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May 27, 2018

  1. science

    1) Identify the systems of your body, and explain how these systems work together. 2) Describe the flow of blood to the human body, including through each of the four

    asked by help!!
  2. Algebra

    The area of a rectangular painting is given by the trinomial x^2+2x-15. What are the possible dimensions of the painting? Use factoring. ( x + 5 ) and ( x - 3 ) ( x + 5 ) and ( x + 3 ) ( x - 5 ) and ( x - 3 ) ( x - 5 ) and ( x + 3 )

    asked by AP
  3. geometry

    Suppose you have a conical shaped tent that you will use for camping. You want to ring along a tarp to fully cover the lateral area in case of inclement weather. The tent is 13 feet across and stands 8 feet high. What is the lateral area that the tarp

    asked by Peter
  4. geometry

    An ice cream company manufactures and distributes ice cream cups and cones to grocery stores. The company sells the ice cream cups in packages of 12, 18, and 24 units, and the ice cream cones in packages of 14 and 21 units. Which of the following

    asked by Peter
  5. Math

    a model rocket is launched from roof into a large field the path of the rocket can be modeled by the equation y= -0.02x^2+2.3x+6 where x is the horizontal distance ,in meters,from the starting point on the roof and y is the height in meters,of the rocket

    asked by AP
  6. math

    I have five apples and ten oranges. If a fruit basket must contain at least one piece of fruit, how many kinds of fruit baskets can I make? (The apples are identical and the oranges are identical. A fruit basket consists of some number of pieces of fruit,

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  7. English

    What are some irony in Shrek?

    asked by T
  8. Math

    Since opening night, attendance at Play A has increased steadily, while attendance at Play B first rose and then fell. Equations modeling the daily attendance y at each play are shown below, where x is the number of days since opening night. On what day(s)

    asked by AP
  9. Math

    A rectangular sheet of paper 8.5 inches by 11 inches is folded and then taped so that one pair of opposite vertices coincide. What is the number of inches in the perimeter of the resulting pentagon? Express your answer as a decimal to the nearest tenth.

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Economics

    Which one of the following statements about efficiency wages is correct? A. An efficiency wage is a "wage" that contains a profit-sharing component as well as traditional hourly pay. B. An efficiency wage is an above-market wage that minimizes a firm's

    asked by Fatima
  11. vectors

    Express the unit vectors iˆ, jˆ, and kˆ as ordered triples and show that: a) iˆ x jˆ = kˆ b) kˆ x jˆ = -iˆ To begin, I subbed in iˆ= (1,0,0) jˆ= (0,1,0) kˆ = (0,0,1) for a) I got (0,-1,1) = (0,0,1) after crossing i x j What do I do next?

    asked by luke
  12. Math

    What is a simplified form of the expression sec^2x-1/sin x sec x ? a)cot x b)csc x c)tan x d)sec x tan x Please help me :(

    asked by Unknown
  13. Math

    Which are the solutions to 8cos^2 theta-3cos theta=0, 0 degrees is less than or equal to theta which is less than or equal to 180 degrees ? Select all that apply a)0.0 degrees b)22.0 degrees c)52.0 degrees** d)68.0 degrees e)90.0 degrees** I’m pretty

    asked by Unknown
  14. History

    Which one of the following is a legislative power held by state legislatures? selecting federal judges approving or rejecting executive appointments defining crimes and punishments impeaching corrupt officials

    asked by Anonymous
  15. history

    how is the creation of public policy in Russia different from that in the united states? Russia's president passes public policy through referendums; in united states the president must wait for congress to pass legislation. *** the president of the united

    asked by Anonymous
  16. Math, science

    Discuss the different types of energies possessed by a flowing liquid .derive an expression for the title energy per unit mass of a flowing liquid.

    asked by Cheniranjan Pegu
  17. Math

    Solve the triangle for x. Side lengths are 9 feet, 8 feet, and 12 feet. x is the angle formed by the sides that are 9 feet and 8 feet long. a)41.8 degrees b)89.6 degrees** c)48.6 degrees d)90.4 degrees I’ve gotten both b and d, please help.

    asked by Unknown
  18. vectors

    Find any vector w that is perpendicular to both u = 3j + 4k and v = 2i. i, j, k are basis vectors. Textbook answer: (0,4,-3) My attempt: used any scale factor variation, like 4j-3k or -8j+6k to get w=8j-6k How do i solve this the longer way?

    asked by luke
  19. Math

    Evaluate cos^2(pi/12). a)1/4 b)(2+sqrt3)/4** c)3/2 d)(2-sqrt3)/4 Please help :(

    asked by Unknown
  20. math

    The inhabitants of the island of Jumble use the standard Kobish alphabet (20 letters, A through T). Each word in their language is 4 letters or less, and for some reason, they insist that all words contain the letter A at least once. How many words are

    asked by First Name
  21. Algebra

    the time t required to drive a certain distance varies inversely with the speed, r. If it takes 4 hours to drive the distance at 35 miles per hour, how long will it take to drive the same distance at 45 miles per hour? about 3.11 hours 140 hours about 5.14

    asked by Adam
  22. algebra

    A new cruise ship line has just launched 3 new​ ships: the Pacific​ Paradise, the Caribbean​ Paradise, and the Mediterranean Paradise. The Caribbean Paradise has 19 more deluxe staterooms than the Pacific Paradise. The Mediterranean Paradise has 28

    asked by Brandon
  23. Math

    x/x-2 + x-1/x+1 = -1

    asked by WhoAreYou?
  24. maths

    solve the equation using cramer's rule. 3x+2y=12 and 2x+3y=7

    asked by Joseph
  25. English

    You need spaghetti, two bulbs of garlic, two red chillis, salt and olive oil to make spaghetti aglio e olio. Step 1: Boil the water in a pot and add spaghetti and salt. Step 2: Cut a red chilli into pieces on a chopping board. Step 3: Add olive oil, red

    asked by rfvv
  26. Physics

    A uniform beam of mass 2kg and length 4cm is rotated about an axis 8cm from one end.Determine it's moment of inertia

    asked by Bill
  27. business

    What type of budgeting requires each manager to justify an entire budget request in detail? A. Capital budgeting B. Revenue and expense budgeting C. Balance sheet budgeting D. Zero-base budgeting

    asked by we
  28. physics

    Two block are connected by a lightweight, flexible cord that passes over friction less pulley. If m1=3.6 kg amd m2= 9.2kg, and block 2 is initially at rest 140 cm. above the floor, how long does it take block 2 to reach the floor?

    asked by acer
  29. Physics

    The international space center is 1500km above the earth surface. Determine the escape velocity of a rocket launched into space at this altitude if the mass of the earth is 6.0*10^-24kg and the radius is 6.4*10^6 m.

    asked by Bill
  30. English

    1. It's a very simple recipe. 2. Spaghetti is a very simple recipe. 3. To make speghetti is a very simple recipe. 4. How to make spghetti is a very simple recipe. 5. ______ is a very simple recipe. ====================================== Which one is

    asked by rfvv
  31. Physics

    Determine the escape velocity at a location 2.5*10^4km from the surface of Jupiter

    asked by Bill
  32. biology

    savanna plants are decidous explain in few lines no2 state 3 adaptive features of plants in arid land

    asked by isaac emmen
  33. Math

    On 9/1, you take your paycheck into the bank and decide that you want to open a checking account with $400.00. The bank gives you some starter checks so you can start using the account until your first order of checks come. On 9/2, you pay your electric

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    asked by isaac emmen
  35. Maths

    solve using cramer's rule 3m+2n=10 and m+2n=4

    asked by john
  36. Math

    How would you show that one trigonometric expression is equal to another? I’m not exactly sure how to start.

    asked by Andrea
  37. Physics

    Can somebody help me with this question? Assume you live in a Einsteinian universe with the speed of light being only 60 k /hr. First you see a bicyclist at rest and later you see the same cyclist moving at 55 km/hr. Describe quantities that would change.

    asked by Max
  38. math

    f(x)= -x^2 +6x -5 complete the square

    asked by rod
  39. calculus

    d/dx (16-3x- 1/2x^2)= ? I got dy/dx= -3 - x

    asked by 69
  40. Math

    x2-7x2y3+6=y2-2xy find dy/dx at the point (-2,5)

    asked by isaac emmen
  41. Maths

    3x-4y=24 and 5x+3y=11

    asked by Joseph