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June 8, 2018

  1. english

    Which of the following text examples supports the conclusion that Father will never stop building things? Choose all that apply. A) he builds Dragonwings despite the financial hardship it causes. B) after setting a kite free, he offers to build separate

    asked by anon
  2. history

    Which describes the situation in Yugoslavia following the fall of the Soviet Union? Able to practice religion again, Yugoslavians worshipped openly until Protestant infighting exploded into a genocidal war. Post-Communist Yugoslavia experienced an

    asked by Anonymous
  3. MATH

    The table shows the drink preferences of 50 shoppers at the mall. What is the probability that one shopper, selected at random from the 50 surveyed, preferred either Drink B or Drink A?

    asked by loli
  4. math

    You roll a number cube twice. Find P (even, then not 2). Write the probability as a fraction in simplest form. plaz help

    asked by um
  5. Physics

    An object is attached to a hanging unstretched, ideal and massless spring and slowly lowered to its equilibrium position, a distance of 5.3 cm below the starting point. If instead of having been lowered slowly the object was dropped from rest, how far then

    asked by Ben
  6. Math

    On Friday night the local diner serves three main entrees, each with a choice of vegetable. The entrees are beef, chicken, and fish. The vegetables are spinach, broccoli, and carrots. How many possible dinners ( entree and vegetable combinations does the

    asked by loli
  7. Social Studies

    How did Asian societies influence trade and exploration during the Age of Discovery?

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Math

    The spinner is divided into equal parts. Use a tree diagram to find the probability that the spinner will land on a consonant the first time and a vowel the second time if the spinner is spun twice My spinner has 3 parts, N E and U A:2/3 B:2/9 C:3/4 D:5/9

    asked by loli
  9. Math

    A single, standard number cube is tossed. What is the probability of getting a number greater than 3? A. 2/3 B. 1/3 C. 1/6 D. 1/2

    asked by loli
  10. algebra

    HYPERBOLA Q!! Find an equation for a horizontal hyperbola with vertices that are 20 units apart from each other and foci 30 units apart each other?? im lost on this any help is appreciated !!!

    asked by please help !!!
  11. chemistry

    a sample iron ore is dissolved in an acidic solution in which yhe iron is converted into fe2+. the solution formed the titrated with kmno4 which oxidies fe2+ to fe3+ while kmno- ions are reduced to mn2+. 92.95 ml of 0..02M of kmno4 is required for

    asked by amirah
  12. Physics

    Timmy the angry teen twirls dead rat mass is 2kg attached to the rusty chain length 1m in a vertical circle with what velocity should timmy rotates so that the chain just goes slack no force in the chain at the top?

    asked by Sakashi
  13. math

    The measure of the arc created by a central angle is 57°. What type of arc is this? minor arc major arc semi-circle

    asked by imili
  14. chemistry

    1125 J of energy is used to heat 250 g of iron. After heating, the final temperature of the iron is measured as 55 °C. The specific heat capacity of iron is 0.45 J/(g·°C). What was the initial temperature of the iron? A. 45 B. 55 C. 20 D. 35 I don't

    asked by Maddie
  15. Economics

    When most consumers and firms reduce spending only because they expect other consumers and firms to reduce spending, and a recession results, A. a self-correction has occurred. B. an adverse aggregate supply shock has occurred. C. a coordination failure

    asked by Fatima
  16. Physics

    You throw a baseball directly upward at time t=0 at an initial speed of 13.1 m/s. What is the maximum height the ball reaches above where it leaves your hand? Ignore air resistance and take g=9.80 m/s2. maximum height: At what times does the ball pass

    asked by Bill
  17. World History

    How did Cold War conflicts between the United States and the Soviet Union impact political ideologies around the world? Include details about the spread of democracy and communism and the adoption of socialism in various forms.

    asked by corina
  18. algebra

    Can someone help me make an equation for a horizontal eIIipse with major axis thats 50 units and minor axis thats 20 units?? Thanks so much in advance!!!!! im stuck :^(

    asked by ellipse equation question???
  19. Maths

    A group of 9 friends go into a nightclub and there is only a table for 3 and therefore the others will have to stand up. If the friends randomly assign who sits at the table, in how many ways can they be seated? These permutation and combination q's are

    asked by Fred
  20. Science

    A solution is prepared by dissolving 11gm glucose in 200 cm3 water at 30°c. What is the mass percentage of glucose in solution? The density of water 30°c is 0.996 glcm3?

    asked by Kiran
  21. Chemistry

    A solution was prepared by dissolving 72.0 g of glucose in 300.0 g of water. The ressulting solution was found to have a boiling point of 100.68C at 1 atm. Calculate the molar mass of glucose. For water Kb= 0.51 Ckg/mol. I know the molar mass of glucose if

    asked by Naomi
  22. chemistry

    Study the reaction. A(s) + 2BC(aq) →AC2(aq) + B2(g) ΔH = −92.0 kJ/mol Which change would increase the rate of the forward reaction? A. increasing the pressure B. adding more of A(s) C. adding water D. decreasing the temperature B?

    asked by madison
  23. chemistry

    Study the reaction. 2A(?) + B(g) ⇌ A2B(g) Both B and A2B are gases. When the reaction vessel is compressed, the equilibrium position does not change. What conclusion can we draw about the state of “A” from this data? A. "A" must be a gas because, if

    asked by Maddie
  24. English

    English posted by rfvv yesterday at 10:33pm 1. Do you have a blue pen, Tom? 2. Sure, I have a lot of them. [Is #2 correct? Does 'them' refer to 'blue pens'? 3. Do you like the color blue? 4. Do you like blue? 5. Do you like the blue color? [Which one is

    asked by rfvv
  25. chemistry

    Examine the unbalanced electrolytic reaction. Li+(aq) + Zn(s) → Li(s) + Zn2+(aq) How many electrons are transferred in the balanced equation? 4 1 2 3

    asked by madison
  26. English

    1. He came back after a week. 2. He came back in a week. 3. He will be back after a week. 4. He will be back in a week. [Which onea are incorrect? What abe the differences?]

    asked by rfvv
  27. English

    1. She is busy from Monday to Friday. 2. She is busy from Monday through Friday. 3. She is busy Monday to Friday. 4. She is busy Monday through Friday. [Can we omit 'from'? are they all okay?] 5. She goes to the movies on Mondays. 6. She goes to the movies

    asked by rfvv
  28. Ethics

    Does the outcome go against the Potentiality Argument and/or the Future like our Argument against abortion? A woman married seven years discovers she has multiple sclerosis. She stops using birth control pills because they aggravate the illness. In spite

    asked by Anonymous
  29. algebra

    help please!! write an equation of a parabola with vertex at the origin and the given focus focus at (2,6)??? Please help im lost!!

    asked by Ray
  30. chemistry

    Neoton - Raphsune method in excel that sulibility Ba(Io3) in Ba(No3)2 solution, .02M

    asked by ghader
  31. English

    1. I often visit the park for family picnics. 2. I often visit the park to go on family picnics. 3. I often visit the park to have family picnics. [Does #1 mean #2 or #3? Are they the same and grammatical?]

    asked by rfvv
  32. Maths

    If the area of rhombus is 240sq m and perineter is 68m find the length of diagonal.

    asked by Rahul
  33. math

    the bill you pay is $720 a year.if you pay it monthly, you will pay $70/month. thats a monthly $840 each year. How much would you need to save each month?

    asked by anonymous
  34. chemistry

    Elements which are more chemically active in the activity series are easily __________. This means they are strong __________. Which set of words can be used to correctly complete these statements?

    asked by kenz
  35. math

    Given the formula y = 2x(z+3) find y if z =2 and x=4 I got 40

    asked by jjjj
  36. English

    1. He finished the project in five days. 2. He finished the project within five days. 3. He finished the project after five days. [Does #1 mean #2? What about #3? What are the differences among them?]

    asked by rfvv