Questions Asked on
June 5, 2018

  1. history

    How have petro-economics shaped the Middle East? A. Economic competition among Middle Eastern states to be the top oil producer often becomes bitter. B. Arab nations have consolidated their power by negotiating the purchase of oil rights in neighboring

    asked by Michael
  2. Optics

    The famous Chinese magician Foo Ling Yu performs a classic magic trick using a concave mirror with a focal length of 1.6 m. Foo uses the mirror to produce an image of a light bulb that is the same size as the light bulb itself and is at the same location.

    asked by Danny
  3. Biology

    Pretty confusing AS Biology question: A scientist carried out an experiment to separate the organelles in an animal cell by mass. The scientist mixed the cells with a buffer solution which had the same water potential as the cells. He then broke the cells

    asked by Autumn
  4. Chemistry

    What maszid hydrochloric acid is needed to decompose 50g of limestone?

    asked by Shriya
  5. Language Arts

    1. List some ideas that The Giver includes. Why did you choose those ideas? 2. Tell how using a reading role helped you understand the book. Support your response with at least two pieces of evidence from the novel. For the first one can someone help me

    asked by Hello
  6. Criminology

    Who has the most say in whether or not a defendant faces the death penalty? a. the judge b. the jury c. prosecutor d. the defendant's lawyer b?

    asked by Quinn
  7. Science

    Sometimes, when you sit by a lake in a forest, you can see perfect images of the hills and trees in the lake. Other times, when you are sitting beside the same lake, you cannot see any images in the water. Explain the difference between these two

    asked by Nathan
  8. computer

    Which of the following is NOT an option to alter a selection in Paint? brightening resizing rotating cropping A?

    asked by Bri
  9. computer

    Which of the following are options when using the Select tool in Paint? (Select all that apply.) Rectangular Selection Circle Selection Free-form Selection Picture Selection A,B,C?

    asked by Bri
  10. chem

    Why does temp of water used for transferring and washing the precipitate matter? 1. to maximize evaporation 2. to minimize evaporation 3. to maximize the amount of product that dissolves in water

    asked by A
  11. Science

    We get a _ if we stay out in the sun for a long time

    asked by Anonymous
  12. chemistry

    Fluorine gas can react with ammonia gas to produce dinitrogen tetrafluoride gas and hydrogen fluoride gas. This reaction is described by the following balanced equation: 5 F2 (g) + 2 NH3 (g) N2F4 (g) + 6 HF (g) What mass of hydrogen fluoride gas is

    asked by chelsie
  13. Chemistry

    1a). If you react 16 mol A with 15 mol B in the reaction 4A + 3B → 2C, what is the limiting reactant? 1b). What is the theoretical yield of product C in mol? 3a.) If Pb(NO3)2 were the limiting reactant in this reaction: Pb(NO3)2(aq) + 2KI(aq) → PbI2(s)

    asked by Reza
  14. Math

    The equation of a curve is y = 2x^3 + 3x^2 Find: x-intercept of the curve y-intercept of the curve b) Determine the stationery point of the curve. i) for each point in(b) above, determine whether it is a maximum or a minimum

    asked by Kiff
  15. Chemistry

    Under SATP, magnesium was reacted with acid and 500mL of hydrogen gas was collected over water a) What is the vapour pressure of water? b) What is the pressure of hydrogen gas? c) What amount of hydrogen was produced?

    asked by Anonymous
  16. Math

    If the roots of the equation (b-c)x^2+(c-a)x+(a-b)=0 are equal, prove that 2b=a+c.

    asked by Aakash
  17. Politics

    How can deterrence be used to support and oppose the death penalty?

    asked by Anonymous
  18. Math

    The external length, width and height of an own rectangular container are 41 cm, 21 cm and 15.5 cm respectively. The thickness of the materials making the container is 5 mm. If the container has 8 litres of water, calculate the internal height above the

    asked by Kiff
  19. physics

    Helium occupies a volume of 0.04m3 at a pressure of 2*10^5 PA and temperature of 27 degree Celsius.Calculate the rms speed of its molecule and the average translational kinetic energy of one of this gas.

    asked by Bill
  20. Chemistry

    Zinc replaces Hydrogen in hydrochloric acid. Write the equation and identify how many grams of this acid is required to produce 10^24 atoms of hydrogen.

    asked by Jay
  21. Math

    A freehold property has recently been let for $25,000 per year. Using the annual in arrears assumption and a capitalisation rate of 6.5%, what is the value? ( Answer: $384,615.38)

    asked by Connie
  22. Chemistry

    Determine a possible Lewis Structure for each of the two compounds X and Y, given the following information: Compound X contains only carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. It is heated in a 1.00 liter flask to 160. degrees C and 1.00 atm until all of it has

    asked by Ceamus Angelina
  23. geomatry

    what is the longest word in wales

    asked by fizz
  24. computer

    The Select tool allows you to ____________. select a part of a picture and alter it combine multiple pictures change what parts of the picture are visible select an image to insert into the picture

    asked by Bri
  25. World history

    Which statement describes the relationship between the Russian Orthodox Church and Russian rulers?

    asked by David
  26. History

    Marcus Whitman chose a site among the cayuse, for from the Nez Perce who requested his services. Analyze how Marcus Whitman's selection of the Waiilatpu mission site revealed something of his character and future work? Explain Explain how settlers

    asked by rosalin
  27. physics

    Our teacher want us to use integrate and use the dot method to solve for this question but I don't know how. Can any turor help me.A particle moves in the xy plane (see the figure below) from the origin to a point having coordinates x = 7m and y = 5m under

    asked by ABC
  28. science

    A piece of metal of mass 15 g at 119 ◦C is placed in a calorimeter containing 48.8 g of water at 23◦C. The final temperature of the mixture is 58.9◦C. What is the specific heat capacity of the metal? Assume that there is no energy lost to the

    asked by anonymous
  29. Chemistry

    If a gas sample is 1/3 Neon and 2/3 krypton gas with a pressure of 120kPa, what is the pressure of each?

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Criminology

    Which option would a judge choose to deter a first time, nonviolent offender from future crime at the lowest possible cost to taxpayers? a. fines b. prison c. rehabilitation d. probation d?

    asked by Quinn
  31. chemistry

    What is the quantity of material of NH4Cl that should be added to a solution 0.1 of NH3 to form 1L of a solution with ph 8? Kb = 1, 8x10 ^-5

    asked by william
  32. Math

    If you purchase a stock for $5/sh, and then sell it for $10/sh, you have ____________. suffered a loss gained a profit *** come out even Flag this Question Question 2 2 pts True or False: You should invest as much money as possible into a stock because you

    asked by Anonymous
  33. Ethics

    Why is Speciesism important for Pete Singer’s animal rights view

    asked by Anonymous
  34. Philosophy

    The best way that science can answer the problem of the identity theory of materialism (which means chemical brain states = mental states…which seems to indicate chemicals can “feel” and “think”) is by saying: I don't understand what this

    asked by anonymous
  35. Pre - Algebra

    (4x^2-2x-1)-(-3x^3+2) I already know the answer is 3x^3+4x^2-2x-3 but I need someone to explain how to get to the solution. It would be greatly appreciated.

    asked by EJ
  36. math

    You would like to purchase 200 shares of a stock at $7.15/sh. How much are you going to be paying for this? $27.97 $1,430.00 *** $143,000.00 One morning you decide to purchase 200 shares of a stock at $8.31/sh. At the end of the day, you sell all of the

    asked by Anonymous
  37. physics

    mathematical,express the relationship between number of moles,number of molecules and avogadros constant

    asked by Bill
  38. Maths

    My mistry number It is less than 2000

    asked by Garima
  39. PreAlgebra

    4. A spinner is divided into 10 equal sections numbered from 1 to 10. You spin the spinner once. What is P(not even)? Is the answer 5/11? If it is, explain how you got the answer, please..

    asked by Jiskha Nerd
  40. Programming

    How can I put my switch case inside for loop? Please I need a syntax for this or an example.

    asked by Eshlee
  41. Pre Aglebra

    4. A spinner is divided into 10 equal sections numbered from 1 to 10. You spin the spinner once. What is P(not even)? Pretty sure the answer is 1/5, if I'm right, please explain how you got 1/5. Thanks

    asked by Arghandab ( I dont know )
  42. physics

    A ball is thrown straight upward and returns to the thrower's hand after 2.75 s in the air. A second ball thrown at an angle of 34.0° with the horizontal reaches the same maximum height as the first ball. (a) At what speed was the first ball thrown? ____

    asked by randy
  43. Math

    Determine the answer to the following: 9.70 x 108 x 9.6 x 101 = ?? Select one: a. 9.3 e10 b. 9.3 e8.0 c. 0.93 e10 d. 9.3 e8.0

    asked by Josh
  44. accounting

    Courtland Company has a decentralized organization with a divisional structure. Each divisional manager is evaluated on the basis of ROI. The Plastics Division produces a plastic container that the Chemical Division can use. Plastics can produce up to

    asked by MIchael
  45. History

    Which explain how outside factors influenced the conflict in Vietnam in the years after World War II? (Select all that apply.) A. A socialist student uprising in france in the late 1940s forced the french government to grant vietnam full independence and

    asked by Michael
  46. computer

    Using the Invert Selection tool while something is selected in Paint will __________. flip the selection vertically change the colors of the selection delete the selection change the selection to include everything on the picture except what was originally

    asked by Bri
  47. Algebra

    Kristen lives directly east of the park. The football field is directly south of the park. The library sits on the line formed between Kristen’s home and the football field at the exact point where an altitude to the right triangle formed by her home,

    asked by Sky
  48. computer

    In Paint, which of the following are ways to use a picture that you have saved on your computer? (Select all that apply.) select the Import tab and click the image icon right-click the image and select Open With Paint replicate the image using the drawing

    asked by Bri
  49. Programming

    Write an algorithm and draw a flowchart a. TO FIND PROFIT

    asked by Anonymous
  50. Math

    1. You have two credit cards. Credit card 1 has a balance of $7,512.33 with an APR of 21.25% and limit of $10,000. Credit card 2 has a balance of $623.34 with an APR of 24.15% and limit of $7,500. In your own words, which credit card should you focus on

    asked by Anonymous
  51. Math

    The probability of a table-tennis ball being defective is 1/10. About how many balls would be defective in a case of 725 table-tennis balls? A) 1 B) 7 C) 73*** D) 80

    asked by Lyla
  52. Math

    If Billy tosses the nickel three times, what is the probability of the nickel landing tails up on all three tosses? Explain A) 1/8*** B) 1/6 C) 1/4 D) 1/2

    asked by Lyla
  53. Math Probability

    A locked door is opened by turning the knobs shown below to a particular combination of numbers. How many possible number combinations are there for opening the locked door? There is a picture of 3 knobs, each with four numbers being: 1, 2, 3, and 4. Maybe

    asked by Lyla
  54. problability

    Mike has only 2 red apples and 3 green apples in a bowl. Without looking he chooses an apple and gives it to his sister. Then he chooses an apple for himself. What is the probability that he and his sister will each get a red apple? can u guys explain pls

    asked by Charmx
  55. US History

    Hello! I just need an idea for a topic in this assignment, as I am not sure of a topic to choose. The assignment is: The United States faces a number of challenges and issues in the twenty-first century. Some are domestic in nature, while others are

    asked by Evelyn W.

    A spring 20bn long is stretched to25cm by load of 50N.what will be its length when stretched by 100N,assuming elastic li

    asked by VIVIAN
  57. LA

    Which of the following is the best purpose for reading A Surprising Point of View? (1 point) to learn about a subject to make a decision to complete of task to be entertained

    asked by Bella
  58. business

    Sample Statement Mariana Rivera is married, 35 years old, with two children, 5 and 13. She lives in Brisas, in a brick house, and has one dog and two cars. She and her husband work full time, have credit cards, part-time maid, mortgage, and a loan. She

    asked by student