Questions Asked on
June 13, 2018

  1. Science

    1. One of the ways humans can preserve biodiversity is (blank). A. habitat destruction B. habitat preservation C. habitat fragmentation D. poaching

    asked by loli
  2. Math

    Is the product of 4/7 and radical 16 a rational or irrational number? Explain.

    asked by Confused
  3. Language Arts

    1. List some important ideas that Walk Two Moons includes. Why did you choose those ideas? 2. Tell how using a Reading Role helped you understand the book. The Reading Roles are described in the link on Unit 4, Lesson 6, slide 5, number 4. I really don't

    asked by Curious
  4. Chemistry

    Which type of intermolecular forces would be expected in a sample of F2 gas? a. London forces, dipole interactions, and ionic interactions b. dipole interactions c. London forces d. London forces and dipole interactions I believe C is the correct answer.

    asked by Christine
  5. English

    100% - The Story of a Patriot Upton Sinclair 1 A young man is walking down the street, quite casually, with an empty mind and no set purpose; he comes to a crossing, and for no reason that he could tell he takes the right hand turn instead of the left; and

    asked by I am 13
  6. History

    What options best indicate ways in which the collapse of the Soviet Union affected other governments? (Select all that apply.) a. Ambassadors to the former Soviet Union had to be reassigned to the new republics b. States could establish their own Communist

    asked by Quinn
  7. Spanish

    Need help with FOUR Spanish questions @snra Escribe este verbo en el pasado: Hoy yo voy a la escuela. Ayer yo _______ a la escuela My Answer: fui Escribe este verbo en el pasado: Cada domingo, yo doy un paseo. Cada domingo, yo __________ un paseo. My

    asked by Harry
  8. Math

    A biased coin lands heads with probabilty 2/3. The coin is tossed 3 times a) Given that there was at least one head in the three tosses, what is the probability that there were at least two heads? b) use your answer in a) to find the probability that there

    asked by Steve
  9. Chemistry

    What is the solubility of PbI2 in 0.4 M KI given the solubility constant of PbI2 is 7.1 x 10-9 a. 3.5 x 10-3 M b. 1.2 x 10-3 M c. 4.4 x 10-8 M Ksp = 7.1 x 10-9 Ksp = x * (2 * 0.4) (7.1 * 10-9)/.8 = x 8.8 x 10-9 = x ------ But this is not one of the

    asked by Christine
  10. Chemistry

    In the chemical reaction where N2O4(g) is converted to 2NO2(g), if 0.5 M N2O4 and 0.15 M NO2 are present in the vessel, is the reaction at equilibrium? If not, which direction would the reaction proceed? (Kc = 4.4 × 10-3) N2O4(g) 2NO2(g) a. No, Q = 4.5

    asked by Christine
  11. Math

    9. which set of output values correctly completes the function table? y=6-x input (X) output (y) -2 ? -1 ? 3 ? ----------------------- 4,5,3 -8,-7,3 8,7,3 11. What is the function rule shown by the table? input(x) output(y) -2 -3 0 1 1 3 2 5

    asked by Yui
  12. math

    which values can be substituted for x to make the inequality x - 4 >0 true? choose all that apply A. 0 B. 3 C. 4 D. 18 my answer is 0 and 4 please check my answer's

    asked by Albert
  13. math

    9. which set of output values correctly completes the function table? y=6-x input (X) output (y) -2 ? -1 ? 3 ? ----------------------- 4,5,3 -8,-7,3 8,7,3 11. What is the function rule shown by the table? input(x) output(y) -2 -3 0 1 1 3 2 5

    asked by Albert
  14. Chemistry

    You have the following acids and their conjugate bases available: Acetic Acid: CH 3COOH/CH3COO-; Ka = 1.8 × 10-5 Carbonic Acid: H2CO3/HCO3-; Ka = 4.2 × 10-7 Hydrofluoric acid: HF/!@#$%^&a = 7.2 × 10-4 Which of these acid/conjugate base pairs would be

    asked by Christine
  15. Math

    Two helicopters flying at the same altitude are 2000m apart when they spot a life raft below. The raft is directly between the two helicopters. The angle of depression from one helicopter to the raft is 37° and the angle of depression from the other

    asked by Jesse
  16. Chemistry

    Using the information below, which answer lists the salts in order of increasing solubility? PbSO4 Ksp = 1.6 x 10^-8 PbS Ksp = 8 x 10^-28 PbI2 Ksp = 7.1 x 10^-9 PbCl2 Ksp = 1.6 x 10^-5 a. PbS < PbI2 < PbSO4 < PbCl2 b. PbI2 < PbCl2 < PbS < PbSO4 c. PbCl2 <

    asked by Christine
  17. Physics

    A string 20cm long is stretched to 25cm by a load. What will be it's length when stretched by a load of 100N assuming that the elastic limit is not reached

    asked by Anonymous
  18. algebra

    The time it takes to cover the distance between two cities by car varies inversely with the speed of the car. The trip takes 5 hours for a car moving at 54 mph . How long does the trip take for a car moving at 45 mph ?

    asked by melb
  19. Chemistry

    Which of the following gases would be most likely to experience ideal behavior at high pressures? a. F2 b. Ne c. C2H6 I think the answer is Ne. But I want to make certain. Thanks

    asked by Christine
  20. Chemistry

    Given the following acid dissociation constants, which acid has the strongest conjugate base? a. HCN Ka = 6.2 x 10-10 b. HOCl Ka = 3.0 x 10-8 c. HIO3 Ka = 0.17 I believe the answer is HCN it has the lowest Ka and is the weakest acid.

    asked by Christine
  21. Math

    find the total number of possible outcomes for 4 different cell phone models, each of which has 3 different plans. A.7 B.12 C.16 D.24 my answer is 12 please tell me if its correct if not can yo help me find the right answer thankyou

    asked by yes
  22. Chemistry

    Why are smaller alcohols fully miscible with water while larger alcohols have lower solubility in water? A. In larger alcohols, the polar hydrocarbon chain cannot interact with polar water molecules and limits alcohol's ability to interact with water. B.

    asked by Michael
  23. math

    Fiona is repairing the wiring on a radio broadcast tower. She is in the basket of the repair truck 40m from the tower. if she looks up at an angle of 42° she can see the top of the tower. She can see the base if she looks down at an angle of 32°. How

    asked by Jack
  24. Chemistry

    N2(g) + 3H2(g) ⇌ 2NH3(g) ΔH° = −92 kJ ΔS° = −0.20 kJ/K Which of the given is correct about the ΔG° at 35 °C? A. 30 kj B. -62 kj C. 62 kj D. -30 kj

    asked by Michael
  25. Math

    Every time mr coleborn throws a ball of paper in the garbage can, the probability the ball goes in the can is 3/4. What is the probability he misses 2 times in a row?

    asked by Madeline
  26. Chemistry

    If K > 1 at 25°C and 1 atm of pressure, then which statement is true about the reaction's equilibrium? a. There is always more reactant than product at equilibrium under all conditions. b. There is more product than reactant at equilibrium at these

    asked by Christine
  27. Physics

    A large rock weighing 164N is suspended from a 3 meter wire. The density of the rock is rho_rock = 3200 kg/m^3, and the wire mass is negligible. The upper end of the wire is fixed; in air the frequency is 40Hz while in liquid the frequency would be 25Hz.

    asked by Roger
  28. Chem

    Which of these can be deduced according to this electrochemical cell? The image is at this address: cdstools(dot)flipswitch(dot)com/asset/media/678341 A. In the cell, zinc oxidizes magnesium and causes it to lose electrons. Magnesium must be less

    asked by Michael
  29. chemistry

    We can determine the content (%) of calcium in milk through complexometric analysis by titration with EDTA. If we weigh 0.50 g of milk powder and titrate with EDTA 0.010 mol/L. What percentage of Ca2+does the milk if expended EDTA was 13.6 ml?

    asked by william
  30. Maths

    In how many ways can 4 girls and 3 boys be arranged in a row so that the girls are always together? Answer: 576

    asked by Fred
  31. Math

    A vendor. Sold 2/5 of fruits to motorists and 1/4 to students. He also sold 3/7 of the remaining fruits to others. If the vendor was left with 168 fruits, how many fruits were sold to students?

    asked by Kiff
  32. social studies

    how did monopolies hinder the free enterprise system.

    asked by brenda
  33. Math

    A businessman borrowed sh 40000 from a lending institution at a simple interest rate of 2 1/2 % per month. How much did he pay back at the end of one year?

    asked by Kiff
  34. Science

    Can someone explain grade 9 biology translation and transcription for me? My teacher doesnt explain it well. I cannot understand it at all. Detailed description please and easy to understand.

    asked by John
  35. Chemistry

    If the pH of a Ca(OH)2 solution is measured as 9.0, what is the concentration of the Ca(OH)2 solution? A. 1 * 10^-5 M B. 1 * 10^-8 M C. 1 * 10^-9 M D. 1 * 10^-6 M I really have no clue

    asked by Michael
  36. math

    it takes joh 2 hours to finish working in a yard, mark can work on the same yard for 3 hours. how long will it take both of them if they work as a team?

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Science

    A peice of ice weighting 5g at -20 centigrade is put into 10g of ice at 30C. Assuming no heat is lost to the outside.Calculate the final tempature of the mixture?

    asked by Om
  38. Math

    What would the grade be for a road that has a rise of 11m and a run of 100m

    asked by Maria Chantal
  39. Chemistry

    C(g) + 2A(g) ⇌ 3E(s) + 2F(g) The concentrations of C, A, and F are measured as 0.2 M, 0.2 M, and 0.4 M at equilibrium and at 100 K. What is the value of the equilibrium constant? a. 25 b. 20 c.10 d. 15

    asked by Michael
  40. Physics

    The body mass is 0.4kg , its hung on a spring with stiffness of 90 N/m What is the frequency of its oscillation?

    asked by Naela
  41. Chemistry

    Which of the statements correctly describes the main reason why the long-term storage of high-level nuclear waste is considered to be high-risk? A. High-level nuclear waste generates a lot of heat and poses a threat to life while it remains at high

    asked by Michael
  42. English

    Thank you for your help. 1. There are two computer mice on the table. 2. There are two computer mouses on the table. [Which one is correct, mice or mouses? Are both okay?] 3. There are two mice in the field. 4. There are two mouses in the field. [A mouse

    asked by rfvv
  43. Ethics

    what is the problem of conflicting duties?

    asked by Anonymous
  44. Physics

    this is the information i was given, it is confusing since the teacher didnt explain it at all... - speed of light = 3x10^8 m/s - 1nm= 10^-9 m the problem i have to solve is... A laser has a wavelength of 2.5 nm. What is the frequency in Hz? (Type your

    asked by Anonymous
  45. Physics

    The body mass is 0.4kg , its hung on a spring with stiffness of 90 N/m What is the frequency of its oscillation?

    asked by Naela
  46. physics

    A stone is dropped from a ledge 45m high. What will its speed on reaching the Earth be?

    asked by unowen
  47. English

    1. I was able to up to 100 push-ups with my palms on the floor. 2. I could do up to 100 push-up with my fists on the floor. [Are the sentences grammatical?] 3. Excuse me. Is Green Park far from here? - Yes, it's very far. [In the last sentence, what does

    asked by rfvv
  48. Medicine

    If a person had a renal disorder, how would this affect their drug metabolism of an antibiotic?

    asked by Pinu
  49. computer science

    anyone know any new software capability in computer science that came out this year?

    asked by Tay