Questions Asked on
August 7, 2018

  1. history

    How has the use of e-commerce impacted local markets? Virtual economies have emerged to meet the needs of online shoppers that favor the use of digital currency, causing inflation and reducing the size of local markets. Internet-based shopping has

    asked by monica
  2. history

    Which option most accurately identifies characteristics of Operation Barbarossa? a It was the attempted aerial and amphibious assault on the British Isles by Germany. b It was the German invasion of the Soviet-controlled Poland during World War II. c It

    asked by monica
  3. history

    How did social media shape the Syrian civil war? The Free Syrian Army held national debates on social media to determine the next leader of Syria. Both factions used video footage from battles on social media to gain political and economic support

    asked by monica
  4. history

    What impact did the Reagan Doctrine have on the Soviet Union? The Reagan Doctrine extended economic aid to first-world nations in an attempt to supplant Communist leanings. The United States extended the Roosevelt Corollary to include the Soviet Union from

    asked by monica
  5. World History

    How did Soviet leaders spread the Communist message effectively? by creating an atmosphere of free speech to encourage people to explore Communist ideology by terrorizing people and forcing them into concentration camps if they opposed the revolution by

    asked by Collin
  6. History

    Which identifies the Nazi paramilitary organization responsible for implementing the exterminations of the Final Solution? Gestapo Luftwaffe SS (Schutzstaffel) Brownshirts im confused i read thur the text but still can't find the answer but i believe it

    asked by James

    Why did some of Roosevelt’s New Deal programs and agencies experience strong legal opposition? Farmers felt that they were unfairly targeted by subsidies. Labor unions opposed the restrictions imposed on them. People believed the federal government had

    asked by Henri
  8. history

    Which identifies continued French colonial interests following World War I? France exerted authority over its colonies through elevating local puppet dictators in an attempt to regain control. France supported self-determination movements to allow their

    asked by monica
  9. Tourism

    What is inbound flight

    asked by Mabitso
  10. Math146

    You wish to test the following claim (Ha) at a significance level of α=0.001. Ho:μ=69.1 Ha:μ

    asked by Lisa
  11. Launguage arts

    Which statement about Antonio and Felix is most accurate? 1: Antonio has a stronger sense of humor that Felix does 2: Felix is more aggressive than Antonio 3: Both boys are devoted to excelling at their sport. 4: Both boys use boxing to overcome their

    asked by Help and quick PLS
  12. math

    the largest odd factor of 6^8 * 10^6 is A (6^8 * 10^6)/2 B 3^4 * 5^3 C 15^6 D 3^8 * 5^6

    asked by angela
  13. history

    Which temporary solution was adopted in 1924 to address the economic problems caused by Germany’s inability to make reparations? Young Plan Marshall Plan Versailles Plan Dawes Plan its D right? Just want to make sure.

    asked by James
  14. Math

    Solve: dA/dt = -10A, A(0) = 5 ------------------ I tried getting A by itself: A = -1/10 * dA/dt A(0) = 5 = -1/10 * dA/dt but I'm somewhat sure that's wrong; so integrating I get: int(dA/dt) = int(-10A) A = -5A^2 which doesn't make sense to me intuitively

    asked by James
  15. History

    the belief that the government can stimulate economic growth by increasing military spending Which term was defined? military Keynesianism military Marxism military Capitalism military Utopianism again i just want you to check. C?

    asked by James
  16. history

    In what ways did New Imperialism negatively impact colonial holdings? (Select all that apply.) Imperial powers often suppressed local religious beliefs and practices in favor of Christian faiths. The removal of resources and construction of railroads often

    asked by monica
  17. Math

    Using the binomial theorem, Find the first three terms in the expansion of (x^2+2y^3)^20

    asked by Erik
  18. maths algebric


    asked by kefilwe
  19. Math

    Each wheel on Harley's bike has a radius of 60 cm. How many revolutions does each bike make when Harley bikes 500 cm? A. 500/120pi B. 1000/120pi C. 50000/120pi D. 100000/120pi

    asked by Iris
  20. Math

    If the days of the year were numbered backward using consecutive numbers (so that December 31 is day number 1), in what month would day number 123 occur? A. August B. July C. March D. September I got September but I’m not sure if that’s the correct

    asked by Sean
  21. Math

    if the hands on a round clock moved counter clockwise, to what number would the minute hand point 20 minutes before the hour hand pointed to 3? a. 4 b. 7 c. 8 d. 11 is 8 the correct answer?

    asked by sabrina
  22. physics

    A bus moves from rest with a uniform acceleration of 2m/s(square) for the first 10s. It then accelerate at a uniform rate of 1m/s(square) for another 15s, it continues at constant speed for 70s and finally comes to rest in 20s by uniform deceleration.Draw

    asked by Uloma
  23. la

    How can our attitudes toward competing change our experiences?

    asked by Andy
  24. Maths

    d+1 ----- d+2 ------ --------- 2d--8 12--3d

    asked by Perekun Hezekiah Eskayxzy
  25. psychology

    Someone with a bachelor's degree can become a practicing psychologist. False True True?

    asked by Bri
  26. Geography

    Select a place in your local geographic area. The place you select should be relatively small in size (e.g., a wetland, an urban park, an agricultural field) and modified from its natural state. 1. How can the area you chose be modified to accommodate the

    asked by Sarah M.
  27. science

    an object of 3cm length is placed 5cm away from thin converging lens. The image formed by the lens is upright, virtual and of length 5cm by a ray diagram, determine the focal length of the lens

    asked by Richards
  28. maths

    All Salesman in the is junk store receive dollar 260 Per week plus a 2 Commission If you sold dollar 1975 worth junk in a week what would be your income

    asked by sysjns
  29. Georgia State

    1. Which of the following key terms has been responsible for the formation of many limestone caves in northern Georgia? (1 point)fault erosion plateau elevation

    asked by Khaliyl
  30. Computers - Programming Language

    Convert Algorithm into basic python code using correct syntax: 1) get hours worked 2) get pay rate 3) if hours worked < 40 3.1) gross pay = pay rate times hours worked 4) else 4.1) gross pay = pay rate times 40 plus 1.5 times pay rate (hours worked minus

    asked by anonymous
  31. EnglishLiterature

    Which type of noun is underlined in the sentence below? A swarm of "insects" surround the raft as we drifted down the river. a. proper b. compound c. common *** d. collective

    asked by Anonymous
  32. math

    What is the value of 3/4*7/8*15/16 rounded to the nearest 0.25? A. 0.25 B. 0.50 C. 0.75 D. 1.00 When I multiplied it out, I got 0.61523.., so the answer would be B, right?

    asked by christiana
  33. Math

    The largest circular shape my piece of string can form has a diameter of 8 cm long. How long is the diameter of the largest circular shape that half my piece of string can form? A. 4/pi cm B. 8/pi cm C. 2 cm D. 4 cm Is D the answer ?

    asked by Leyla
  34. math

    A man travels 12km towards west then 3 km towards south and then 8 km towards east. How far is he from the Start?

    asked by Neha
  35. Math

    Find the number of terms in the aritmetic progession 2,-9,-20,141

    asked by true
  36. MATH

    Find the number of terms in the aritmetic progession 2,-9,-20,-141

    asked by Itunuoluwa
  37. physically science

    Two point charges are fixed on the y axis, a negative point charge q1 = −25 µC at y1 = +0.22 m and a positive point charge q2 at y2 = +0.34 m. A third point charge q = +8.4 µC is fixed at the origin. The electrostatic force exerted on the charge q by

    asked by SPHESIHLE
  38. Geography

    Calculate the longitude of a place whose local time is 10am while GMT is 2pm

    asked by Kapil
  39. math

    #please people help me the solution of this question# Change 7380 seconds into hours and minutes.

    asked by kelvin
  40. Maths

    Raman has some ducks and sheep they total number is 26 when he counted their legs the total was 72 find the number of ducks and sheep

    asked by Tharsha
  41. History

    Why is it important to study History?

    asked by Help
  42. Math

    Mass of earth is 5.97 x 10 kg and it's mean radius is 6.371 what's is value of g at earth surface

    asked by Vinay
  43. Managerial finance

    Your company contemplates buying a computer based inventory management system for 200 000. It will depreciated on a straight line basis to zero over its 4 year life span, when it will be sold for 30 000. the system will save the firm 60 000 pre-tax (EBIT)

    asked by Shay
  44. Physics

    Can someone help me with these questions? I don't want the answers just some direction in how to solve them. A motorcycle at a stoplight takes 4.22 seconds to accelerate to 28.0 m/s after the light turns green. What is its average acceleration? An object

    asked by Anonymous
  45. math

    At the beginning of the year, 40% of the students in the Art Club were boys. In the middle of the year, 25% of the girls left but 8 more boys joined the Art Club. The number of members became 42. Find the total number of Art Club members at the beginning

    asked by lillyyy
  46. math

    #please people help me the solution of this question# Change 7380 seconds into hours and minutes.

    asked by kelvin
  47. Math

    In a survey, 20 people were asked how much they spent on their child's last birthday gift. The results were roughly bell-shaped with a mean of $30 and standard deviation of $2. Find the margin of error for a 99% confidence level.

    asked by Lisa
  48. Statistics

    Mansoor Tuesday, December 16, 2014 at 8:44pm Bender Electronics buys keyboards for its computers from another company. The keyboards are received in shipments of 100 boxes, each box containing 20 keyboards. The quality control department at Bender

    asked by Sarna
  49. English

    There is a few right answers What types of rhetorical devices are used in the following sentence? They would like more time off in the summer, for holidays, and on weekends. repetition anadiplosis parallelism repetition epistrophe*** repetition anaphora***

    asked by Ember
  50. world history

    Which identifies an argument that the Nazis used to claim that the Weimar government was weak? The Weimar government refused to pay any of its war reparations. The Weimar government followed a democratic process to govern. The Weimar government formed a

    asked by james
  51. Math

    Find rhe first term of the ff: S sub 10= -20 d=4 S sub 15=-195 d=3 S sub 12= 378 d= 9

    asked by Janina
  52. psychology

    Which of the following is NOT a place where a psychologist in a clinical setting might work? in independent practice a hospital a guidance center a business D?

    asked by Bri