Questions Asked on
July 27, 2018

  1. history

    Which offers one reason for how industrialization led to imperialism? a British factories eliminated the need for inexpensive human labor. b British factories eliminated the need for overseas agricultural development. c British factories required the raw

    asked by monica
  2. history

    What led to the development of one-crop economies? A. Joint-stock companies found profitability in monopolizing one cash crop. B. One-crop economies were developed through slash-and-burn agricultural practices. C. Colonies sought to reduce costs by

    asked by Lee
  3. history

    Question: 8) What impact did the Columbian Exchange have on imperialism? A) The popularity of Columbian goo... 8) What impact did the Columbian Exchange have on imperialism? A) The popularity of Columbian goods throughout Europe built American empires. B)

    asked by Lee
  4. Science

    Which of the following substances is excreted by sweat glands in response to the breakdown of proteins and the formation of ammonia? A) water B)urea C)lysozymes D)sebum Is it (A)?

    asked by Jeen
  5. chemistry

    explain why pure dry benzoic acid do not affect litmus paper

    asked by Oodo jeremiah
  6. Biology A

    A lab technician runs the results of a simple PCR reaction through a gel electrophoresis to test a sample of imported hamburger meat for the presence of a DNA sequence that is known to be found in kangaroos and not in cows. What exactly will he be looking

    asked by Brittiany
  7. MATH

    LESSON 9 UNIT 4 1.B 2.A 3.A 4.B

    asked by Curly Cue
  8. Algebra

    Simplify 0.2(3b-15c)+6c

    asked by Cody
  9. Math

    15 movie theaters average 600 customers per theater per day. If 6 of the theaters close down but the total theater attendance stays the same, what is the average daily attendance per theater among the remaining theaters? A. 750 B. 1000 C. 1200 D. 1500

    asked by Elizabeth
  10. math

    1) Write 0.78787878787878.... (recurring) as a percentage. 2) The price of petrol increased by 10%. Six months later it increases again by 10% There was no other price changes. What was the total percentage increase in the price of the petrol.

    asked by anonymous
  11. math

    if a man travels r miles and hour for h hours and s miles an hour for t hours, what is his average rate in miles per hour for the ENTIRE distance traveled? a. rh+st b. r/h+s/t c. rh+st/2 d. rh+st/h+t is the answer b?

    asked by stephanie
  12. math

    Information about a play took up 1/3 of the pages in the program. Information about the actors took up 1/4 of the remaining pages. Information about the director, the producer, and the designer took up 2 pages, and the same number of pages devoted to the

    asked by Michael
  13. math

    A goat is tied with 1 vertex of a shed with the distance of 10m.Find out how much distance the goat can grace around the shed?

    asked by Lekhana
  14. Soical Stuides

    Which statements about the circumstances in Germany that led to Adolf Hitler's rise to power are true? Choose all answers that are correct. A.Germans trusted Hitler to obey the terms of the Treaty of Versailles so as not to offend France and Britain. B.The

    asked by God is Good
  15. Math for 6th Grade

    A sixth grader weighs 90 pounds, which is 120% of what he weighed in fourth grade. How much did he weigh in fourth grade? (Plz help and make it simple as possible)

    asked by a person
  16. Mathematics

    If the chairs in an auditorium are arranged in an arithmetic sequence 5 th row contains 31 chair and 16 th row contains 75 chairs then find the total number of chairs if there exists 20 rows

    asked by Linsha
  17. Summer

    Hey why is everyone asking school questions in summer? go out and enjoy yourself. (please don't ban me)

    asked by Emily
  18. Accounting

    Sold 400 units of inventory at 55$ per unit on credit . (VAT 14%)

    asked by Diana
  19. English

    In which sentence is the fraction written correctly? A.Leah jogged one-half of a mile. B.She received three quarters of the votes. C.She donated one-third of the profits to charity. I think it C or B but really C

    asked by God is Good
  20. social studies

    Plage could be found in all of these areas except: A. China B. Cuba C. Chile D. France

    asked by Crystal