Questions Asked on
July 19, 2018

  1. history

    What attempts have European imperial powers made in the 20th century to address the atrocities committed in colonies throughout the world? (Select all that apply.) A) Many European nations have addressed their imperial actions by providing economic relief

    asked by anonymous
  2. history

    What policies led to the Boxer Rebellion? (Select all that apply.) A.Christian missionary activity caused cultural tension with traditional Chinese views. B.Japanese and European spheres of influence gave foreigners special privileges. C.Europeans refused

    asked by anonymous
  3. math

    if a car moving at a constant rate travel (2x³-x²-4x+3)km in (x²-2x+1) hours what is the rate of the car in km per hour? I need it asap thanks

    asked by shioppy bitolinamisa
  4. Maths

    An iron pipe of internal diameter 2.8 cm and uniform thickness 1 mm is melted and a solid cylindrical rod of the same length is formed. Find the diameter of the rod.

    asked by Sudan Maharjan
  5. Accounts

    The following transactions occurred during June for Campus Cycle Shop. Record the transactions below in the T accounts. Place the letter of the transaction next to the entry. Foot and calculate the ending balances of the T accounts where appropriate. a.

    asked by Angela
  6. Math

    Write an inequality and solve. Two times the sum of a number and four is no more than three times the sum of the number and seven decreased by four.

    asked by Zach
  7. Physics

    A Ferris wheel with radius 9.5 m initially rotates at a constant rate by completing 0.75 rev in 25.00 s. It then begins to decelerate at a rate of 0.30 rad/s2 with its only passenger at the top of the wheel. Find the direction of the total acceleration

    asked by k
  8. chemistry

    sodium metal reacts with hydrogen gas to yield solid sodium hydride ( NaH ). A reaction mixture contains 10.00 g sodium metal and 0.235 g of hydrogen gas. write a balanced chemical equation for this reaction? what is your limiting reactant? what is your

    asked by Sofia
  9. Chemistry

    × a 25cm³ aliquot of ammonium iron(ii) tetraoxomanganate(vii) containing 32.9g of its salt in 250cm³ solution, needed 25cm³ of potassium tetraoxomanganate(vii) solution for a colour change to occur. what is the concentration of the potassium

    asked by Joel
  10. chemistry

    × a 25cm³ aliquot of ammonium iron(ii) tetraoxomanganate(vii) containing 32.9g of its salt in 250cm³ solution, needed 25cm³ of potassium tetraoxomanganate(vii) solution for a colour change to occur. what is the concentration of the potassium

    asked by Joel
  11. Chemistry 11

    What is the total ionic equation and net ionic equation of ammonium sulphide solution added to gold nitrate solution?

    asked by Dawn
  12. math

    Out of a pool of 234 people with lottery tickets, 120 of them are women, and out of those 120, 65 are older than 23, and out of those 65, 12 are married. What is the probability that the lottery winner will be a married woman older than 25? A. 2/39 B.

    asked by Crystal
  13. Mathematics

    The sum of the geometric progression a,ar,ar^2,ar^n-1 is S the product of these n term s is P. Find R,the sum of the reciprocals of these n term s and show that (S/R)^n=P^2

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Science

    Bubbles appear when you open a bottle of soda but not when open a bottle of mineral water. why?

    asked by Woto
  15. Physics

    A force of 40N stretches a wire through 3cm.What force will stretch it through 5.0cm and through what length with a 100N stretch it?

    asked by Ibrahim
  16. Accounts

    Benson Company Trial balance June 30, 20xx. Particulars Debit Credit Cash $1,370 Accounts Payable $770 Office Equipment $900 Benson, Capital $1,500 Benson, Withdrawals $ 500 Accounts Receivable $1600 $1,600 Service Fees $2,730 Salaries Expense $630 $5,000

    asked by Angela
  17. Science

    Why does sound waves travel faster in wood than in air or water?

    asked by Woto
  18. Chemistry

    The molecular weight of an unknown gas is found by measuring the time required for a known volume of the gas to effuse through a small hole, under constant pressure. The apparatus is calibrated by measuring the time needed for the same volume of O2

    asked by Gi
  19. Chemistry

    Molecular mass of Mg(no3)2.6h2o

    asked by Aa
  20. chemistry

    consider the balanced chemical equation 2H2O2 ---> 2H2) + )O2 A) given 20.0 g of H2O2 how many grams of water will be produced? B) how many grams of H2O2 will you need to get 20.0 g of water ? C) how many grams of H2O2 will you need to get 20.0 g of O2 D)

    asked by Sofia
  21. Math

    Seth took a 30-inch piece of wire and cut it into 1 1/4 inch pieces. How many pieces did he get?

    asked by Osarhemen Igbinosun
  22. math

    indicated operations. Express all answers in lowest terms 2/5+1/5+1/5

    asked by kenda
  23. math

    Two boys divided $3.36 so that one boy received 12 cents less than three times as much as the other. How was the money divided?

    asked by Neetu
  24. Chemistry 11

    What is the concentration of the solution formed when zinc metal is reacted with 950.0 cm3 of 1.25 M hydrochloric acid? What is the volume of hydrogen gas (at stp) that is evolved in the same reaction?

    asked by Dawn
  25. Science

    A sample of natural gas is 80.0% CH4 and 20.0% C2H6 by mass. What is the heat from the combustion of 1.00 g of this mixture?

    asked by Larry Balaba
  26. Science

    Sound waves travels faster in wood than in air or water.why?

    asked by Woto
  27. Maths lit , science, tourism, Speedo,geography

    Can I do nursing with those subject?

    asked by Mpho
  28. CHM101

    Alkali metals can be used for all but one of the following

    asked by Cynthia
  29. english -please check my answers

    anyone fimilar with the merchant of venice by william shakespear check my answers please 1.which of the following elements of comedy are not used by shakespear in the merchant of venice? a.a clown like character b.puns c.slapstick d.cleaver language i

    asked by johnny
  30. Chemistry 11

    What volume of 2.33 M of sodium hydroxide solution is needed to fully neutralize 1000.0 cm3 of 17.6 M hydrobromic acid?

    asked by Dawn
  31. Chemestry

    So4 full name

    asked by Chanchal
  32. Math

    Eight students are running for three positions in the student council: president, vice president, and secretary. Which represents the total number of ways the three students can be selected if each student can be elected to only one position? A. 8x3 B.

    asked by Felix
  33. History

    Share two examples in American history of how the people of America shifted their ideologies from one set of beliefs to another. Why did this happen? What were the political, economic and social conditions that led to this shift?

    asked by Julia
  34. Cled

    How many creeds does the Catholic church recognized?

    asked by Janina
  35. history

    To what extent did the developments of the french revolution from 1789-1799 meet the demands and expections of the 3rd estate?

    asked by Benedict Godfrey
  36. Psychology

    What are the kinds of thinking or thoughts that might help someone with Chronic Stress?

    asked by anonymous
  37. Life orientation grade 11

    Five mechanics to equip the community in dealing with the natural disaster emanating from floods

    asked by Molebogeng
  38. Math

    metrix method solve equation 2x-y-3z=9 ,x+y+z=6 ,x-y+z=2

    asked by Vivek
  39. Psychology

    What are ways that someone can treat their phobias?

    asked by anonymous
  40. Math

    If I invest 5,000 at a rate 8.5% for 13 days? How much interest will I earn on my investment if the interest is compounded daily? I need help with setting up formula or help in general. Any help is appreciated.

    asked by Leslie