Questions Asked on
August 21, 2018

  1. Physics

    James Cameron piloted a submersible craft to the bottom of the Challenger Deep, the deepest point on the ocean's floor, 11,000 m below the surface. What was the total inward force on the 1.1-m-diameter pilot sphere in which Cameron sat?

    asked by Kelsey
  2. History

    Which best analyzes Nixon’s involvement in Vietnam with the decision to pass the War Powers Resolution? a. The My Lai Massacre convinced representatives to force the president to disclose military information. b. The end of the Vietnam War led to a

    asked by Charlie
  3. history

    Which identifies why the Nixon administration decided to bomb Cambodia? a. North Vietnamese troops were using trails into Cambodia to get supplies. b. Cambodia secretly decided to ally with North Vietnam and planned to attack US forces. c. Ho Chi Minh was

    asked by Charlie
  4. History

    Which best defines petro-economics? a. a nation’s industrial output that stays consistent despite market turmoil b. the influence of oil wealth in shaping economic and political climates c. the gross national product of countries that produce marble and

    asked by Charlie
  5. history

    What was Japanese Reconstruction? a. It was the decision to end the Japanese monarchy and establish a US-controlled puppet dictator. b. It was the occupation of Japan by the United States to expand military dominance in the Pacific. c. It was an attempt by

    asked by Charlie
  6. World History

    Which accurately describes the Roman Empire's influence on modern Western governments? a) The Romans invented a law code detailing the rights and duties of citizens and defined the legal process. b) The Romans invented an oligarchy government that spread

    asked by Taryn H.
  7. history

    Which analyzes why some historians believe that the federal civil defense administration used propaganda to reduce the general public concerned about nuclear warfare? a. Historians believe that the FCDA generated reports that underestimated the missile gap

    asked by Charlie
  8. History!!!

    How has Russia attempted to control speech in media? by passing a law requiring bloggers to register with the government to have their content monitored by eliminating references to freedom of speech and the press from Russia’s constitution by forcing

    asked by Anonymous
  9. World History

    Which best describes laws developed by the Roman Empire? a) Hammurabi’s Code was displayed at the Roman Theatre of Merida. b) The Law of the Twelve Tables code was displayed at the Roman Forum. c) The Code of the Assura laws were displayed at the Baths

    asked by Taryn H.
  10. History

    Which contains the mostaccurate explanation of how social media shapes popular opinion? Instagram images of the massacre of civilians in Georgia by Russian troops caused global public opinion to turn against Russian President Vladimir Putin. YouTube videos

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Social studies

    Since the 1800s, which human activity has changed land use and led to the growth of large cities in many countries? A.industrialization B.colonization C.pollution D.rural population growth

    asked by Kimberly
  12. history

    Who was Douglas MacArthur? A. an ambitious commander of Allied forces in Korea who was dismissed by President Truman for his vocal criticisms of Truman’s handling of the war B. a noted statesman and philanthropist who oversaw the rebuilding of postwar

    asked by Charlie
  13. Algebra Please Help ASAP

    The assessment for this lesson is a discussion of a mathematical statement. You will have to determine if the statement is true or false. If it is false, you will explain your reasoning. You will also be asked to respond to at least two of your classmates.

    asked by Just-A-Girl
  14. social studies

    Which statement best explains the outcome of the Battle of the Rice Boats incident? A. The British surrendered the port and were forced to return to Britain. B. The patriots managed to drive the British from Savannah temporarily. C. The British were able

    asked by Joseph
  15. English Literature

    Which of the following statements is true of both third-person objective and third person-omniscient point of view? a. the narrator observes and participates in the story's action. ***** b.The narrator observes but does not participatein the story's

    asked by Anonymous
  16. Physics

    A 5kg ornament is hanging by a 1.5 m wire when it is suddenly hit by a 3 kg missile travelling horizontally at 12m/s. The missile embeds itself in the ornament during the collision. What is the tension in the wire immediately after collision?

    asked by Somil
  17. Social Studies

    How does opportunity cost affect people's wants and needs? A.It changes the supply and demand of goods. B.It requires them to make a choice. C.It requires them to be producers and consumers. D.Opportunity cost does not impact wants and needs. PLEASE I need

    asked by die
  18. Ss

    when supply decreases and demand increases what happens to the prince of a good?

    asked by Help
  19. Math 7th grade

    Oleg ran 8.8 miles in 1 hour and 20 min. Assuming he continues at a constant rate ,how long will it take him to run any number of miles? Half a mile ? 0 miles?

    asked by Stacy
  20. Math

    Saeed bought 21 1/2 lb. of ground beef. He used 1/4 of the beef to make tacos and 2/3 of the remainder to make quarter-pound burgers. How many burgers did he make?

    asked by Norman
  21. History

    How does division of labor affect the final product? (A) lower price lower quality (B) lower price higher quality (C) higher price lower quality (D) higher price higher quality

    asked by Bhadbaby8
  22. math

    pqr is a 45 -45 90 triangle with the vertices q(6,4) and r(-6,_4) and m

    asked by ka
  23. Physics, Math

    Calculate the time taken by a water pump of power 500 W to lift 2000 kg of water to a tank, which is at a height of 15 m from the ground? Use: g = 10 m/s2 (

    asked by Ryan
  24. Math

    Jenny is building a rectangular garden around a tree in her yard. The southwest corner of the garden will be 2 feet south and 3 feet west of the tree. The north east corner of the garden will be 1 foot north and 4 feet east of the tree. If jenny paves a

    asked by Heavenly
  25. maths

    classes are arranged in a school compound.jss1 is 4km due east of jss2,jss3 is 3km south of jss1 and ss1 is 4km at a bearing of 230 from jss3.calculate the distance and bearing of jss2 from ss1

    asked by salvation
  26. Geography

    What is exact distance between run and earth

    asked by Harshitha
  27. math

    in a class of 60 student,64 passed biology and 42 passed chemistry.every student passed at least one of the two subjects.How many student passed in both subject?

    asked by otutu
  28. Math

    This is super hard. Need answer asap! If y = 2x2 – 4x, what is the value of y when x equals 5?

    asked by IAin'tYoMama
  29. Math

    Emily collected $950 selling cookies all day saturday. Saturday Emily made 10 times as much as Monday. How much money did Emily collect monday

    asked by Killy
  30. Math

    What is the unknown digit that makes the statement true? 2.48>2.4___1>2.463

    asked by Annie
  31. Math ~ Adding & Subtracting Decimals

    0.7 +3.9 My Answer: 4.6

    asked by Mr. Skill's101.4
  32. english

    Is "the cry goes up" a linguistic technique?

    asked by qasim
  33. Math

    The endpoints of the diameter of a circle are at (1, 2) and (7, -6). What is the circumference of the circle, to the nearest tenth of a unit? A. 15.7 units B. 31.4 units C. 62.8 units D. 78.5 units I am confused. Please help me.

    asked by Gabriel
  34. Math

    Find the area of the shaded region to the nearest tenth. *I don’t know how to add pictures but I’m really suck on this one

    asked by Lith
  35. science

    which units would you use to measure the volume of a small cardboard box

    asked by LALA
  36. Math

    The general rule for the sequence 2,3,5,8,12

    asked by Sipho
  37. math

    They have 30 cups of raisins and 45 cups of nuts. How many equally portioned bags can they create?

    asked by Mike Harris
  38. english

    could you please clarify the plural form of hair. is it hair or hairs ?

    asked by rs telagathoty
  39. Math

    Stretch your thinking Carl's bookshelf has a for shelves with six books on each her brother with Robert has three shows with seven book on each they want to combine their books if they put 9 books on a shelf how many shells what they need

    asked by Anonymous
  40. English

    1. I ate at MacDonald's yesterday. 2. I ate in MacDonald's yesterday. 3. I ate MacDonald's yesterday. [Which sentence is grammatical?]

    asked by rfvv
  41. Life Sciences

    What Relationship Exists Between The Dependant And Independent Variable

    asked by Anonymous
  42. Chemistry

    Why is there a need to determine the calorimeter constant before doing a calorimetry experiment

    asked by Marsi
  43. Math

    A mining company removes 30 tons of rock from a quarry everyday. If the company works around the clock (24 hours per day), how many pounds of rock are moved every minute? This is a homework question and I need help on it ;-;

    asked by Unknown.....need help plz ;-;
  44. math

    a contractor needs two men and 5 litres of paint to paint on a fenced wall that is 40m by 3m in 9 hours. how many men and how much paint does he need to paint a fenced wall 20m by 12m in 3 hours

    asked by ruth
  45. science

    Importance of reflection of sound waves

    asked by ruth
  46. math

    If TU = 3x-12 and SU = 4x + 2, find the value of x. Then find the length of TU and SU. If ST= x + 3 and TU= 4x-6, find the value of x. Then find the length of ST and TU.

    asked by bella
  47. Math

    The graph in the xy plane of the quadratic function f contains the points (0,0),(1,5),(5,5) What is the maximum value of f(x)?

    asked by Question
  48. Childhood Education

    Name an object for a child may promote the child's oberservation of it's distinct features. T or F I am think T 2.Most toddlers reveal their thinking in their speech rather than in the actions they are performing. I am think

    asked by Betty
  49. Math 7th grade

    A given rectangle has an area of 20 square feet.what is the length for various widths? I know a=L×W and I know 5×4 =20 . But not sure what I'm suppose to do

    asked by Stacy
  50. Science

    Find out the energy of emitted photon when an electron in Li2+ ion returns to its ground state from n=2 level.

    asked by Wendy
  51. Math

    find the difference 1 - (-3) A.-4 B.-2 C.2 D.4

    asked by GaLaXy.ExE hAs CoRrUpTeD aNd HaS cRaShEd
  52. math

    what is the value of 14 - ato the second power given a = -3

    asked by nonya business
  53. Algebra or math


    asked by Fac Algebraic expressions by splitting middle term
  54. ela

    in zlateh the goat aaron's conflict with the storm continues after he finds the haystack because

    asked by ivey
  55. Math Multipling Decimals

    2.1 * 0.6 My Answer: 1.26

    asked by Mr Skills101.4