Questions Asked on
July 5, 2018

  1. american History

    How did trade with Asia impact Italy? Italians sought new reasons to extend the Crusades as they fulfilled their need for Asian goods. The Byzantine Empire secured its position by becoming a conduit of trade between Italy and the Middle East. The increased

    asked by Kayla
  2. Math

    There were 4342 buttons in three bags, A, B and C. There were 18 more buttons in bag B than in bag A. There were 3 times as many buttons in bag C as in bag B. How many buttons were in bag A?

    asked by Russ
  3. American History

    What significance did the domination of southern Spain by the Umayyad Caliphate have on European culture? Europeans became dependent on goods from the Middle East and Asia. Spaniards migrated to Africa to escape the invasion of the Umayyad Caliphate. Spain

    asked by Kayla
  4. Math

    Solution to problem: mr lim gave $3600 to his wife and two children altogether. His wife receieved $500 more than his son. His son received twice as much as his daughter. How much did mr lim’s wife receive?

    asked by Victoria
  5. american history

    What was the significance of the closing of the Silk Road? It gave Europeans the incentive to establish new overland trails into territories in Asia. It inspired Europeans to discover the hidden secret of creating their own silk textiles. It encouraged

    asked by Kayla
  6. Algebra

    The amount of paint needed to cover the calls of a room varies jointly as the perimeter of the room and the height of the wall. If a room with a perimeter of 60 feet and 8-foot walls requires 4.8 quarts of paint, find the amount of paint needed to cover

    asked by Tracy
  7. Math

    Luis had 135 action figures, sam had 990 action figures and jane had 570 action figures. After Jane gave an equal number of action figures to both boys, sam had 4 times as many action figures as Luis. How many action figures did Jane have left?

    asked by Russ
  8. Physics

    A rotating space station has radius 1310 m, measured from the center of rotation to the outer deck where the crew lives. What should the period of rotation be if the crew is to feel that they weigh one-half their Earth weight?

    asked by Jonny
  9. math, algebra

    If A>B and B(B-A)>0, which of the following must be true? I. B

    asked by Kenny
  10. Pre-Calculus Math

    An amusement park charges $8 admission and averages 2000 visitors per day. A survey shows that, for each $1 increase in admission cost, 100 fewer people would visit the park. Find the admission cost and number of visitors that gives the maximum revenue.

    asked by Mya
  11. Pre-Calculus Math

    A rectangular field is to be enclosed by a fence and divided into two smaller plots by a fence parallel to one of the side. Find the dimensions of the largest such field if 1200 m of fencing material is available. What is the area of this field and what

    asked by Mya
  12. Math

    help me please,Which describes a situation when an estimation is appropriate? A. Margo wants to buy a sweater for $15.98 and a pair of socks for $1.98. She has $20. She wants to know if she has enough money to buy both. B. Margo buys a sweater for $15.98

    asked by michey
  13. Math

    Consider the numbers −4.5 and 2/9 . Which statement about these numbers is true? Both numbers are rational. The number 2/9 is rational, but −4.5 is not. Both numbers are irrational. The number −4.5 is rational, but 2/9 is not. B?

    asked by Bri
  14. math

    Coin A is tossed three times and coin B is tossed two times. What is the probability that more heads are tossed using coin A than coin B? THE ANSWER IS NOT 7/16

    asked by Eggo
  15. Pre-Calculus Math

    The Summer Theatre charges $4 per ticket, and it sells an average of 400 tickets nightly. The manager estimates that the ticket sales would decrease by 50 for each $1 increase in the ticket cost. What is the most profitable price to charge?

    asked by Mya
  16. probability

    A team averages 7 losses for every 13 games it wins. If ties are not permitted, what is the probability that the team will win its next game? Express your answer as a percent.

    asked by Isabel
  17. Math

    Mabel bought some notepads for $56. If she was given a discount of 30%, she would be able to buy 40 notepads more. What was the original price of each notepad?

    asked by James
  18. negative numbers 6th grade

    what is 9 times (-1 2/3) divided by ( -3 1/3)

    asked by coaster_girl_meg
  19. negative numbers 6th grade

    what is -2 divided by (-2 2/5) times (-1 4/5) please help I get logged out of computer at 9:00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    asked by coaster_girl_meg
  20. English

    1. I (can) (do) 20 (push-ups). [right Answer: 4 points] 2. I (can) (do) 20 (up and down with arms). [ ___ points] ------------------- #1 is a correct sentence. The students who only filled in the first two parentheses got one point as a partial point. [can

    asked by rfvv
  21. MATH

    Does anybody has any idea how does 2(tan( θ)-θ)+C become 2[((√x^2-4)/2)-sec^-1*(x/2)]+C

    asked by Anonymous