Questions Asked on
June 10, 2018

  1. History

    Which identifies points of the agreement between the Soviet Union and other allied powers at the Yalta conference? A) The immediate execution of the highest ranking nazi officials B) The division of Germany into four allied occupation zones C) The

    asked by Kate
  2. Physics

    A wire of 5.0m and diameter 2.0mm,extends by 0.25mm when a force of 50N was stretch it from it's end calculate a.the stress on the wire. b.the strain in the wire. c.the young's modulus of elasticity of the wire

    asked by Testimony
  3. Maths

    A sector of a circle of radius 8cm is bent to form a cone. Find the radius of the cone and it's vertical angle if the angle substended at the centre by the sector is 280°

    asked by Amarachi
  4. math

    a plane is steering at S83degE at an air speed of 550 km/h. The wind is from N70degE at 85 km/h. Find the ground velocity of the plane to 1 d.p.

    asked by carol
  5. Micro- Econ

    You have an hour between your economics and math classes. What is the opportunity cost of that time if you use it to complete your math homework instead of your economics homework? the economics homework you could have completed the math homework you chose

    asked by Angela
  6. Chemistry

    The mole fraction of oxygen molecules in dry air is 0.2095. Daltons Law: Po2/90=.2095 Po2=18.8 kPa This is a follow up from yesterday, how did you get the mole fraction? I don't get it

    asked by Anonymous
  7. English

    posted by rfvv today at 6:08pm 1. He runs 50 meters in 9 seconds. 2. He runs 50 meters durng 9 seconds. [Can we use #2?] 3. He finished the project in 5 days. 4. He finished the project during 5 days. 5. He finished the proj\ect during the 5 days. [Are

    asked by rfvv
  8. Math

    A biased coin lands heads with probabilty 2/3. The coin is tossed 3 times a) Given that there was at least one head in the three tosses, what is the probability that there were at least two heads? b) use your answer in a) to find the probability that there

    asked by Steve
  9. Micro- Econ

    Which of the following is a question answered with normative economic reasoning? A.If the college offers free textbooks for students, will more students read their textbooks? B.If the college provided less financial aid for out-of-state students, would

    asked by Angela
  10. Trigonometry

    What is the value of tan (Arc cos 15 seventeenths)? 1. 8/15 2. 8/17 3. 15/8 4. 17/8 Can you guys explain what the Arc means?

    asked by Anon
  11. Micro- Econ

    Because resources are limited, __________. only the very wealthy can get everything they want firms will be forced out of business the availability of goods will be limited but the availability of services will not people must make choices I say it is the

    asked by Angela
  12. science

    what is the general trend of the critical angle as the refractive index increases?

    asked by T
  13. math

    Solve the system. {x^2 + y^2 = 85 {3x + y = 15

    asked by Gray
  14. math

    Write the expression as the sine, cosine, or tangent of an angle. sin(2π/9)cos(3π/8)+cos(2π/9)sin(3π/8)

    asked by Stella
  15. physics

    if spring 20cm is stretch to 25cm by a load of son, what will be its length when stretched by 100N assuming that the elastic limit is not reach

    asked by blessing
  16. Science

    the mass of an empty container is measured and found to be 55.75g. the container is filled to thee rim with water. its mass is measured again and found to be 105.75g. The container is emptied and dried with paper towel to remove any traces of water. It is

    asked by help
  17. English

    Which of the following sentences is a Normative Claim and why? a. The third baseman dropped the ball. b. The outfielder hit a homerun. c. The second baseman should not have dropped the ball. d. The pitcher committed an error.

    asked by Anonymous
  18. math

    Statuary Hall is an elliptical room in the United States Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. The room is also referred to as the Whispering Gallery because a person standing at one focus of the room can hear even a whisper spoken by a person standing at

    asked by Lucy
  19. math

    A rocket is shot into the air and follows a parabolic path given by h = -4.9t^2 + 58.8t + 8.6 where h is the height of the rocket above the ground in meters and t is the elapsed time in seconds. Determine how long the rocket will be above 150 m.

    asked by Ana
  20. Trig/Algebra 2

    The following table of values compares national test scores to high school GPA at a certain school. National Test Score HS GPA 2350 3.95 1900 3.20 1825 2.00 2270 3.00 500 1.50 2000 4.00 1550 2.50 1030 1.17 1665 2.85 1380 2.25 2220 3.60 Using the equation

    asked by John
  21. math

    Find the exact value of each trigonometric function. sin(θ)= 3/5 cos(θ)= 4/5 tan(θ)= 3/4 1. cos(2θ)= 2. tan(2θ)= 3. cot(2θ)= 4. sec(2θ )= 5. csc(2θ)=

    asked by Stacy
  22. math

    if vector U= (1,-3,-2) and vector V= (4,-5,3) find | u+v-5j |

    asked by kat
  23. math

    Use the Law of Sines to solve the triangle. (Round your answers to two decimal places.) A = 76°, a = 38, b = 29 B = C = c =

    asked by Stacy
  24. math

    Find the exact value of the expression. cos(π/16)cos(3π/16) − sin(π/16) sin(3π/16)

    asked by Stella
  25. math

    Use the fundamental identities to simplify the expression. cos(x)(1 + tan2(x))

    asked by Stella
  26. Math

    A ship is travelling with a velocity (30i- 42j), and a trolley is being pushed relative to the ship with the velocity (-5i- 6j). A fly is crawling on the trolley with relative velocity ( -i- 1/2j - k). a) calculate the velocity and the speed of the

    asked by emily
  27. English

    1. He runs 50 meters in 9 seconds. 2. He runs 50 meters durng 9 seconds. [Can we use #2?] 3. He finished the project in 5 days. 4. He finished the project during 5 days. 5. He finished the proj\ect during the 5 days. [Are they all the same? Which ones are

    asked by rfvv
  28. algebra

    Apply the concepts of linear functions to answer the question. "All Items 10% Off Marked Price" is a sign at a local golf pro shop. Create a function and then use it to determine how much one has to pay for each of the following marked items: a $9.70 hat,

    asked by ian
  29. math

    Show that 5x7^n+3+11^n-8 is always divisible by 3 for all numbers for n

    asked by Bob
  30. English

    1. He finished the report in 5 days. 2. He finished the report for 5 days. 3. He finished the report during the 5 days. [Can we use all the sentences? What is the difference in meaning when we use 'for' as in #2? ] 4. He read the book in 5 days. 5. He read

    asked by rfvv
  31. calculus1

    When is the Mid-point rule is the worsted possible option for estimating area ( Riemann sum )?

    asked by 4hand
  32. Chemistry

    I want to know the drawbacks of Rutherford alpha particles scattering experiment of electron losing it's energy?

    asked by Meri
  33. Science

    A coil of inductance 0.04henry and negligible resistance is connected in parallel with a 10ohms resistor, across a 240volts supply of frequency 50hz. Calculate:1) the current through the resistance, 2) the current through the coil, 3)the supply current,

    asked by Vincent
  34. Math

    A user is charged php300 monthly for a particular mobile plan, which includes 100 free text messages. Messages in excess of 100 are charged php1 each. Represent the amount as a function of the number of messages m sent in a month.expressed by the piecewise

    asked by Math
  35. Physics

    A racing car of mass 850 kg accelerates from 20 km/h to 160 km/h over a distance of 300 metres. Frictional forces and wind resistance can be assumed to be 800N. Determine the following: (i)The average acceleration (ii)The time taken to accelerate from 20

    asked by Robert
  36. Physics

    A space vehicle travelling at a velocity of 6000km/h separates into two parts of mass 1200 kg and 300 kg. The two parts continue moving in the same direction with the lighter section moving at 6200km/h. Making use of the principle of conservation of

    asked by Robert
  37. maths

    if x=1/7+4 root 3 and y=1/7-4 root 3, then find the value of x2+ y2

    asked by kumal
  38. Physics

    A hunter wishes to cross a river that is 1.6 km wide and flows with a speed of 5.0 km/h parallel to its banks. The hunter uses a small powerboat that moves at the maximum speed of 11 km/h with respect to the water . What is the minimum time necessary for

    asked by Kevin
  39. Chemistry

    6.00 g of hemoglobin was dissolved in 250.0 mL of solution. The resulting osmotic pressure was 6.80 mmHg at 23.0C. what is the molar mass of hemoglobin?

    asked by libby
  40. math

    6x-2=0 find the value of x. How would you work this out?

    asked by Natasha
  41. geometry

    I really dont get why there are two NQ and 2 CA. can someone explain 1) Find the value of the variable and MN if N is between M and Q. Round to the nearest hundredth if necessary. MQ = 5m + 1, NQ = 4m, NQ = 12 Select one: a. m = 4, MN = 5 b. m = 3, MN = 4

    asked by need help