Questions Asked on
June 20, 2018

  1. Social Studies

    Why did the inability of the Soviet economy to provide for the needs of its citizens lead to the collapse of the system during the Reagan administration? Manufacturing centers were often stifled by the lack of resources and the shortage of labor in the

    asked by Dama
  2. world history

    Which best describes the Dutch East India Company? it was a Multinational corporation used to boost trade with Asian territories. it was the worlds largest shipbuilding company located in North america it was a team of mercenaries and militia hired by

    asked by Krista
  3. Physics

    A gymnast is attempting to perform splits. From the information given in the figure below, calculate the magnitude (in N) and direction (in degrees above the horizontal, toward the gymnast) of the force exerted on each foot by the floor. Her Weight= 520N

    asked by Kloe
  4. Geometry

    Which statement is true? A. All rectangles are quadrilaterals. B. All quadrilaterals are rectangles. C. All quadrilaterals are parallelograms.** D. All quadrilaterals are squares. Can someone check my answer

    asked by Anonymousss
  5. Chemistry

    Equivalent weight of H3PO4 for the given reaction, H3PO4 + Ca(OH)2 = CaHPO4 + 2H2O is?

    asked by Mimi
  6. Calculus

    Function f(x) is positive, increasing and concave up on the closed interval [a, b]. The interval [a, b] is partitioned into 4 equal intervals and these are used to compute the upper sum, lower sum, and trapezoidal rule approximations for the value of

    asked by Nelson
  7. Physics

    A cube made ouk and side 15cm floats in water with 10.5cm of it's depth below the surfaces and with it's side's vertical what is density of oak

    asked by Robert
  8. AP Calculus

    2) Given the table below for selected values of f(x), use 6 trapezoids to estimate the value of (10)∫(1) f(x)dx x 1 3 4 6 7 9 10 f(x) 4 8 6 10 10 12 16

    asked by Jim
  9. Math

    sinØ (1+ tanØ) + cosØ(1+ cotØ) = (secØ + cosecØ)

    asked by Gagan
  10. science

    A steel block weighing 12N is pulled up an incline plane 20° above the horizontal by a constant force of 7.35 N which makes an angle of 10° above the inclined plane. The block stars from rest and is pulled 2.0m along the inclined plane. the coefficient

    asked by John
  11. Physics

    A block cedar has a mass of 200 kg and density of 570 what fraction of the wood will be surface of block is floating in water

    asked by Robert
  12. Chemistry

    Suppose the elements x and y combine to form two compounds xy2 and x3y2. When 0.1 mole of xy2 weighs 10g and 0.05 mole of x3y2 weighs 9g, the atomic weight of x and y are a) 40,30 b) 60,40 c) 20,30 d) 30,20

    asked by Kien
  13. math

    maria borrowed Rs 1400 at the rate of 6%(p.a) for 8 yers and 5 months .Find the amount she paid back?

    asked by zain bajwa
  14. Math

    If 8x + 8y = 18 and x^2 – y^2 = –3/8, what is the value of 2x – 2y? The answer is supposed to be -1/3 but I have no idea how to get that. Thanks in advance for helping out!

    asked by Autumn
  15. Math-trig

    So how do find the arcsec(-3)? secy = x secx = -3 1/cosx = -3 1 = -3cosx -1/3 = cosx Now what angle is this?

    asked by Jordan
  16. Math probability

    Suppose x is random variable with normal distribution (u,sigma^2) distribution and p(x

    asked by Star
  17. Calculus

    Which are true about the differential equation dy/dx = 2x(4-y) I.will have a slope field with negative slopes in quadrant I II.will have a slope field with positive slopes in all quadrants III.will produce a slope field with columns of parallel tangents

    asked by Bryan
  18. Calculus

    1) Which are true about the differential equation dy/dx = (x)/(x-4) I.will have a slope field with negative slopes in quadrant I II.will have a slope field with positive slopes in all quadrants III.will produce a slope field with columns of parallel

    asked by Anita
  19. Physics

    A 15kg box is resting on a hill forming an angle with the horizontal. The coefficient of static friction for the box on the surface is 0.45. Calculate the maximum angle of the incline before the box starts to move. Steps included would be great, I have the

    asked by Mack
  20. Chemistry

    What volume of oxygen gas measured at 0°C and 1 atm is needed to burn completely 1L of propane gas measured under same conditions?

    asked by Mimi
  21. Chem(redox rxn)

    How do you know which element is being oxidized? Oxidation is lost, Reduction is gained. So in this equation: 2 MnO4^- + 5 C2O4^2- + 16H+ (right arrow) 2 Mn^2+ + 10 CO2 + 8 H2O what element is oxidized? a. no element is oxidized b. Mn c. C d. O my answer

    asked by Audrey
  22. algebra

    An ice-cream parlor sells sundaes with 3 different types of ice-cream and 4 different toppings. They have 8 flavors of ice-cream and 10 toppings for their customers to chose from. what is the probability that a customer orders a sundae including the

    asked by taryn
  23. Algebra 2

    Which property is shown by the following statement? 3 × (9 + 6) = 3 × 9 + 3 × 6 A. The Associative Property of Multiplication B. The Identity Property of Multiplication C. The Distributive Property D. The Identity Property of Addition

    asked by Morgan
  24. Vectors

    Consider the 2 lines with equations (x+8)/1=(y+4)/3= (z-2)/1 and (x,y,z)=(3,3,3)+t (4,-1,-1), tER. Find the point of intersection of the lines. So I that these 2 lines are perpendicular because if you do the dot product of their direction vectors you get

    asked by Anonymous
  25. math

    tim has nickles,dimes, & quarters in his pocket. he has twice as many dimes as nickles. there are 63 coins in all. the coins in his pocket have a total value of $5.75. how many of each coin does he have

    asked by mackenzie
  26. Help please

    Which one of the following is an example of direct foreign investment? A. General Motors building an auto production facility in China B. The purchase of debt issued by the Panamanian government C. A U.S. bank granting a loan to a Guatemalan firm D. A U.S.

    asked by Feecan
  27. math

    peter,john and james share a certain of money.peter gets ⅔ of the amount of money.John gets ¾ of the remainder and james gets $3.00 calculate the total amount of money shared

    asked by sucrea
  28. english

    Can someone provide feedback on my intro to a body paragraph? Some say that police brutality is not a big issue in our country at the moment. They say that officers have the legal right to protect themselves and others using their best judgment, and we

    asked by parker
  29. Algebra

    A tank is filling with water from a natural spring. Three days ago the water was four feet deep, and yesterday the water was eight feet deep. Assume that the water depth continues to rise at this same rate after today

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Geometry

    △ABC△ABC is isosceles. The two congruent sides are 5x + 23 and 2x + 32. The other side is 8. Solve for the value of x and then find the perimeter.

    asked by Adaron
  31. Chemistry

    Equivalent weight of crystalline oxalic acid is?

    asked by Mimi
  32. Geometry

    Given a triangle with sides of 25, 9, 25, what type of triangle is it: Equilateral, Isosceles, Scalene?

    asked by Adaron
  33. Chemistry

    Calculate the number of neutrons present in 12.10^25 atoms of water

    asked by Barbir
  34. geometry

    Click on the angle measure tool and measure each angle. Click on the points in counter-clockwise order. (If you make a mistake, use the undo button in the upper, right corner of your screen.) To make the measurements easier to see, click on the arrow tool

    asked by i really dont get this
  35. Sociology

    According to the functionalist perspective, discuss some of the functions of the family? Have these functions changed at all over time?

    asked by Maisey
  36. English

    1. He finished the project for five days. 2. He has finished the project for five days. 3. He read the book for five days. 4. He has read the book for five days. [Are the four sentences all grammatical?} 5. He read the book in five days. 6. He finished

    asked by rfvv
  37. math

    2a+12y=-7 3a+2b=7

    asked by Russell
  38. Business

    My teacher said that Canada’s currently in the expansion phase (from the business cycle), but why is that so? What reasons support this?

    asked by Saira
  39. Geometry

    △ABC△ABC is equilateral. Two of the sides are 5x + 18 and 4x + 22. Solve for the value of x and then find the side length. ps-Im doing a geometry course for virtualsc and if anyone has the rest of the answers for this quiz that would be great.

    asked by Adaron
  40. Maths

    2x+y=2 3x+2y=5

    asked by MIRACLE
  41. MaTH

    2x+y=5 4x+y=8

    asked by MIRACLE