Questions Asked on
June 23, 2018

  1. Civic education

    The way good leaders can protect the interest of their followers

    asked by AAC
  2. Physics

    A ship sets sail from Rotterdam, The Netherlands intending to head due north at 5.5 m/s relative to the water. However, the local ocean current is 1.5m/s in the direction north of east and changes the ship's intended motion. a) In what direction would the

    asked by Bangtan
  3. History

    1-- This website wont let me put in a picture. The fort labeled with the number 3 on the map above is __________. A. New Orleans B. Poste de Arkansea C. Fort St. Jean Baptiste D. Fort Louis de la Mobile 2-- Evidence of trade between the French and Wichita

    asked by Carmen
  4. math

    a girl spent 1/4 of her money on taxi fare and 2/3 of the remaining on drink. what original amount of money was (a) spent (b) left

    asked by Micheal
  5. geometry

    if you could just help me out with one, i would be blessed 1) Complete the proof. Given: WX≅YZ Prove: YZ≅WX Statement Reason 1) WX≅YZ 1) ? 2) ? 2) Definition of Congruent Segments 3) YZ=WX 3) Symmetric Property of Congruence 4) YZ≅WX 4) ? 2)

    asked by pleaaaaaaaseee need help
  6. HR

    The first step in the human resource planning process is A. program implementation. B. program evaluation. C. forecasting. D. goal setting. C

    asked by blue
  7. HR

    Which of the following is a permissible question for applications and interviews? A. When did you attend high school? B. Do you have children? C. Do you have any disabilities? D. What schools have you attended? D or A not sure on this one

    asked by blue
  8. Physics

    Two positive charge of 12cand 8c are 10cm apart each other. The work done in bringing them 4cm closer is

    asked by Jai
  9. geometry

    m∠1=14b−22 and m∠3=11b. Find b. angle 1 and angle 3 are vertical, making them congruent.

    asked by roj
  10. Math

    What must be added to X2+10x+23to make it perfect square

    asked by Mania
  11. Physics

    A 60kg astronaut on a distant planet drops a fork and discovers the fork takes 0.70s to drop 1.0m to the ground. a) what is the weight of the astronaut on that planet? b) if the planet has a radius of 1.6x10^6 m, what is it’s mass?

    asked by Linda
  12. MATH

    Can somebody show me how to get to the answer? How do 2pi[((-6561/4)+2430-(729/2))-((-1/4)+(10/3)-(9/2))]=2560pi/3. My answer is always= 10184pi/12 or 2546pi/3. I don't know what I did wrong that cause my answer to be wrong.

    asked by Anonymous
  13. English

    1. Don't throw away your old clothes, shoes, or books. They will be useful to someone. 2. You can buy things at low prices. 3. Don't throw away your old clothes, your old shoes, or your old books. =============================== Q1: Are "your old clothes,

    asked by rfvv
  14. MATH

    how does y=x^3/2 become y^2/3=x

    asked by Anonymous