Questions Asked on
May 26, 2018

  1. math

    In how many positive four-digit integers that are not multiples of 1111 do the digits form an arithmetic sequence? (The digits must form an arithmetic sequence, in order. For example, the number 5137 does not count.)

  2. math

    Nissan appliances bought two dozen camcorders at a cost of 4,788. The markup on the camcorders is 25% of the selling price.What is the original price of each camcorder

  3. chemistry

    S2Cl2, AlCl3, SiCl4, PCl3 which one is least polar give reason

  4. Spanish

    Los mandatos en contexto. Escoge el mandato apropiado. Pon atención al contexto para determinar si es un mandato formal o informal. Question 11 of 25 Sé que Ud. tiene hambre pero, ¡no _______________! lo coma Question 12 of 25 ________________, por

  5. physics

    a glass plate 0.9m thick has a refractive index of long does it take a pulse of light to pass through it

  6. math

    While adding ten two-digit numbers the digits of one of the numbers were interchanged. As a result the sum of all the ten numbers increased by a value which was four less than that number. Three times the sum of the digits of the original number is ten

  7. Calc!

    Direction: The table gives the position​ s(t) of an object moving along a line at time​ t, over a​ two-second interval. Find the average velocity of the object over the following intervals. a.​ [0, 2] b.​ [0, 1.5] c.​ [0, 1] d.​ [0, 0.5] t=

  8. science

    The driver of a 1.00X103 kg car traveling on the interstate at 35.0 m/s slams on his brakes to avoid hitting a second vehicle in front of him, which had come to rest because of congestion ahead. After the brakes are applied, a constant friction force of

  9. English

    1. Sodam Park is a very important place for me and many others. 2. I often visit the park for family picnics. --------------------------------------------------- Q1: What does 'for me and many others' modify? What is the part of speech of it? Q2: What does

  10. Language Arts

    What lesson does Milo learn from "The Phantom Tollbooth"? (Sorry for posting this twice, I just really need someone to answer ;w;)

  11. math

    Find the standard form of the equation of the ellipse with the given characteristics and center at the origin. (2,0), (0,3/2), (-2,0), (0,-3/2)

  12. Math

    Find the constant of variation, K,for y = -8 varies directly when x = 12. Write an inverse variation to model the situation and answer the question. Two rectangular fields have the same area. One measures 75yd by 60yd. If the other has a length of 75yd,

  13. English

    Read the passage “Zuldonian Pioneer” and use it to answer questions 1 - 10. 1.) What is the first concern Jenna has in the story? A. Her protective suit malfunctions. B. The earthquakes are unpredictable. C. It is too far to take her usual way back. D.

  14. Math

    A rectangular plot of land drawn to scale 1:1000. What is the actual area of the plot of land in hectares

  15. math

    Bruce draws rings of rhombuses about a common centre point. All rhombuses have the same side length. Rhombuses in the first, or inner, ring are all identical. Each rhombus has a vertex at the centre and each of its sides that meet at the centre is shared

  16. English

    Contact 1234-5678 =============================== What does the above mean? Was 'Contact' used as a noun or as a verb? 1. Contact 1234-5678. 2. Contact us at 1234-5678. 3. Contact the phone 1234-5678. 4. Contact the phone number 1234-5678. 5. Contact at

  17. English

    1. You can buy things at low prices. 2. You can buy things for low prices. [Are both okay? Which preposition do you use more frequently?]

  18. math

    Find the t-number (the number of equilateral grid triangles of side length 1cm that lier inside an isopentagon) of the (5,3,2,3,5) isopentagon. Find all isopentagons that have a t-number smaller than 20 and explain why there are no others. There are 2

  19. Charges

    Three point charges are placed along a straight line with successive charges being 3.0 m apart. The central one has a charge of −3.0 μC, whilst the outer two have charges of +3.0 μC each. If the charges are separated by a vacuum, calculate the

  20. Calc

    function: f(x)=x^2-12x+35 Interval [6,6.5] How do you find the slope of the second line? Can you show this in the formula? and what would the answer be rounded to four decimal places as needed.

  21. math

    By what percentage is 5 greater than 4?

  22. chemistry

    What would the concentration be of 2ml of feed into 750ml instead of 1000ml

  23. Maths

    _____ / 256 =-3

  24. Maths

    The difference between the ( three digits ) greatest and smallest positive integer is ____________

  25. Maths

    The product of 7 negative integers and 3 negative integers is a _________

  26. vectors

    Upon reaching a speed of 215 km/h on the runway, a jet raises its nose to an angle of 18º with the horizontal and begins to lift off the ground. a. Calculate the horizontal and vertical components of its velocity at this moment. b. What is the physical

  27. Chemistry

    24. Identify a source of error for the experimental design of the cobalt(II)chloride system

  28. Chemistry

    24. Identify a source of error for the experimental design of the cobalt(II)chloride system In the experiment, there were three test tubes. All of them contained cobalt(II)chloride. Test tube 1 was the constant, therefore, did not change throughout the

  29. Science

    This is just a general question.. Why do you think it is beneficial to average class data instead of drawing conclusions from only data that your group collected?

  30. math

    Find the standard form of the equation of the circle with the given characteristics. Center: (5, -2); point on circle: (-3, -4)

  31. Sue

    60- foot tall building casts a shadow that’s 21.5 feet long a nearby tree casts a shadow that’s 19 feet long. Which measure is closest to the height of the tree?

  32. Anatomy

    which of the following was required before widespread organ donation could be successful? A) adenovirus-36 research B) embryonic stem cell research C) techniques to decellularize organs D) development of immunosupprecent drugs*** I think it is D because

  33. human resources

    Why should job analysis involve the person who is presently in the job being analyzed? A.Because managers rarely know what their team members do all day. B.Because only that person can reveal exactly how the job is done. C.Because it offers an opportunity

  34. Introduction to computers

    Discuss the uses of technology in society

  35. Social Studies

    Why didn't countries other than the United States take a leadership role in the world after World War II? A)The United States was one of the only democracies strong enough to fight communism. B)The United States was the only Western nation with a military

  36. Social Studies

    Quote: (“…[The} military options moved further toward a much larger strike which would very likely have to be accompanied by a land and sea invasion… Almost certainly [an invasion of Cuba] would have led to a Soviet military response somewhere in the

  37. Math

    Line Xy is parallel to Line QR. Line XY = Line PX and angle QRP = 74 degree What is the size of angle RQP?

  38. English

    Here is the question What Is the Secret to Reaching Someone With Words? In this discussion, you will post issues related to connecting generations. To support your ideas, refer to the texts in this section, other texts you have read, and your personal

  39. Math

    Write an inverse variation to model the situation and answer the question. Two rectangular fields have the same area, One measured 75yd by 60yd. If the other has a length of 72yd, what is its width?

  40. English

    Can you check if these sentences are simple, fragment, compound, or complex?: "Since the movie would last two hours, after dropping off the kids, mother decided to go shopping." Complex? "Kelly read The Plague as her summer novel." Simple? "Lawmakers

  41. Math

    Six men can complete digging a garden in 8 days. How many will days will it take four men, working at the same rate, to complete digging the garden?

  42. Math

    Is there a shorcut for solving this equation: 2^4 * 9 = 4^2 * y?

  43. Sociology

    Explain what “social capital” is and what difference it has made in your own life?

  44. science

    1.Why is antibiotic resistance a problem? 2.What are possible causes of antibiotic resistance? 3.What are ways that scientists have proposed to deal with the problem? 4.What are ways that ordinary people can help to keep antibiotic resistance from getting

  45. MATH

    if f (x) is a polynomial of degree 3 whose roots are p,q,r. FIND f (3) if sum of cubes of roots is 0 and sum of squares of roots and sum of roots are unit digit of 3^2018 and 5^50666666666 respectively?

  46. math