Questions Asked on
June 12, 2018

  1. Differential equations

    (X+y) dx + xdy =0

    asked by Anonymous
  2. Physics

    A bullet of mass 8 gram is fired into a block of mass 2,5 kg initially at rest at the edge of a frictionless table of height 1 m. The bullet remains in the block, and after impact the block lands a distance 2 m from the bottom of the table. Determine the

    asked by hewhomustbenamed82
  3. english

    in the following sentence which word is the gerund and is it used a direct object, a predicate noun, subject or object of a preposition?

    asked by nik
  4. math

    prove that (n choose k) = (n-1 choose k-1) (n-1 choose k) a) By using formula of (n choose k) b) by breaking subsets of size k into two mutually exclusive classes, one class comprising all those subsets which contain a given element and the other all those

    asked by Steve
  5. electron configuration

    What is the electron configuration for As. [Ar] When I looked on the periodic table, it didn't make sense because [Ar] comes before As.

    asked by M.
  6. Physics

    Calculate the resultant force acting on body of mass 10kg moving with uniform velocity of 2 meter per second

    asked by Aashiq
  7. Math

    Give the next three terms of the sequence 5, 9, 13, 17, 21, 25,... Then graph the sequence.

    asked by JC
  8. science

    What is the general trend of the angle of refraction at a given angle of incidence, as the refractive index increases?

    asked by T
  9. food

    People seem to like dim sum, a Chinese food. By the way, is dim sum small steamed dumplings or small fried dumplings? What is the English equivalent for dim sum?

    asked by rfvv
  10. Math

    In the arithmetic sequence -7, -4, -1, 2,..., what term is 44?

    asked by JC
  11. Math

    The fourth term of arithmetic sequence is 18 and the sixth term is 28. Give the next three terms.

    asked by JC
  12. Math

    An architect is designing an atrium for a hotel. The Atrium is to be rectangular with a perimeter of 728ft of brass piping. What dimensions will maximize the area of the atrium?

    asked by Ethan
  13. English

    I think that either Mariah Carey or Lauryn Hill should win a Grammy for (her/their) latest recording. *My answer is their but I want a second opinion.

    asked by :/
  14. math/algebra

    Find the greatest possible error for the given measurement if it is to the nearest 10 miles. 150 mi

    asked by hello
  15. math

    In pushing a desk a distance of 2.0 meters, a student accomplished 300.0 joule amount of work. How much force was expended?

    asked by Riez
  16. Calculating delta H

    I honestly don't know where I went wrong with my calculations. I've been adding the products separately. Then I add the reactants separately. Finally, I take the product and subtract from the initial. Could you do this so I can double check my work? HCl +

    asked by Anne
  17. geometry

    The measures of two supplementary angles are 6y + 3 and 4y - 13. Find the measures of the angles. Select one: a. 117 and 63 b. 19 c. 63 and 27 d. 10 Two angles are complementary. One angle measures 26 degrees more than the other. Find the measure of the

    asked by homework
  18. Math

    Justin is riding in a hot air balloon, directly over Ben, who is standing on the ground. Justin spots Patti on the ground at an angle of depression of 27 degrees. The balloon rises 35m. Now the angle of depression to Patti is 36 degrees. How far is Patti

    asked by Alex
  19. English

    I often visit the park for family picnics. -------------------------------- What does 'for family picnics' modify? Does it modify 'visit'? If the park is allowed only for family picnics, can it modify 'park'? This park is a special park. It is used only

    asked by rfvv
  20. English

    1. This park is a very important place for me and many others. 2. This park is a very important place to me and many others. -------------------------------------------------- Q1: Can we use 'to' insted of 'for'? Q2: "For me and many others" modify

    asked by rfvv
  21. Math

    A rectangular field is to be fenced in on four sides with a fifth piece of fencing placed Parallel to one of the shorter sides, so that the field is split in two parts. If 1600 m of fencing is available, find the largest possible area for this

    asked by Alex
  22. Trig

    If tan a= 12/15, 0 degrees < a < 90 degrees, then find the exact value of each of the following: A. Sin a/2 B. Cos a/2 C. Tan a/2

    asked by Erin
  23. Trig

    Find the exact trigonometric function of cos(2a). hyp: 17 opp: 15 adj: 8

    asked by Erin
  24. Math

    What is the next number in the pattern 3, 10, 5, 12, 7, 14, 9, 16, ...?

    asked by Kiff