Questions Asked on
June 15, 2018

  1. Algebra

    The foot of an extension ladder is 9ft from a wall. The height that the ladder reaches on the wall and the length of the ladder are consecutive integers. How long is the ladder?

    asked by Ethan
  2. analytical chemistry

    Calculate the ph during the titration of 20.0ml 0.5000M ethanoic acid Ka=0.0000175 with 0.500M NaOH after the addition of 0.0ml and 10.0ml NaOH

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Chemistry

    For the second order reaction: A -> products the plot of what term versus time would yield a straight line? 1/[A] ln[A]/[A] [A] ln[A] I'm pretty certain it's ln[A]?

    asked by HQade
  4. Chemistry

    For the following reaction, the partial pressures are listed in the table: Substance Equlibrium H2S 5.4 I2 1.2 HI 0.43 S 7 If the Kp of the reaction is 0.134, which direction would the reaction need to go to establish equilibrium? H2S(g) + I2(s) 2HI(g) +

    asked by jenny
  5. geometry

    Determine whether the conjecture is true or false. If false, give a counterexample. Given: ∠A is supplementary to ∠B and ∠B is supplementary to ∠C. Conjecture: ∠A is supplementary to ∠C. Select one: a. False; they could be right angles. b.

    asked by homework
  6. Chemistry

    If the reaction between H2 and I2 to form HI were at equilibrium and an additional 0.25 moles of H2 were added to the reaction, what would happen? The equilibrium would shift in the direction of the products. The equilibrium would shift in the direction of

    asked by HQade
  7. Chemistry

    What is the overall cell potential for this redox reaction? Ca2+ + 2Li = Ca + 2Li+ Ca2+ + 2e- = Ca -2.87 V Li = Li+ + e- -3.05 V

    asked by Student
  8. chemistry

    2 C6H6 + 15 O2 → 12 CO2 + 6 H2O ΔHrxn = 6542 kJ/rxn If 8.88 g of C6H6 (FW = 78.114 g/mol) is burned and the heat produced from the reaction is used to heat 6354 g of water at 22.5o C, what is the final temperature of the water (swater = 4.184 J/g C)?

    asked by kenzie
  9. Chemistry

    A student prepares a 0.28 M solution of acetic acid. If the Ka of the acid is 1.76 x 10^-5, then what is the pH of the solution? 4.76 0.55 5.31 2.65 I got 2.65 as my answer. :)

    asked by HQade
  10. calculus2

    Find its area. y = sec^2(x), y = 8 cos(x), −π/3 ≤ x ≤ π/3

    asked by A
  11. maths

    Simplify :1/1-cosx +1/1+cos x

    asked by Anne
  12. math

    There are 2.2 pounds in one kg.If Mary Catherine has 2.5 kg hamburger meat for her cookout ,how many pounds of hamburger meat does she have.

    asked by Ja'Quavius
  13. chemistry

    2 Fe2O3 → 4 Fe + 3 O2 ΔHrxn = 824.2 kJ/rxn How much heat will occur in the decomposition of 72.7 g of Fe2O3 (FW: 159.687 g/mol)? (Write answer to a whole number, zero places past decimal point)

    asked by kenzie
  14. Science

    Doesn't a diploid cell has 46 chromatids and duplicate in to 92 chromotids? why do people say 46 chromosomes in a deploid cell?

    asked by Science
  15. chemistry

    Given the enthalpy reactions below, 2 X + O2 → 2 XO ΔHrxn = -1301.8 kJ/rxn XCO3 → XO + CO2 ΔHrxn = 169.7 kJ/rxn What is the ΔHrxn for this reaction? 2 X + O2 + 2 CO2 → 2 XCO3

    asked by kenzie
  16. Chemistry

    A weak acid with an initial pH of 3.2 was titrated with a strong base. 15 mL of 0.1 M NaOH was added to the acid to reach the equivalence point at a pH of 8.6. What would you expect the approximate pH of the analyte to be after the first 5 mL of 0.1 M NaOH

    asked by Jason
  17. Chemistry

    When the pH of a buffer is equal to its pKa, what is the amount of dissociation that has occurred? 1 % 25 % 50 % 100 %

    asked by HQade
  18. Math

    A watch loses 30 second hour. If the watch was set right on Sunday at 11:30 p.m. What day and time did it show after 10 hours? 10 * 30 = 300 5 min

    asked by Kiff
  19. English

    Why Is It Important to Beowulf's Image As An Epic Hero That He Faced Grendel Without A Weapon? A.)Grendel Is The Embodiment Of Evil And Evil Doesn't Fight With A Weapon. B.)By Giving Up His Sword, Beowulf Showed Both Superior Strength And Superior Ethics

    asked by Joshua
  20. Maths

    A plane flies northward for 430km, it then flies eastwards for 380km.How far is it from the starting point?

    asked by DUKE
  21. Maths

    Of 20 girls 16 plays hockey,12 plays tennis and 4playsbusket every girl plays at least one game and 2plays all the three games how many plays 2and only 2games

    asked by Alice