Questions Asked on
July 25, 2018

  1. Maths

    If ABCDEF is a regular hexagon then prove that ab+ac+ad+ea+fa=4ab

    asked by Hari bhatta
  2. world history

    Which options accurately describe the role of Moses in the Bible? (Select all that apply.)  A He received the Ten Commandments from God on Mt. Sinai.  B He led the Israelites out of Egypt in a journey known as the Exodus.  C He established

    asked by kathy
  3. English

    Singing is my favorite activity. "Singing" functions as which part of speech in the sentence above? (A) Noun (B) Adjective (C) Adverb (D) Preposition

    asked by Jeen
  4. math

    Edith wants to cut pieces of ribbon 1/3 meter long from a piece of 5/6 many pieces can be cut?

    asked by wilmar
  5. English

    which of the following questions demonstrate proper pronoun-antecedent agreement? A) if a person wants to travel to the moon, she must get a job at a space technology station. B) if a person wants to travel to the moon, you must get a job at a space

    asked by Jeen
  6. English

    Alfredo Mix Directions For 2 servings: 1/3 cup milk, 3 tbsp. plus 1 tsp. butter, 1/3lb. fettuccine, ¼ cup Alfredo mix Optional: Substitute milk or chicken broth for half the butter. Cook pasta according to directions. Mean while, melt butter in a sauce

    asked by Jeen
  7. mathematics

    how do I solve cosh((1+j)/2) to form of a+jb????

    asked by matt
  8. English

    NEED HELP FAST Which word correctly completes the sentence? What would you say is the __________ of jellybeans in that jar? A.number B.amount Which word correctly completes the sentence? I would __________ chosen the lasagna instead of the spaghetti. A.of

    asked by God is Good
  9. Math

    Differentiate y=13x^2-5x+8

    asked by Carl
  10. Chemistry

    How many moles of mercury will be produced by electrolysis 1 m hg (no3)^2 solution with a current of 2A for 3 hours. Hg (no3)^2=200.6

    asked by Amrish gaur
  11. English

    Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost Whose woods these are I think I know. His house is in the village, though; He will not see me stopping here To watch his woods fill up with snow. My little horse must think it queer To stop without a

    asked by Emily
  12. english

    When a student begins a new reading assignment, what should he or she do first?

    asked by cha cha
  13. Business finance

    14-26 as a member of the finance Department of Ranch Manufacturing, your boss has asked you to compute the appropriate discount rate to use when evaluating the purchase of new packaging equipment for the plant. Under the assumption that the firm’s

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Physics

    Two point charges +Q and -Q of mass m are placed on the ends of a massless rod of length L, which is fixed to a table by a pin through its center. If the apparatus is then subjected to a uniform electric field E parallel to the table and perpendicular to

    asked by Haha
  15. life orientation

    inhuma farming methods

    asked by keletso
  16. chemistry

    what volume(in cm3) of lead (density=11.3 g/cm3 ) has the same mass as 100 cm2 of red wood (density = 0.38 g/cm3)?

    asked by jay
  17. Math

    The owner of a small business is aiming to increase sales by ₱1000 weekly. If this condition is met, how much should be the sales on the first week to reach exactly ₱75 000 worth of sales in ten weeks? Type your answer without the peso sign.

    asked by Joshua
  18. Mathematics

    An airport X is due north of another airport Y.An aeroplane leaving X flies due south for 380km and airport y is now 50km away.How far is X from Y

    asked by BAL RAM
  19. Science

    How will you prepare a 200cm³ of 70% of ethanol solution?

    asked by Chalette
  20. Mathematics

    If the chairs in an auditorium are arranged in an arithmetic sequence 5 th row contains 31 chair and 16 th row contains 75 chairs then find the total number of chairs if there exists 20 rows

    asked by Linsha
  21. Soical Stuides

    Which was a goal of Samuel Gompers, but not of socialists? A.improving workers' lives but leaving society's structure alone B.workers' right to negotiate through collective bargaining working conditions in America's factories and mines

    asked by God is Good
  22. English

    Which word correctly completes the sentence? Our suitcases are packed, and we are __________ to go to the airport. A.already B.all ready

    asked by God is Good
  23. Soical Stuides

    Which of the following are true statements about John !@#$%^&ennedy when he was elected president? A.He was the youngest person ever elected president. B.He ran against a Catholic opponent. C.He was the patrician son of a wealthy businessman. D.He was

    asked by God is Good
  24. riddle

    The names of 5 trees are hidden in the sentences below. The letters are in consecutive order. Can you find them? 1: Whoever watches the video, a king. 2: Those cause mayhem locks up for the night. 3: Hop in evenings but play at night. 4: When visiting

    asked by Katie
  25. math

    2^99 - (-2)^99 = a. 0^99 b. 2^99 c. 2^198 d. 4^99 is the answer a?

    asked by sean
  26. Geography

    how does perception have an influence on land use decision making? -I know what perception means, did my research there, I understand how it can impact our thinking but how does it impact land use desision making? I have already looked it up so from

    asked by Sarah M.
  27. Science

    Show that FαβFαβ is Lorentz invariant, where the symbols carry their usual meaning. In second Fαβ are in prefix..

    asked by Rabin bro
  28. Math

    If 2/y+2 = -3/y-3, then what is the value of y? A. -3 B. -2 C. 0 D. 2

    asked by Jack
  29. Science

    What is the significant concentration of 75.0 of ethanol dissolve in 580.0 g of water?

    asked by Chalette