Questions Asked on
August 12, 2018

  1. chemistry

    A galvanic cell with e o cell = 0.30 v can be constructed using an iron electrode in a 1.0 m fe(no3)2 solution, and either a tin electrode in a 1.0 m sn(no3)2 solution, or a chromium electrode in a 1.0 m cr(no3)3 solution even though sn2+/sn and cr3+/cr

    asked by wallace
  2. Physics

    A stone is drop from a height 19.6m above the ground while a second stone is simultaneously projected from the ground with sufficient velocity to enable it to accept 19.6m. When and where the stone will meet

    asked by Nabila
  3. Chemistry

    The half – life for the disintegration of radium is 1590 years. Calculate the rate constant in seconds and also how many years will be taken for the disintegration of 80 percent of the material?

    asked by Thomas Tai Kants
  4. English Literature

    All of the following define the theme of a story except a. the central idea of a work b. the unerlying message in literature c. the methods of characterization employed by the writer d. the lesson, or moral, of the story, which can be inferred by the

    asked by Anonymous
  5. english

    write a story about someone who achieves "fifteen minutes of fame" plz someone give me suggestions , how to write it . what does this mean i cant get it .

    asked by JANET
  6. Science- Chemistry

    The proteins in a mammalian cell account for 18% of its net weight. If the density of a typical mammalian cell is about 1.1 g/mL, and the volume of the cell is 4x10-9 mL, what is the concentration of protein in mg/mL?

    asked by Dionne
  7. Verbs

    Whats the verbs in this sentence? Betty plans to visit California this summer.

    asked by Milly

    When the brake are applied to a moving car travelling 60km\hr it decelerate at uniform rate of 5m\s

    asked by ADEWUMI
  9. English Literature

    What is the tone of the following lines in "At the Tourisy Centre in Boston"? I seem to remember people, at least in the cities, also slush, machines and assorted garbage. Perhaps that was my private mirage which will just evaporate when I go back. a.

    asked by Anonymous
  10. geography

    explain the following term Consoildation of land

    asked by JANET
  11. life orientation

    what are the three effects of poverty as a contemporary social issue

    asked by thabi
  12. geography

    explain the following term biomass

    asked by JANET
  13. Physics

    Three balls of mass m1,m2and m3 are lying in straight line. The first ball is moved with certain velocity so that is strikes the second ball directly and itself come to rest the second ball collides with the third and is itself comes to rest if 'e'be the

    asked by Thousif
  14. Probability

    Assume you take the bus to campus. About every 5 times (1 in 5) you take the bus in the morning it is full when it comes to your stop and it takes no more passengers. This means that you have to wait for the next available bus. To your surprise, 3 days in

    asked by Chris
  15. Maths

    Log power of(3n-1) to base 10-Log power 2 to base 10 =3

    asked by Ghazali
  16. math

    Find all the x-intercepts of the curve y=4x^4-17x^2-15

    asked by Vivian
  17. History

    What are the requirements to be able to know that a group of people are civilized?

    asked by Kathy
  18. Math

    Manoj buys a leather coat costs RS.900 at Rs.990 after paying the VAT. Calculate the rate of the VAT of the coat?

    asked by Sian
  19. math

    You want to have a $ 74,468 college fund in 13 years.  How much will you have to deposit now in an account with an APR of 3 % and monthly compounding?

    asked by hae
  20. English

    canal: a passage of water *that* boats can travel [What is the part of speech of *that* in the phrase?]

    asked by rfvv
  21. Math

    Manoj buys a leather coat costs RS.900 at Rs.990 after paying the VAT .Calculate the rate of VAT of the coat.

    asked by Sian
  22. History

    I need to create a visual source which reflects the campaign for civil rights and freedoms in the USA, (over time in chronological order). I must use the film The Butler as the source.

    asked by Storme
  23. physics

    the movement of a couple of 100N but 2.5m apart is

    asked by Samuel
  24. geography

    how are inundation canals different from perennial canals

    asked by JANET
  25. math

    Explain the notation M^-1 used for the inverse of a square matrix M. I thought M^-1 would be a normal inverse matrix except the numbers would be vertically switched like in fractions...? Not sure though.

    asked by maath