Questions Asked on
June 17, 2018

  1. History

    Why was Vietnam key to the US curbing communism in Asia? a. None of these answers. b. Vietnam and the US had strong economic ties. c. Vietnam was a major supplier of rice to the United States. d. Vietnam had a direct tie to Japan which the US had thus far

  2. Chemistry

    12.976 g of lead combines with 2.004 g of oxygen to form PbO2 . PbO2 can also be produced by heating lead nitrate and it was found that the percentage of oxygen present in PbO2 is 13.38%. With the help of given information,illustrate the law of constant

  3. Science

    In a new system of unit called star unit 1*kg=10kg,1m*=1km,1s*=1min. Convert 1J of energy in new system of unit.

  4. HR

    Self-managing teams are likely to be more efficient if the A. team members can perform different skills associated with various tasks. B. demand for a particular activity remains the same for the entire duration of the project. C. team members are assigned

  5. History

    What action did President Bush take to make the Office of Homeland Security effective? He tried to convince Congress to go to war. None of these answers He decided to commence all of the other public safety agencies and only use the Office of Homeland

  6. physics

    Question 11 Unsaved A car of mass 1200 kg travels along a horizontal road at a speed of 10 m s-1. At the time it begins to accelerate at 0.2 m s-2, the total resistive force acting on the car is 160 N. What is the total output power developed by the car as

  7. math

    How many possible distinct 5 card hands can be dealt from a standard 52 card deck? The order in which the cards are dealt doesn't matter. I know it ISN'T 52 choose 5 because the cards have to be DISTINCT, or DIFFERENT.

  8. Chemistry

    Describe how a mixture of acetanilide and sand can be separated

  9. HR

    Which of the following approaches would be most appropriate when gathering information for jobs that are repetitive and involve physical activity? A. A job analyst visits the workplace and asks employees to show what the job entails. B. A job analyst

  10. English

    In your own opinion 1. How do objectives assist a student in completing the assignment? 2. Describe what needs to be done for the assignment found in a sample syllabus? 3. If you were to complete the assignment found in a sample syllabus, how would you set

  11. HR

    Which of the following decisions does not come under HRM? A. How to evaluate employee performance B. How to achieve sales targets C. What training to offer D. Whom to hire B

  12. HR

    Which of the following is a false statement about the performance management process? A. Performance measures may emphasize either observable behaviors or outcomes, or both. B. When the person evaluating performance isn't familiar with the details of the

  13. Math

    I'm having trouble getting through these types of problems: Can someone tell me how to approach this? The point (8, -4) is on the graph of y=f(x). Find the corresponding point on the graph of g(x)=3f(1/2x)+11 Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

  14. calculus

    Use the instantaneous rate of change of f(x) = e^(5x) to find the equation of the tangent line to f(x) at x = 0.

  15. Calculus

    If the graph of the function y-(ax^2+b)/(x^2+cx+4) has vertical asymptotes x=1,x=4, a horizontal asymptote of y=2 and x-intercepts at x=+-2, find a, b and c. Answers: a=2, b=-8 and c=-5 I found a and b but I'm having trouble finding c. I made y=0 and x=2

  16. Math

    Find the simple interest of $500000 at an annual rate of 5.6% for 9 months.

  17. Math

    A deer population was measured to be 4000. Two years later , it was measured to be 4300. assume the population grows exponentially. A). Write an equation describe this situation. Find values of all constants. b) What will the population be four years after

  18. English

    1. He studies animals in South America. 2. He studies the animals in South America. .............. Q1: What is the difference in meaning between them? Q2: Is 'in South America' an adverb phrase or an adjecive phrase? Or are both okay in meaning? Does the

  19. English

    1. I saw the boy in the classroom. 2. I saw a boy in the classroom. ................ Q1: Is 'in the classroom' an adverb phrase or an adjective phrase? Are both okay in context? Q2: Was 'I' in the classroom or out of the classroom? Was 'I' in the classroom

  20. world history

    During the Renaissance, humanist ideas swept through Europe (1). Humanism launched the Scientific Revolution, resulting in advancements in metallurgy, anatomy, and astronomy (2). Humanist ideals mimicked the feudal system to identify classes of people (3).

  21. English

    1) Identify the three components/puzzle pieces that you believe are most critical to the formation of a worldview. Refer to the textbook Foundations of Christian Thought: Faith, Learning, and the Christian Worldview to help identify these components. (You


    Name of CH3CH(Br)CH=CHCH(CH3)2.

  23. HR

    Managers and economists traditionally have seen HRM as a(n) A. source of value to their organization. B. necessary expense. C. asset. D. essential component of a high-performance work system. D

  24. Math

    The fourth term of an arithmetic sequence is 18 and the sixth term is 28. Give the first 3 terms

  25. Chemistry

    Help me with this; For the second part of the analysis,you will be provided with hydrated crystal of oxalic acid (H2C204. 2H2O). weigh out accurately about 1.575g of oxalic acid in a weighing bottle. Dissolve the acid in a beaker, then transfer the

  26. Chemistry

    During recrystalization of acetanilide, an orange solution of a compound in hot alcohol was treated in activated carbon and then filtered through a filter paper. On cooling the filtrate gave gray crystals, although the compound was reported to be

  27. Chemistry

    In recrystalization of acetanilide if your percentage yield is greater than 100% how would this occur?