstrations? The protests began with Egyptian citizens calling for social reforms, but as protests spread, Tunisian fundamentalists urged the adoption

    asked by Anonymous
  69. Mathematically and graphically

    Using mathematically and graphically define utility

    asked by Temesgen
  70. Science check answerz?!

    in general what would a scientist do after forming a testable question a: design and experiment b: develop a hypothesis *** c: draw a conclusion d: analyze data If an experiment disproves a scientists hypothesis what should the scientist do next a: develop

    asked by Becccky
  71. Algebra 2

    Find the value(s) of t for which the vectors are parallel. a = (t, t+2) b = (2-3t, t) I managed to work it down to t = 2k - 3t - 6, but I don't know what to after that.

    asked by Shaun