Questions Asked on
May 28, 2018

  1. Math

    Rewrite in rectangular form: r=6 cos theta I got (x-3)^2+y^2=6

    asked by Andrea
  2. Chemistry

    how many grams of Al2O3 be obtained if 13.5 g of aluminum completely reacts with oxygen as 4Al+3O2---->2Al2O3 Molar mass of Al is 27g/mol.

    asked by Alia Misbah
  3. Chemistry

    What will happen if a mixture of BaCl2.2h2O and KCl heated up to 150 centigrade ?

    asked by Ashen
  4. Economics

    In recent years, the governments of the industrially advanced countries have A. discouraged skilled developing countries' workers from emigrating to the industrially advanced countries. B. substantially reduced foreign aid to the developing countries. C.

    asked by sarah
  5. Civics

    This table shows the member countries of the International Monetary Fund with the top 10 per capita GDPs in the world as of 2010: Country GDP per capita Qatar $88,222 Luxembourg $81,466 Singapore $56,694 Norway $51,959 Brunei $48,333 United Arab Emirates

    asked by Paris
  6. Maths

    Insert a rational number between 3.413 and 4.314

    asked by Yoga
  7. Math

    Derive this identity from the sum and difference formulas for cosine: sinasinb=1/2[cos(a-b)cos(a+b)] Start with the right-hand side since it is more complex. Calculations: _____ _____ _____ Reason: _____ _____ _____

    asked by Don'tknowtrig
  8. Physics

    A polar satellite is launched at 850 km above earth.find its orbital speed

    asked by Hifza ijaz
  9. LA

    List some important ideas that Walk Two Moons includes. Why did you choose those ideas? Please help me with this; I don't really want any links; I really need help with this.

    asked by io
  10. computer

    In Word tables, you can use either manual or automatic settings to define __________. (Select all that apply.) row height column width text paragraphs heading rows A,B,D?

    asked by Bri
  11. Math

    There are 100 students in a class. It is found that 60 students study Mathematics, 45 students study Physics and 35 students study Chemistry. Moreover, 20 students study Mathematics and Physics, 15 students study Physics and Chemistry, 25 students study

    asked by Omkar
  12. Trignometry PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

    asked by Don'tknowtrig
  13. English

    1. He will go back to Geneva next year. 2. He will return to Geneva next year. 3. He is going to go back to Geneva next year. 4. He is going to go back to Geneva in ten years. -------------------------------- Does #1 mean #2? What about #3? Is #1 similar

    asked by rfvv
  14. algebra

    A recent survey of 300 television owners compared their television viewing habits before and after getting a DVR recording device. The circle graph to the right shows the data from the survey. Find the total number of people who say they watch less

    asked by Brandon
  15. English

    1. The committee has ten members. 2. The committee have ten members. [Which one is grammatical? Are both okay?] 3. My family is all very well. 4. My family are all very well. [Which one is grammatical? ] 5. His family lives in London. 6. His fmaily live in

    asked by rfvv
  16. English

    The plural forms of knife, wife, leaf are knives, wives and leaves. However, the plural forms of reef, chief and grief are reefs, chiefs and griefs. Do you have any rules about making plural forms? How come the plural forms are different?

    asked by rfvv
  17. Trig

    How would you show that sin(x+pi)=-sin x? I’m not sure how to start so if someone can tell me how to start it I should be able to do the rest.

    asked by Danny
  18. Math

    How do I find the area of a trapezoid?

    asked by Emily
  19. Math

    __________ tax is a tax calculated on the subtotal of your bill. Sales *** Credit Income To find just the tax amount of a given subtotal, you would ___________________. multiply by the sum of one and the sales tax rate multiply by the sales tax rate ***

    asked by Anonymous
  20. Math

    How do I find the area of a triangle?

    asked by Emily
  21. maths

    trancate the number 709.398 to 1 d.p

    asked by greggory
  22. Calculus

    Let f(x)= (x^2 -4)/(x-2) and note that lim as x approaches 2 , f(x)=4. For each value of E, use a graphing utility to find all values whenever 00, make a conjecture about the value of delta S that satisfies the preceding inequality. How would you do this

    asked by Don
  23. math

    Division question John pays 45 dollars months (30 days) for a membership. what is the cost in one day? I don't know if you 45/30 or 30/45 can someone explain it to me

    asked by Jessica
  24. Math

    Okay, we just got the question -11y-13>42. I just got y>-5. Is this right? If not can someone plz explain!

    asked by Rowan
  25. Social Studies

    Discuss the relationship between institutions (banks, business firms, government agencies, and unions) when it comes to making up an economic system. I couldn't find anything in google or my textbook, and if a full answer is cheating maybe just a little

    asked by Sandy
  26. English

    posted by rfvv Sunday, May 20, 2018 at 9:57pm 1. On Saturdays, he goes around the city and takes pictures with his camera. 2. On Saturdays, he goes about city and takes pictures with his camera. 3. On Saturdays, he goes ______ the city and takes pictures

    asked by rfvv
  27. Math(Pre-algebra)

    Ok, my question is ‘ last year the price of a certian computer was 150$ more than it is now. This year's price is 3/4 of last year's price. How much does the computer cost this year?‘. Can someone explain to me how to create an equation for this?

    asked by Mac
  28. Math

    Thank you Reiny for the last question! :) If you or anyone else could help me with this other question, I'd really appreciate it! Use the trigonometric subtraction formula for sine to verify the identity: sin(pi/2-x)=cosx Caluculation: ----- ----- -----

    asked by Don'tknowtrig
  29. Math

    Can a quadrilateral be inscribed in a circle if degree measures of its three consecutive angles are: a) 700, 800 and 1900; b) 300, 900 and 1500; c) in the ratio 3 : 7 : 2? Thank you in advance for your help.

    asked by Dummy
  30. Physics

    Your vertical spring accelerometer has a 200 g mass hanging from it. You climb aboard the roller coaster and watch the accelerometer read 0.4 g for 3 seconds while descending the first peak and then change to 1.5 g for 2 seconds while climbing the second

    asked by Lena
  31. Math

    From a part Z 60m north of X a man walk eastward to another point Y, 120m from X find the bearing of Y and X.

    asked by Biola
  32. English

    1. Tell each other your ideas or opinions. 2. Tell each other its ideas or opinions. 3. Tell each other their ideas or opinions. 4. Tell each other his ideas or opinions. 5. Tell each other her ideas or opinions. ==================================== Which

    asked by rfvv
  33. English

    1. A set of instructions that 'tell' you how to cook something [What is the antecedent of "that tell..."? Is it 'instructions' or 'set'?] 2. A set of instructions that "tells" you how to cook something [Can we use 'tells' here?]

    asked by rfvv
  34. science

    how does the natural greenhouse effect supports life on Earth.

    asked by T
  35. Science

    how does the anthropogenic greenhouse harm living organisms.

    asked by T
  36. English

    Ebenezer Scrooge’s character changes between Act 1 and Act 2 of A Christmas Carol: Scrooge and Marley. In an essay, describe these changes and analyze how events in the plot shape Scrooge’s character. Include details from the text in your essay.

    asked by Lindsay
  37. computer

    Select the statement that accurately describes why the Italics function is being used in the sentences below. Memories would come at the most unexpected moments. For instance, Miranda never looked at Racing 'Til Dawn anymore because it was too painful. She

    asked by Bri
  38. English

    1. The club will perform at the school festival next month. 2. The club will perform in the school festival next month. [Which preposition do we have to use, in or at?] 3. He will take his new hobby with him. 4. He will take his new hobby with himself.

    asked by rfvv
  39. vectors

    A 35-kg trunk is dragged 10 m up a ramp inclined at an angle of 12º to the horizontal by a force of 90 N applied at an angle of 20º to the ramp. At the top of the ramp, the trunk is dragged horizontally another 15 m by the same force. Find the total work

    asked by luke
  40. math

    jcpenny sells loafers with a markup of $40.If the markup is 30% on cost what did the loafers cost jcpenny

    asked by pauline
  41. math

    Fupi used 0.2 of his salary,sh 32,800 per month for school fees,quarter of the remained amount,he deposited at the bank and the rest amount used for other expenses.How much was used for other expenses? #Please guys help me this question?#

    asked by kelvin
  42. Chemistry

    Conc sulphuric acid has a density 1.9gm\mland is 99%h2so4by weight.calculate the molarity of h2so4 in this acid

    asked by mohit
  43. science

    Please someone answer this question for me .If you want to work in the lab what were you trying to demonstrate............... Thanks

    asked by sam
  44. Social Studies

    How did Muslims build the successful Arab empire?

    asked by io
  45. English

    1. He took a picture of the city. 2. He took one picture of the city. [Does #1 mean #2?] 3. He likes taking pictures with his camera. [Is "pictures" in generic use?] 4. He took pictures of the city. 5. He took some pictures of the city. [Does #4 mean #5?]

    asked by rfvv
  46. english

    Which of the following figures of speech uses words such as like or as to make a direct comparison between to dissimilar things? A. Simile B. Cliché C. Metaphor D. Personification

    asked by brandi