Questions Asked on
June 29, 2018

  1. Physics

    a wave function expressing displacement (y) as a function of its (x) and time (t) is given as y = P log (Qx + Rt) Which of the following expressions has dimensions different from one another? (1) yR (2) PR (3) R/Q (4) QR

    asked by Mimi
  2. Chemistry

    Two flasks A and B of equal capacity of volume contain SO3 and Co gas respectively under similar conditions of temperature and pressure. Then, which of the following statement is true? (1) A has twice the number of moles as that B. (2) B has twice the

    asked by Mimi
  3. Physics

    the potential energy of a particle varies with velocity v as U equals to Av3/v + B where A and B are constant dimensional formula A/B is (1) ML-1T (2) M-1LT (3) L-1T-1 (4) MLT-1

    asked by Mimi
  4. Chemistry

    Four one litre flasks are separately filled with the gases CO2, F2, NH3 and He at the same room temperature and pressure. The ratio of the total number of atoms of these gases present in the different flasks would be? (1) 1:1:1:1 (2) 1:2:2:3 (3) 3:2:4:1

    asked by Mimi
  5. Physics

    the dimensional formula of m(dv /dt) is (1) MLT-1 (2) M-1LT-1 (3) ML2T-1 (4) [MLT-2]

    asked by Mimi
  6. Chemistry

    Which of the following given ratio of units of length gives the highest value? (1) 1pm/1fm (2) 1hm/1Gm (3) 1dm/1μm (4) 1Mm/1nm

    asked by Mimi
  7. the length of a rectangular plate is measured by a

    the length of a rectangular plate is measured by a metre scale and found to be 10.0 CM its width is measured by vernier calipers as 1.00 CM least count of the metre scale and Vernier calipers 0.1 cm and 0. 01 CM respectively maximum permissible error in

    asked by Mimi
  8. Physics

    A guitar string vibrates at 82.4 Hz when its full length is allowed to vibrate. If it is now held so that four-fifths of it is allowed to vibrate in the same harmonic, what frequency will it produce?

    asked by Jenny
  9. Trig

    Two ships leave a harbor at the same time. One ship travels on a bearing S11 degrees W at 12 mph. The second ship travels on a bearing N75 degrees E at 9 mph. How far apart will the ships be after 3 hours?

    asked by Erin
  10. Physics

    A car with closed windows makes a left-hand turn. A helium-filled balloon in the car will MOVE RIGHT? that's what I think but can someone help me explain my answer I don't know how to

    asked by Anonymous
  11. ELA

    Which is a compound sentence? A) Gardening has many therapeutic benefits. B) In reality, exercising can be something as simple as planting seeds or pulling out weeds. C) This magnificent project is funded by a grant from Green Planet Organics as part of

    asked by I am 13
  12. Chemistry

    What combination of volumes (ml) of C2H4 and O2 are required to obtain 400ml of CO2? All volumes are measured at STP. 1. 100,300 2. 200,600 3. 200,200 4. 300,300

    asked by Mimi
  13. physics

    Despite of many attempts to introduce a universal language, the effort has met with very little success.

    asked by ramu
  14. Quadratics

    A platform diver follows a path determined by the equation h = −0.5d^2 + 2d + 6, where h represents the height of the diver above the water and d represents the distance from the diving board. Both pronumerals are measured in metres. Use the graph to

    asked by Kevin
  15. Chemistry

    How many tums of Tablets each 500mg CaCo3 will it take to neutralize a quart of vinegar 0.83 moles (CH3COOH)

    asked by Mavis Ama Boamah
  16. English

    Which of the following words means the act of withdrawing, reducin, or abolishing military forces or weopons.

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Physics

    A crowbar is of lengths 3m. Where should the fulcrum be placed along the length of the crowbar so that a boulder of 9kgwt be lifted with it by applying an effort of 10N.

    asked by Vaishnavi
  18. Globalization

    Have Global priorities shifted or should they

    asked by Lynda
  19. history

    Which country suffered the fewest military and civilian deaths during World War II? A.Great Britain B.Japan C.Poland D.the United States C. Poland?

    asked by Anonymous
  20. math

    Need help with this quadratic math equation... Question: (x+1/x)^2 - 14(x+1/x) = 72 ended up with: x^2 + 1 - 14x^3 - 14x -70x^2 = 0 Where do I go from here? I'm trying to find a way to apply the quadratic formula to my results, but I'm having trouble. Is

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Math

    Simplify:- 3√-108a^4 b^3

    asked by Maths
  22. Chemistry

    How many tums tablets each 500mg CaCO3 will it take to neutralize quart of Vinegar 0.83 moler (CH3COOH)

    asked by Mavis Ama Boamah
  23. Quadratics

    The parabola with the general equation y= ax^2 + bx+ 9 where0 < a < 10 and 0 < b < 20 touches the x-axis at one point only. The graph passes through the point (1, 25). Find the values of a and b. Please help.

    asked by Kevin
  24. Mathematics

    if (4x+3y):(3x+5Y) = 6:7 then please find X if y=10

    asked by SURYA
  25. Globalization

    Various project are handled by internal financial institution on a year basis. It is your task to give one gold one sliver and one bronze medal to each chose project. Name and detailed description of the project. type of medal (gold,sliver or bronze).

    asked by Lynda
  26. math

    16. a. Find how many points of intersection exist between the parabola y = −2(x + 1)2 − 5, where y = f(x), x ∈ R, and the straight line y = mx − 7, where y = f(x), x ∈ R. b. Find m (m < 0) such that y = mx − 7 has one intersection point with y

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Physics

    if the unit of force is 10 Newton the unit of acceleration is 2 m/s2 square into velocity is 5 m/s then the unit of momentum is (1) 10kgm/s (2) 15 kgm/s (3) 25kgm/s (4) 30 kgm/s

    asked by Mimi
  28. Chemistry

    What is the Concentration of 5.6 of grams of mg (OH)2 dissolves in 550ml

    asked by Mavis Ama Boamah
  29. Geography

    Types of rocks

    asked by Zakade
  30. science

    c2o42-+cr2o72-+cr3++co2(in acid medium)

    asked by ion electron method
  31. Physics

    a new unit equal of length is equal to 10 M the area of a m square expressed in term of new unit has a magnitude of (1) 0.05 (2) 0.50 (3) 5.05 (4) 5.00

    asked by Mimi
  32. math

    The x-intercepts of a particular equation are x = p, q. Suggest a possible equation. Quite confused on this question... Any idea? Thanks in advance.

    asked by Anonymous
  33. maths

    Aniston is going to paint all four walls and the cieling in his living room. The mesurments is 6m length, 4m width and 2m height. a tin covers 20m2. How many tins of paint does aniston need to buy?

    asked by ses
  34. Math

    Write an expression and then evaluate when x = -6. Nine subtracted from the quotient of twice a number, x, and three.

    asked by I need help
  35. MATH

    Does the √8=√2*√2*√2 or 2√2

    asked by Anonymous