Questions Asked on
June 30, 2018

  1. Economics

    The short-run cost function of a firm is as follows: TC = 200 + 5Q + 2Q2 Where TC = Total Cost Q = Physical units of the product of the firm What would be the level of optimum output?

    asked by Shiv
  2. English

    Tell me the explanation on past present future by emily bronte

    asked by Riya
  3. science

    10 examples make a list of common household suspension and their uses

    asked by leslie
  4. Maths

    what is Nine minus the quotient of two and a number x?

    asked by Eshaal
  5. HR

    An Individual Coaching for Effectiveness program is designed to A. help managers with dysfunctional behaviors. B. improve managers in succession planning. C. help prepare managers for overseas assignments. D. reduce the effects of the glass ceiling. A

    asked by blue
  6. Science

    Give One place where vascular bundles are (a)spread together (b)closed together

    asked by Amna
  7. Maths Lit,Business Studies,CAT and Tourism

    Will I be able to go study Clinical Psychology with those subjects?? Please HELP!!! As I am a Grade 11 learner.

    asked by Zinhle
  8. HR

    Explanation, consideration, and empathy are key determinants of A. perceptual justice. B. alternative dispute resolutions. C. procedural justice. D. interactional justice. A

    asked by blue
  9. Statistics (Box Method)

    I have two questions where I keep getting the last parts (question #1 [e], question #2 [f]) wrong. I have all the other answers right so I'm not sure what I am doing wrong with these two. I went ahead and wrote all the parts down as well as the answers and

    asked by Lilly
  10. Math

    Rachel buys a drink. She spends the same amount of money on her drink ad chuck spent on his candy Rachel now has only 1/3 of the amount of money that she had before she bought the drink. How much money did Rachel have before she bought the drink

    asked by Margaret laboy
  11. Math

    A resolution was passed by a ratio of 5:4 If 900 people voted for the resolution, how many voted against it? (400?) The ston family spends $500 per month for rent. This is 4/15 of their total monthly income. Assuming that sale ties remain constant, what is

    asked by Person
  12. Physics

    Just before a bouncy ball hits a wall, it is traveling parallel to the ground at 18 m/s, and it then bounces directly backwards at 17 m/s. The interaction time with the wall was 0.40 ms (4.0 x 10-4 s). If the ball's mass is 0.17 kg, what is the average

    asked by Sam
  13. Chemistry

    In 88S38 element, calculate the number of protons and number of nuetrons?

    asked by Ana
  14. HR

    In which performance technique are managers given three performance rating scales per dimension and asked to indicate whether the employee's performance is above (+), at (0), or below (-) the statements? A. Behavioral-observation scale B. Mixed-standard

    asked by blue
  15. English

    Please make any corrections, If the usage of the phrasal verbs are incorrect. John went to the Market on his new car to purchase vegetables. On his way, he got a call from Sara that her sister was coming to the city by train and requested him to pick her

    asked by Ramesh Reddy
  16. equation

    find X if Y=10

    asked by SURYA
  17. HR

    Which of the following statements about benchmarks is false? A. The instrument measures 16 skills and perspectives, such as how well managers deal with subordinates, acquire resources, and create a productive work climate. B. While managers enjoy

    asked by blue
  18. Math

    A teacher gare an open pot which can cantain only 2liter of water to student and told to bring 3 liter of water from the will that student bring 3 liter water in a pot whose capcity is only 2 liter?

    asked by Anonymous